Friday, August 1, 2014

Mr. Illuminati: The Big Probelm with Plagues

ICB = Illuminati Conspiracy Blog
Mr. Illuminati = representative of the Grand Illuminati Council

*a dramatization based on facts

ICB: Hello again and welcome to another installment of the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog Show. Today we have as a guest...again...the Illuminati representative we call simply ‘Mr. Illuminati’ who will enlighten us on the plans and, I guess challenges of the Illuminati. Mr. Illuminati welcome.

Mr. Illuminati:  Thank you.

ICB: Today we will be discussing the problem of plagues, of all things, both for the Illuminati and...uh...for us.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes, and the challenges are quite different, aren’t they? For example, your problem is how to avoid dying while our problem is to get people you to die in massive quantities.

ICB: Right, and that brings us to the head of the topic - he problem the Illuminati are having in killing off a large part of humanity.

Mr. Illuminati: Well, we would like to call it a challenge.

ICB: Ok, a challenge, the challenge of murdering large swathes of the human race.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes indeed. You might be glad to hear that it is not quite as easy as you think.

ICB: Please expand on all of this.

Mr. Illuminati: Well, as you might have noticed, we are trying to kill millions of people through the use of carefully cultivated plagues.

ICB: Correct, plagues like, Ebola, Bubonic Plague, Chikungunya, and Tuberculosis, etc. You are doing a great job!

Mr. Illuminati: Well, thank you. But unfortunately we have come across severe setbacks.

ICB: Really? I thought things were really taking off with that scientifically activated outbreak in Africa.

Mr. Illuminati: A good start, but we have already run into setbacks.

ICB: Pray tell what might those be?

Mr. Illuminati: Well, its something that we had foreseen as a problem, but which we had underestimated as a factor.

ICB: I can’t wait to find out what it is.

Mr. Illuminati:  Well, in  a word, it is basically hygiene and modern living standards.

ICB: That’s it?

Mr. Illuminati: You have to understand what we are trying to do - start worldwide plagues. In the past it was easy because we basically had large amounts of people living in deprived conditions and filth. The Black Plague is a good example of this.

ICB: So what you are saying is we are no longer filthy or deprived enough to die of plague.

Mr. Illuminati:  Well, let’s look at the equation. The Black Plague in Europe happened a the time it did because, for the first time, Europeans had begun to concentrate in cities and large urban areas to facilitate the trade that was beginning to blossom after the Crusades.

ICB: I get it. Concentration and filth = plague.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes. And those towns and cities, if you want to call them that, WERE very filthy places. I mean we are talking no running water, streets full of feces, rats, fleas, etc...combine this with the aversion to bathing and you have a perfect formula for plague.

ICB: So the Black Plague worked flawlessly, killing 1/3 of the population of Europe.

Mr. Illuminati: Under those conditions, yes.

ICB: But now the conditions are different.

Mr. Illuminati: Well, let’s look at our second great attempt of plague - basically the same disease under the name of Spanish Flu, which occurred in 1918.

ICB: A major let down...

Mr. Illuminati: Yes, the Spanish Flu killed only 1/40 of the world’s population.

ICB: You have my condolences on that major fail.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes, well, it failed because of society’s astronomically improved standards of living, medicine, hygiene and living standards. This was, after all, 1918, a full one hundred years into the Industrial Revolution. Standards of life were light years ahead of what was in the Middle Ages.

ICB: Of course, you are talking about sewers, running water, toothpaste, soap, showers, disinfectants, electricity, etc.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes...and today society is even more...clean, hygienic and germ-less than in was in 1918.

ICB: So we are even cleaner and healthier in 2014 than we were in 1918, when the plague killed only 1/40 of humanit...making plague possibilities today only a fraction of the mortality of 1918. In other words, the plague does not have a chance today. How are you guys going to deal with that.

Mr. Illuminati: Well, let me break down the problem first...

ICB: You mean the problem of how to kill people billions of people in the First World with plague under conditions of optimum hygiene.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes, well, let me break it down for you: Street sweepers, flushable toilets, running water, toilets, soap, showers, toothpaste, mouthwash, washing machines, detergent, air filters, disinfectants, mopping, vacuum cleaners, deodorants, backing soda, oxygen peroxide, anti-bacterials, allergy masks, hand washing, alcohol, vitamins and mineral tablets, nutrition, clean water, and , very importantly, clean and separate living spaces.

ICB: Expand on the separate living spaces.

Mr. Illuminati: Well, that is a major factor. People live, with people they know well, in separate and clean living spaces. Whether it be apartments of suburban homes, they are kept cleanly and neatly separate from their fellow neighbors. Even at work, people have good aeration through filtered air
conditioning and separate cubicles.

ICB: So what you are saying is that people are kept  safely apart and isolated within fairly clean environments, even in very populated areas.

Mr Illuminati: And what that means is your neighbor might have the plague, but this does not mean you will contract it, especially in this day and age when people don’t even speak to their neighbors. Even in an apartment situation, contagion is difficult. In other words, the condition is not there for any plague to spread.

ICB: So a plague could spread here and there, but it will never become pandemic.

Mr. Illuminati: Precisely.

ICB: So why re-try something that has little chance of success?

Mr. Illuminati: Well, obviously, we have come up with certain modifiers which offer us a chance of succeeding.

ICB: And those modifiers are...

Mr. Illuminati: Well, now we have come to the meat of the matter, haven’t we? How to kill off a humanity that is well protected by hygiene and clean and separate living spaces...with the plague.

ICB: The conditions aren’t appropriate, but obviously, you have come up with something to make this possible.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes indeed, that is why we are talking about the topic to begin with.

ICB: Please expand on this.

Mr. Illuminati: Humanity today is not the humanity of times past. The humanity of today is a compromised humanity. It is an insulted humanity. It is an attenuated immunosuppressed humanity and a brainwashed humanity.

ICB: Well, lets expand on those terms. Viruses and bacteria are ‘attenuated’ or weakened for lab experiments. Animals too are immuno-suppressed - that is, their immune systems are suppressed - to have the experimental diseases they are injected with ‘take’ immediately...

Mr. Illuminati: Yes.

ICB: So what you are saying that humanity has been attenuated or weakened and its immune system suppressed in order to become more susceptible to plague.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes.

ICB: How?

Mr. Illuminati: Microwaves. As you know, we have installed a powerful microwave attenuation grid.  I am talking here about the grid of microwave towers and Smart Meters, which have been transmitting frequencies especially useful in debilitating the human immune system for the last 15 years. You must add to this the new low, or human, frequency attenuation and HAARP technology which is doing the same.

ICB: So humanity has been slowly ‘attenuated’ or weakened immunologically for the last 15 years what else microwaves.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes.

ICB: What else.

Mr. Illuminati: Food. Food has become toxic, not only through additives, but through its very nature through genetic engineering. So much so that everything you eat that is not truthfully organic, is toxic. Food irradiation, the addition of live viruses, preservatives, colorants, etc has made food a major assault on the immune system of the average person. In addition, the nutritional value of food has dropped to near zero, leading to malnourishment of the population.

ICB: So the average person’s immune system is not only malnourished, but right on the edge of being overwhelmed by massive toxicity and...

Mr. Illuminati: ...extremely vulnerable to disease. And this is why people are getting sick all the time. This is why they have allergies to most anything all the time. This is why antibiotics no longer work.

ICB: Wait...antibiotics?

Mr. Illuminati: It’s not that the antibiotics are useless, but that the immune system of people can no longer fight off disease and infection...with or without antibiotics.

ICB: else have you done to put set out the red carpet for the plague?

Mr. Illuminati: Contrails. The contrailing or chem-trails (as you call them) has been one of our most successful secret programs. Mycoplasmas, proteins, DNA, viruses and debilitating nanotechnology has been rained down on the population, weakening their immune systems even further.

ICB: OK...humanity is being debilitated by food, microwaves and contrails...what else?

Mr. Illuminati: Well, now we come to our crowning achievement - vaccination.

ICB: You mean the same vaccines that are being used to make our children autistic and sick with diseases that used to not appear until the geriatric ages?

Mr. Illuminati: Yes...but this time with much more permanent effects.

ICB: You mean vaccines that will kill?

Mr. Illuminati: Well, you have to look at our situation. Humanity, as I have described, lives - outside of the Third World - in conditions that are not supportive of spreading plague. Plague will not spread naturally under natural conditions in the First World.

ICB: So you plan to introduce the plague into people through vaccines.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes.

ICB: Are people stupid enough to allow themselves to be vaccinated to death when they see those who took the vaccine before them die?

Mr. Illuminati: It’s all  in the timing. A delayed action vaccine - like the ones we now - will take effect after a period of time, thus reducing suspicion. Anyone who later becomes sick will simply be said to have acquired the plague before vaccination or to have not been helped by the vaccine.

ICB: Diabolical.

Mr. Illuminati: Luciferian.

ICB: So you basically plan to inject people directly with the plague?

Mr. Illuminati: Yes, well, you have to consider the conditions of hysteria and zero-tolerance under which the vaccinations will take place. The media will work up fear, panic and hysteria.

ICB: Then what?

Mr. Illuminati: The government will start implementing zero-tolerance forced vaccination programs. The population will be forced vaccinated. Not all the vaccines will contain the disease - some will and some won’t. It will be sort of like Russian Roulette. Five members of a family might be vaccinated, and two will die of the plague, thus granting us further deniability.

ICB: What will happen to the ones who won’t take the shot?

Mr. Illuminati: Zero tolerance policies of quarantine will be activated. The people who refuse vaccination will be labeled prospective plague conveyors, a national security threat and even ‘terrorists.’ Children will be taken from parents. Others will be arrested, put on buses and taken to what amount to concentration camps, where they will be stripped, hosed down, dressed in paper coveralls and forced vaccinated anyway. The quarantine term will be a lie. Everyone will be vaccinated.

ICB: Well, you know people are armed in this country, right?

Mr. Illuminati: It doesn’t matter, the mind of the population is in our hands. Those who refuse vaccination will be seen as irresponsible and dangerous outlaws and terrorists who pose a national security threat. The people themselves will turn them in and persecute them.

ICB: So the plague will be spread through forced vaccination of the population with some vaccines containing plague and others not...and the effect of the deadly vaccines occurring only some time after vaccination...

Mr. Illuminati: ...upon a population that has already been weakened, immunosuppressed and attenuated in order to receive the plague.

ICB: Will the vaccine induced plague be transmissible?

Mr. Illuminati: Yes.

ICB: What portion of the population do you plan on taking out?

Mr. Illuminati: Well, large portions of the Third World, which are living in squalor are already write offs. What portion of the First World will succumb is unknown, but we speculate at something above that of the 1918 Swine Flu plague.

ICB: 1/30 of the population?

Mr. Illuminati: Sure, why not...but it could be much, much higher as well. Remember, the plague will be introduced directly through vaccination, in addition to the pneumonic transmission through the air.

ICB: Won’t some medical doctor be able to detect and prove that the vaccines contain the plague.

Mr. Illuminati: Good question. The vaccines will contain mycoplasmic conveyors that doctors not only do not look for, but cannot see with the microscopes they generally use. Also, culpability for the plague will be tagged unto marker bacteria that is co-present but not responsible for the plague, to lead them off  even more.

ICB: Is this is what you guys did with AIDS?

Mr. Illuminati: Precisely. HIV is just a marker virus, not the cause of AIDS. This is why there are people with HIV who have AIDS and vice versa.

ICB: I also noticed that the same high ranking bureaucrats who were present in the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and NIH (National Institutes of Health) are still the same ones who helped spread AIDS.

Mr. Illuminati: Precisely! We always keep our loyal and effective servants in power.

ICB: So to sum it all up: Humanity lives in such conditions of abundance, health and hygiene that it has had to be weakened for fifteen years through Microwaves, HAARP, Contrails and toxic food in order to weaken it enough to catch  and spread the plague - a plague that will be introduced directly into human beings through vaccination.

Mr. Illuminati: Yes.

ICB: One plague or many?

Mr. Illuminati: More than one or variants of the same - Bubonic Plague, Super Tuberculosis, Super Flu, Bird Flu, Chikyungunya, Ebola, most of the plagues attacking the lungs directly.

ICB: Mr. Illuminati, thank you for another unsettling and terrifying interview.

Mr. Illuminati: You’re welcome.

ICB: As an addendum, I would like to add a list of home remedies that could quite readily save you from the plague - look them up!:
    -Colloidal Silver
    -Garlic Oil
    -Rife Machines
    -Oxygen Peroxide
    -White Vinegar
    -Electronic  and Ionic Air Filters
    -Ozone Generators
    -Please look into the inhalation of Colloidal Silver and Oxygen in cases of lung infection

Mr. Illuminati: (laughs)

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