Saturday, November 19, 2016

What Trump Must Do NOW!!!


Things are happening fast...with little time to take action...and many terrible events about to happen.

Obama, instead of democratizing the country (as a counter to Bush’s turning it into a tyranny), quietly set about BRINGING IT DOWN (democratically, economically, politically and socially).

Now Trump steps into the seat of the Presidency of a country that has been effectively SABOTAGED...with all the crises going off at the same time.

I remember when during the 2008 Elections between McCain and Obama, people were saying that whoever was elected would have to hit the ground RUNNING (the 2008 Recession had just happened)

At that time that statement was logical.

Now it is TWENTY TIMES more true.

Trump HAS to hit the ground RUNNING or we lose the country!

Previous administrations have passed laws and made decisions whose cumulative effect now stand ready to DESTROY our nation.

Trump MUST UNDO what has been done in the last 30 years in order to keep America from SELF-DESTRUCTING.

In fact, if he does NOTHING BUT UNDO previous laws, the country stands to take a giant leap forward.

Trump must act as NOW as if the country is already collapsing...because it soon will be...and will end the USA if he doesn’t act immediately.

And remember, the list below is only a partial list of what must be done NOW in order to SAVE the economy (there is an entire other list he must do just to keep America free...but our economy is now the #1 emergency)

Remember, the dam is breaking and here the things Trump must do immediately, just to keep America from collapsing.

What Trump MUST do immediately is:

    -bring the Border Patrol back to the Border
    -arrest, investigate and deport all border crossers

    -reverse the new global immigration culture which sees illegals as ‘world citizens’ who have the ‘right’ to immigrate,  vote, get drivers licenses, right to work cards, free health care, free EBT food cards and free schooling while living inside ‘sanctuary’ cities and committing crimes they are never prosecuted for.
    -ILLEGAL means cannot vote, cannot drive, cannot attend school, cannot get welfare, cannot get health care, cannot get food stamps, cannot rent and cannot work and HAS COMMITED A FELONY BY RESIDING HERE!
    -STOP the mass refugee immigration policy immediately
    -we are too BROKE to look after CIA-collapsed countries
    -the Europeans have shown that Refugee Immigration is a SCAM which lets in only adult Muslim fundamentalist terrorists in to DESTROY the country
    -America does not need this...yet Obama has already taken the nascent steps to open the floodgates to Muslim fundamentalists here...while also allowing ‘economic’ and ‘social’ 'refugees' from Central America,
    -the country is being flooded with cartel, gang assassins, drug runners and Muslim terrorists due to this policy so...
...the present Mass Refugee Immigration policy must END IMMEDIATELY
    -stop Obamacare aka ‘The Affordable Care Act’and replace it with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (we were fine before and will be fine after its gone)   
    -it is a total failure
    -it has made health insurance MORE expensive and LESS affordable
    -it is EXPENSIVE
    -it is COSTLY
    -it is BANKRUPTING the country

    -Make Social Security the exclusive, untouchable LOCKBOX retirement system it was mean to be
    -Social Security is on the verge of Bankruptcy
    -this is because government has been dipping into Social Security funds to pay off its whims
    -this action was and always has been  ILLEGAL
    -Social Security must be reverted back to the lock-box status it had when it was created
    -Lockbox means hands off - stop making Social Security the Government’s COOKIE JAR which it uses every time it needs to top off the budget or complement its welfare state - Social Security was created as an UNTOUCHABLE account to be used ONLY during the recipients age of retirement - it has been dipped into so much that it is now BANKRUPT!
    -make Social Security the lockbox system it was meant to be.

    -don’t just leave the table...but make an official declaration that the US WILL NOT sign the TPP or anything like it because it is ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL
    -the TPP is not a trade agreement, but a surrender of US sovereignty to global government
    -terminate it and condemn it LOUDLY, OPENLY and OFFICIALLY

    -simplify or get rid of the Tax Code
    -the 5000 page Tax Code is not only byzantine and incomprehensible, but has been used to threaten, entrap and bankrupt honest Americans
    -the graduated income tax which demands increasingly higher percentages of your income until reaching levels of more more than 1/3 of your middle class income or HALF of your upper class income is WRONG - what is it telling us to do? Strive to NOT earn and NOT invest the maximum potential amount we can earn?
    -this Tax Code is not only bankrupting America, but pulling down its economy
    -get rid of it
    -is a flat, across-the-board no-deduction 15% tax so off the wall? Yeah...we would have to close most of those 300 military bases on foreign soil, and quit raining Foreign Aid (bribery) funds to more than 100 foreign nations, but what the hell, nobody wants us or likes us anymore anyway.

    -stop borrowing NOW!
    -we are 20$ trillion dollars in un-payable debt and about to reach a level of interest which WE CAN NO LONGER PAY.
    -why go there?
    -once we get there we won’t be getting any more loans anyway...because we will be... ...BANKRUPT! Tighten your belts and make do with what tax money you have!                                

    -downsize the enviro-nazi agenda
    -rampant environmentalism has killed our lumber industry, made our forests into tinder boxes, taken away water from desperate farmers, shut down power plants, increased electrical prices and brought down our economy
    -get rid of all these out of control rules and regulations which are destroying farming and industry in our nation

10) LOWER EMPLOYER COSTS (this is important)
    -Lower the cost of hiring an American worker
    -the cost of hiring an American worker is prohibitive!
    -this is making America into a part-time-job economy!
    -jobs are becoming scarce
    -employers can no longer hire
    -workers can no longer find jobs
    -high government-mandated employer costs have made the American worker basically UNEMPLOYABLE (who the hell came up with THIS?) but making Illegal Workers a NECESSITY
    -just to hire an American worker today the employer must pay his half of the worker’s:
        - Social Security
        - Medicare
        - Medical Insurance
        - Unemployment Tax
        - Workers Compensation Fund
        - Unemployment Fund (believe it or not)
        - 401K Contributions
        -Pension Plan
    -So hiring workers cost way WAAAAY more than the worker’s salary
    -this is already bringing down the economy (wait until it collapses!)
    -so make American workers hire-able making Employer Costs...ZERO!!!
    -I’m sorry the Federal Government forces Employers pay for it’s  Socialist Economic Fantasy Land by MAKING Employers PAY for their workers’ Socialist Social Security, Medicare, Medical Insurance, Unemployment Tax,Workers Compensation Fund, Unemployment Fund, 401K Contributions, Pension Plan just to BE ALLOWED TO HIRE THEM
    -the economy is collapsing...and it is time for this to END
    -employers cannot continue paying for the government’s social welfare program deficit (which the government itself can’t even afford)
    -REDUCE EMPLOYER COSTS TO ZERO!!!! MAKE THE AMERICAN WORKER HIREABLE AGAIN!!! The Government itself can cover Social Security after closing down those 300 worldwide military bases and ending Foreign Aid to a hundred third world countries!!!
    -removing employer costs will increase JOBS and HIRING  EXPONENTIALLY in the United States of America

Remember, Trump MUST get rid of all these time-bomb policies NOW just to keep the country from collapsing into TOTAL crisis.

The time for complacency is over.

Trump and the Congress have to TAKE THE REIGNS of government.

They don’t even have to pass any laws.

For the most part all they have to do is UNDO and cross out the harmful legislation which is bringing the country down.

Our salvation lies in simple, flat out TAKING AWAY, not adding or even changing anything.

Does Trump and the Congress have the spine to do it?

Our survival depends on it.

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  1. I don't think Trump is any good, however.

    Chances are if he would be rigged like one of your posts previously said, he won't. Or he gets couped by Hillary like The Bolsheviks to the Czar in 1917.