Monday, August 22, 2016

Nuke Transfer: Great Opportunity for Nuke Theft

Deveselu: an open field
In 2007 an attempt was made to steal US nuclear weapons at Minot AFB,  North Dakota.

Six nuclear-armed Cruise Missiles were put aboard a B-52 bomber and transported to Barksdale AFB in Louisiana.

The problem is the entire operation was illegal.

Even today  we don’t know exactly what happened at Minot, except that base security DETAINED the team transporting the nukes along with the missiles...only to be forcibly ‘called off’ by a ‘high’ official who appeared in person and ORDERED that the missiles be let through.

The nuclear missiles were then transported to Barksdale AFB from where they  were apparently to be transported across the Atlantic.

The missiles were described by Air Force personnel as ‘resurfacing’ or suddenly appearing out of nowhere after going missing.

But at Barksdale, the keen eye of a B-52 pilot noticed that the missiles were armed with ACTIVE nuclear warheads (something not allowed in the transport of nuclear arms).

This led to a second round of red tape with security at Barksdale AFB, which led to authorities actually ‘detaining’ the missiles in place.

Many severe coincidental and consecutive irregularities had indeed occurred for these missiles to ‘disappear.’

The status of the missiles were 'mis-recorded' as dummy warheads.

Untrained amateurs were used to handle the missiles. The removal team arrived surprisingly early to remove the missiles (in the military nothing happens early or late, but right on the time...if you come in early you WAIT until the appointed time arrives).

The missiles were officiallly classified as carrying dummy warheads instead of the real thing.

No one recognized the live warheads until a nosy Air Force bomber pilot noticed them at Barksdale.

See what nosy people do?

They foil nuclear theft operations!

Even today, the whole event is explained away as one big mistake.

Nine nuclear-armed missiles disappear and are stopped right as they are about to be transported overseas.



Why am I bringing this up again?

Because the situation is being set up AGAIN to bring about another nuclear theft operation.


Incirlik AFB in Turkey.

As you know, the situation in Turkey has turned, with the Turkish government surrounding the base, arresting the base commander, cutting off all electricity and prohibiting flights into or out of Incirlik.

This was the case until only recently, when the Turkish Government started allowing some flights through.

Now this is the case:

There are 100 warheads at Incirlik.

And the US Government is getting ready to transport them to what amounts an abandoned field in Romania.

Abandoned by Romania in 2003, taken over by the US Government just last year (2015) as the location for part of the missile defense system, the Deveselu airfield has all the appearance of a suspiciously incompetent operation.

Not only is Deveselu nothing more than a runway and an open field, but it was NEVER DESIGNED, EQUIPPED or STAFFED TO HANDLE OR ANY NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

Get it?

Deveselu is what is called an UNSECURE LOCATION involving what amounts to a 'drop point' for the 'merchandise.'

A Google photograph of the place shows it is basically an empty piece of real estate, without the barrack, depots, roadways or equipment to safely keep and store nuclear weapons.

In other words, our 100 nuclear weapons at Incirlik are now being transported to an empty field in Romania...for safe keeping.

An open field!

And we’re going to put 100 nuclear weapons there?

What are the chances that nuclear weapons will go ‘missing’ along the way or even at the site itself?

The CIA has certainly chosen a perfect location for making nukes disappear.

Actual military airbases are just too much of a hassle with all those pesky officials, security and checkpoints.

On the other hand, an empty field in Romania will do JUST FINE for simple drop-off and pick up operation.

And all this taking place within a country known for its corruption and gypsy pick-pockets...who will totally cooperate with any CIA shenanigans involving the transport and concealment of ‘confidential’ cargo.

The national security ambient of Romania is right up there with those of Uganda, Bangladesh and Paraguay.

Meanwhile, Obama has already taken care of preparing the way by purging the Air Force of anyone who does anything except ask “how high?” when he asks them to jump.

So the sudden emergency transfer of ALL nuclear weapons from Incirlik, Turkey to Deveselu field, Romania has  the characteristics of a set up for the theft of the nuclear weapons.

Why is the CIA preparing the ground for the theft of American atomic weapons?

Could it be, perhaps, to use the nukes in some false flag operation on American soil by some terrorist organization they themselves have created?

It is definitely not something beyond the mind of these treacherous ghouls.

If the transfer / theft / cover-up operation is successful...

...then I guess we can all expect a nuclear incident between August, 2016 and August 2017...using our own bombs.

The nuclear transfer of atomic bombs from Incirlik, Turkey to Deveselu is highly irregular and suspicious...

... and portends the start of a false flag operation the CIA has been truying to launch for more than 8 years...

...perhaps in preparation for a domestic nuke detonation...

...which will cancel elections...

...and bring in martial law... 

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