Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Mechanics of Civil War

We are in the process of being manipulated into a civil war, it behooves us to take a look at the mechanics of such a thing.

Remember the Illuminati have found it impossible to destroy this country, separated as it is from the rest of the world by the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic Oceans and Central America to the south.

They can't get at us like they got to France, Germany, Russia and China during the first and second world wars, so the only alternative involve us in a civil war.

Yes...they cannot kill us with invading their wish is to make us kill ourselves.

So let us break apart the nature of this next upcoming civil war, shall we?


We must remember, it won't be the American people involving us in a state of civil war, but a few leaders on both sides (all of them members of the Freemasons, Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations or Trilateral Committee).

Ex-Texas Governor (Freemason/Bildeberger) Rick Perry already did a practice run when he spoke of secession and threatened to kick the TSA out of Texas airports. This provoked the prompt Federal response of threatening an air blockade of Texas by the US Air Force.

Remember, Rick Perry was an attendee at Bilderberg. He was one of theirs, not one of us...and trying to provoke an 'incident'!

It is in cases like this that you  can see the establishment having its people on both sides waiting for the order to start the next State-Fed confrontation that will result in civil war.

In other words, we will enter a stage of civil war due to the actions of Illuminati agents at the State and Federal level who will spark off confrontation.

This is the way most wars get started.

People don't vote for wars.

Political leaders (serving the Illuminati) get the people involved in them.


Right now, don't expect a lengthy build-up.

The time for the lengthy build up has passed.

The States had a chance to disagree with the Federal Government over past cases of Education, Sex Education,  National Guard ownership, Federal Lands, Highway Funds, Abortion, Constitution, Militia, Church Censorship, Church Leadership Recruitment, Spying, Posse Comitatus, Deployment of Federal Law Enforcement and Federal Troops on State Property, 3d Amendment, Federal Background Checks, State-Federal Police Fusion Centers, Electronic Voting, Fluoride,  etc.  

As you might have notice, NOT ONE of the topics above has ever flared up as a topic of political confrontation between the States and the Federal Government.

Not one!


Because the States were paid off at every step of the way to go along with EVERYTHING the Federal Government has proposed since 1965.

So my honest question is this:

Do you honestly believe that the various corrupt and paid-for states of the union, WHO HAVE COLLABORATED WITH THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT EVERY FOR OVER 45 years will now raise the flag of rebellion?

That's right, it's a mathematical impossibility.

Let me just give the example of my supposedly very "conservative" state of Arizona.

In Arizona to get a job, your name must be run through a Federal Register so that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT can confirm whether you can be hired or not.

Arizona has NOT PROTESTED the wide-open Arizona border through which illegal are pouring in on a daily basis (in spite of all the screaming by border ranchers).

 All major cities and towns in Arizona fluoridate their water.

90% of Arizona consists of undisputed Federal Land.

Fed-sponsored Sex Education is offered to Arizona kids in the second grade.

All Arizona public school teachers and nurses must be vaccinated in order to work.

So much for the great hope of the southwest.

And like Arizona, you can take a look at your own state and see pretty much the same.

The confrontation between State and Federal forces will be a staged event designed to bring about a state of martial law across the country.

Martial law.

Get it?

This is the root of what they're after.


Nobody hates like brothers.

You've got to remember that, once the ball gets rolling, nobody hates each other more than people of the same nation.

Sad but true.

The people inside a nation hate each other more, because they KNOW each other.

We all hear how Americans talk of people from other (mostly neighboring) states. who they perceive as hateful. Here in Arizona we speak ill of Californians, in the east coast, they do so of New Jersians, in the South they dislike 'yankees' etc.

In fact, historically, hate of the enemy during a civil war is much higher than that of a war between two nations.

Can you imagine the reaction in places like Texas to occupying troops from New York?

Or how about the reaction of the Southwest to occupation by troops from California?

In addition, we have a sharp divide in American between the three main racial groups: White, Black and Hispanic (all of which will also be heavily armed).

And you've got to escalate this exponentially when the war crimes and executions start happening.

This is why Civil Wars are so nasty...we will be no exception.

We already have the police with the attitude of killing at the smallest provocation.

We already have the video-game heads with the attitude of shooting masses of people just like they do on the video games.

We already have people infused with racial hatred and fantasies of 'finally giving 'em what they deserve.'

We already have a military brutalized by occupying, torturing and murdering Middle Easterners through 10 YEARS of bloody occupation - In fact, bullying, arresting, torturing, kicking down doors and victimizing civilians is ALL our troops know how to do.

We already have an isolated and angry population made that way through social estrangement, television, psycotropic prerscription drugs, illegal drugs, pornography and a collapsing economy.

We already have the Blackwater-type mercenaries standing ready to commit atrocities at the drop of a hat.

We already have the laws legalizing the arrest, torture and murder of Americans.

In other words, we are READY to commit unspeakable atrocities on one another.

Oh...and let's not forget the foreign troops from Russia and China itching at the chance to kill Americans.

So yes, the war will turn nasty, and very quickly.

I was always surprised at how nasty the Yugoslavian Civil War became in the 1990's.

I knew many Yugoslavians prior to the war, and they seemed to me always as dynamic, easy-going and friendly people.

It was a country in Mediterranean climate at its coast, composed of different ethnicities which got along.

Boy did the atrocities pick up once the shooting started - a lot of it helped along with agent provocateurs from their respective sides, who created atrocities to make the different ethnicities hate each other.

I still remember the footage from Bosnia Sarajevo, which supposedly depicted Serbian (Olympic class snipers) shooting down civilians in the streets by the dozens from positions in the neighboring hills as they scampered for food.

On TV I saw these civilians get gunned down one after the other, and then looked at the distant hills and came to the conclusion that there was NO WAY snipers could be scoring those hits from those distant hills.

Anyone familiar with the mechanics of sniping knows you cannot shoot like that at THAT distance. This was almost one-shot one-kill one after another.

As it turned out agent provocateurs INSIDE SARAJEVO were shooting the Bosnian civilians (it is my belief these were not Bosnians themselves, but foreigners working in Bosnia).

This is how you make a nasty civil war nastier.

Agencies like Blackwater (now under an eternally changing name) specialize in these types of operations (need I say Blackwater is CIA?)


Anyone that fantasizes tactically or adventurously about  a Second American Civil War, neglects to look at the food production maps of America which show that THE ENTIRE COUNTRY is dependent of a grain belt extending from Minnesota to northern Texas (the MIdwest) to feed the rest of the country.

In fact, the truth is that the none of states outside this food belt (which amount to 70% of the states and 90% of the American population - including the South and the West) is not self-sufficient in food.

What does this mean?

It means that any civil war will soon turn into a FOOD WAR for possession of this Midwestern grain belt, with STARVATION in store for the side unable to do so!

It must therefore be accepted as fact that any sizable civil war will result in the STARVATION of a large part of the American population.


A civil war will socially, economically and politically disintegrate America.

The economic relation between the states gives new meaning to the word 'interdependent.'

Basically all states depend on each other for their economic well being.

No state is self-sufficient.

You look a the shelf of any supermarket you see products coming in from all across America.

You look at any product produced in the US and you quickly see that the production of that product depends of parts from all across American.

In other words, political disintegration of this country will lead to economic disintegration.

Total economic disintegration.

Militarily the country won't be able to produce any weapon systems because, thanks to pork barrel politics, each weapon system consists of parts built in many states across America.

If there is anything that will turn this country into a Third World wasteland, it will be a second civil war.


Under the general state of emergency produced by a general state of war, gun confiscation will probably become the order of the day.

Battle zones and their adjacent areas will be made into de facto disarmament zones by both sides.

Anyone outside of the armed forces caught carrying a gun openly or concealed will be treated as an armed criminal.

Rebellious states might even initiate massive rifle confiscation 'for the cause' in order to arm their militias.

Occupied areas will become TOTAL gun confiscation zones.

So as paradoxical as it sounds, a second civil war will be a gun confiscator's paradise.


The minute the civil war happens, our standing in the world would be gone.

Nations we have sworn to defend would be left defenseless.

Economically, militarily and politically we would disappear from the world.

The dollar would sink into worthlessness.

All imports would grind to a halt

Take into account where all the items at Walmart come from and the fact that we are now importing food and you know what that means.


The collapse of America into civil war would basically leave the world open to conquest by Russia and China...which would happen very quickly.

Places like South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and Europe would be overrun overnight.


The majority of the sheep-like American population would probably not be drafted to fight the next civil war.

We have not had a draft since 1972.

Most Americans do not even know the meaning of the word draft, conscription, service, patriotism, national defense or military service.

They don't have the militarily trained numbers or attitude to put up any mass army.

It is for this reason that a second civil war will be fought mostly by volunteer militias and very large numbers of paid mercenaries.

The drafting and arming of large numbers of Americans would not only be difficult, but would actually empower the American population through, well, being armed.

Instead we will probably see smallish mercenary and militia armies trampling the country under foot...and committing massive crimes.


If there is any factor in every single war, it is foreign intervention.

We were very lucky not to have the British or French not become involved in our first Civil War on the side of the South, especially when it came to naval matters.

The combatants of most other civil wars are NOT so lucky.

The great German civil war of the 1600's, known as the 30 Years War, involved the intervention of the neighboring kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden, France, England and Spain, resulting in unending war as well as FOREIGN and MERCENARY armies treading Germany under foot, killing half of the German population through murder, starvation, exposure and plague.

The Spanish Civil War turned into a bloodbath as Germany and Italy funded, armed and supported one side, while Russia did the same with the other.

I am speaking of foreign intervention because a civil war might just be the way the much rumored Russian and Chinese troops get to enter the country.

Both countries could arm both sides with the latest weapons in large quantities and could finally ask the losing side of the civil war to enter the country on their side.

One can easily imagine the losing side in a civil war inviting Russian and Chinese troops
to fight alongside its militias.


De facto occupation of the United States by foreign troops.


In short, a second civil war promises nothing but agony and destruction for America.

If it follows the example of the Russian Revolution, it will start with an unpopular war (which we are getting ready to fight with Russia and China) followed by economic collapse, protests, a clamp down and finally civil war within the country.

The American forces adjacent China (in Korea) and Russia (in the Ukraine) are there ready to be overrun by superior military forces.

Meanwhile the Federal Government is preparing to  trample on the American public at home through exercised like Jade Helm.

What it looks like is defeat abroad and clamp down at home.


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