Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Watch Out Trump!!!

Trump has become the President elect of the United States.

Along with this job, he has inherited a set of detrimental factors which will hang around his neck like the proverbial anchor...

...trying to make him into a Ming Emperor locked inside a golden cage within the Imperial palace surrounded by eunics.

In other words, a totally aloof personality locked away from the American public (and reality) to which some Americans (mostly millionaires and above) can momentary access after passing through the President’s chief of staff.

Trump needs to break the mold.

The American President is today a sequestered, imprisoned and controlled asset, who sees the world through the eyes of carefully manufactured data presented by the CIA which represents the International Banks...

...while surrounded by ‘wise men’ who carefully tell him what to do every step of the way and ‘men of influence’ who put the pressure on when he doesn’t.

In other words, the President of the United States is a symbolic puppet firmly in the hands of the Establishment which controls him.

Trump, as an independently wealthy citizen stands to break the mold...

...and become a true leader instead of a mouthpiece, delivering the policies of the Oligarchy to the American public.

But Trump, WATCH OUT!

Below are the policies which you must carry out in order to have an actual, sovereign presidency in which you REALLY represent the American people and REALLY decide according to your own conscience.


They don’t like Presidents who rock the boat and upset the command system.

The President is supposed to be a carefully controlled puppet.

To break the mold, Trump, you have to get rid of certain policies which make the President a captive Ming Emperor inside a gilded cage.

The following is a list things you must do to become a REAL President instead of a SLAVE mouthpiece:

Trump, you got off on the right foot by disdaining any CIA briefings as a candidate and as President Elect. CIA briefings are nothing but pieces of disinformation put out by an agency whose goal is to meld Capitalism with Communism and whose ‘briefings’ have helped assure Communist victories at every...while perfectly NOT predicting anything.

As President, you should be burning the candles late into the night dealing with decisions and policies which will keep our country afloat socially, politically, financially and economically.

This alone is a full time job.

Forget the 24 hour a day concert tour schedule of visits.

The constant mobile schedule of the Presidency is simply a method to keep the President busy...and away from real executive policy.

Screw the visits.  Stay in your office and WORK.

Stop hiring (and start firing) members of the Establishment.

People from the CFR, Trilateral Commission, CIA and Goldman Sachs need to be PURGED from the Executive.

These three institutions have as a basis the ABOLISHMENT of the United States of America and its absorption into a World Order.

What could be more antagonistic to our EXISTENCE than THAT?

Get rid of these pukes!

The White House is TOTALLY BUGGED.

It is probably the most INSECURE place in which to conduct official business and politics.

This represents a total violation of the Presidency by the CIA , the NSA and whatever other intelligence agency which has bugged that place from floor to ceiling.

Trump, hire your own security specialists and scan the entire White House for microphones, cameras and other recording devices...and tear them out.

If the Secret Service complains, EXPOSE the fact that the White House has been bugged!

How do you think they recorded Nixon saying the worse of the worse using the words, “nigger”, “kike’ and “gook” while putting down other ethnicities and personalities across the board in the most crass manner.

The media says Nixon had secret microphones installed to record all conversations from posterity.


If so , why record THESE conversations...and keep them for posterity...and have them mysteriously released to the the FBI?

Record for posterity my ass!

The gremlins couldn’t wait to use all the bug-gathered information to destroy Nixon.

They were arrogant about it, and in being so they exposed the fact that the White House was bugged...and that the information was used to DESTROY the President.

Nixon KNEW the Senate would never remove him as President, but he was so embarrassed by all the leaked, and increasingly crass recordings that he resigned out of shame.

And since the White House is nothing but a bugged prop, why not...

Donald has got it right again, by making Trump Towers his de-facto headquarters and stating he’ll being doing most of his business there as President.

Bravo, Donald! Stay as far away from the White House as you can.

Trump Towers has proven a much more secure location by arresting (get this) an ex-FBI agent who is officially deceased and was carrying a handgun with a silencer inside that building.

See Story below:

All this while the White House is officially violated on a regular basis by drones, airplanes and yahoos jumping over the fence...and some actually entering the premises!

That’s right Donald, use the White House as an occasional chateau for get-togethers with world leaders and for signing legislation.

Most Presidents nowadays barely set foot in the place anyhow.

Most of the White House staff are not there to serve you as President, they are there to WATCH you.

This includes doctors, bodyguards, maids, cooks, janitors, etc.

Trump would be a lot better off firing the lot of them and having his own security-cleared employees in the White House.

I still remember the day they filmed Obama being introduced the the White House chef.

It is a sort of a custom.

The White House chef comes with the White House.

No he doesn’t!

The President doesn’t have to ‘inherit’ any staff from the last presidency, the White House...or anywhere.

The President can appoint his OWN security-cleared staff whom he actually knows and trusts.

Get your own employees, your own cook, your own security.

And since we are on the topic of hiring your own employees, remember...

Don’t hire ex-special forces (they work for the CIA).

Don’t hire ex-Mossad (they work for Israel).

Don’t hire Israelis (they work for the Mossad).

Don’t hire from the big security firms like Wackenhut and Blackwater (they are fronts for the CIA).

Don’t hire people who have worked for the Establishment - they STILL work for them even if they say they are working for you.

Don’t hire ex-CIA or ex-NSA - they are still CIA and NSA!

The Secretary of the Treasury RUNS the Secret Service.

The Secret Service has the President’s life in its hands.

And it just so happens that the Secretary of the Treasury is often an Ex-GOLDMAN SACHS employee.

So for the most part, and because of this arrangement...the life of the President is often in the hands of Goldman Sachs!

Now remember, the Secret Service let President Garfield down, they let President McKinely down, they let President Harding down, they let John F. Kennedy down...they let Robert Kennedy down...they let Reagan down...

...and in fact, might have COLLABORATED in many of those assassinations.

The Secret Service (repeatedly) took the route and lowered the speed that made Kennedy a perfect target.

  1. It is strongly suspected that it was the Secret Service agent who threw himself on top of Reagan who was really the one who shot him.

So pleas DO NOT hire an ex-Goldman Sachs employee as Secretary of the Treasury.

On to this point, I am troubled to announce that rumors are spreading that Donald Trump has already decided to appoint ex-Goldman Sachs employee Steven Mnuchin as head of the US Treasury.

How comfortable do you feel putting your LIFE in the hands of Goldman-Sachs, Donald?

Why not put YOUR MOST TRUSTED MAN in as Secretary of the Treasury Secretary instead?

Remember, your LIFE might depend on it.

And speaking of your life...

It doesn’t matter that it makes you look fat.

Your life is worth it.

Third World leaders do it all the time, and since this country is turning into a Third World nation...the vest fits right in!

Lincoln didn’t need to go to the theater.

McKinely didn’t have to go the fair.

JFK didn’t need to visit Dallas.

Robert Kennedy didn’t need to be ushered through an overcrowded back room kitchen.

Reagan didn’t have to give a personal speech to the AFL-CIO at a hotel.

And newspapers didn’t have to ANNOUNCE THEIR SCHEDULES in advance so the killers knew where to wait for them.

So, Donald, on that high class dinner you had WITHOUT telling the press where you were going or what you were doing...BRAVO!

The Press is the one always telling assassins where to wait for their presidential victims anyway.

Presidential trips and visits are simply openings and opportunities for the Establishment to KILL a President they don’t like.

They have been doing it for more than a century and the intelligence-connected police agencies have been covering up the assassinations on cue.

If the assassins bullet does not kill the President, the staff at the waiting hospital certainly DO.

This means, Trump, you should have your own trusted medical doctor by your side at all times...and with him a couple of bodyguards, the muscle to keep him there.

All visits to any hospital should be attended by your trusted medical doctor, your WITNESS as to what the hospital staff do with you (or to you), with your body guards pushing any interlopers out of the way.

Let’s learn from Lincoln, McKinely and Garfield, shall we?

People who lingered for a long time at the hospital after they had been shot before dying.

The famous General Patton also lingered at the hospital (many say in good spirits) after he had been shot with a blunt crossbow at an ‘accident site’ before suddenly being murdered at the hospital.

So there are actually TWO killing grounds: the place where the victim gets shot...and the place where the victim is medically done in (if he survives being shot).

So it would behoove you, Donald, to have your own trusted medical doctor with you at all times and a bodyguard team with him at all times.

Remember, Reagan was shot and then taken to the hospital, where he was found to be as strong as a horse... they permanently brain-damaged him instead, leaving his Vice President, George H.W. Bush, as virtual leader as Reagan spent the rest of his years as a dwindling and mentally declining fuddy duddy.

So watch out Trump.

Take care, God Bless...and God Speed in draining the swamp...and taking out the trash.

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