Friday, December 30, 2016

Oracle: The Work Buses

A dream by Oracle (edited by the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog)

"My friend and I are in a big city. There is a persecution going on.

It looks like a big city, and we are going from building to building or eatery to eatery, trying to avoid being questioned by police and other people who carry a badges.

They are stopping people at random, especially people who look unoccupied or unemployed.

They are doing it all over the place all the time, like they have absolute authority.

Both police and these undercover guys are stopping and questioning people.

My friend and I get detained by a well dressed black man in a trench coat and he is one of the undercover people. He starts  to question my friend about the details of his personal life, like 'where do you live?', 'what do you do?', 'where do you work?' 'what is your work schedule', 'what is your bosses phone number?' and stuff like. I mean, he really gets right down to the point with no introductions or anything.

My friend seems to be in the armed forces or reserve or something like that, and he complains to this undercover rather aggressively with a lot of details about where he is coming from, what he is doing and why.

This seems to turn off the undercover, and he seems to lose interest, and leaves us in peace. He gives us his card, stamped with today's date, which is like a receipt, so more agents don't waste their time on us, at least for today, I guess.

Luckily the agent did not question me, because I really am totally unemployed and unable to account
for anything related to myself.

The rules are that everyone has to be able to account for themselves along the lines of why they are where they are, what one is doing and why and above all, they must have proof of employment.

I notice there are cars and people in the city, but less than what would be in a regular situation.

I noticed how empty the highways were coming into the city.

I also know or have noticed a lot of the buildings are not really commercial buildings. They look
like normal buildings on the outside, but inside they have secret things going on like secret headquarters, government offices, computer banks and even  detention centers.

My friend and I have to go to the top of a very fancy looking building. It is very luxurious looking, but cameras are everywhere. I am afraid. But I have to stay close to my friend because he is legit, I am not.

We eventually leave the building and go back out into the street and I see a bus go by.

It looks like a prison bus, and it has some people aboard.

If you can't account for yourself and prove that you are employed and on some official task or business in the city, then they put you on these buses.

Everybody knows what happens to you then.

If a person is found to be unemployed, they got put on one of these buses and sent to something
called 'indefinite detail'.

This meant they were made you into slaves of the state.

The rules were that everyone had to be employed and on task or they put you on these buses and took you to a labor camp or gave you a slave job.

They called working as a slave nice names like 'civil service' or 'community service' but really it was slavery, and it wasn't anything new or special or anything, it was like normal!

Everyone who was found to be unemployed or unable to account was put aboard these buses and taken
to become a slave.

The sense I got was that the slave jobs were innumerable, anything from janitor to miner or even a soldier.

I got the feeling there was some sort of war or emergency situation going on, and everything was

If one did not have employment, then they got sent to this indefinite detail.

This slavery thing didn't have a beginning or an end, it just was, and it lasted for an indefinite
period, or supposedly unti the crisis was over.

In society there were three tiers of jobs.

First was a normal job, which meant a full time job of 8 to 10 hours.

Then there were government assisted job placements, in which the government put you into a low-paying, long hours job.

And third was this slave labor stuff, which was a sort of punishment for not being employed and trying to avoiding employment.

People who were unemployed were considered malingerers, no good people, maybe even traitors to be punished like criminals.

When found out they were put on these buses and taken to their slave jobs.

I sensed there were also tiers to the slave jobs, all the way from a normal looking job, in which they let you dress normally and carry an ID badge, all the way down to slave labor at a prison camp, where you wore a coverall uniform and worked long hours of hard labor.

The rule here was if you behaved, then yo got the better deal, but if you caused trouble, then one got descended quickly to the lower levels, the bottom, so to speak.

I just got the sense there was a lot of homelessness and disarray and many people were not getting the message that the government was dead serious about this indefinite detail thing. There were also a lot of foreigners to help the government control the country."

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