Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Secret & Murderous Heroine Epidemic

I stopped in front of a Petco the other day at a table of a D.A.R.E representative asking for donations.

Knowing that one of the main Illuminati targets are young people, I asked him what the situation was in the illegal drug scene.

The guy told me what I (from snippets and rumors) was  already half aware of.

There was a Heroine Epidemic.

Not only was there a Heroine Epidemic, but it was killing hundreds of young people on a daily basis.

This guy, who works in schools, let me know 6 teenagers had died in town of Cave Creek just north of Phoenix...this month alone. I had never heard this piece of news.

Now if you know the size of the town of Cave Creek, six people within a month is more akin to a massacre.

If that happened in Cave Creek, I could barely imagine what was happening nation wide.

I asked this informed individual if he had ever heard of 'inhalable heroine'?

He had never heard of it.

(is it any wonder we are losing the 'war' on drugs?)

Furthermore, the most obvious and blatant fact was THE MEDIA WAS HIDING THIS GIGANTIC OUT OF CONTROL EPIDEMIC.

When was the last time you heard of serial deaths in a nearby town or city all related to Heroine?

See my point?

The guy explained that the reason for the general unawareness was the parents now wanting people to know their wholesome clean cut youths had died like junkies....but I have my doubts.

What about the police, police records and the much ballyhooed coordination between police and the media.

Obviously it had produced an awareness of NOTHING when it came to a generalized, widespread and lethal epidemic spreading across the nation.

The truth is the much respected and celebrated alliance between the media and the police had done NOTHING to spread awareness of this new epidemic which crosses all cultural and economic lines (killing all types of kids, from aimless youths in the ghetto to rich kids in Beverly Hills).


Would that have too much of an impact on the pocketbooks of the Mafia and the CIA?

Whatever the case may be, the truth is the epidemic is blooming...and killing....a lot of people in this country - especially young people.

Equally ignorant is the basis of the epidemic.

I strongly suspect the 'inhalable heroine' nobody seems to know about, and which can easily be mistaken for Cocaine unless lab tests are run.

But there are also a multiplicity of other factors.

Opiate-based painkillers like Oxycodone have suddenly become much more widespread and easy to get and...are prescribed like candy.

A lot of teenagers are getting introduced to this addictive heroine derivative for broken bones (something active teens often get).

I got prescribed this drug after I had a wisdom tooth pulled, with the oral surgery assistant lowering her tone ominously when mentioning the word 'Oxycodone' in my perscription.

I never used the prescription, but if I was curious about the Oxycodone high, there was my opportunity.

(note: removal of all four wisdom teeth in teenagers has now become the recommended norm...along with the Oxycodone perscriptions that go with it).

I was wondering why my niece was pressuring her Mom the other day  to remove all four wisdom teeth THAT SAME DAY.

Oh,well, the nurses at the hospital the other day looked at me like a criminal drug addict when I asked for Morphine for my pain during the passing of some kidney stones.

They looked at me weird, stared me down...and gave something else...which did NOTHING for my pain....leaving me suffering in agony in bed and prohibiting me from moving.

From that day onward I decided to pass all my stones at home and do the OPPOSITE of all medical advice - drinking A LOT of water (instead of not drinking any) and continuously moving (instead of lying still in bed)...and you know what?...it worked great!

Is there ANY good advice the medical establishment has to give?

Honestly,I doubt it.

Anyway, while this murderous epidemic eats up our young, it never rises up as a topic at the dinner table, is ignored by the community while embarrassed parents never talk about what killed Johnny and two of his friends. 

And, as with all Illuminati operations, this murderous operation comes from various fronts.

Not only are inhalable heroine and over-the-counter opiate  based pain killers causing it, but also new 'vaping techniques' nobody seems to know about...like dropping some liquid heroine or opium oil into the mix and vaping THAT.

Of course, the label or pusher or whatever 'say' that is what they are selling the users. 

The truth is the chemicals are a whatever-mix of who-knows-what.

Notorious amongst the snuck-in chemicals are' Fentanyl' - an artificial synthetic opium imitation which is 100 TIMES stronger than morphine.

Can you imagine going for your daily morphine high and getting plugged with the equivalent of 100 morphine injections?

No wonder they're all dying.

The Vaping phenomenon has (with knowledge of the young and total ignorance of the parents) turned out to be THE prime time restarter of a new drug epidmic (and I bet everybody thinks that was just a coincidence).

Ever wonder why there are so many Vaping shops all over the place all of a sudden?

Well, a murderous drug epidemic is HERE...

...and the mainstream media...and the possibly collaborating  public institutions like municipalities and the police are collaborating in suppressing its existence.


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