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The Return of the Death Signal

There are times when I come across the type of data that causes me to grab my head, grab my face, grunt and leave the room in disgust, unable to write anymore.

Which is the case with the item that follows.

I was hoping to write this three weeks ago, but was unable to due to the sheer disgust, frustration and nausea.

But here goes.

A mysterious signal started emanating from Russia in 1976, set for the most part at10Hz (a frequency that causes insanity), 16Hz, 20Hz and 40Hz (a frequency that causes cancer).

Due to the sound of this frequency - that of a woodpecker pecking at a tree - it was codenamed the Russian ‘Woodpecker.’

The Russian Woodpecker signal was so strong that it interfered directly with radio, telephone and HAM radio signals...and even sprouted an entire industry related to suppressing the bothersome sound of the signal from the airwaves.

The signal was actually a ‘low frequency’ signal wrapped up with a variety of high frequency signals.

Within months of the appearance of the Woodpecker signal we can now ascertain that there was a sudden spike in cancer rates...followed by sky-rocketing rates of cancer in the United States.

The Cancer Spike of 1976


The Skyrocketing Cancer Rates Which Followed

In addition there was a sudden skyrocketing effect not only in crime rate but also outright insanity.

This was the era where you could not walk the streets of a major city without fear of your life...where blackouts in shopping malls resulted in the instant window breaking and mass robbery....and serial killers became the stuff of every day...while ‘streaking’ and the ‘antics’ at Studio 54  became normal.

The media at the time, remained quiet about this electronic assault on the United States by the (then called) Soviet Union (Russia).

In 1990, with the opening up and eventual ‘collapse’ of the Soviet Union, the Woodpecker signal suddenly and thankfully stopped.

A more complete article on the Woodpecker can be found in the Article at the link below\

The Woodpecker signal would not be heard again...for another 24 years.

But recently, with the rapid souring of relations between the United States and Russia...the Woodpecker death signal...returned AGAIN in 2014.

Wood Pecker Signal Returns Video

So we are now back to 1976...complete with skyrocketing cancer rates, crime rates and outright insanity (notice the police murdering and being murdered, the Pockemon Go! crazies, the shootings, the bizarre public behavior etc).

It seems our ‘friend’ Uncle Putin has gone on a new Cold War footing by re-starting the signal that gave us so much cancer and insanity during the last century.

As if the wasn't bad for the face grabbing part.

Despite my anger at Putin for re-starting the irradiation of the United States...

My attention was quickly distracted by discovering that the American telecommunications industry was already in FULL COLLABORATION with the Russian Woodpecker program.

Hard to believe? seems (hold on to something) - that the Woodpecker death signal has already been directed into your home by way of your Wi-Fi signal.

Wi-Fi is, or at the very least, contains the Woodpecker death signal.

If you have Wi-Fi in your home you are basically building up cancer inside your body and insanity in your brain...and your health, memory and mental state are diminishing on a daily basis.

Don’t believe me?

See what this SCIENTIST has to say about it in the link below:

Furthermore....and this is a very important furthermore....


Don’t believe me?

Listen to the sounds the Woodpecker and your house Wi-Fi set below:

Woodpecker Signal

Now listen to the sounds of Wi-Fi below:

Wi Fi Signal

In know another window in your computer and listen to BOTH at the same time side by side.

Well...WHAT have you discovered NOW my friend?

I know the tech geeks will try to debunk the the facts by stating that the Woodpecker is ‘low’ frequency while the Wi-Fi is ‘high’ frequency.

But that would make sense only on the basis that 1) the establishment is not LYING to us and 2) that the high frequency microwave signals are not accompanied by a low frequency signal which is not reported on, not acknowledged and not even measured by the establishment at large.

Low frequency detectors are hard to come by and very expensive.


Because the industry does not deal with low frequency (only intelligence agencies and the military do).

In short, officially, no one is interested or has any use for monitoring low frequency...unless you are in the CIA or military.

So no one does.
The Russian Woodpecker signal was MISIDENTIFIED right at the beginning as an exclusively High Frequency signal... did in fact contain some high frequency signals...

...but the low frequency aspect of its emanations only came to the surface AFTER the Cold War.

Now they are saying that Wi-Fi is exclusively a high frequency signal.

Do you believe them in spite the damning proof?

I am going to call for some common sense.

‘Frequency’ is the measurement of the space between ‘waves’ emanated in the radio frequencies.

The less frequent the waves, the larger the space between the waves, the more differentiated the sound of the frequency - in other word, there is an audible gap between between the signals.... for example, the tok-tok-tok of the Russian Woodpecker....and Wi-Fi.

When one hears a true MICROWAVE signal, the the waves are too close and too frequent to distinguish...and sound is solid, much how the sound of a zipper’s individual notches connecting is indistinguishable to the human ear.

Hear the True Solid Sound of a Microwave signal below:

See how different it is from the Woodpecker and Wi-Fi LOW FREQUENCY SIGNALS?

I think you know what I’m getting at.

Wi-Fi (like the Russian Wood pecker) has hidden, non-disclosed, unadmitted and  non-classified LOW FREQUENCY signals side-by-side with its microwave signals.

Perhaps most of us don’t have the specialized equipment to identify and classify them, but we can sure HEAR the LOW frequency!

And speaking of Death Signals, the Smart Meters they have forcefully installed in our homes...also transmit at LOW FREQUENCY although I cannot find a meter to classify them.

Please watch the video below and hear the sound of a Smart Meter measurement...

Notice the four LOW FREQUENCY toka-tok-tok sound which always introduces the high power microwave transmission of the Smart Meters.

No your can hear the short LOW FREQUENCY introductory transmission of a Smart Meter below a the 55 second mark of the video.

Smart Meter Sound

Can you expect the Smart Meter signals to ALSO affect your health?

You bet you can! 

And by keeping a Smart Meter beaming into your home you probably are.

So you can see the reason for my breakdown.

Not only has Putin re-activated the cancer-causing and mind-destroying Woodpecker Signal...but our own telecommunications industry has COLLABORATED with the Russians by introducing it into our very homes!

You can see why all this information can be a bit overwhelming.

(Side Note: In case you haven’t noticed yet, The US government and Establishment are openly collaborating with Russia, China and Communism)

When it pours it rains, doesn’t it?

Oh well, at least let’s take some PRODUCTIVE lessons to heart, shall we?

Remove your Wi-Fi Death Signal Transmitter (also called wireless Internet) and connect to the Internet directly from your Router with an Ethernet cable (this will also make your computer more secure) and...

Have your utility service remove your Smart Meter from your home immediately...though it will cost you another $20.00+ dollars a month to ‘rent’ of an analog (regular) meter. I do it happily...and call the extra monthly payment ‘MY INSURANCE AGAINST CANCER!’


Russia has re-activated the Woodpecker Death Signal.

The telecommunications industry has collaborated by introducing the Death Signal into our homes by way of Wi-Fi technology.

And...the utilities industry have done their part by  introducing hidden low frequency and open high frequency signals (which violate all lawful safety standards on microwave potency) on the side of our homes.

Take care to resist this new microwave offensive by the New World Order..

Your life probably depends on it.

Below is the address of a store dealing with Anti-Microwave technology (to which I am not affiliated in any way shape or form).

Check out their microwave proof paint and meters if you care to:

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