Thursday, March 12, 2015

Connecticut Patriots Face Off Over 2nd Amendment

This blog entry is a TRIBUTE to the people of Connecticut who are now standing up against tyranny by refusing to register their guns.

Let me detail the bravery of these patriotic American gun owners.

According to Connecticut law they are now all felons - all 350,000 of them - who have not registered their guns according to the new ‘law’ and its expired deadline for registration.

Let me remind you that these brave people are now risking SWAT raids, unannounced workplace arrests, prolonged prison sentences and flat out being killed by the police as armed felons.

Few if any conspiracy pundits are giving praise to the brave gun-owners of Connecticut who are risking EVERYTHING by standing up to the government.

How were these 350,000 brave American citizens converted into armed felons by the law?

Let me refresh your memory:

A Connecticut State ‘law’ was passed in April, 2013 in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre which had (supposedly) taken place the previous year.

It put in place bans on magazines that carry more than 10 rounds and on most types of military style assault rifles, including those which have a mere cosmetic appearance to assault weapons

The law also required gun-owning residents to undergo mental and criminal background checks and to register their semi-automatic rifles with authorities.

The state then warned gun-owning residents that the penalty for non-compliance was ARREST.

The ‘government’ of Connecticut then proceeded to set a deadline by which all assault gun owners would have to comply: January 1, 2014.

As the SWAT teams oiled and shined their weapons and spiffied up their armor, the deadline came and went.

The results?

At least 350,000 gun-owning citizens of Connecticut had refused to register their guns in any way shape or form.
They also let the government know what it could do with all the criminal and background checks for continuing to own guns.

In other words, the citizens of Connecticut told the government to go screw itself.

After all that huffing and puffing and all the parading and posing by the SWAT teams, the Connecticut government was suddenly clueless as to what to do.

So like any blow-hard bully, when faced with the real thing, the government of Connecticut backed down into a corner and sulked.

It probably did some simple math and estimated that to carry out SWAT raids on 350,000 homes would resemble a WAR more than a legal procedure.

Not knowing what else to do, the cowardly, bullying government turned to the (pretentiously named) Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection to send a scary letter to the gun owners who had failed to register by the deadline, saying they faced charges of possessing unregistered weapons and illegal magazines for not having done so.

Now, I am sure of a couple of things...

...the gun owners of Connecticut already know that...

...they know they are subject to arrest.

...they know they are subject to SWAT raids.

...they know they are subject to being killed by SWAT cops hopped up roids and uppers.

...and they DON’T CARE.

Do you understand the MESSAGE, government of Connecticut?

You have passed an illegal, unconstitutional and unnatural law which precedes outright gun confiscation and which the American people will NOT tolerate.

Meanwhile the cowardly Police are continuing to press forward with ‘enforcement efforts’ with responses to Connecticut residents that are ‘shockingly forceful.’

All these ‘enforcement efforts’ are more along the lines of harassment than assault, because the police know that when it comes time to confiscate the guns, it won’t be them doing will be the National Guard.

When that happens, police and government of Connecticut, you can only HOPE the National Guard does not itself turn on YOU and do with you what is normally done with unconstitutional tyrants trying to subject this country.

Meanwhile, my hat goes off to the brave American PATRIOTS of Connecticut, who now bravely exist under threat yet continue to stand in support of the Second Amendment.

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