Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Black Mask Arrives

Traditionally the Black Mask has been used by executioners or people who need their identity protected in order to avoid REVENGE.

My first exposure to the Black Mask came through the popular media depiction of the ‘executioner’ as he proceeded about his task...whether it was with an axe, a guillotine, a hangman’s rope or an electric chair.

The executioner hid his face to protect himself from the anger of the executed victim’s relatives and friends. This was especially important when communities were not large as they are now, but the truth was the executioner was frequently ‘mobile.’

My second exposure to the Black Mask came when I saw the movie ‘Missing’ which was about Chile’s military crackdown on the leftists following the Allende Coup.

In that movie, the Black Masks made their appearance as civilians were arrested and herded into a stadium.

Inside the stadium, there were certain guards wearing Black Masks...also, accusers and ‘witnesses’ who pointed people out from amongst the crowd were wearing Black Masks.

The people who were pointed out...ended up dead.

Starting to see the connection between the Black Mask...and DEATH?

Yes indeed.

The Black Mask continued to make its appearance amongst the (appropriately named) Death Squads in El Salvador during the 1980‘s as the Government MURDURED the opposition.

I am sure the Black Mask continued to appear, but the next time it caught my attention was during the Russian Coup attempt, and later during Russian special forces arrests of ‘suspects’ and ‘criminals.’

Recently the Black Masks were seen again during the crisis in the Ukraine, when Russian Special Forces and FSB infiltrators wore the masks as they directed the ‘independence’ of Crimea and Don Bas.

These personnel with Black Masks called themselves ‘local Ukrainians who wanted independence.’


The Black Mask is legion in places like Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Libya and know...places where human life is worth less than 55 cents.

Bottom line: the appearance of the Black Mask has its connections to death, thuggery, and covert operations.

The people wearing the Black Masks have a good reason to be wearing them.

And lately....and unfortunately...the Black Mask has made its appearance in America... (under the guidance of the Federal Government) the local police have begun wearing them at ‘check points.’

Now let me tell you...

...there are few things more frightening than having your car stopped at a checkpoint in the middle of the night by individuals wearing Black Masks.

Put simply, the Black Mask means DEATH.

Death or the prospect of death is present wherever the Black Mask is present.

So it shocked and saddened me when I started seeing our local Sheriff Deputies here in Arizona wearing Black Masks at DUI and drug check points.

The Black Maskers were most likely police informants or infiltrators who wanted their identity concealed from the druggies...but looking at the physique of some of these Black Maskers, I could tell they were just professional killers...whether legal or otherwise.

Our ‘special forces’ began wearing the Black Mask in Iraq as they arrested those destined for torture and or death.

Now, as I mentioned, the Black Mask is here.

Police are wearing it at checkpoints.

SWAT teams are wearing them as they assault homes.

Recently...the Police (or whatever they are) were wearing them at Ferguson Missouri as they abused the local protesters.

For the record, nothing good ever comes of the police wearing the Black Mask.

Not only is the wearing of the mask...

...a cowardly act... illegal act...

...and an act that insinuates something illegal is about to be done that needs the identity of the mask wearer to be hidden...

...but, more often than not, it signals the arrival of the criminal police state.

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