Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dallas: Government Starts Murdering Police

It was only a matter of time...

If one analyzes the progression of the Communist program, one understands that the final segment of the program is the extermination of police.

And make no mistake, we have COMMUNISTS at the helm in this country, with another COMMUNIST (Hillary) getting read to take the seat as President.

What happened in Dallas is old hat Communist provocateuring.

It goes like this:

Organize a demonstration

Have snipers in the general area and shooters mixed in with the crowd

Have the snipers and shooters start blasting the police while the demonstration is taking place

Hopefully, the police will return fire, killing scores of demonstrators and leaving the streets running with blood.

Advertise the ‘massacre’ to the hilt, creating outrage against the police and the government.

But going back to Dallas, the police here, with all their Homeland Security training should know all this, but only demonstrated their cluelessness.

How clueless? Well, let's talk about what didn't happen.

How about sealing off the entire area within 500 yards from which the police were slain along with all the buildings within this area (which should have been a simple thing to do since it was a downtown business district, not a residential area).

Then immediately going through each building with a fine comb while registering and doing background checks on everyone in them.

Did any of this happen?


Guess all that much ballyooed anti-terrorist police training from the Federal Government is a bunch of crap.

So far, the police have detained 3 suspicious individuals who ‘are not talking.’

Oh, don worry, police, soon a federal official will show up to vouch for them and take them off your hands (and if you’re stupid enough you’ll let them go).

But in all your squirming, agonizing and posturing, police forces of America, do take note: the Federal Government is starting to murder you...because it is not your government...anymore.

It has started to murder you and cover up the murders with Federal officials, judges and intelligence assets infiltrated right within your own forces.

During the Communist Revolution in Russia the police were not forgotten.

First they were dis-empowered.

Then they were disarmed by the interim government.

Finally they were murdered and their corpses dragged through the streets naked.

Also, please note what is happening to the police in Communist Venezuela.

The police there are being MURDERED and their weapons and uniforms robbed by mysterious groups the government just can’t seem to lay a hand on.

Come on.

Look at Venezuela, police, and you will see your future.

But back to the present.

Police...wake up or die.

The GOVERNMENT is now a TERRORIST organization occupied by CIA assets.

They have now turned on YOU.

Get it?

This means, you must no longer do what the ‘Federal Agent in Charge’ tells you to do....because he will always be there to cover up the terrorist operation itself.

I mean, search down deep a little and grab your balls.

You do have a certain amount of sovereignty to arrest, detain, question and keep people who you suspect just tried to KILL you.

Don’t let the local ‘agent in charge’ take your prize catch (which is probably a Federal Government agent as well).

I couldn’t help but see the local white bald freak ‘agent in charge’ standing there right behind the Dallas Police Chief, making sure he was saying and all the right things, like the puppet master that he is, especially since the police were asserting there were MULTIPLE SHOOTERS, something the FBI does NOT want you to hear.

And police, when you catch suspects, they will probably NOT be Black or Hispanic, but White person with a Federal Government background, or a certain olive tinge delineating an Israel Mossad asset.

They will try to tell you their on the same team, that their you’re friends, maybe even produce a badge or two.

Keep these bastards!

And the local video footage you’ll probably be able to get from all those cameras you have on the street, DON’T let the FBI have it, and if you do at least MAKE A COPY of it for your own records.

It’s time for you guys to stop posing while behaving as Federal gofers, grow up and look out for yourselves, against criminals ....and...the Federal Government, which, at this just about the same thing.

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