Sunday, April 19, 2015

Jade Helm: The End of the Constitution

It comes as no surprise that the CFR, Trilateral Commission, CIA. crypto-communist and Freemason occupied government of the United States would launch a nation-wide exercise in "training for Iraq and Afghanistan" while targeting "patriots, Constitutionalists and Tea Party Members" here in the United States.

The jaded, drugged and tele-smartphone-hypnotized public is taking it all in their stride, like a drunk having his jewelry stolen.

Yet some alarming (and obvious) truths about Jade Helm are being ignored.

For starters, Jade Helm is targeting and taking place exclusively in the "gun states" -  states who still have gun rights and abide by the Second Amendment.

Secondly, there are more states being targeted than just Texas and Utah.

Try Florida, Michigan, Idaho, Kentucky, Montana and New Mexico (all pro-gun states).

And it doesn't matter if the state happens to be "permissive" or "hostile."

Permissive just means that the Feds have established close-working DHS links with local doesn' t mean gun owners won't be dragged out and shot.

Hostile simply means DHS has NOT established working relationships with local government and therefore must beware of State leaders assembling CONCERTED and ORGANIZED POLITICAL AND PHYSICAL RESISTANCE to Federal simply means your local state authorities will be dragged out and shot along with the gun owners.

Furthermore... if our Constitution hasn't already been thoroughly junked, Jade Helm constitutes a blatant violation of the 3d Amendment - no quartering.

The 3d Amendment - which the American public has been taught to see as obsolete amendment designed to prevent the quartering of troops in your house - is now being totally trampled!

Turns out the 3d Amendment was neither obsolete nor preoccupied with your measly house.


This is why US military troops are allowed to operate, train and reside only within the confines of their military bases, on Federal Land.

The Founding Fathers understood that any military occupation of American cities would require the acquisition and occupation of private property - i.e. private buildings, private malls, private stadiums, etc - ergo the statement - NO QUARTERING.

An army CANNOT occupy a city without helping itself to private property in which to quarter its depots, headquarters and the troops themselves.

Cities cannot be occupied by Federal troops marching out of their military bases, patrolling the streets by day and marching back to their bases at night.

If troops occupy a city they must occupy its buildings (most of which are private property).

And, of course, the basis of Jade Helm is a total disregard of the 3d Amendment, as military forces ask for, rent, or flat out occupy private property in order to OCCUPY civilian space.

So far, no newscaster or public official has yet to question the very CONSTITUTIONALITY of Jade Helm.

Another factor is that Jade Helm has been officially announced by the Federal Government to be a regularly executed YEARLY military exercise.

This modus operandi is familiar - the US began escalating in-country military occupation drills in Panama prior to the REAL military occupation of that country by US armed forces.

A yearly Jade Helm will not only get the American public used to being OCCUPIED by the military, but will also provide the yearly springboard for any REAL occupation.

All in all things are heating up.

Yet the American government has no chance in hell of neither occupying the United States nor of disarming the country...unless the entire country acquiesces.

As such, Jade Helm is a propaganda bluff. 

They are expecting the American public to fall for this military occupation theater and VOLUNTARILY surrender their guns once prompted by the Federal Government (with accompanying legal threats).

Once might say the Illuminati are very confident.

But why shouldn't they be?

The gun confiscation of the middle and upper classes of high and dry areas during Katrina went without a did the universal gun confiscation in Australia.

After having helped themselves to our property, our bodies and our children through the TSA and Child Protective Services, they figure we are a set of right cattle ready to be trampled on.

Are they right?

My theory is, if the first ten houses put up lethal to-the-death resistance against any gun confiscation, the authorities will not go into the 11th, and I don't care if they are Police, National Guard or US Marines...

...and I believe the ten houses are there.


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