Sunday, November 6, 2016

2016 Elections: Patriots Are Being DECEIVED into Overconfidence!

There is an Illuminati technique called ‘false reassurance.’

The technique consists of falsely reassuring ‘those in the know’ that what they hope will happen IS actually happening.

I first noticed the technique in use during the Obamacare struggle in 2010.

At that time, the ENTIRE MEDIA began harping about how hopeless it was to think that the Affordable Care Act had any chance whatsoever of passing.

I actually believed it.

And boy was I surprised on March 23, 2010 when...Obamacare PASSED!

It was then that I noticed (and remembered) that I and people like me had been falsely re-assured and DECEIVED by the media...when reality was quite the opposite.

The bigger New World Order gets, the more noticeable it becomes, the more enemies it makes, the more public awareness grows.

It grows to the point that ‘the opposition’ becomes a challenge to the system...and a real problem.

False Reassurance is the Illuminati way to deal with the opposition by shutting down outrage and resistance during the actions during which the Illuminati appoint their puppets and pass their laws.

You can find a detailed explanation of the technique here:

New Illuminati Deception: Reassurance

Meanwhile, let’s look at the present incarnation of this Over-Confidence Game as it seeks to reassure us that Hillary Cannot Win, the Second American Revolution is at Hand and the Fall of the New World Order is close.

Now, I appreciate this message is a morale-booster for Patriots, Constitutionalists, awake Christians and just plain decent and Americans....

...but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

If you’ll forgive me saying so, the “Hillary is DONE!” mantra repeated so often and so zealously by the alternate media has been a bit too heavy and too abundant...considering Hillary has gotten away with EVERY CRIME SHE HAS EVER COMMITTED...AND CONTINUES TO DO SO!!!

In other words, Hillary has proven to be a Teflon candidate who can literally do whatever the hell she wants and get away with it every time...yet the alternate media keeps repeating in a frantic and desperate way, “Hillary is done!!! Hillary is over!!!”

They scream and shout waay too much.

And the truth is I am beginning to doubt the alternate media who sponsor all these “Hillary is done” rumors are not themselves part of the same propaganda machine which said “Obamacare hasn’t got a chance!” and “Obama hasn’t got a chance in the 2012 Election!”

What I notice about all these conspiracy sites who espoused all the above nonsense is that after what they predicted DID NOT happen, they didn't say a peep about the how wrong they were...and in fact, never referred to their big mistake...ever again!

No, they just shuffled onto their next piece of falsely re-assuring propaganda:

“The New World Order is on the run!!!”

And in the present, the are hysterically shouting the next  piece of falsely re-assuring propaganda:

“Hillary is DONE!!!”

"OMG, how can Hillary even sleep with her entire world falling apart around her?"

“Trump is unbeatable in the polls!”

“The Democrats have been caught cheating in the polls!”

“Hillary can’t get any votes!”

“Nobody attends Hillary’s speeches!”

“Hillary is losing the lead!”

“Hillary is so unpopular she can’t even win using rigged voting!”

“Obama is distancing himself from Hillary”

“Hillary is isolated”

“Bill and Hillary are infighting!”

“Huma Abedin has betrayed Hillary and is singing like a Canary!”

“The Establishment has turned against Hillary!”

“The Democratic Party is turning against Hillary!”

“The FBI getting ready to raid and arrest Hillary!”

“Hillary is planning to flee the country!”

and my favorite:

“Hillary is mortally ill and on death’s doorstep!!!”

or how about this:

“Even if Hillary wins, the Military and FBI will keep her on a leash!"

Lately, CIA insider Steve Pieczenic proclaimed the 12 intelligence agencies have already carried out a secret coup against Hillary which has totally disempowered her and will keep her from becoming President.

What more reassureance than that do you need?!!

“The New World Order is on the run!!!”


The present ongoing big operation is the ELECTION of CIA asset, Communist and Sino-Russian collaborator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

This woman is somebody who has committed ENDLESS crimes and is TOTALLY corrupt...

...yet has been able to officially brush off ALL prosecution, investigation, exposure or negative information...with the HELP of the CIA and NSA.

Otherwise she would have already gotten what she well-deserves:

Imprisonment as a Criminal and a Traitor.

Nothing has touched this evil witch for crimes for which you and me would have gotten LIFE IN PRISON!

So what is the real reality?

Reality is...

...Congress (far from going over to the side of patriotism and national sovereignty) is lining up behind the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) - a treaty which will SURRENDER our national sovereignty to a global trade authority.

...the US Government is DEPLOYING Russian, European and Chinese troops INSIDE the United States under the cover of the UN flag for purposes of SUPPRESSING the American population.

...the US Government has COMPLETED a string of FEMA Camps for the housing of US dissidents, Christians, Patriots and non-comformists...and has preppped another line of emergency-deployable FEMA Camps within abandoned malls and Walmarts across the country.

...the government has established a COMBAT COMMAND for MILITARY operations WITHIN the United States UPON the American people called Northern Command.

...the voting structure within the United States is HOPELESSLY COMPROMISED, with the States and Counties themselves rigging their local elections AS A MATTER OF HABIT, with no basis or procedure for confirming the vote and now easily hackable due to WIDESPREAD acceptance of electronic voting and vote counting.

...our Congressmen have been SYSTEMATICALLY AND TOTALLY BLACKMAILED by the CIA through a NETWORK spy infrastructure recording ALL emails, phone calls and location and activities of our Congressmen...and it is even said the White House (the residence of our most illustrious leader) is bugged and wired from wall to wall (how do you think they recorded Nixon’s ‘private’ conversations?).

...our military is being systematically purged of all loyal high ranking officers, especially within the Strategic and Nuclear forces...which is actually quite WORRYING.

...the nation is on the edge of TOTAL BANKRUPTCY with its $20 trillion debt and the new upcoming INABILITY to pay even the INTEREST on that debt.

...the country is being led by a Communist CIA agent (actually this is not a contradiction) called Barack Obama, whose true identity is unknown, who has sealed White House phone and visitation records and who has been caught begging Vladimir Putin for more time in which to REDUCE US nuclear forces...

...and is due to be replaced by ANOTHER Communists CIA agent called Hillary Clinton which makes us...

...a nation led RIGHT NOW by enemy communist agents.

Hillary has so far in her totally criminal career been UNTOUCHABLE...


...the crooked, rigged voting has been operating FLAWLESSLY, keeping Hillary (which should be LOSING heads down) inching AHEAD of Trump and WINNING on a permanent basis.

If you don’t mind me saying...

...There is NO basis for ANY confidence whatsoever.

So even though all the “Hillary is Doomed” screeching is very isn’t necessarily true.

When one looks at the Teflon-like, unassailable, untouchable, unreachable, un-indictable, trial-free qualities of Hillary Clinton and the multi-trillion dollar establishment and the unlimited dollars which  back her... gets the impression our new leader has already been appointed.

If everything was REALLY falling down on Hillary, she would be testifying before Congress under oath...she would have scandalous investigative stories published in media every day...she would be suffering DIMINISHING, not INCREASING amounts of contributions.

The fact that it’s NOT happening is solid proof that  Hillary IS on her way to assuming the throne.

All these distractors screaming at the top of their lungs that “HILLARY IS FINISHED!” and “TRUMP IS GOING TO WIN BY A LANDSLIDE!” sound more like the same mis-informants who spread the same type of disinfo which was spread during the passing of Obamacare, NDAA 2012, the TPP and the 2012 reassure us into a nice, happy, cozy warm nap... that we awaken to a FAIT ACCOMPLLI of the hated law or candidate having been passed or elected.

“Hey, DEAL WITH IT!” they’ll crow.



Meanwhile all the screaming meemies who had re-assured us that “Hillary was done” and “Trump was as good as elected” will not again utter a SINGLE WORD or APOLOGY about how WRONG they were and how they lulled us to SLEEP while the election was decided all along.

They’ll quickly change the tune to “we’ll just have to keep on trying”...

...but never...


It really is incredible to me that all these false re-assurers always emerge with NO egg on their faces.

But what do you expect?

The public’s collective memory have been reduced to almost nothing through massive microwave irradiation of the environment.

We have become accustomed to being constanty deceived into the warm, comfortable reassurance of what THEY have planned for us will NOT happen...only to have it HAPPEN...followed by us FORGETTING we had been reassured into believing 'they' never had a chance in the first place.

Human memory and learning have become almost almost non-existent... much so that they pull the same trick on us over and over we forget each time over and over...without us getting any wiser.

Please think this over the next time you run across the "Hillary is Doomed" overconfidence MIS-INFORMATION program sponsored by the CIA...

...get real...

...and stop believing the fairy tales they are filling your mind with.

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