Sunday, March 15, 2015

Instigations of Civil War

The House's invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak before Congress...

...followed by the 46-Republican-Senators letter to Iran...

...has created multiple schisms in what used to be a smoothly functioning Federal Government...which USED to be led by our ambassador-in-chief: the US President.

Not any more. 

The cracks are beginning to show.

Congress now invites foreign leaders to speak before the US Government...without notifying the President or even having him in attendance.

Congress now also preempts and sabotages US Presidential attempts to negotiate with a foreign nation by sending official letters declaring the negotiations null and void.

Meanwhile Obama violates Congressional protocol by simply giving Executive Orders, like making certain types of ammunition illegal, taking over the Internet and reducing the number of nuclear warheads on our missiles.

One violation of protocol (and law) leads to another violation...and another...and another.

Slowly dissolving the structure of US Government.

And what we will have in the end will be the American Government falling apart...or worse.

Gordon Duff of Veterans Today (now exposing himself as a CIA shill) is screaming at the top of his lungs that the 46 Senators should be ARRESTED by the President for violating the Logan Act.

He also added that Nancy "pass it so we can read it" Pelosi and Barak  "NDAA" Obama were 'ok'.


Are you kidding me!?

The sad part is Duff technically has a point.

The Logan Act aims to imprison and or fine...

"Any citizen of the United States...who...without authority of the United States, carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government...with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government..."

So technically the Senators COULD be put on trial...NOT arbitrarily arrested by the President (as Duffy wants to do).

But note the opportunistic finesse by shill Duff (and others like him) in INITIATING the CIVIL WAR they are always warning about.

The ARREST of half the Senate by the President WILL trigger Civil War, or, at least a schism so big that Humpty Dumpty Government won't be able to put itself together again.

Meanwhile the Senate is doing exactly what it ISN'T supposed to be doing - involving itself directly in foreign affairs. 

While NEGLECTING what it should be doing - guarding its powers against an out-of-control executive.

This is a perfect formula for chaos and pandemonium: let the President wreak havoc with domestic affairs while letting Congress create chaos with foreign affairs.

Can you see the subtle ingeniousness of it all?

It is a formula GUARANTEED to destroy American foreign and domestic policy, and that is exactly what it is doing.

And Congress is going right along with it (not to mention the President himself).

The point of this blog entry is simply to indicate how violations of protocol and law are slowly leading to schisms - cracks - in US Government...which could lead to Civil War.

All these actions and counter-actions by US Government are carefully planned events designed to make US Government fall apart.

The President is himself an enemy agent and is expected to do this.

But the clueless Congress seems to be in clueless lock-step with its money-masters, doing whatever they want, when they want them to do it, with little or no thought over consequences.

In other words, a clueless and corrupt Congress is now blindly following the orders of its paying the detriment of the United States.

And it is this manufactured friction between the Executive and the Legislative...and the coming friction between Federal and State Government which is what will tear this country apart.

Oh, no need for YOU to get involved.

The incoming Civil War will happen at the upper levels of Government, not the public level.

When the time comes, all those "Council on Foreign Relations," "Trilateral Commission," "Freemason," and CIA flunkies across both State and Federal lines will come together to make it all happen.

You'll wake up one morning and find out that this or that State Legislature has been closed by Federal Troops, that Militias are out in the open and that Federal Offices are surrounded by Sheriffs deputies.

The Second US Civil War won't even have to be physically destructive to trigger total Martial Law.

Simply put, if the States start acting up by way of secession, the Federal Government WILL clamp down.

Whether that clamp down leads to expanding violence is debatable, but the reality of ZERO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS would have arrived.

This is why I am wary of the Government shenanigans at the moment.

I recognize them as the government-disassembly techniques that have led to more and more serious shenanigans in other countries, ending with the closing of legislatures and the passing of new constitutions.

See what I am talking about by reading the link below:

The nonsense and counter-nonsense occurring at the Congress could lead to a National and Constitutional crisis...and eventual civil war.

THAT is what the Illuminati carefully manipulating us towards.

THAT is what we must avoid.

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