Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Live TV Reporters Readinging Scripts!

One habit I have is pay attention to detail when I watch TV (which isn't often).

I even put the thing on mute during commercials to watch them closely.

While I'm hearing the news (or watcing movies) I even watch the background.

So you can imagine my surprise when my local newscast returned from a commercial and the camera began zooming in slowly past other cameras and equipment on to the desk of the news anchors for them to begin their report (script reading)...

...and I could not help but see quite clearly a teleprompter containing part of  what would be said within the next 60 seconds.

I chuckled to myself as I waited for the anchors to start spouting off the exact same paragraph I had just finished reading.

However, I was disappointed when the anchors did NOT repeat the teleprompter - not at all.

However, soon the newscasters introduced the viewer to 'a reporter on location' and he started to 'report.'

Guess what he said.


At this point I had to take a time out and analyze the details of what had just happened (you know- what people don't do when they are all hopped up on microwaves, coffee, noises and psychotropic drugs).

Scene: The reporter - on location and live - was appearing to 'report' supposedly on what he had just seen and found out...just now!

Supposedly the anchors, the television audience and the entire world were all waiting for the reporter to give us a 'live report from the scene' - real television news in the making.

Yet the reporter's 'live report' was an EXACT word-for-word of what was on the teleprompter I had spotted at as the camera zoomed in on the anchors.


Let's see.

The reporter as on the scene live...yet was reading off a script on a teleprompter...

...this means the information he was reporting had already been read, digested and paraphrased as a teleprompter script...before the reporter evern arrived at the scene...

This means the 'news' had already been received at the TV station... at a much earlier someone who read the information, digested it and wrote a teleprompter script on it... order to have it ready when the reporter arrived 'on scene' to do his 'report.'

So what's going on here?

Do you really think an anonymous TV station desk jockey who wrote the prompt is a super-detective, lighting-fast investigative journalist so as to investigate, digest and write a complete article on what had just happened for a reporter to read when he gets to the scene right as he arrives?

I don't think so.

Do you know what happened?

The desk jockey got an official release, report or memorandum from some official agency (probably the police) about what had happened early that the morning...

...and had quickly typed up a script for the reporter to read once he got to the scene.

The 'scene' is just a prop background from where the reporter reads a paraphrased official release.

The reporter gets there, reports (reads the script) 'live,' signs off and leaves.

This is what passes for reporting nowadays!

Pure theater and pretend...which is what I think the news media is more and more about.

I can just imagine the reporter thinking to himself after the shot, 

"What a cheap, phony, coon-ass way to make a living"

Combine this with the phony green-screen effects that super-impose a reporter 'live' anywhere in the world and you've got...complete manufactured reality.

Let's get it straight.

TV has left the realm of reality a long time ago.

One looks into it and sees all the cardboard facades of a cheap reality show.

TV is all about pretend and make believe.

If we believe any of it, we begin to base our existence on fantasy and make believe.

You have been warned.

TV is now the real fantasy make-believe mouthpiece for the New World Order.


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