Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Boston Shock and Awe Media Event

The Boston Marathon Bombing and the pursuit of the 'suspects' triggered Boston's shutdown and a massive warrant-less wave of police searches.

The coverage of the abuse of Watertown, Massachusetts would have led anyone watching to believe the entire city of Boston was being overrun by SWAT teams.

Of course, this was a misleading.

It was only the area of Watertown and its vicinity that was overrun.

The security apparatus did not in so short a time have even a fraction of the troops necessary to occupy Boston.

But the propaganda worked.

Another Black official (Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick) (just like New Orleans Police Superintendent P. Eddie Compass) announced to all concerned that rights and privileges had been suspended and there would be zero tolerance against resistors.

We all got to gulp in fear as we saw the troops and armored cars swamping an American town (which many of us believed was the entire city of Boston).

We were all treated to 'shock and awe' as we observed heavily armed storm troopers kick down doors and drag out protesting Americans no questions asked.

But more than anything, it was propaganda.

The message was:

  1. that Federal and Local governments were ONE in suppressing the American people
  2. that local forces of suppression were overwhelming and unstoppable
  3. no more Mr Nice Guy - from now on the American public would be drop-kicked like a soccer ball

The only thing was that it was all occurring only in the town of Watertown – nowhere else.

The Feds and local Fed gofers got to demonstrate their head-stomping abilities on a measly little town (which they did indeed swamp) and show it off to the entire nation.

Its no wonder they allowed everybody to film it. They WANTED the message to get across.

The message is, of course, that the Government can and will squash the American people under any pretext and with the greatest of ease.

But, as already mentioned, it was all theater – a propaganda ploy designed to have suppressive psychological rather than physical effect.

Nevertheless, you could tell none of the actors were happy.

The civilians were outraged.

But more than that, you could tell by the expressions of the police in their new head-stomper costumes that they were not at ease.

Many of the SWAT police carried bewildered, uncomfortable expressions which seemed to say ' WTF are we doing?' as they paraded around in choo-choo train formation looking like lines of fat sausagegs presenting themselves as perfect targets for any gunman deciding to fire from a window ledge.

You could tell many of the participants were not comfortable with the suppressing either.

And as such, the suppression of Watertown served as a testing ground at how the police will react when they are converted into storm-troopers.

If those facial expressions are anything to judge by, the police will not be happy at all when this happens.

But the main point of this article involves the actual suppression of the American people and how it will come about.

Why not a Watertown media event style suppression?

It is an accepted fact the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and All Police do not have the personnel necessary to carry out the occupation of the United States. (notice the Army and Marines could not even effectively occupy Iraq...or even secure Baghdad).

So why not use theater?

When the time of suppression comes, carryout an overwhelming occupation of some area or areas of the United States and make sure everybody sees it on TV and starts trembling in their love seats.

Next, with the SWAT swamping images fresh in our collective heads, send kindly public servants to each and every house America (porting a sidearm, of course) to ask for private information, carry out warrantless searches or confiscate firearms.

We won't necessarily be afraid of the courteous public servants, but we would be deathly afraid of the possibility that an entire SWAT army would be unleashed on our homes if we don't do exactly what the courteous public servant say.

See what I mean by theater?

In April of 2013, television transmitted a threat to the American people.

Shock and Awe is not always about cruise missiles...sometimes it is just about psychological warfare.

Again, and to make things very simple:

They do not have enough personnel to suppress us.

More likely they will threaten us with television images and then kindly request that we cooperate.

Don't fall for it, America.

Don't open your door or talk to any of these losers.

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