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Oracle: Israel Launches A Tactical Nuclear War

Here I introduce another dream by 'Oracle,' someone who I met in college, who told me about his dreams on a regular basis and who obviously thought they were 'given' to him for a reason.

I found a lot of his dreams intriguing and many so weird I will probably not include them here. He let me have copies of his dreams and I have kept them all these years.

Many of his dreams I considered silly or meaningless.

What follows is not one of them.

In fact, it is the one that most struck a chord in me (being into military subjects as I was). I had never considered the use of atomic weapons in a tactical sense. In spite of being well read in standard military history and strategy, about the subject of tactical use of nuclear weapons I knew and know next to nothing.

Oracles account seemed a bit medieval tactically, but who am I to judge? This account haunted me from the start and made me think about the possibilities of such a thing.

For obvious reasons, this particular dream seems to apply to the immediate present.
The description has been separated into smaller segments in the interest of legibility.

ORACLE: The Dream About Israel

I had a dream about Israel.

There had been another war and Israel had suffered a defeat at the hands of the Arabs and this had caused a lot of surprise and consternation. 

They had suffered a rebuff by people they considered inferior. They were angry. And it was a very clear cut and dry decision that something like that would never be allowed to happen again.

Israel had atomic bombs, and a lot of small neutron bombs to which they gave some sort of religious significance. These were seen as sacred. The military operation, concept or principle or whatever was called something like

the Ark of the Covenant”

in reference to the biblical ark with which the ancient Israelis swept all enemies before them.

And I saw the tactical and visual representation of the Israeli armored columns snaking towards what seemed like north and northeast, which was the direction of the defeat. 

When they met resistance, the armored columns stopped and an small neutron bomb was detonated in the air above the area of resistance. 

Every time it happened, it was like a bright flash in the air, like the sun was suddenly very low. Then the armored columns would continue right through the areas. 

And all the Israelis, the entire Israeli Army was inside armored vehicles, and if there were foot soldiers at all, they were far, far behind these armored columns.

And I was given the impression that everything in the area below the detonations was dead, whether outside, inside, above ground or under ground. 


And a voice inside my head seemed to say “they are black as charcoal and they will never rot” 

I guess it was in reference to the dead. 

And the procedure was mechanical and merciless. I continued to happen over and over again, without any regard to consequences.

And I got another impression, which seemed to say
At last, this is the way it was supposed to have been fought!”

And it was a religious thing, a sort of sacred thing. 

It was pure and terrible at the same time, sort of a day of reckoning and there seemed to be a certain amount of hubris, but also there was a religiousness and grim determination.

The Israelis seemed to have more of these small nuclear bombs than anyone imagined. 

They had some big ones too, but these small ones are the ones they had in abundance, for this very day and this very hour, and that was why Israels arsenal had been so easy to hide from the outside world.

The concept I perceived was

We made them many and small because we intended to use them from the beginning”

and also

they belong to us, we invented them!”

Paradoxically, the areas that were hit did not remain radioactive, but gradually seemed to become somewhat safe. 

I got the impression of a cooling down period. And there was a lot of uncertainty even amongst the Israelis themselves because it was the first time something like this was done. 

And as the Israeli armored columns continued, they began to spread terror amongst enemy soldiers and especially the civilian populations, which went to the roads and highways to escape.

And I saw that the results were not perfect and that there continued to be resistance, but the resistance seemed more like random sniping. 

And as it continued, it seemed like some sort of lesson or chastisement of the Arabs. And the Arabs were terrified and outraged.

The entire concept seemed to consist of the Arabs not wanting the Israeli columns approaching populated areas because these bombs, so that it was better just to give up an area when the Israel columns approached if it contained any large population.

And happening simultaneously or perhaps slightly after this attack, I saw the forced relocation of the Arab population from Israeli territory, which was carried out under the same threat.




were the words I perceived, along with



A righteous act”


A sacred act.”

It was some terrible holy deed, like Israel carried out in the Old Testament. 

Entire villages would be cleansed with these bombs, each at a given time, and the Arabs were given the date and the hour and the minute when it would happen. 

And it was absolute terror. People were going crazy with fear. And some people didn't really believe them until they killed the first village. 

And after that there wasn't any more protest or defiance. It was more like a stampede, people running for their lives. 

I saw a few stubborn people remain, but mostly it was the very old who refused to leave after this.

And I saw them use the bombs, and everyone and everything in those towns died, every bug, every bacteria, every virus. 

Surprisingly, the damage to the roads and the buildings was small, so that settlers from Israel could replace the Arab population after a cool down period, and that is exactly what was planned. 

Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon were inundated by a mess of refugees coming out of Israel. My impression of the evacuation was

when it happens, it will happen quickly.”

I asked, “but what about all the other nations?” Referring to the other nations of the Western World who would became outraged at what Israel had done. 

And the answer was “it had already happened” meaning that small nuclear bombs had already been used in another conflict before this one involving the Western World. 

And the impression at this point was that the Western Nations were already in turmoil, involved in wars or under some sort of attack. 

The Western nations seemed to be in such dire straits that what Israel did at this point was not of primary importance to them. Israel was therefore free to do what it wished.

It then became apparent to me that the Israeli attacks were just part of a bigger violence that was engulfing the world, and as such were less noticed than they would have been in times of peace. 

And that the Israeli attacks were more symbolic than military. There were some deep incursions. They expanded Israel and then then built up some new buffer zones. 

I got the impression that the new size of Israel was much larger than it is today. The victory was something more like acquiescence and subjection than military conquest. 

The Arabs had to agree to some very strict terms. It is unclear what these terms were, but they seemed to involve disarmament, new boundaries and treaties.

It was the making of a new order in the region. There was a threat put on the table that things could get gigantically worse for the Arabs if they did not agree. 

The Arabs were seething, but there was no helping them.

They had to agree to Israel's terms.”

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