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Humanity Loses Its Grip on Reality

The whole thing started in 1938 when Orson Wells told everyone over the radio that we were being invaded by Mars...and people believed it.

Radio was a mass communication device - a one way communication device - with the sender being in complete control of what was being said.

Most people got a radio set decades before they ever got a telephone.

And what was the mass-communication device used for?

Why...deception...of course!

Orson Wells learned (and proved...through a government-run psyop) that you could tell the masses just about anything...and they would believe it, as long as it was transmitted to them ‘through official channels’ (remember, this happened during the Roosevelt Administration - during which people were actually convinced through propaganda that the economy was getting better...while it was actually getting WORSE!)

And it was during that same decade that the first experimental step in human conditioning appeared - the first prototype of the telegraphed vision or ‘television’ (completed in 1939).

Nothing more than a huge wooden box with a small 6-inch screen with a blurry black and white image, the first television was nothing to get excited about...but the Illuminati knew what it was and what it meant.

Television added visual imagery to the powerful sound of radio, in fact, many viewed television as a radio with images.

By 1969 television had us believing we actually landed a man on the moon.

It didn’t matter that the space ship was too flimsy, too thin-skinned, too light to protect its inhabitants from the radioactive furnace of the Van Allen Radiation Belt...or that the suits did not seem pressurized (never mind how the astronauts could bend an arm in them even if they were)...or that there was no way the rover could fit in the lander...or the lack of stars in the footage...or that there was no heat venting system on the suits...or that there was neither a crater under the lander nor any suspended dust particles after the landing, nor that the footage was amazingly grainy...the visual irregularities would continue along with the firm belief backed up by all those TV images.

The main thing is WE BELIEVED IT and we believed it because we had been shown by ‘official channels’ that men had landed on the moon and NO ONE DISPUTED IT OR QUESTIONED IT.

This lack of questioning would go hand-in-hand with growing evolution of the BOOB Tube Generation.

Get it?

Boob is another name for stupid simpleton...the tube is the conveyor through which the simpleton is fed a manufactured reality.

The Net is the next evolution in humanity’s conditioning.

Like video games, the ‘Net’ is exciting because it gives you a sense of control over your environment - YOU choose where to go and what to see.

But, of course, that is an illusion.

Just as a video game manipulates you towards a preconceived path, the Internet can manipulate you into a manufactured path towards a reality that is not completely real.

The conditioning of the human mind continued with the creation of the ‘Smart Phone’ - that is, a phone that is a computer, television, game console, radio, music player and communication device all rolled into one.

At the beginning I had doubts on whether the small screens would accomplish the trick of attracting the masses,  but they did - just make the phone the size of a large calculator and make the whole flat surface the screen.

Now you have your very own multimedia communication device with you 24 hours a day (yes, people actually sleep with these things).

Media pundits keep saying that today people are more ‘awake’ than ever before...but there is a disturbing far off blankness in eyes of everyone, including the ‘awake’ if they were in a perpetual state of daydreaming or anticipation of a daydream.

I call this ‘the thousand yard cyber stare.’

I happens in people who (you guessed it) either spend too much time video gaming or net surfing.

And as the use of Smart Phones spreads at an epidemic pace, so does the ‘Thousand Yard Cyber Stare.’

I have absolutely no doubt that Smart Phone technology is designed to be intrinsically addictive and that very soon people will have similar devices IMPLANTED PERMANENTLY inside their bodies.

But whatever the case may be, the point is not humanity’s exposure to the Net (the 24/7 mind control media), but its insidious effects on humanity’s perception of reality.

War of the Worlds in 1938 was not enough.

The Moon Landings were not enough.

What got me writing this blog was Wolfgang Halbig’s declaration that SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DID NOT REALLY EXIST!

See what I’m saying?

Now that declaration from Halbig sounded strangely familiar.

The War of the World’s never happened...the Moon Landings never happened...there were no planes on 9/11...the ISIS beheadings are said to be fake...and, frankly, I am having serious doubts about the Ukrainian crisis (where no more than the photograph of one tank or truck is shown as proof of government offensives - and where is ANY video evidence of the massive battles?)

The key and scary reality here is that REALITY ITSELF is now being manufactured.

9/11 was the threshold.

They had to force the delusion of 9/11 on humanity just to see if they could actually SHAPE reality.

And they did!

By this time you might have at least heard no trace of any plane was found at what was said to be the Pennsylvania crash site of one of the hijacked planes

...nor was any trace of any plane found at the Pentagon crash site...

...nor were any traces of any planes found in, near or any place around the World Trade Centers.

Particularly peculiar were the complete absence (or any crash effects) of the two titanium engines each aircraft was supposed to have carried.

News Flash...a WW-II bomber had crashed into the Empire State Building in 1945...without much effect whatsoever.

The complete demolition of a sky scraper by fire happened only twice in the history of man: the first and second World Trade Center Towers on 9/11.

I remember that when the Patriot Act was being passed somebody commented that it was all ‘like that movie Wag the Dog.’

‘Wag the Dog’ was a movie about an entire WAR being manufactured by a television news network.

But I thought the comment from this person was a bit over the top, considering that 9/11 really did happen and that the two towers were no longer there.

But again...I was wrong.

Reality CAN be manufactured...and it IS being totally manufactured.

I don’t know if you understand the seriousness of this new human condition.

A few years back I began noticing how television reporters on air ‘live’ were not affected as the wind started blowing in the background.

I thought “Can’t TV networks be shut down for doing things like this?” and “Is this even legal?”

Apparently it is.

Truth in reporting standards (along with any other standards) seem to have all but disappeared.

The Networks can say WHATEVER THEY WANT and not be touched by the legal system.

All this while free speech is being systematically shut down.

The end result of this process is likely to be an entire civilization which is spoon-fed a false reality.

I repeat: I don’t know if you realize just how serious things have gotten.

Mankind is losing it.

It is losing its grip on reality...and surrendering it to a well-funded and well-oiled international media machine.

From now on mankind’s perception of reality will be MANUFACTURED.

The Process: A Brief History

From the minute writing was invented, it was used to lie.

Did you know writing was invented to keep receipts?

Well, LYING through those receipts since the time of Babylon is what created the modern international banking system.

The first newspapers were monopolies of the ruling oligarchy and were used to LIE.

The most famous incident is the riling up of the American public for the 1890 Spanish-American War.

And it has continued ever since.

Technology simply upped the stakes.

From the beginning, the world system was based on lies and deception.

Technology has simply made the lies MORE EFFECTIVE.

Now I seriously started worrying about reality when I saw the 1993 movie Jurassic Park and was astounded by how the special effects department created the dinosaurs so convincingly.

‘What type of mechanical puppets did they use?’ was my question.

To my surprise I discovered that the dinosaurs had all been computer-animated images.

A side-hobby of mine is special-effects and the history of special effects.

So I can tell you that this sudden new appearance of reality warping imagery was a GIGANTIC LEAP IN TECHNOLOGY.

Where did it come from?

Well, just as 2001: A Space Odyssey had been a government-funded special effects experiment in preparation for the phony Moon Landing footage (and probably used the same technician- Doug Trumbull), Jurassic Park (directed by intelligence asset Steve Spielberg) was a roll-out of the new advanced CGI technology which mimicked actual reality.

It would be this technology which would later be used to supply the 9/11 footage of planes flying into buildings.

Now, my long-standing criticism (and that of the old-time special effects technicians) is that the new generation of special effects artists had no formal training or interest in physics.

To put it bluntly, the young punks working in the special effects industry today have no basic training on the simple mathematical basis of mimicking reality.

Quite simply, they don’t know and seem to have no interest on how physical dynamics actually work.

So it was a dead giveaway that they had used the young punks on the CGI-generated 9/11 footage when it became obvious the 9/11 planes were violating the laws of physics as they ‘crashed’ into the buildings.

See the actual videos below:

But 9/11 was only the initial technological deployment.

The psychological conditioning was still needed.

Psychologically the human mind works on two levels: conscious and subconscious.

The conscious mind works on a direct, simple, face-value level based on perception.

The subconscious mind is multi-layered, complex and works on many levels.

The sculpting of the human mind to accept a virtual reality is happening on both levels.

Simply put, the barriers in the human mind which separate fantasy from reality are being broken down.

In fact, the IMPORTANCE that the human mind applies to the separation of fantasy from reality has already been disintegrated.

All this has become doable in a mind that is now in a semi-permanent low level hypnotic state.

The Internet has had its role (you don’t think they created this thing for our benefit, do you?).

The process first got my attention with the release of a movie called ‘The Blair Witch Project’ in 1999.

The hype for this film (and money spent on the hype was exponentially more that the money spent on the film) presented the film as a breakthrough documentary based on mysterious reels of film documenting an encounter with the supernatural.

No disclaimer, no notice, no nothing claiming that it was a fictional film.

So this bending of reality continued right on through the film’s release.

The first audiences to see the film were convinced they were seeing the documented evidence of a band of kids who disappeared trying to get it.

This manufactured reality was a lie.

No one bothered to ask afterwards how such a low-budget film could have a multi-million dollar advertisement campaign.

 But the ‘event’ was done.

The public had been massively LIED to.

The public had accepted the LIE.

And it had had FUN doing it.

It had been FUN to be lied to and to either believe or pretend that it was all real.

No comments arose from neither the deceived public nor the television networks who had either knowingly or unknowingly participated in the deception.

In short, it had suddenly become cool and fashionable not only to lie, but to be taken in by the lie and to have EMOTIONS triggered by the lie, even if you later found out it wasn’t true.

The ride had been fun.

This was the message of the Blair Witch Project.

It was an event designed to culturally break down the barriers, the resistance and the importance between reality and fantasy.

A little after the release of this film, many underground and smaller newspapers began experimenting releasing fantastic phony stories with no present or future disclaimers.

The could do this, I suppose, because they were smaller and underground newspapers.

One local paper, for example, released a detailed story about an organization dedicated to distributing firearms to the homeless for self-protection in states where unregistered firearm ownership was allowed.

I waited for a disclaimer to this story...and it never came.

i contacted the editor and was told I could not differentiate between a good story, sarcasm and a humor piece if they all bit me on the leg.

So the editor used the Orson Welles War of the Worlds excuse: it was all a put on, and if you couldn’t catch on to that then you were stupid.


Stories like these were run in many newspapers and the uncritical public response was probably recorded.

In truth, it seemed the ridiculous and the incredible didn’t matter any more.

The printed and visual media was starting to become the same type of Wild West the Internet was becoming.

Anything could and was said without any correction or disclaimer whatsoever.

The public mind seemed to be ready to accept and digest the illogical, the incredible, the nonsensical and even the ridiculous with little or no critical thinking or questioning.

If it was a lie it was a lie, if it was the truth it was the truth, it no longer seemed to matter and it was all slurped up like a bowl of chow mein.

This practice has expanded with little or no critical coverage because, well, the Media no longer does public disclaimer or corrections (and if it does so, it does it on the tenth page in microscopic writing).

In other words, the Pandora’s Box of Lies and Delusion has been thrown wide open.

It was no surprise therefore that such a big lie as 9/11 could be hoisted on the minds of the American public and the world just a few years later.

NO SKYSCRAPER had ever collapsed due to fire before 9/11/01.

It didn’t matter.

The maneuvers that the planes were said to have carried out were physically impossible.

It didn’t matter.

Many of the hijackers later turned out to be alive.

It didn’t matter.

There had been advanced warning of the even many weeks and even moths before.

It didn’t matter.

The MEDIA was what was in control of this ‘event’ not reality.

Finally, the footage is coming out proving that the planes are CGI.

Do you thing this really matters?
Reality and Fantasy have become so melded that I now risk being labeled insane by CONSPIRACY RESEARCHERS for suggesting there were no planes on 9/11 and that we were all conditioned to accept the fact that there were through staged CGI footage even though NO ONE EVER ACTUALLY SAW ANY PLANES save on TV.

And the brainwashing continues.

The latest evolution of this breakdown between reality and fantasy is a well-coordinated project to put false video stories out on the Internet PROVING their veracity which turn out to be completely false...but which never carry any disclaimer or correction ANYWHERE.

You might have seen several of the ‘incredible’ videos ranging from an air bike that flies through the air, or a miniature jet pack that makes its wearer take to the skies, or the pair of mechanical flapping wings you put on your back to turn you into bird man - all lies produced by CGI which have never been disclaimed, which for all intents and purposes exist as reality in the minds of the people who have seen them.

The latest attempts at reality warping have been the Virgin Galactic sub-orbital flights (do you really think something that looks like it was built in somebody’s back yard can go into orbit?) and Google Executive’s Alan Eustace’s heroic sub-orbital jump (pasty noodle-bodied corprate executives are suddenly super heroes) .

Notice that in all the Virgin Galactic and new Sub-Orbital Jumps, the outer stratospheric layer of our world displays NOT ONE know...the things you and me see at 6:00 am in the morning on any clear twilight sky.

Not only that, but the balloon which supposedly carries the capsule or a heavily man in an astronaut suit to stratospheric heights (135,000 feet) is way too small!

The curvature of the earth is also way too small.

In fact, the Eustace executive jump hasn’t even been properly filmed and looks like a shabbily documented infomercial.

In short, I wouldn’t put any money on the Virgin Galactic or Sub-Orbital Jumps phenomenon being real at all!

Just more neither proved nor disproved CGI-generated junk to be accepted into our no longer critical minds.

Oh, and my hopes aren’t up on the Mars Rovers being any more real.

So what’s next?

A manned mission to Mars perhaps (successful on the first try, of course, after a cost of billions of dollars diverted directly into the black budget) or how about a trans-dimensional invasion of planet Earth (did you see the movie ‘Signals’) to put everybody in line.

Sound too ridiculous?

Don’t laugh.

The ridiculous has become common place.

Did you see the Cox Corporation commercial on how everybody will soon be printing their food through the Internet?


Look at it, accept it and go on to the next fragment of the incredible.


Humanity has lost the critical ability to

1) differentiate between fantasy and reality


2) even care about differentiating fantasy from reality

Humanity is slowly becoming divided between a minority who try to hold on to at least a fragment of perception of reality and those who are lost in virtual reality, who uncritically accept anything and everything into their half-aware hypnotized minds.

To these latter people, the truth is a reality which no longer matters.

They are too hypnotized by their smart phones and the Internet to care.

Whatever comes to them through the TV is legitimate because if if wasn’t there is no way it could be on there.

As long as no says anything (or there is no record of anyone saying anything), the false reality holds.

Humanity is now half-conscious, half-aware, and half-alive.

It is perfectly prepared for the great deception of the ages.

Just how much will humanity believe or disbelieve?

The answer to this question might be as limitless as to what lies the Establishment CGI can put on the television screens.

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