Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Trump Win: It's Real Effect

Okay, I’m not the type who wipes the egg off his face and then tells everyone he just got a facial.                                  
I predicted Hillary was going to win...and she didn’t.

God Almighty she didn’t...through some miracle...for which we must perhaps be eternally grateful.

It looks to me like we earned a respite.

I was wrong in my prediction, but based on the total corruption of our electoral process, the total control of the mass media, and the total untouchability of Hillary Rodham Clinton in spite of all her mass crimes and TREASON I believed she would be appointed to the Presidency.

This lady obviously has a protector...and still does.

I was wrong...I was wrong...I was wrong.

I never pretended to be a prophet, or even someone who says he’s perfect 10 for 10 in his predictions (while ignoring all the ones they missed).

But Hillary DID win,didn’t she?

She won the VOTE OF THE PEOPLE - the so called POPULAR VOTE...


She did it by using the RIGGED and corrupt Mafia-run electoral process we have in this country.

She ‘WON’.

She “won” the moral mandate (according to the rigged elections) to be the true representative of the people... not Trump.

Trump was elected in a smoky back room through dark and mysterious personages (you know, the way elections are normally won) called “electors.”

But let’s talk about electors.

The Founding Fathers never intended the “electoral process” to become the thing it is today - a dark, smoke-filled process in which mysterious personages elect the next president in some secret chamber.


Constitutionally the electors were themselves ELECTED by the State Legislatures and were well known by the entire State Legislature and the population at large.

It was a pretty public process.

A far cry from the closed-door process we have today.

Compare that to what we have now.

Can you name ONE elector?

My point is the President used to be officially elected by representatives from the State Legislatures.

The popular vote was there merely as a confirmatory process to make sure the electoral process did not get completely out of control and fall into the hands of some obscure and dominant political group.

Today electors are allowed who are not even members of the State Legislator and and neither do we get to know HOW THEY VOTED.

An example of a Republican Elector in Arizona this year was Alberto Gutier - ex-director of the Arizona Department of Highway Safety (whatever that is) and failed candidate for the Arizona House.

How does being an unelected, appointed official and a failed candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives qualify one to be a Elector?

My hunch is people like Gutier are just Political Pary gofers, nobodies who are dependent and beholden to the party leadership and who can be relied on to cast a vote for the party.

So you can see right there that the electoral process does not consist of having the representatives of ‘the people of the State’ elect the President, but State Party hacks elect the President.

If the presidential candidate ‘wins’ the State (even by one vote) the State bosses of the party to which the presidential candidate belongs get to send their trusted hacks to the electoral college which elects the president.

Did some Democratic electoral college hacks get so bat-shit scared of what they saw coming down the road with Hillary that they decided to go against their party lines and vote for Trump?

One can only suppose!

So Trump got the electoral vote (the one that counts) and Hillary got the people’s vote.

“Trump is an insider elected by insiders while Hillary is the People’s Choice cheated by the establishment”

“The people have been cheated!!!”

Yeah right...but good point.

In the history of the United States there have been FIVE presidential elections in which the elected President lost the popular vote but won the electoral vote:

1824:Jackson vs John Quincy Adams
1876: Hayes vs Tilden
1888: Harrison vs Cleveland
2000: Bush vs Gore
2016: Trump vs Hillary Clinton

The first time it happened, both candidates, Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams, were Democratic-Republicans (the party which later split into Democrat and Republicans).

However, the last FOUR presidential candidates elected by electoral instead of popular vote have been REPUBLICANS.

This puts a shadow on the Republican Party, which seems to be THE party that tends to get elected in shadowy rooms against the “will of the people.”

After 1888, the American people gradually became comfortable with the fact that electoral-only victories were a thing of the past and future elections would continue to be decided by MATCHING popular and electoral votes, which would elect the SAME candidate as president.

This held true for the next 112 years.

So it came as a huge surprise when George W. Bush beat Al Gore in 2000 even though Bush FAILED to win the popular vote. 

Remember, a president who had not won the popular vote was not expected to win any election...and had not done so for 112 years.

This election result was a huge shock to the American political psyche.

When a candidate LOST the popular vote he was NOT supposed to become president.

Once this electoral-only win happened, it brought a new pall to the American electoral process - Presidents were supposed to be elected by popular vote, not some mysterious electoral body .

America accepted the event as a one-in-a-thousand phenomenon which was not expected to happen again.

In 2016 it happened again...

...and like the last three times it happened....

...the process favored Republicans.

One can just sense the growing paranoia amongst  the Democrats.

But whatever the case my be and elections being the RIGGED theater that they are, the political atmosphere has been affected.

The Republicans, it seems, are back to winning through the non-democratic electoral process...and the Democrats are being victimized by this undemocratic process - the divisive message is clear)

(While I am going through this description, please keep in mind that I favor neither Democrats or Republicans, see both parties as frauds and am describing the ‘reality’ the establishment is building for us)

Please keep in mind that all these political events are PSYOPS (psychological operations) upon our minds.

By now the American Presidency has already been brought low by Johnson’s failed policies, Nixon’s Watergate, Ford’s incompetence, Carter’s useless naivete, Reagan’s multi-trillion dollar debt increases, Bush-I’s lies, Clinton’s sex scandals and Bush-II’s fraudulent wars and Obama’s  dishonestly backhanded presidencies.

The standing of the American Presidency is a wreck...especially now that the entire world itself seems to have lost it’s respect for the United States of America.

And now we have been told TWICE that the American President can be non-democratically appointed by a set of 535 electors.

Are we being indoctrinated on the reality of a non-democratic society?

The people vote for someone...and someone ELSE is appointees who know better.

Another electoral-only victory signals that the US getting accustomed to non-democracy...or losing all respect for the office of the president.

Vote fraud favored the Democrats....but it becomes much harder to commit vote fraud when only 535 people are the ones casting the votes(in the electoral college).

The key element here is that the now regularly occurring electoral college election of the President has cost the Presidency its mandate...and has definitely stolen it from Trump.

Second Democratic defeat due to electoral vote in 16 years could lead to widening Republican/Democrat alienation.

Trump won but had the popular vote mandate stolen from him.

This means Trump will be another George Bush - an unliked and distrusted President (to at least half the population) with which America is ‘stuck with’ for another four years due to the electoral process.

Not only that, but Trump is walking straight into an ECONOMIC COLLAPSE AND DEPRESSION.

Something which might have given Hillary a reason to NOT want to become President just yet.

Who wants to be caught on the Titanic?

After decades of mounting debts and deficit spending (by both parties) the final outcome will be dumped on and blamed on Trump.

One readily sees Trump becoming the counterpart to the ‘hands-off’ President  Herbert Hoover who was elected the year the Great Depression began and was succeeded by the SOCIALST My-Best-Friends-Are-Communists Franklin D. Roosevelt...who proceeded to try to turn American into a Communist Utopia.

Why should we imagine the game plan is any different this time.

Trump is just too conservative to turn socialist and just ‘GIVE’ the people (or promise to give them) everything they need during an economic depression.

On the other hand, he stands to absorb he entire blame for an economic collapse which has been DECADES in the making.

What will happen next?

(there I go with my predictions again)

The Democrats will later offer socialism ala Roosevelt as a cure to the economic collapse.

A DEMOCRAT MARXIST SOCIALIST will succeed Trump to the Presidency in the 2020 elections (if there still is an America) Roosevelt succeeded Hoover...and the people will throw in their trust with a fully socialist, communist-like US government.

Can there be any doubt after the runaway popularity declared socialist and virtual communist Bernie Franks enjoyed in the primary elections...a popularity that was only countered by MASSIVE vote fraud against him?

Regardless of the candidates, the Psyop message has been spread:

“The voting process is illegitimate”

“Democracy is Illegitimate”


“What we need to save us all is Big Government”

"Standby for the true socialist utopia we have all been waiting for"

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