Thursday, December 15, 2016

Internet Turnover Starts the Great Witch Hunt

The Great Witch Hunt began with the takeover of the Internet by the UN on October 1, 2016.

On that date, US based ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) - the platform from
which the ENTIRE World Wide Web is run surrendered its control of the Internet to...

...the United Nations controlled ITU (Internet Telecommunications Union) based in Geneva,
Switzerland (the banking..and now...cyber-center of the entire world).

Does the above fact leave any doubt as to who runs this planet?

The switch is indeed important.

The Internet or World Wide Web was created in the United States, but has now been surrendered to
the European Union and put under the control of the United Nations... other words - in the hands of the globalist government.

The switch also has very drastic connotations regarding the freedom and independence of the

Neither the European Union nor the UN are very friendly towards basic Internet concepts like freedom of speech, freedom of opinion or uncensored media.

In fact, the European Union is NOT a free speech zone.

In Europe you can go to prison for a DECADE for just saying the wrong thing and there are also certain subjects which are totally banned about which no one can talk stating that EU officials are totally corrupt.

Another important fact is that the United Nations itself is a COMMUNIST organization, which has ALWAYS acted ON BEHALF and to the BENEFIT of communist governments, and is always headedby hardcore marxist-socialists.

So check it out: you have a Socialist police state and a Communist front taking over the entire
Internet and running it from the backyard of International Finance.

So what will happen now?

New heights of freedom of on the Internet?

(insert laugh track here)

Already 'operations' have begun to classify, document and even sabotage information centers
(like this one) who are critical of the New World Order.

I was expecting things to change the week after the Communist United Nations took over on October 1 from its base in Sociaist Switzerland... and they did.

Suddenly my computers started running slower, taking excessing time for every single operation, as
if something was recording every key stroke.

Links had to be clicked on three to five times to accomplish a connection.

Like in all socialist countries who SPY on their Internet users our internet became SLOWER (like in Europe and China).

My computer used for writing the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog (which uses a rare operating system) was hacked and sabotaged,  which made it impossible for me to write - every keystroke on the word processor producing a random character.

...I also tent to stream Internet Radio for hours, but suddenly my access to YouTube streaming was cut to just 25 minutes...after which I could no longer stream anything for the rest of the day.

I started feeling as if I was living in Europe!

Later Internet stoppages began occurring across the United States, denying access to many well known sites across the nation, climaxing with Yahoo being hacked and its
the private information of its ENTIRE MEMBERSHIP exposed.

Was the International Telecommunications Union establishing its spy network?

I've got news for you.

The Internet was invented to track, document, classify and list EVERY SINGLE USER and keep those records in perpetuity.

This documentation has been (and continues to be) recorded and filed and kept forever by the NSA and other government agencies like the Library of Congress (believe it or not) which records and keeps EVERY SINGLE TWEET EVER WRITTEN.

That's right.

One's Internet history, going back to the beginning of the Internet (circa 1995) is now in permanent storage, ready for retrieval.

Speaking of which you can rest assured that ICANN and the NSA have turned already turned ALL these perpetual
electronic records to the UN and the International Telecommunications Union.

(note how similar International Telecommunications Union sounds to 'Soviet Union')

The NSA has been registering your every key stroke since 1995.

The NSA has been storing this information in perpetuity...and...

...the NSA has probably just turned in this information to the ITU along with the Internet.

My prediction that the NSA and CIA would turn all your records over to the Communists has happened early!

The New World Order (through the UN and ITU) is now in possession of all your personal information.


Because the Internet was a trap.

It was a New World Order operation used to list, classify and track every Internet user for the last 30 years and hold all that information in perpetuity.

The New World Order knows who you are, where you are, what you are, and what you are thinking, and this
information is updated and recorded permanently every time you go online.

If you are the wrong type of person (Christian, prepper, gun enthusiast, constitutionalist, patriot, police,
conspiracy theorist) you have already been put on the 'Red' List.

The only thing keeping you alive now is the fact that you are under a NATIONAL government...and the fact that this government has not collapsed.

But they plan implement this government's collapse very soon..

...and turn over the reigns of power to ANOTHER government.

Which Government is that?

Does the Marxist Europeatn Union, the United Nations ring a bell?

Remember, China and Russia are both Communists countries (China openly / Russia secretly) and have
already divided up the United States like a cake.

Russian special forces are on American soil.

UN vehicles are already on our streets.

The death camps have already been built.

The US is about to collaspe into an economic depression, rioting, war and civil war.

A new 'Marxist' government is about to pick up the pieces of what's going to be left of the soon to be demolished US...

...and when it will have the total and updated cyber-background of EVERY American for the last 30 years.

The turnover of the Internet to the UN is the first step in turning over the United States to the New World Order.

And what we are going to get from this looming Marxist Socialist control system is a Marxist Socialist Internet.

And nothing is more Marxist-Socialist than an old fashioned WITCH HUNT - complete with plenty of dead witches.

Ever hear of the Terror of the French and Russian Revolutions?

How about the Purification and Great Leap Forward in Communist China?

Can you say 80 million dead? 

This is the beginning of OUR witch hunt.

And like any witch hunt, there are going to be plenty of dead witches...very few of them guilty.

Not clear enough for you?

Let me re-state the concept:

The surrender of the Internet to the United Nations was the signal to INITIATE a Marxist-style witch hunt in the United States by the Globalists.

Shortly after the Internet was surrendered to the EU and the ITU, began the  Presidential and Congressional initiatives to shut down 'Fake News' (any site which criticized government).

This ultimately means the persecution, shut down of any sites who criticize government and bankruptcy and incarceration of those who operate them.

The anti-Fake News movement seems to be following established European and UN guidelines for the suppression of the Internet. Believe me, this is a European and UN run operation.

The accusations that Russia has hacked November elections were closely followed by finger-pointing at supposed Russian Agents inside America (good work guys you got 'em all and so quickly!)

(see what I mean by witch hunt?)

Personalities like Donald Trump along with conspiracy researchers within the alternate media like Alex Jones, Breitbart News, Dave Hodges, Texe Marrs, and
others were singled out as Russian agents (many of them writing regularly against Russia for decades).

The incredible part is that it was REAL Communist Agents like Hillary Clinton, John  McCain and Chuck Schumer who were doing all the finger pointing along with the Communist-run CIA!

As an appendix, graphic descriptions began on the TV about how President Assadof Syria was killing men, women and children in Aleppo after liberating it from
ISIS (what about all the ISIS killings? Not a murmur).

So you have two witch hunts and two smear campaigns beginning with the launch of
the surrender of the Internet to the New World Order:
-The Putin Smear
-The Fake News Witch Hunt
-Russian Agnents Witch Hunt
-and the Assad Smear

You translate the intention of all these witch hunts and you have...

America getting ready to deploy in Syria...
... while going to war against Russia...
...while hunting down conspiracy theorists and anyone else who dares criticize the Government (remember, most purges tend to happen during wartime).

Is it mere coincidence that the turnover of the Internet along with the records of every man, woman and child in America to the United Nations has signalled the start
of wave of witch hunts and persecutions in this country?

You bet it ISN'T!!!

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