Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Final CIA Takeover of America

Just a heads up on what is happening to our military.

A PURGE is happening to our military.

All the top commanders are being replaced with NOT with soldiers who will simply go along with Obama, but with bona fide intelligence assets (NOT just military) who take orders directly from the US intelligence establishment.

In other words, our top military commanders are being replaced with SPIES who masquerade as commanding officers, but who really work for the CIA.

This should not come as a surprise to anyone who has been observing the creeping TAKEOVER of our society by the CIA for the last 50 years.

As mentioned in past blogs, things reached a crescendo when George H. Bush became our first CIA-asset President, Bill Clinton became our second, George W. Bush became our third and Barack Obama became our fourth.

Yes sir...this country has been firmly planted in the palm of the CIA since the 1990's.

So it comes as no surprise to find out that top commanders in our military are also CIA assets.

Not only are they CIA assets, but like any asset, compromised by their immoral and criminal behavior (a basic requirement for any CIA stooge).

Don't believe me?

Ever see all the dirt on our last four presidents?

Listen, if our PRESIDENCY has been taken, you can believe our top military has also.

Ergo the phenomenon of the PURGE currently taking place under Obama.

But don't worry, good ol' Barack Hussein doesn't have to worry about purging everybody himself, the job is being done by the head of each military branch and their subalterns (all agents of the CIA).

And it doesn't stop with the military.

Deep swathes of our society have also been compromised as the office of Sheriff, Police Chief, University Presidents,  Mayor, Governor, and Congressmen have been occupied by obedient CIA assets.

Do you even wonder why the police are always called off when the paid rioters start destroying everything?

 Ever wonder why judges are always going after patriots, whistle blowers and people wanting to out the intelligence community?

How about Congressmen bent on abolishing the Bill of Rights?

It is because these people are not sovereign human beings, but assets of the CIA.

The country is OVERRUN with CIA.

You know it has reached a crescendo when you find friends and relatives being recruited.

How do you think an outrage like the Kennedy Assassination was covered up so completely?

How do you think the Vietnam War could be balled up so completely?

Why do you think we are now making friends with the SAME communist government who tortured, killed and refused to release American prisoners, and may even now have them in their jurisdiction?

Why do you think we are going to bed with China and Cuba while PERSECUTING American Christians?

Why do you think our ENTIRE CONGRESS is blackmailed and going along with destructive laws and policies which not only abolish the Bill of Rights, but destroy America economically, socially, politically and morally?

The CIA has not only been steadily penetrating American government, but it has been steadily AIDING communism in its subjugation of America.

It was, is and will continue to be an institution which operates in full compliance with the Ford Foundation's Rowan Gaither's statement of acting to "alter life in the United States to such an extent that we can be comfortably merged with the Sovie Union (Russia)."

And the more I read into all this conspiracy stuff, the more aware I become that their true strength lies in their secrecy.


It is an accomplishment of EPIC proportions to bring an entire nation under the rule of an intelligence agency like the CIA...WITHOUT ANYONE REALLY NOTICING!

And I use the word "noticing" because people KNOW - they see how many people around them are CIA, they see how many government officials are CIA, they see CIA plots raveling and unraveling left and right, they notice the CIA is everywhere, they KNOW the CIA controls everything...but in spite of that, they cannot bring themselves to say "OUR COUNTRY IS BEING TAKEN OVER BY THE CIA - AN ENEMY WHICH MUST BE DESTROYED!!!"

No, saying something as obvious as that would single you out as a crazy.

But the only three crazy things occurring in this country has been 1) the CIA and 2) our inability to recognize it as the enemy it is and 3) our inability to do anything about it.

Let's stop playing games.

The CIA has taken over this country and everything that is happening - that is,  the slow destruction of America - is happening under its watch.

This country is a national security state alright.

A national security state directed by an intelligence spy agency which has elected to spy and infiltrate ITS OWN COUNTRY rather than that of the enemy.

Toleration of the duality of CIA assets masquerading as government officials, military and police is what got us here.

Don't you understand, America?

The existence of CIA assets occupying posts within our government, courts and military is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

It has never been and will never be legal or acceptable!

Why have we accepted this?!

It has been going on since the late 1950's and it is now totally out of control!!!

The CIA is the enemy of this country, and its assets should be rooted out and imprisoned.

And in case you haven't noticed...this is exactly what these
CIA assets masquerading as government officials, judges and police have been doing to US!!!!

The CIA should be abolished IMMEDIATELY!

This decision is what got Kennedy killed - the only problem is we stopped the purge before it could even begin.

We are now paying the price with the loss of our country and its betrayal to Communist interests.

It is long past due that the CIA be made to pay for what it has done and is doing.

It is long past due that the CIA be ended as the treacherous, dangerous and destructive anti-American institution that it is.



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