Friday, September 5, 2014

Government: A Giant Pain in the Ass

It was bound to happen.

Our infiltrated government - infiltrated by Talmudic-Kabalistic Luciferians, Freemasons, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilaterals and Bildebergers and CIA assets...

...has become a gigantic pain in the ass.

Now we have to deal every day, not only with the challenges of daily life...but  with the  daily bother of our own government trying to KILL us.

Yes indeed.

The Government has transformed itself into some sort of crazy goblin, running hysterically everywhere seeing what else it can possibly it ostensibly tries to build “a New World Order”.

And we, as the humble common people must now deal with the reality of TRYING TO SURVIVE as our own government tries to KILL us every remaining day of our lives.

That’s right...death...

In fact, that might just be the new government policy - destroy as to rebuild it as the New World Order from the ground up.

As the Government CONTRAILS pollute our skies, raining everything from aluminum and barium to radiation, viruses, bacteria and weird growing stuff.

As Government pushes “mandatory” vaccines campaigns to cripple and KILL our children and arrest the parents if they refuse.

As the Mossad and Government-sponsored Fukushima atomic bombs contaminate the Pacific and makes the fish we eat DEADLY.

As the Government-opened border now lets in drug runners, assassins, killers, cartel members...and terrorists (it is now common to find abandoned Muslim prayer mats and books in Muslim languages in the Southwestern desert).

As Government-directed ISIS not only massacres innocent people abroad, but is now being readied - by Government - to begin slaughtering Americans as it is allowed to infiltrate the wide open border the Government has created.

As Government puts toxic and RADIOACTIVE fluoride from CHINA into our drinking water.

As Government permits food processors to import processed poisonous junk meat from China for sale to the American consumer.

As Government works overtime to collapse the dollar and make it about as valuable as toilet paper...

As Government endeavors to regulate the economy into bankruptcy and collapse.

As Government proceeds to tax so many Americans into poverty that they are LEAVING the country and RENOUNCING their citizenship....along with many American corporations!

As Government BRINGS IN useless and criminal ILLEGALS and provides them with first class welfare privileges NOT EVEN GRANTED TO AMERICANS!

Uh...just sayin’...but are you starting to get the idea Government doesn’t like us Americans...and might even HATE us?

I mean, is there ONE aspect of American society this Government is not trying to destroy?

As Government trains the police on how to KILL YOU and arms them with the appropriate weapons, laws and legal system with which to do it.

Now every time you are stopped by the police, there is a strong possibility you could be KILLED. Oh well, we  have to sit there and pray a sudden sneeze is not mistaken for an assault or a wallet for a handgun by a traumatized Iraq-vet cop souped up on steroids and paranoid training. 

As Government permits and subsidizes the construction of entire forests of microwave antennas and smart meters to first drive you insane before killing you off with cancer, leukemia, or a plethora of other auto-immune diseases.

As Government continues to the add misery to our existence by continuing to pay for the exportation of our industry and jobs to China...while raising taxes, increasing taxes and collapsing the dollar.

Notice the  recent additional economic gift we got from Government as Obamacare turns all our full time jobs into part-time pass times.

Or how about the Government-created Ebola now doing the rounds (never mind a dozen more Government-spawned plagues waiting in the wings). And the Government-built Ebola vaccine is sure to be just as deadly.

Or how about Government ILLEGALIZATION of healthy organic food and the LEGALIZATION of just about every deadly poison known to YOUR FOOD...including genetically modified produce?

Or how about our Government trying to start WW-III with Russia in the Ukraine....and China in the South Pacific...while leaving us completely defenseless against nuclear strike.

And speaking of nuclear demise...

...anybody notice how ALL our nuclear power plants are LEAKING while Government has ordered the alarms to be turned off?

You know, it used to be when you could go to work in the office without fearing your entire building would be demolished by a terrorist act.

Now those days are gone as Government launches a multi-front war to DESTROY America and the American people.

Whether it has notice or not, Government has become a royal pain in the ass - not the type caused by discomfited hemorrhoids - but the type caused by flesh-eating Piranah firmly implanted into your blow hole.

Whether Government notices it or not, it has run out of clout with the American people.

The American people have stopped caring about its ‘war on terror’ or ‘the crisis in the Ukraine’ or any of its other nonsense or any other government program that has the prefix ‘war on...’ on it.

Congress has lost all credibility and the President has lost all credibility.

Now it looks like a race between Government trying to destroy America before it collapses in on itself and the American people trying to survive.

Government has lost so much clout with the American people that it is now trying to bring in a new American population - government-dependent illegals -  to take up the sudden slack in government support on behalf of the public.

In fact, its starting to look like a race to the finish as the so-called ‘Government’ tries to KILL US OFF as we try to survive its little annihilatory program of pre-New World Order destruction of America.

In fact, you know what.

It’s time for this government to go.

I hate to say it.

But when Government starts killing its own people for no  good reason is time for it to go.

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