Sunday, March 1, 2015

Patriots Surrendering to Death by Torture

I was very sorry to see a neighbor with cancer surrender herself to the establishment death machine...after having lectured me endlessly on natural cures - this woman knew more about natural cures than I did (and I am a natural cure enthusiast).

My advice to her, when she got cancer was (of course) NOT to destroy her body with chemotherapy, radiation, or cancer surgery and let her body heal itself.

Weeks later I got the chance to talk again to this single mom (with three teenage kids) and she was depressed and miserable.  

She told me the doctors had written her off and had told her any further 'treatment' was useless.

It turns out she had submitted herself to the cut, poison and burn procedure which our society calls 'cancer treatment.'

They had immolated her, and then they had told the cancer cells were out of control and that any further treatment was useless.

In other words, they had spread the cancer all over her body and then told her she was dead.

When she said this, I thought the woman looked fine health-wise (with the exception of weight loss), so I told her AGAIN to treat herself through a serious diet and exercise. I also let her borrow a rife machine.

This lady had nothing to lose, so she used the Rife machine I let her keep at  home for 6 months.

When I saw here again, she looked a lot happier and she told me her cancer cell readings were going way down. 

In fact she described how the numerous tumors she had inside her body had begun going to the surface of her skin and bursting.

This woman was on her way to recovery.

I shared her joy and assured her she was on her way to recovery and to please KEEP AWAY FROM THE CANCER DOCTORS WHO HAD ALREADY WRITTEN HER OFF AS DEAD.

Would you believe it?

A few weeks later we spoke again and she was again quite excited and happy.

Perhaps forgetting whom she was talking to, she spurted out that she had gone to see the doctors again and that they were actually SURPRISED at her 'spontaneous' recovery . She followed this up by telling me the doctors had informed here she was now WELL ENOUGH TO RESTART CHEMOTHERAPY!

I was speechless.

This was the woman who had lectured me endlessly on natural cures and especially CANCER CURES.

The doctors had even told her what percent of her liver and kidneys would be shut down by the chemotherapy.

I reminded her in a harsh tone that any medical treatment which destroyed her body was a direct violation of the medical hippocratic oath and that she would NEED her liver and her kidneys intact in order to fight the cancer.

She said nothing more and we spoke no more until much later.

In fact, she began ignoring me purposefully and turning away every time we ran across each other.

Considering she had a multi-thousand dollar machine of mine, I got paranoid and asked for the machine back. She returned it promptly, with the comment that it was a 'complimentary treatment.' I accepted my machine back and encouraged her to get one herself.

Thinking back, I have become sorry for having asked for it back, but at the same time, her behavior had become suspicious.

In fact, I wonder if she had acted that way based on the 'professional opinion' of her medical doctors - you know, avoid the negative, contrary people who seek to interfere with your treatment.

So we became distant.

I ran across her again a couple of months later and this time she looked HORRIBLE, you could see DEATH in her face.

She told me the cancer had again spread and that the doctors had AGAIN given her up for dead.

This time she looked very resigned, and refused to listen to any advice or any ideas. She even refused the machine.

You see, this woman had gotten a ROYAL JUDGMENT from the Gods of Medicine. 

They had now (after months of radiation and chemotherapy and cancer-spreading operations) DEFINITELY told her she was DEFINITELY dead.

This lady had gotten the royal command of DEATH from the medical establishment.

Now she is at a hospital on her last legs and is expected to die any day now...from organ failure.

Like I told this apparently very intelligent, very erudite, very informed woman (who was for all intents and purposes a naturalist), 'the treatment kills you before the cancer does.'

And it did.

So it comes as no surprise that many prominent conspiracy researchers are going the same way as this woman.

Katherine Albrecht, co-author of 'Spychips' - the book which exposed the RFID (radio frequency identification chip) conspiracy got cancer last year.

This woman was (again) a naturalist, a highly intelligent Harvard Graduate who had researched and written against the establishment.

So I was surprised to hear her on the radio admit that she was going the "middle way" on the treatment of her cancer - using both standard and natural medicine - in other words, the woman had panicked and had agreed to have her breast cancer operated on....followed by the standard radiation and chemo therapy

Right there I knew she had made a terrible mistake, especially by cutting into her tumor (which would release the cancer throughout her body).

I was disappointed that someone who dedicates so much time investigating the corruption and incompetence of established society would have so much faith in its medical department.

Folks...when a society is is corrupt in its ENTIRETY.

Today Katherine Albrecht's cancer has spread throughout her body and is now in her brain.

She has gone through tortuous brains surgery and is now committing herself to more radiation and more she is slowly tortured to death.

How limitless is human faith...and human stupidity.

A couple of weeks ago I got hit with another piece of bad news when Joyce Riley, the number one researcher and crusader against Gulf War Syndrome - vaccine induced diseases caused by the medical establishment - confessed to having cancer....and subitting herself to radiation.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

One after another, top conspiracy researchers (the top cynics of society) are submitting themselves faithfully to standard cancer treatment...which will KILL them.

Joyce Riley, a highly intelligent woman, a veteran, a researcher and writer, who was HERSELF afflicted with disease by the corrupt medical establishment, was now turning herself in to that same medical establishment for a 'cure' to her cancer. In fact, she had to run out of the Alex Jones show so she could catch her daily dose of radiation.

Meanwhile I am hearing all the time of relatives both near and far being killed off by the cancer industry (my advice being completely disregarded).

Just last week my sister-in-law buried her mother (who did not want medical treatment, but who was bullied into it by her domineering husband).

I see neighbors both near and far SUBMITTING themselves to DEATH BY SLOW TORTURE, which is what established cancer therapy is.

EVERY conspiracy pundit has spoken of a relative DYING at the hands of the medical industry, some due to cancer, others not.

The point is the MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT has killed them...NOT the disease.

Again...and again...and again!

How stupid are we as a species?

The demise of all these smart women is proof positive that natural feminine instinct is DEAD.

The woman has become as clueless and instinctively blind as man (perhaps this is all part of the spreading 'equality' between the sexes).

Are we really so stupid that we WILLINGLY surrender ourselves to be TORTURED TO DEATH before the disease that we carry even has a chance to kill us?

Apparently not.

I know the doctors and their scare tactics have a hand in all of this.

A favorite tactic they use is to tell the person in whom cancer is discovered that it was a good thing they discovered it TODAY because if they had done so tomorrow, the person would have no chance...and, of course, the chemotherapy and radiation must begin IMMEDIATELY if the person is to have any chance of survival at all.

Screw all of these murderers.

If you could accumulate all the blood spilled by the medical establishment, it will fill a reservoir the size of Lake Eerie.

A month ago I pilfered a relative away from an overnight hospital stay against the 'advice' of the resident doctor.

Of course, I had to convince the relative (who had come in for dizzy spells from which she had fully recovered) to sign the papers and leave.

Just before we left a couple of nurses came up with a short hand-written 'note' from the doctor we had to sign, which stated that the hospital is in no way responsible for what happens next and that a result of our leaving could be DEATH (in capital lettJust ers). 

The whole episode was comic-bookish...but that is the way these people operate.

Everywhere, left and right you hear of people being 'whacked' (that is the term doctors use amongst themselves for KILLING a patient through malpractice).

It is also a slang term for assassination...

Just the other day I heard Dr Tent - whistle blower against the medical establishment who remains strangely faithful to it - confess at the end of his speech that his mother had just been killed by faulty procedure at the hospital and so was not able to attend (vital speech by the way).

Meanwhile just today I heard a medical presenter on PBS break down and cry about how his favorite grandfather was killed by a needless and dangerous 'stent' procedure.

My brother-in-law lost his entire estate (and it was sizeable) when his mother succumbed to a stroke (at a hospital, of course) and became incoherent without leaving a will or naming a guardian.

The result?

His mom and his entire estate became WARDS OF THE STATE!

Frankly, I am beginning to suspect the present plague of strokes might be induced by the medical establishment...apparently, with some of these incidents granting the STATE rich dividends as it makes the stroke victims (and their property) its WARDS.

People, the medical establishment is slaughtering us like cattle DAILY!

Every day I viciously change the channel when an advertisement for 'St. Jude Children's Hospital' comes on, showing all the tortured, dying children who haven been willfully surrendered by their parents to a slow tortuous death.

People...these children are being sacrificed.

Meanwhile doctors joke at cocktail parties about how many people they have 'whacked.'

I'm not joking!

Frankly, after seeing so many intelligent, sharp human beings surrender themselves to be tortured to death by so-called cancer therapy, I am beginning to question just how domesticated we have become.

I am beginning to question if we are at all survivable as a species.

Quite frankly put, a species that has no clue of what danger is, even when its members are undone time after time by that danger right in front of its eyes, is a species whose survival is in doubt.

My useless attempts in trying to prevent death by cancer treatment reminds me of the movie Logan's Run,where the inhabitants of the future surrender themselves to be incinerated at the age of order to be 'renewed.'

All the citizens WATCH the old-timers get incinerated, but somehow, going through this process seems like the right thing to do, because at least they tried.

Like I said before, art imitates life.

Included in the link below is a video of me trying to persuade masses of people form being tortured to death by Cancer Therapy (ok...really its a scene from Logan's Run):


It was a couple of months



  2. Leukemia had a 95% cure rate . My daughter is proof that chemo works . It's poison to the body but it works . We remember an 18yo who stopped her treatment and went to Mexico for holistic approach therapy and died 4 months later . I believe that there is a cure , but so much money would be lost on these 2 year treatment programs that they keep the chemo machine going .

  3. Nothing that damages the body can be a cure. What are called examples of 'Success' in these chemo-radiation treatments is simply a strong and healthy individual recovering from attacks from both the disease and the 'treatment.' People who undergo treatment, then turn to natural cures have already had their body destroyed and their recovery curtailed. Sorry to be so blunt. Glad to hear your daughter recovered.