Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kindle Sets Off the Great Book Burning Bonfire

Amazon was the Internet book selling monster created by the Illuminati to keep track of the world’s reading habits.

Sound too dramatic?

The Illuminati don’t think small…and they don’t invest small either.

After 17 years of operation, and billions of dollars of investment Amazon has still to make a single penny.

In other words, Amazon is a gigantic money drain.

In spite of this, the so-called ‘investors’ just can’t seem to keep themselves from investing more and more in this giant albatross, which its president, Jeff Bezos promises will one day pay off really big.

Is it the irresistible personality and charm of Jeff Bezos which keeps Amazon running?

Or does Amazon keep running because it is SUPPOSED to?

Along with the other unfailing Internet giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter, Amazon is part of the big establishment Internet control picture.

Amazon is especially insidious because it keeps track of your reading habits (always a major concern to the Illluminati).

What better way to register the reading habits of the world’s population than to have them purchase all their books from a single bookstore?

Again, (Google-like) Amazon closely tracks and registers not only all your book purchases, but all your book browsings as well.

As such, it is part of the New World Order population tracking mechanism.

What better way to track what a person thinks that through what that person reads?

Amazon’s (and Google’s) most insidious project is to reduce the world’s population of books to electronic files stored inside super computers.

Get it?

When this happens, THEY will be the gatekeepers of all knowledge.

THEY will have total control over what the population can read or not read.

And THEY will have total control over history…

…because electronic files (unlike paper books) can be easily altered to express whatever THEY wish should be expressed or not expressed.

Talk about a re-edit of reality.

Of course (and as always) the masses have to be convinced its all for their own good.

In truth, browsing, selecting and downloading a book into your electronic reading device does seem a lot more convenient than driving to a book store, walking up and down the isles, pulling books off shelves, and opening them to read.

(Strange how we used to call such things small pleasures)

But never mind that now.

Now they are telling us its an archaic inconvenience not only to physically purchase actual books, but to keep them as well.

Why not keep as many books as you want right inside your little electronic reader?


But at what cost?

Let me tell you.

At the cost of the total surrender of your literary privacy.

The cute little electronic device not only buys your eBook, but it registers your purchase with Amazon. In fact, it keeps track of your entire electronic library – permanently – along with your name, address, telephone number and email (all necessary for credit/debit card purchases, of course).

How do you feel now?

If you are a member of the carefully brainwashed Illuminati-ready population you feel nothing…but something along the lines of…

“Privacy is already obsolete, tee hee! You can’t hide anything anymore, so why bother, ha ha ha!”

If you are still a conscious thinking person, you know that surrendering the privacy of your reading habits in real time is surrendering quite a lot.

Of course, Illuminati brain-washed e-population has already been inculcated with the appropriate attitude towards people desiring privacy and dignity:

“What are you hiding? Obviously you have something to hide!”

It’s funny how privacy has now become ‘hiding.’

But whatever the case, the sharp end of it is the electronic annihilation of reading material is working.

Books, comics, magazines and journals are all going the way of the dinosaur. Publishers are shutting their doors and written material is disappearing from the shelves.

Even existing books, newspapers and magazines are being scanned into electronic files (leaving the physical specimens obsolete).

Leaving us with nothing but our little gate keeping electronic devices to peer through.

Which brings me to the name of Amazon’s electronic book reading device:


Lets look at the definition of ‘kindle,’ shall we?

Kindle: to start (a fire) burning, to catch fire, to blaze up (from Websters New Collegiate Dictionary)

Get it?

Amazon is letting you know this is the beginning of the great book burning.

Kindle is the kindle, the starter or  initiator of the great book bonfire.

And the Kindle is that which will start the bonfire.

Nobody ever said the Illuminati did not have a sense of humor.

Want to see what the Illuminati E-Future of books will look like?

Check out the link below to see the Future of Digital Books

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