Wednesday, July 20, 2016

NATO: The Foolish Weakling

As you know, Britain has voted to leave the European Union.

Britain has a reason to do this - Europe is about to be overrun.

The insane reason NATO is acting so aggressively against, well,  NATO's insane reasoning.

One might think that a military alliance with no conscription...little or no military industry...insufficient martial ideology and pathetically small volunteer armies...might refrain from provoking what amounts to a sleeping bear.

But NATO suffers from two dangerous conditions: Delusion and Pride.

 The Delusion consists of two parts:

1) That Russia is a collapsed state without an army

2) That if Russia attacks the mere threat of nuclear weapons will stop her cold

And the 'nuclear option' is the only viable threat NATO has had against the Russians  since the 1950's when she chose to keep her armies small while investing the bulk of her funds on her economy and welfare.

How would these small military forces ever stop the Russians?

Once the Russians started breaking through, America would unleash her tactical nuclear weapons and stop the Russians in their tracks.

At least that was the theory on paper.

In practicality, NATO expected her tripwire nuclear threat to KEEP THE RUSSIANS FROM EVER EVEN CONSIDERING AN ATTACK.

And it seems to have far.

But consider the irresponsible all-or-nothing gamble NATO has played with the lives of a billion Euro-American people for overn 60 years:  "the Russians attack, we unleash nuclear hell and everybody dies!"

One might think one was dealing with an insane explosives-jacketed suicide bomber rather than one of the most sophisticated societies on Earth.

But there it was.

Nobody ever bothered to ask if, when the Russians attacked, NATO WOULD REALLY push the nuclear button. 

After all, it would be the very NATO countries that NATO was supposed to protect which would become ground zero for tactical nuclear strikes and counter-strikes.

...and the various NATO commands would ALL have to agree to use the nuclear weapons in order to deploy them (what if they didn't?)

...and what if the US (who controlled all the nuclear weapons) decide to back out?

But the microscopic chance that all-out nuclear war would be unleashed, apparently kept the Russians at bay.

But today things are different.

NATO and Europe are totally infiltrated by Russian agents...and the Russians now know a bit more (actually a lot more) about the inside workings of NATO and what they are likely to do. In other words, Russia is working from a solid base of knowledge about NATO's inner workings and intentions.

Would NATO countries really agree to use of nuclear weapons on THEIR soil resulting in THEIR total destruction?


But NATO still thinks this nuclear BLUFF will keep the Russians under control should they even consider attacking.

The second delusion is that NATO is actually a solid, well rounded institution ready to fight a prolonged war. 

It isn't.

NATO forces were actually designed as tripwires for nuclear weapons...not armies with massive stockpiles ready to fight a long war.

In fact, optimistic forecasts saw NATO armies fighting for a few months only (less optimistic forecasts said weeks!).

More dismally In more recent shows of force NATO has proven it doesn't even have enough AMMUNITION to fight a war for more than a the Third World!

It has run out of ammunition in Desert Storm, Serbia, Libya and more recently in the week-long Iraq war.

How is NATO going to hold up in a big war against Russia?

Like the Old West gunfighter who has made a reputation by shooting drunks, NATO has built its reputation taking out Third World nations.

Needless to say, NATO has looked GOOD doing this - a real professional military force using the latest in technology to destroy entire armies in days.

While the truth is all NATO has been doing is kicking sand in the sandbox.

In reality, NATO has never gone up against an industrialized and technologically advanced opponent, like Russia and China.

But NATO keeps falling back on its old laurels of Afghanistan, Iraq, Serbia and Libya as proof of its military prowess...

...which is a bit like WW-II Italy relying on its 'glorious victories' over Ethiopia, Libya and Albania as solid proof it was ready to take on Great Britain.

But even here cracks in NATO image began to appear when special Russian military teams began fiddling with NATO forces.

In Serbia, they brought down a Stealth Fighter like it was a cheap kite.

In Iran, Russian teams remotely took over and LANDED America's most advanced drone - the IQ-170 - on an Iranian airfield...intact!

In the Black Sea, Russian elite electronic units SHUT DOWN the Aegis cruiser USS Cook.

GPS tinkering by Russia has caused US submarine and ships to crash into undersea terrain and even become stuck and stranded in shallows.

In Lebanon, Israeli tank crews supplied with US-supplied thermal imaging sights were UNABLE to 'see' Hezbollah troops equipped with Russian-supplied 'thermal camouflage' suits...even as these 'invisible' troops proceeded to wipe out Israeli tanks one after another...and force them to retreat.

So as you see, coming up with a nation of technical parity and industrial superiority is quite different than pushing around Third World nations on a weekend.


My point is the only thing NATO is well equipped with is SELF-DELUSION and HUBRIS backed up with a healthy dose of NARCISSISM.

One doesn't win wars with these alone.

The lining up of NATO forces on Russia's backyard is sheer  suicide.



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