Sunday, June 21, 2015

Warning: All Purges Happen During War

With the advent of Jade Helm and the prospective purging of the American population...which follows an already developing purge within our military, it begs a historical analysis of purges themselves.

And when studying purges, one thing stands out like a sore thumb:


Whether you look at the earliest known purges in Greece or Rome up to the purges of the 20th century, you can't help but notice that purges and war go hand in hand.

Greece and Rome had political purges, in which entire groups of backers of the losing political figures were killed (example: Caeser vs Pompey), needless to say, these purges happened during times of civil war.

During the MIddle Ages and  Renaissance, your religious affiliation was enough to put you on the wrong side of war and purge (which occurred concurrently) in events like the Algbigensian Crusade  and the Religious Wars in France, the 'Reconquista' in Spain,  or the Thirty Years War in Germany.

You belonged to the wrong group during these times and places and you were DEAD.

Purges seemed to have ended with the Age of Reason, that short break from insanity, but continued with renewed vigor in the French Revolution.

The Terror of the French Revolution, which  caused the death a million people through the most horrible of methods happened during the War of the First Coalition. So the Terror did indeed take place during wartime.

Continuing on with the next great 'people's' revolution - The Russian Revolution - one sees the Bolshevik purge (of 1918-1922) happening during the Russian Civil War...and killing 5 million people.

There were other purges in Russia in the 1920's of the Kulaks (independent farmers) and the Ukrainians (more independent farmers), but the Communist government merely saw these as the concluding segments of the Russian Civil war and their consolidation of power.

(Would you believe there were people fighting the Communists in Russia until the 1950's? Yes, they WERE that hated).

The Turkish genocide of their Armenian (Christian) population happened during WW-I (2 million killed).

Again, examples of a great purge again happening during war.

The murder of millions under the Nazis, referred to as the 'Holocaust' (in memory of the Jewish  victims alone) also occurred during World War 2. The Jews being only a minority of the non-Jewish millions who were killed (and forgotten).

The Cambodian Genocide under Pol Pot in the 70's - the Killing Fields - also occurred during wartime,as the Khmer Rouge fought the Vietnamese...3 million people killed.

There is also a long and forgotten list of African purges happening after the seizure of power of this or that (mostly communist) government, but the most famous one is the Rwandan Genocide of 1994, which cost butchered 2 million people...during a condition of civil war.

I think I have made my case.

The French Terror, the Russian Red Terror, the Nazi Holocaust, the Cambodian genocide and the Rwandan Genocide all happened under a state of war.

Frequently, what was most evident and open were only the arrest of the victims.

The millions of murder happened in SECRET.

The French thought only the nobility was meeting the guillotine (while millions were drowned en masse in the Seine at night). 

The Russians were never aware that millions of their countrymen were being murdered in secret (many secret killing fields are even now being discovered)

The Armenians were killed in secret after forced marches took them away from the general population.

The Germans never knew the concentration camps were industrial death camps, nor of what the SS did to occupied populations.

You never show the cattle what happens at the end of the slaughterhouse line, in fact, you keep things as quiet and quick as possible at the business end.

Which brings us to our OWN developing purges.

Our country is presently preparing for purge.

It is already purging the military of all officers unwilling to raise arms against the American public by removing them arbitrarily from their post.

Meanwhile we are seeing an open preparation for the purging of the American civilian population called Jade Helm right in front of our eyes, with entire STATES being labeled as 'hostile,'

All of this is happening under a condition of war - the so-called War on Terror - and the rapidly developing condition of a real war against Russia and China (WW-III).

So the pattern repeats itself.

Our PURGE will happen during wartime, just as purges have happened throughout history.


Wartime provides the perfect conditions for the population to go along with whatever measures the government comes up with.

A population during wartime is more obedient and submissive, figuring that the entire nation is at risk.

Government gains absolute powers during wartime which are needed to carry out total war...and total purge.

What is unimaginable during peacetime becomes everyday during wartime.

All these conditions are the basis for any type of general purge of the population.

It is OBVIOUS the American population is about to get purged. They are doing all the preparations in the open (see NDAA 2012, Jade Helm and FEMA camps), the only question is under what conditions will it come about.

The main basis of our purge, just as it always has been, will be WARTIME.

We are already under a state of emergency with the War on Terror.

We are getting ready to go under martial law under a state of actual war.

In addition, we are also entering a state of probable civil war.

So what I see happening is a situation similar to that of Russia just before the fall of the Czars.

The Russians did have a 'war on terror' as the 'Anarchists' started assassination campaigns which would make the murders under our own 'war on terror' pale in comparison.

This led to the Russian Government passing laws similar to the Patriot Act to clamp down on the population.

The Russians then went into a state of martial law by entering into one unpopular war after another (the Russo-Japanese War in 1905 and then WW-I in 1914).

Finally, the Russians entered a state of CIVIL WAR, after the takeover by an upopular Communist government under Lenin.

And there you have it - the stages of our OWN demise.

The Illuminati are not known for being original thinkers.

It's always the same plan over and over again under different guises.

Due to our heavily armed population, America is being singled out to fall (just like Russia) under the onslaught of terror, war and civil war...with purges happening at every stage of the process.

America, understand what is coming.

Understand what they are doing.

Understand what the plan is under these devils who call themselves representatives of the people.

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