Monday, August 4, 2014

Human Incubators: Factories for Child Sacrifice

Today I just wanted to bring attention to an Illuminati practice of designating young females as holy breeders for the high priesthood and having them surrender the offspring....for who knows what.

Is the holy fruit of their union immediately sacrificed?

Or is the arch-priest so high up that the offspring is placed with very special parents who train and target the youngster for high position as an Illuminati agent bastard?

Ever see how so many famous and powerful men have doubtful parentage? (Alexander, Hitler, Clinton...Obama). Turns out Clinton might be a Rockefeller and Obama, well, who knows.

DNA tests anyone?

Didn’t think so.

The truth is that in many cases we are governed by the fruit of the loins of the House of Rothschild.

That’s right, Rothschild (or Rockefeller) bastards are in fact our leaders.

Having said that, I would just like to point attention to the curious and entertaining phenomenon of young girls being ‘abducted’ from their homes or thereabouts for a period of not more and not less than 9 months (the period of human gestation) only to appear unscathed, happy and very well adapted at the conclusion of that time period to be rejoined with their happy families.

Well...uh...there ARE some changes.

The poor things DO look changed. A bit more puffy-faced, a bit more womanly than they were in their original virgin existence.

Medical exams for rape and impregnation  anyone?

Didn’t think so.

Item one is Elizabeth Smart, a 14 year old abducted from her bedroom in Sandy, Utah in 2002.

And yes, this happened in Mormon country - a land with a wide-ranging tradition of child brides and child sex. Which is not a surprise given that Mormonism is a mystery religion with close connections to Masonry.

Elizabeth Smart was (appropriately enough) abducted by a religious fanatic called Brian David Mitchell - a drifter and preacher who went by the ‘holy’ name of ‘Emmanuel, who styled himself a holy servant, a prophet and an ‘angel’(at the service of whom one might ask), who coincidentally did handyman jobs at the Smart house.

The night Brian David Mitchell walked into the house, Elizabeth Smart’s father had turned off the home alarm.

As the tall and creepy ‘angel’ entered their room, neither Elizabeth Smart, nor her sister, Mary Smart made any noise, although they were awake.

The intrusion also failed to raise neither Mr nor Mrs Smart from their slumber, nor any of the other two sleeping siblings

Needless to say, Brian David Mitchell was a mind-controlled gofer who regularly heard the commanding voices of angels and God himself.

Elizabeth Smart was supposedly held by Mitchell for nine months, during which she confessed she was raped four times daily (enough to assure immediate impregnation)...she said by Mitchell (but I doubt that).

Exactly nine months later, Mary Smart (Elizabeth’s sister) suddenly remembers who the voice of the kidnapper belonged to - a handyman who had been working for the smarts all along.

Talk about delayed memory.

The police appropriately went to Mitchell’s house, where he lived with his mind controlled wife and rescued Elizabeth Smart nine months to the day and only 18 miles from her own house.

Confused and clueless mind-controlled slave Brian David Mitchell (by the way, a fanatical Mormon) was sentenced to life in prison while his wife got 15 years.

Elizabeth’s reappearance was treated with a lot of surprising fanfare by the media, which has continued, making Elizabeth Smart (the human incubator) quite famous herself.

Elizabeth Smart got to meet the president, become an ABC News commentator, evolve into an advocate for kidnapped girls, and start her foundation.

Which really suggests that Elizabeth Smart has quite a lineage and was probably mated with a higher up of equally impressive pedigree to produce a future leader of society.

Her marriage to someone from pure Scottish lineage (in fact, a pure bred Scot) seems to confirm this fact.

Scotland is the mecca of all high lineages, and has been since the time of the druids.

Item two is Abigail Hernandez, a New Hampshire girl who was kidnapped from near her home at the age of 15.

Please note the re-occurring white bread WASPish upper class neighborhoods in which these kidnappings keep happening.

Abigail Hernandez was supposedly kidnapped on her way out of high school in October, 2013 in North Conway, Hew Hampshire.

She reappeared magically at the end of the 9-month gestation period on July 20, 2014.

No dramatic rescue this time. Abigail simply walked back home.

Soon after her kidnapper Nathaniel Kibby (another brain wipe mind-controlled zombie) was arrested as the kidnapper.

No comment on whether Kibby and Hernandez knew each other (which is rather strange, don’t you think?).

By this time the magical 9-month gestation period for the reappearance of these ‘kidnapped’ girls was starting to draw so much attention that it led Abigail Hernandez’s mom to blurt out to the media that ‘she was not pregnant!'

Adding further controversy to the ‘kidnapping’ is the probability that Abigail was not kidnapped at all, but went willingly with her captor.

The truth, of course, is obvious.

The families of these girls are Illuminati families of high lineage.

They send their obedient progeny to be mated with the higher in order to produce offspring.

When the deed is over, they reappear...amazingly happy and well adapted in spite of their ‘ordeal.’

Which brings me to the Ariel Castro kidnapping case.

Ariel Castro, a school bus driver, kidnapped three girls: Michelle Knight, 21, in August of 2002, Amanda Berry, 16 in April, 2003 and Georgina Dejesus, 14, in April, 2004...all from the same street: Lorraine Avenue.

We are supposed to believe he kept these three girls in his basement without neither his wife nor his daughter ever knowing nor suspecting, and even attended the family vigils asking for help in finding the girls along with his daughter.

You will pardon me if I say to our ‘law enforcers’ that they are asking us to believe too much....and that they are probably ‘enforcers’ of a different sort.

Ariel Castro kept these three girls in his basement for 10 YEARS with neither his wife, nor his daughter, nor his neighbors, nor the police suspecting.

Well, actually the neighbors DID put in several calls to the police about their suspicions, but the police never responded.

During these ten years living in this satanic dungeon (supposedly against their will) the three girls were impregnated multiple times (supposedly by Castro) some of which were supposedly ‘ended’ and other which saw the light of day. What happened to many more pregnancies remain a mystery.

My opinion?

What Castro was running was a standard baby factory for sacrifices to Lucifer - a way of producing undocumented, untraceable babies that can be sacrificed without a problem or a legal trail.

After 10 years of this supposed abuse (the dungeon story is probably a lie) the three girls escaped and went to the authorities.

I can never get out of my mind the appearance of these ‘victims’ once they presented themselves to the media: well fed, nice skin, healthy and....smiling...smiling happily and fulfilled for the cameras.

Are we really supposed to believe the media and the police’s account of things?

The smiling, pretty, well taken care of human incubators then went on to make their rounds of the media and their fifteen minutes of fame.

But these girls (all from Satanic families and Satanists themselves) were simple factories for human sacrifices.

Meanwhile Ariel Castro’s wife died of a brain tumor and Ariel Castro was later ‘suicided’ in prison, shutting him up for good.

If Castro’s daughter keeps very very quiet, she might get to live a few more years.


In 1990, Jaycee Dugard’s family moved from Orange Country to South Lake Tahoe, California in preparation for her abduction.

The following year, 1991, Jaycee was abducted by Philip and Nancy Garrido, another ultra-religious husband and wife team.

Jaycee’s stepfather saw the abudction, but his description seems to have ben useless to the South Lake Tahoe police.

Philip Garrido was a convicted rapist who had served only 10 out of a 50 year sentence for abducting and raping a woman for five hours inside a warehouse in South Lake Tahoe and a man who regularly parked next to elementary schools to watch kids and masturbate.

It was this winning and husband and wife team who (we are expected to believe) kept Jaycee in their backyard for 18 YEARS while being repeatedly raped by Philip Garrido and giving birth to two girls (which Garrido kept along with Jaycee as his ‘daughters.’)

Meanwhile, repeated calls to the police by concerned neighbors and other citizens prompted no reaction from the South Lake Tahoe Police.

At one point someone actually spotted Jaycee Dugard staring at a lost poster of herself and described the vehicle in which she was transported.

In another instance, neighbors called about children being housed in Garrido’s back yard.

The police showed up, talked to this violent convicted rapist on parole for 30 minutes...and then left without even bothering to look inside his house or back yard.

When Philip Garrido took upon himself to go to UC Berkely (probable headquarters of his mind control handlers) to try to hold an event there, the staff notified the police due to concerns about the behavior of his children.

The game was up...the police went to Garrido’s home and confiscated Jaycee along with her offspring. Amazingly, Jaycee went along with Garrido’s cover story and tried long and hard to cover up for him.

The story did not hold and Garrido was arrested...and sentenced to life in prison.

Remember, this girl was held 18 years in this man’s back yard, raped massive amounts of times and probably gave birth to a lot of infants...for the sacrificial altar of Satan.

Meanwhile neighbors regularly said she did not actually live in the back yard, but inside the home as part of the family - a compliant captive.

I would just like to underline the Dugard family’s convenient move from Orange County to the satanic mecca of South Lake Tahoe, California, where Jaycee was abducted and her abductors protected by the police for 18 YEARS!


Many kidnappings are facades set up by satanic families and their associates.

Some are kidnapped to mate with  and produce offspring from the high priesthood of the Illuminati.

Others are kidnapped to breed the anonymous stock of human sacrifice required at satanic rituals.Please, Satanic establishment, stop insulting our intelligence by telling us these children are abducted and kept in basements or back yards for years on end, only to emerge smiling and content.

Please stop telling us your satanic masonic police departments are doing everything they possibly can to find these kids when they are actually covering up for the abductors.

These female minors are the human incubators for the offspring offered to Satan and YOU are part of it.

We know we are part of a secretly satanic society, so please, stop insulting our intelligence and aggravating us with your stinking lies.


  1. Thank you for yet another hard effort page to inform us about the plans of the illuminati

    1. Its true children are trafficked through dv shelters kept drugged or sick and weak they are too young to say anything or original birth certificates are stolen from dead americans and doctored' meaning liquid bandage is used and color tainted too its painted on changing names dates since most towns and states have many names the same-large aqnonymous donations go to dv shelters its confidential and records are destroyed and to answer the question its body part industry and womens ovaries are for sale for underground labs-victim gets gang raped getting circulation to ovaries going and is cut open alive for circulation with no pain meds ofcourse thats expensive and many veterinarians and those in the animal industry supply its not monitored-alot of cannibalism in the united states and the cops let it go on man its a multibillion dollar industry why should they care about your children or you -your the little people'

    2. my ex had our baby and he was never registered he is dead now. he was a very nice looking blonde child. they tortured killed and ate him. Allah knows best

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