Monday, March 9, 2015

Oracle: Dreams of Nuclear Armageddon

With WW-III brewing, I find it appropriate to publish some related material from ‘Oracle.’

Enough has been said in this blog about Oracle, a Christian who shared his dreams with me during my college days. I wrote them down and have had them buried in my files as curiosities.

I occasionally publish some of them on this blog

Some of his ramblings having to do with Israel here:

Now that WW-III is threatening, Oracle’s weird dreams have acquired a new relevancy all their own.

I take this time to unload Oracle’s ‘nuclear’ revelations and get them off my conscience, since I have not heard of oracle since and have not seen any of his ‘dreams’ on the Internet.

Especially disturbing in the dreams below (now that I have re-read them) is the concept of burning up cities with high-altitude nuclear bursts (without contaminating the environment and leaving it open for occupation).

Now that Chinese plans to occupy the Western US have been outed, this technique of destruction gains new relevance.

What follows are the dreams of Oracle as described to me in the 1990's.



“There was a face off between America and the other countries, which I think were Russia and China. The situation got very tense, and what the Russian and Chinese were doing was drilling the people to take cover in huge underground tunnels which they had built under their cities. They did this over and over again and our media made fun of them like it was an act. Well, it turned out we had no underground tunnels for us at all while the Russian and Chinese had huge underground areas for themselves, in which they could go.”

“It was night and I was just sitting there in Friday night bumper to bumper traffic, people were cruising and stuff like that, it was a warm night, either spring or summer, a very lively and happy scene. Maybe it was spring because I got the feeling it was the college crowd cruising and stuff. All of a sudden, everything just went dark. All the lights went out. All the street lights, all the headlights, all the building lights, everything, and it was pitch dark. All the cars stopped too, all the traffic came to a dead stop and the cars wouldn’t even click on the starter. And the weird thing it was all quiet, not a sound. Nobody said anything, or screamed, or complained or anything. It was dead quiet. I guess everybody was in shock. Everybody just sat there in their cars. What I felt then was a horrible dread that this was just the beginning and that something worse was about to happen as a follow up. It was a type of horrible quiet uncertainty.”

“I was outside in the parking lot of a movie theater in what seemed a bright summer or spring day. Then the sun suddenly got very bright, then brighter and brighter and brighter. It was like the sun went supernova or something, and people started to panic and run away. I scrambled like crazy under a car as the sun became overwhelmingly bright in this all encompassing brightness.”

“I was in my back yard in the late evening or early morning when a bright light exploded in the north, and shortly thereafter a hurricane wind hit from the north. It was a terrible wind stronger than any hurricane, and it took down roofs and fences and signs. it looked like it would even tear away the ground itself and me with it. I held on for dear life, but i knew there was no way I could hold on to anything before I awoke.”


“I was in the lobby of a massive building in a large city like New York or Chicago in the daytime. All of a sudden there was gigantic flash in the sky, an intensely bright growing flash. The heat was horrible, I would call it unearthly hot, like the surface of a star hot. Upon see it indirectly and feeling the intense heat, I sought cover behind a concrete wall. The windows were then blown in and there was this intense blast and dust. Everybody thought that was the end of it, but it wasn’t. Another bright growing flash happened. And I hid again, with the same after effects. The heat was horrible, and you could feel and sense everything burning up. I thought it was over but it wasn’t. Yet another flash lit the sky and I was squeezing myself into a corner between two concrete walls like a scared bug, and then the heat hit me again. The intensity of it I just can’t describe, but I would compare it to a giant blow torch. I could feel my back being burned off just by the intense heat produced by the light. And I could sense everything was on fire, and I mean everything. I then saw that the cities were being hit from above by thermonuclear bombs detonated high up over them, not enough to make a crater or anything, but close enough to burn everything up. And what I saw of the cities was unimaginable. It was unimaginable because we are used to seeing one building on fire, but what I was seeing was the entire horizon on fire, everything caught in a giant conflagration and the smoke column from the burning cities was horrible, just a choking mass that looked like it would cover the entire nation. And the impression I got was that the enemy was doing this on purpose to kill the cities but without leaving radiation. They were doing this because they were planning to take our land. They were planning on occupying America and they couldn’t do this if it was radioactive. So they were burning up the population and the cities from above and it wasn’t just one bomb hitting each city, but several, one after another, turning all the cities into burning pyres. They were getting rid of the American population in the cities.”


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