Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pokemon Go: The Zombies Have Been Activated

The word and concept of ‘zombie’ comes to us from the Caribbean via Africa.

The concept of a zombie was a dead person that had been re-animated by a magician for the purpose of LABOR.

That’s right, zombies were brought back from the dead to WORK.

There are stories and myths of zombies working day and night for the landowner who had brought them back.

More detailed research (and even a video documentary or two) has tentatively explained the ‘zombie’ phenomenon as ‘witch doctors’ putting their ‘patients’ in a catatonic state resembling death and waking up the victims up after the funeral.

The victims are probably thirsty by this time and are given a drug to drink that keeps them in a somnolent, suggestive which they do whatever they are told to do.

Believe it or not, there are natural drugs such as ‘burundanga’ / ‘Devil’s Breath’ / Scopolamine / Hycosine Hydrbromide which keep people in a ‘zombie’ state which is open to suggestibility (obeying without questions).

In the third world, there are proven cases of criminals drugging rich people, who then proceed to happily and obediently empty their bank accounts for them.

The ‘establishment,’ of course, refuses to acknowledge the existence of these drugs...probably because they plan on synthesizing  and selling the drugs themselves.

So zombifying drugs DO exist.

And the ‘zombie worker’ method has been used for centuries.

Take the Chinese opium addicts who built our railroads, for instance.

American railroad magnates actually used thousands of Chinese drug addicts, kidnapped or pulled from China’s Opium dens, to work 12 hour days laying track in exchange for not experiencing withdrawal.

(and in case you don’t know, opium withdrawal is one of the most horrible agonies you can imagine)

These were the zombies who helped build up America.

So the concept of the working zombie is nothing new.

I still remember my old construction crew days when workers functioned on Meth.

And they worked hard too!

They resembled maniacal, restless monkeys as they went about their chores under the effects of this drug.

The management turned a blind eye because the production levels were just to high.

And in case you haven’t noticed, our very environment has been transformed into one giant zombie-production line.

From microwaves to anti-depressants to chemicals in the water are used on an ongoing basis to zombify the mind.

The latest in zombie-control technology is something called ‘Pokemon Go’

Hey, they’ve gotten the couch potato zombies to move and walk about dynamically.

No more passive mind control here.

Gone are the days of the blank stare in front of the TV or the eternal ‘online’ nod while looking down on a Smart Phone screen.

The Passive bean bag zombie is a thing of the past.

These new zombies are moving about like restless busy bodies...

...busy going and doing whatever the screen tells them to do.

And make no mistake...

The technology behind the new HD TVs and Smart Phones is purposefully designed to be addictive.

The addictive effects are pretty obvious .

People walking off cliffs, crashing planes, derailing trains and walking into traffic because they are too busy ‘texting’?


Typing on a little screen beats the safer and more entertaining alternative of just ‘talking’ to people on the phone?

Or how about the eternal nodding zombies who navigate through life looking down on the screen of a Smart Phone?

These people get up and light up the Smart Phone, work while taking stolen glances at the Smart Phone...take every free minute to look at their Smart Phone...finally go to sleep...with the Smart Phone under their pillows.

You’re going to tell me these are not the symptoms of an addict?

Again, by definition, an addict is someone who engages in RISKY behavior in order to satisfy an addiction.

If ‘texting’ while crossing an intersection, driving down  a highway, conducting a train or landing a aircraft is not risky behavior...then I don’t know what is!

The truth is a NEW addiction has entered our midst - ELECTRONIC ADDICTION.

Now I see people who leave their televisions on all day and go to sleep with it still on (TVs now carry a mechanism called a ‘timers’ for people who habitually do this).

Nowadays, when a television is turned off, it’s as if the life force of everything is gone, making life unbearable.

I see similar addiction to the Internet, where people just can’t get off the net at work or at home....or anywhere (Smart Phones have facilitated this process, making permanent online connection a reality).

Smart Phones: first they fixed our attention on they're telling us where to go and what to do!

But back to Pokemon.

Pokemon revealed itself to be an experiment in mind control when, in 1997, an episode broadcast exclusively in Japan...provoked mass-seizures in children watching the broadcast when the eyes of a Pokemon began flashing at a particular frequency.

The effect of flashing lights on people prone to seizures is known.

The mass effect on normal human minds was something totally new.

This particular Pokemon episode is now banned.

How unsurprising then that Pokemon again emerged as the purveyor of the new Pokemon Go addictive technology that makes the zombies get off the sofa and out into the predetermined locations.

The company behind Pokemon Niantic - a CIA front making use of DARPA  (defense department) technology and introducing it into the public.

The new trend seems to be addictive mind control virtual reality.

Remember: conspiracy researchers Mae Brussel and Jim Keith (and many others since then) have been killed when they began researching functional MIND CONTROL.

Pokemon Go (Niantec) technology inserts animated characters right into actual reality when viewed from the screen of a Smart Phone.

This is one more step towards total virtual reality - with virtual and actual reality coming together when viewed through certain devices.

(I can already see a near future where customers wearing Oculus-Rift type goggles and pay for virtual visits from their favorite movie stars)

But whatever form this technology takes - we must keep in mind that it is designed to be ADDICTIVE and used for the purpose of mind manipulation and MIND CONTROL.

Pokemon Go has finally activated the hypnotized, lethargic zombies.

For the first time, the addictive electronic technology has jumped from something that addles and distracts the mind to something that ACTIVELY CONTROLS HUMAN BEHAVIOR.

Have you seen all the OBSESSED Pokemon Go zombie ‘players’ walking your local park at midnight?

Does it seem like this is a fad that will simply blow over?

Were Cell Phones a fad?

Not at all...

...the fact is Virtual Reality Mind Control has now entered the arena...permanently.

If people can be mind-controlled into leaving their homes and walking the streets at midnight in exchange for animated computer icons...

...what will they be persuaded to do for future mind control ‘stick and carrots’?


Isn’t that what ADDICTS do to satisfy their ADDICTION?


And what will probably follow Pokemon Go will be...MORE ADDICTIVE TECHNOLOGY empowering active human behavior.


Why else?

To enslave human beings...and to accomplish Aldous Huxley’s dream of making humanity “love its servitude.”

There is no one more hopelessly enslaved than someone who not only believes they aren't enslaved...but have also learned to love their enslavement.

You look at all the video game heads, the Pokemon Go freaks and the texting fiends and what do you see?

People LOVING the technology to which they are addicted.

It was only a matter of time before this technology was turned to the role of enslavement for the purpose of...WORK.

Remember the Carribbean concept of Zombie?

Remember the Chinese opium-addicted track layers?

Remember my meth-powered comrades at the construction site?

Well, the modern equivalent has arrived.

An addictive electronic incentive to activate human labor.

And the type of electronic payment the addict craves is much cheaper than opium...
...simply a few codes of software...transmitted the zombie interface device.

The cheapest payment ever!

Today we actively DENY that Smart Phones have have addictive technology built into them.

Tomorrow we will actively DENY that people have begun working for these addictive electronic payments.

ADDICTIVE technology.

How else can you explain the entire WORLD going around obsessed with chasing little video creatures....

...or individuals becoming  withdrawn and unhinged once their Smart Phone is taking away or their connection with the Internet is cut.

Whether it is a scientifically defined flicker rate on the screen, subliminal messaging or addictive frequencies, the truth is they have the ADDICTIVE technology, and have actively demonstrated it (again) with Pokemon Go.

Is a corporate addiction policy too hard to believe?

Remember the Chinese Opium addict rail workers?

Remember the meth-driven construction crews?

Remember when Coca Cola used to carry ADDICTIVE cocaine within it during the 1920‘s (reason for its instant popularity) and continues today to add ADDICTIVE Coca extract to maintain that popularity?

Product-addiction is a natural and ongoing corporate process - as natural as using addiction as an incentive for virtual slave labor.

Think about it for a second.

All those addled addicted zombies now stand to become, at the very least, a perfectly controllable ACTIVE mass.

How will the Establishment convey this new process of electronic addiction? Let's look at some examples:

Screens - Smart Phone screens, computer screens.

Electromagnetic fields - you might have noticed the Wi-Fi transmiters in every building (note: not all signals emanating from Wi-Fi have been classified and made public...including LOW FREQUENCY signals).

Subscription Services: - access to Internet purveyed pornography, group gaming, and virtual reality. would make a great treat for the extra hard worker.

And you have to consider...we are just at the beginning.

It is already known that certain frequencies and electromagnetic fields can  produce feelings of well being, happiness and even euphoria - the expected side-effects of any addictive drug.

Once the additive zombie electronics are activated, the zombies will happily do as they are told.

Have you ever tried keeping someone from playing their favorite video game, watching TV, using their Smart Phone or accessing the Internet?

Talk about the brutal and unhinged behavior of a total addict!

So Pokemon Go represents the next step in mind control - level in which the zombies are activated and made dynamic, active workers.

From now on begin keeping an eye out for augmented ADDICTED behavior - people who seem compelled or obsessed in doing something...especially at work...and for people who WANT to go to work...or even people who WANT to (and do) LIVE at work.

Think living at work is far fetched?

Microsoft employees have been doing it for the last decade.

Yes indeed, the age of the active zombie has just arrived!


  1. Aside of that, i think that "Pokemon Go" can even be used to lure masses into a false flag like 911.

    The plan is simple: CIA/Government Throws a lure into a popular place, wait until a legendary pokemon (A feature that does not exist in the current version but will in the future) appears, activate a car bomb or chemical bomb, kill hundreds and pass it on the "Muslims" and "ISIS" to give the criminal government an excuse to attack Syria or Iran and to strip all remaining rights.

    Once it happens it will be big and shocking, but pretty much expected.

    1. Good point. Pokemon Go IS a good crowd gatherer.