Thursday, August 14, 2014

Operation Chaos Begins

The Federal Government is now a CIA controlled entity which is building a national security state based on a continuous state of manufactured crisis.

The CIA, in turn, is a tool of the central banking oligarchy which has dominated world affairs since 1913.

In short, America is being turned into what used to be the control model of the Third World - a CIA appointed dictator running an economically defunct nation under the excuse of ongoing crisis.

And Obama IS our CIA appointed dictator.

Obama, the latest progeny from a GENERATIONAL Jewish CIA family and a carefully mentored MARXIST is our President...who is looking more and more like a Third World dictator.

As any two bit dictator, Obama has begun to use the Police, the Armed Forces and the Intelligence Community to intimidate, threaten, cajole and control the population.

To convert the military into his banana republic style enforcers, Obama has initiated an ongoing PURGE of the US military.

As a double whammy of the worse sort, Obama is also a COMMUNIST in close collaboration with other Communist entities of the world (Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, etc). Which, when it comes to the treacherous pro-Communist CIA, is to be expected.


And Obama is our ‘Kerensky.’

Kerensky was the provisional Russian President who took power following the deposition of the Czar as leader of the interim government.

As virtual dictator of Russia, Kerensky prepared the ground for the up and coming Bolsheviks and their revolution by...abolishing the army...abolishing the police...abolishing government offices and disarming the population.

In his role as provisional president of Russia, Kerensky was nothing more than a Bolshevik Communist facilitator masquerading as a democratic Russian leader.

Kerensky’s re-structuring program included the:
    -removal of military authority from officers
    -handing over of military authority to "soldier committees" (composed of revolutionaries)
    -abolition of the death penalty
    -acceptance of revolutionaries within the Army
    -disarming of the police
    -abolition of crucial government offices

With ‘reform’ such as this, it is a wonder there was any Russia left after Kerensky was done with it.

Of course, there WASN’T much left at all.

As the country started to collapse and the well-funded Bolshevik Communist revolutionaries began to take over...Kerensky fled to a comfortable villa in France.

This was Russia’s operation chaos, carried out by an Illuminati facilitator and Communist to pave the way for Russia’s fall to the bloody Bolsheviks.

Bloody...because the Bolsheviks MURDERED 20 million people by the time their revolution and resulting ‘civil war’ were over.

The Bolshevik mass slaughter of the Russian middle and upper classes is celebrated in the movie ‘The Chekist’ - which can be viewed on YouTube.

But back to OUR Kerensky - Obama.

Just like Kerensky initiated the collapse of Russia prior to the Bolshevik Revolution, our own Obama is now engineering the collapse of the United States prior to our descent into civil war, revolution and violent unraveling.

I call this ‘Operation Chaos - the preparation for the total collapse of America into violence and that it can later be put together as an Illuminati dictatorship.

And the same players are all there, aren’t they?

The international banks who are well funding the agents of chaos - our Bolsheviks.

The Kerensky-like figure of Obama directing the whole circus.

The US (like Russia) is involved in foreign entanglements which are likely to lead to an unpopular and self-destructive war.

Foreign enemy agents in every street corner, whether they be Russian agents, Chinese agents or Cartel members.

A national security apparatus similar to the Russian Okhrana - our very own Homeland Security and CIA -  taking over and making the country less secure than it was before...while paving the way for the agents of chaos.

An up and coming radical ‘revolutionary’ group bent on taking over the country... Russia they were the Bolsheviks... America today it is a radicalized, leftist, socialist Democratic Party which has become so radical that its own membership are turning against it...even as they are purged out of the party!

The Illuminati method is always the same...and hey...the pieces are all there!

So America is now heading for collapse - a carefully engineered collapse designed to bring the country down and destroy it so it can be rebuilt again as something more to the liking of the Illuminati.

What do you do with a Lego structure that came out wrong?

You tear it to pieces and then re-use the pieces to rebuild it into something better.

Well guess what...

America came out wrong (according to the Illuminati)...too much much free enterprise....too much freedom...even though it was born out of the Illuminati birthing tool of Freemasonry.

And the Illuminati are going to correct that!


So our Kerensky president, with full collaboration of the Wall Street controlled intelligence community is now in the process of creating chaos in our great nation...on purpose!

The whole thing is very well planned and executed.

Please understand what this guy is doing.

He is purposefully bringing down the country for the upcoming civil war or revolution (or both!) that is coming down the pike.

He has opened up the border, ordering the Border Patrol not merely to release illegal crossers, but to assist them in entering the country

The illegal children theater is a propaganda - only 10% of these accommodated illegals are children.

In reality what is being let in are MS-13 gangs, Cartel assassins, drug runners, criminals, killers and degenerates of all sorts...ready to work their trade in America.

All this in addition to the impoverished and useless peasants who the government is now showing how to sign up for the welfare state.

And all these illegals have an automatic get-out-of-jail card since the local police and courts cannot legally arrest or try them and the Border Patrol and ICE are LETTING THEM ALL BACK OUT INTO THE STREET right after they are caught....or re-caught...many for crimes and felonies!

The Islamic terrorist training camps are already here.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a Pakistani Islamic Fundamentalists organization has established 35 military training camps across America to impart Muslim fundamentalists (whether American, naturalized or illegal) with “the most advanced training courses in Islamic military warfare.”

The trainees at these camps regularly train in combat and terrorism...against Americans.

Would it surprise you that the camps are legitimized and protected by Homeland Security and the FBI?

It has become common for the Border Patrol to find Islamic prayer mats and material written in one of several Pakistani languages discarded in the desert.

Meanwhile Islamic terrorists are regularly waved through the border and any Homeland Security personnel trying to point the fact out are threatened and or dismissed.

Listen - the Islamic Terrorists are ALREADY HERE, well placed and ready to go courtesy of the Department of Homeland Insecurity, the Federal Bureau of non-Investigations and the CIA.

The recent opening up of the border is just there to let the final heavies through.

The urban street gang franchises are being armed.

Uzis, AK-47s, M-16s, you name it, they got it.

Allied with their sugar daddy, the American Mafia, in league now with the Mexican Cartels and coordinated by the eternal ‘man behind the curtain’ - the CIA, the gangs are back with a vengeance as they start connecting with new ideologies of Black rights, Hispanic rights, Aztlan and the reconquista.

Very soon, large urban areas of America will become ‘no go’ zones for the police as they are sniped by these heavily armed gang they were during Katrina.

And do you think the police will clamp down on these urban combat zones?

No way!

They will leave these dangerous places alone and basically abandon them to their inhabitants...while they come for YOUR guns in YOUR safer and well-to-do middle class neighborhoods.

The result?

Urban no-go areas through which you cannot transit surrounded by prison-state locked down areas where the police treat you like slave peasants.

Welcome to locked down America.

Clearly ignored by almost everyone is the rise of the Mexican Cartels.

Backed up by Mossad, CIA, Saudi and now terrorist funds, the Mexican Cartels are back with a vengeance.

Using their Mexican Government, Army and Police gofers, the Cartels are making a big impression at the border as they infiltrate their operatives and their assassins into US territory.

Get ready for the drug war to enter the United States, as murder, decapitations, kidnappings and torture become the order of the day in our more Hispanic neighborhoods (whose cooperation with the police will amount to exactly ZERO).

Cartel money is already in the process of corrupting the Border Patrol, the DEA and local police departments.

Cartel and gang members are already MEMBERS of the local police.

Get ready for a steady escalation as the drug war goes hot, with the Cartels allying with the local Hispanic gangs across urban America.

I am all for an armed American citizenry and also for the States to have their own armed forces (since the Feds have confiscated the National Guard).

But the ‘militias’ that are being rolled out by CIA agent provocateurs is not what I had in mind.

You see these ‘agents’ all the time - special forces personnel under CIA orders - masquerading as militia and leading a pack of gullible idiots into their next misadventure (where the idiots will end up dead and the CIA provocateurs free and alive).

Not all militia are CIA / Special Forces led fronts of provocation, but I am of the solid opinion that MOST of them are.

You can tell the difference between an ex-Army NCO led militia and these intelligence fronts led by the paid killers of the CIA who alternately intimidate and manipulate their following through an unquestioning military chain of command.

Militia leaders, in case you don’t know your history, get this: every militia unit VOTES and the leadership abides by that vote. If you can’t abide by this fact, then maybe you should go back to the special forces oufits you came from to infiltrate the militia.

The question every militia member should ask themselves is “am I being led by ex-special forces?” and then ask the question “why?” followed by “what the hell am I doing here and why haven’t I Ieft already?”

If you are part of a special forces militia (and the special forces killers can’t help but gloat over and reveal their background), then GET OUT NOW.

Having said all the above and established that CIA / Special Forces infiltrated militia exist, let us delve into the militia’s role in Operation Chaos.

The CIA-infiltrated militia’s role is to model confrontation against the American Government and justify the existence of a ‘home-grown’ terrorist group.

Don’t think the militias will engage in terrorism?

Well, you just don’t know your CIA/special-forces-infiltrated militia yet.

You can add kidnapping, torture, assassination and murder to their bag of future tricks.

...or Xe....or Academi...or whatever name this CIA mercenary company front goes under these days is sure to be active at the forefront of provocateur operations.

These guys, which Louisiana saw fit to deploy in New Orleans during the post-Katrina disaster, are also operating in cahoots with local police departments.

Which is a big mistake.

Because these guys are armed agent provocateurs looking to stir things up.

They did a great job killing people during Katrina and keeping the local police departments in New Orleans under ‘sniper fire’ (which was police blamed on Black gangs).

And these guys will be back...killing police...murdering politicians...setting off bloody demolitions...and blaming it on the militias, the Aztlans, or the Tea Party.

When caught, these pukes always present themselves as contracted agents of the Federal Government and say they have nothing to do with it.

Police departments collaborate with Academi only at great risk to themselves.

If a bloody civil and race war is what you want, these guys will be in charge of starting it.

Instead of solving problems, start new ones.

View the American public as the prospective enemy.

See Patriots as terrorists.

Abuse, taser and kill Americans at will.

Treat urban America like Fallujah.

Cooperate closely with the Federal Government and get your marching orders from Washington D.C.

If you see what your local police department has become nowadays, you can pretty much tell they have become part of the expanding problem, not the solution.

The local police have been so brainwashed that I am afraid they don’t know their Constitution from their Home Mortgage.

These clueless, sadistic and violent enforcers have a definite role to play in Operation Chaos.

What is if?

Take all your cues from Homeland Security.

Abuse, brutalize and alienate the American Public.

Confiscate guns!

Apologize for nothing.

Answer no questions.

Escalate all situations into events of violence, chaos and bloodshed.

You don’t need much else than your local Police Force to get Operation Chaos rolling.

Already coming across the border: Tuberculosis and Plague.

On the way from Africa: Ebola

Coming in from Asia: Bird Flu.

Soon to appear: Small Pox, Anthrax and other militarized diseases either introduced by the UN, CDC or CIA-funded terrorists.

Notice all the water shut-offs lately?

I wonder why that is?

Appropriately introduced PLAGUE of whatever sort is already part of Operation Chaos, and is happening right now.

An ‘outbreak’ gives even more control to the central government...and introduces the ‘need’ for ‘forced vaccination’...which will inject you with more plague.

Stay away from ‘mandatory’ vaccines, folks.

No welfare social security checks...yikes....can you spell MASS RIOTING?

A planned economic collapse is a sure part of Operation Chaos.

A bad economy leaves masses of people out on the street and DEPENDENT on the Federal Government for their next meal.

The Federal Government likes this.

Not to mention the skyrocketing crime and insecurity which leaves the people begging for even more police.

Hey, our cyber network is wide open.

Computers control our banks, our power grid, our water supply, our food supply...and its all as wide open as a San Francisco Glory Hole...the Government has made sure of that.

Ever hear of Gary McKinnon?

This hacker discovered the computers at the Pentagon had NO FIREWALLS!

It’s pretty much the same for our electrical grid and our banking structure.

Both the Chinese, the Russians and the Islamic terrorists have been given the keys to the kingdom, so to speak, when it comes to our power grid.

Why, they even let Russian and Chinese military attend our power grid failure exercises so they could see how the whole kaboodle works and how we react when it get taken out.

America is wide open to cyber-attack...and the attack is coming soon.

Just one more excuse for furthering the State of Emergency, augmenting Federal Powers and turning America into an even bigger prison than it already is.


So the perfect storm of Chaos is brewing before America.

A perfectly contrived series of events all programmed to occur simultaneously by the financial-industrial-establishment (THIS should have been the title of Eisenhower’s speech) in order to create the appropriate atmosphere for complete government takeover.

Under the present conditions of Police stand down, draw down and lock down, the stage is set for the prepared coming attacks by Terrorists, Street Gangs, Mexican Cartels, Militias and Police...all occurring under an atmosphere of Border Implosion, Plague, Economic Collapse, Race Riots
and cyber attack.

All, of course, facilitated by our ‘Kerensky’ Barack Obama - the main element in Operation Chaos.

After all, hasn’t this the guy who ...

...collapsed the border? admitting and legalizing the illegal immigrants into the country? importing Ebola?

...has collapsed the Economy with Obamacare?

...destroyed the dollar?

...made the Border Patrol stand down?

...permitted terrorist training camps to be established in America?

...purged our military of its best?

...permitted Russian special forces to reside in America?

...trained the Police to distrust, hate and kill Americans?

...let our infrastructure collapse?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a President...this is an agent of destruction...

...and perfectly installed to begin Operation Chaos.

Let the Chaos begin!

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  1. I am sorry this probobly has nothing in common with this article but i just wanted to share with you all that in australia they are relesing so many adverts about "you would roll up your sleave to help your mate, but what would do when giving blood?" I am sorry but to me that SCREAMS out illuminati! They want our blood, and they are starting to work towards getting it. Aussieswant to help out so we instantly are fooled by their tricks of donating blood for a "good cause", back to you endofthewesternworld!

    -brat nobody likes