Sunday, December 11, 2016

Will They Trash The Election?

Will they turn this country over to chaos by overturning the election and declaring Trump the LOSER?

Why not?

They have already played with this country’s electoral process to the point of making it seem illegitimate, if not a complete joke.


The establishment’s purpose is not to build up America, but to tear it down.

And they have already started by tearing down its most revered institutions:

    -its Congress

    -its Presidency

    -its sovereignty as a nation

    -its voting process

Why not totally mess up the election of 2016, tear it to shreds, crumple it..and throw it in our faces?

Isn’t that what they have been doing to our Constitution?

And besides, its not as if our elections aren’t already on their way to becoming an illegitimate joke.

Witness the 2000 elections.

Al Gore won the popular vote.

It didn’t matter...the Electoral College chose Bush.

Now in 2016, Hillary Clinton wins the popular vote (albeit through cheating) but the Electoral College declares the election for Trump.

This doesn’t look good.

It’s been twice this century that the American people have been told their vote doesn’t count.

And this has not been on accident.

In addition, all the push-button electronic voting machines (which leave no paper trail) inspire all the confidence of electronic dice.

And right on cue, California’s elected officials have declared their wish to SECEDE from the United States and are putting it up for referendum, as if the United States were some golf club on could leave at the drop of a hat.

Now I am no hypocrite.

But even secession-happy Texas hasn’t dared declare its official willingness to secede...much less the beginning of any secessionist process.

But California DID (I guess when liberals do it , its fine, but when conservatives suggest it...its a Federal crime).

And all of this right on the tail of a controversial election which has divided the country and made the elections look illegitimate.

Great timing!

But wait, they aren’t done.

The latest rumor is that they are going to OVERTURN this controversial election...and declare Trump the LOSER.

One can already imagine the CHAOS this will cause within the United States.

The Trumpists and Clintonistas are already at each other’s throats, even a well transitioned Trump presidency stands to be stormy - the Liberals are already in the streets declaring Trump is NOT their President and beating up anyone who disagrees.

Meanwhile Trump has been officially declared the winner, been congratulated and is already appointing his cabinet and meeting with national and foreign leaders.

Imagine what will happen is Trump is suddenly declared the LOSER!

Yes folks, the Liberals are already rioting.

Now its time to rile up the OTHER side.

Up until now, the Conservatives have been quite reserved when it comes to violence and rioting.

What’s going to happen when they are suddenly declared LOSERS and all their hopes and aspirations torn to shreds?

The propaganda on both sides have painted Trump AND Hillary as the devil incarnate, whose election signifies the END of the nation.

Both sides are UNWILLING to bend.

An overturn of the election results will not only TRASH the electoral process, not only begin a Constitutional Amendment process to END the Electoral College, but throw the entire country chaos into, with both sides seeing the government as ILLEGITIMATE.

Great appetizer for Civil War?

California is already attempting to secede.

A flat out overturn in the election will probably have Texas throw ITS hat into the secession ring as well.

But CAN the establishment overturn the election?

In the olden days it would be difficult. doesn't seem so far fetched.

In the old days, the Electors were actual elected state government officials of the party which had won the majority in the state with a lot to lose if they turned to monkey business.

Today the Electors are the equivalent of riff raff with nothing to lose - nobodys (consisting mostly of low-level political failures and wanna be’s who would sell their mother for a mug of beer)...who could be easily swayed into NOT voting the way they are supposed to...and even CHANGING their vote.

And the reports coming from the Electoral College is that the Republican Electors are under UNPRECEDENTED pressure to vote for Hillary.

Let me repeat: unprecedented, as in ‘never seen before’ in the history of the Electoral College.

Unprecedented as in ‘never happened before.’

Unprecedented as in ‘this is the first time something like this has happened.’

In other words, the electoral riff raff is under HUGE pressure to change their votes from many directions and in many ways.

I am talking political threats, death threats and blackmail.

On the carrot side, I am talking money, election funds, business and political positions.

In fact, you know what?

It’s a wonder the Federal Election Commission, the FBI and the US Attorney General are NOT looking into this.

But they AREN’T!

Blackmailing, threatening and bribing the Electoral College to change election results is no crime.

Happens all the time, right?

But with Obama being the over-boss of all these Federal Agencies, you can see why it is NOT happening.


The Electoral College will vote on December 19... a process that has been a formality and ritualistic confirmation of the popular vote for most of the last 120 years.

The ‘confirmation’ that Trump ‘won’ the election is based on how many Republican electoral votes he won - in other words, how many ‘Republican’ electors will be sent to the Electoral Convention.

These Republican Electors are EXPECTED to vote for Trump, but there is no guarantee.

Technically these electors can vote WHICHEVER way they want.

What was keeping the Electoral College honest was the high position of the electors...who would be committing political suicide by voting for the other side.

Now we have an Electoral College of riff raff...

...who will vote for whoever they PAY them to vote for.

Not only that, but there is a little known procedural clause which allows Electors to CHANGE their vote AFTER they have voted (after paying a fine)...

...adding an additional opportunity to CHANGE the Electoral vote even AFTER the vote has been cast.

Let’s hope the Electors vote for whom they are traditionally expected to vote for.

The fate of our Country may depend on it.

And if they don’t...

...the beginning of the end of our country may be at hand.

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