Sunday, September 18, 2011

Illuminati Create Islamic Fundamentalist Time Bomb

The entire Middle East is being radicalized.

Its being done through the two ‘pro-western’ countries of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan through their intelligence agencies (products of American and European intelligence).

As such, the fundamentilazation of the Middle East is a gigantic fraud - an artificially planned operation.

Fundamentalist Islam is a gigantic facade, perpetrated by hypocritical liars with money and direction from Saudi intelligence.

The Islam being pushed by the fundamentalists is a lie, designed to bring the Islamic nations back to the level of a medieval ghetto.

Fundamentalist Islam is not something designed to raise up the Arab World…it is something designed to bring it down.

Come on…the Arab World has been occupied first by the Crypto-Judaic-infiltrated Ottoman Empire and then by the Rothschild’s European servant nations since the 1800’s.

Enough time to insert enough crypto-servants within Arab society to take control of the whole thing.

Which they obviously have through the Middle East’s foreign-created intelligence agencies.

Proof-positive that the spy agencies of the Middle East are betraying their governments came with the recent unraveling of Syria – a solid police state, with eyes and ears everywhere.

Well, the eyes and ears didn’t work too well – they missed the massing, arming and organizing of hundreds of thousands of protestors.

Of course, this total blind eye by Syrian Intelligence is what made the whole thing possible in the first place and now threatens to bring down the country’s second-generation dictator, Bashar Al-Asaad.

If I were Bashar Al-Asaad, I would line up my intelligence leaders up against a wall and shoot them (but that’s just me).

Asaad, instead, hasn’t fired or shot anyone in his intelligence department (and he might be a second-generation intelligence asset like King Abdullah-II of Jordan, who is a CIA asset, just like his father).

But whatever the case may be, the chief perpetrators behind the radicalization of the Middle East are indeed the West and its satellite allies.

That’s right – the West is behind radical Islam.

Let’s get it straight.

The radicalization of the Middle East is being carried out and facilitated by Western Intelligence Agencies in collaboration with the ‘friendly’ intelligence agencies of its Islamic puppet countries – like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

The West has been betraying and destroying friendly, civilized, pro-Western Muslim nations since it betrayed the Shah of Iran to Muslim Fundamentalists in 1979.

In 1979, President Jimmy Carter, along with the CIA, ordered the Shah to stand down as a fundamentalist minority (many recently returned from France) took over the protests and finally the government.

The Shah was also betrayed by his own US-created intelligence service, the Savak (which now continues to do intelligence for fundamentalist Iran under another name).

Stabbed in the back, betrayed by the US and his own US-founded-and-trained intelligence agency, the Shah was forced to abdicate and leave his ‘kingdom’ in the hands of ‘fundamentalists.’

What a triumph for true Islamic Fundamentalism, right?

Let me tell you how fundamentalist Iran is.

In Iran, a man and woman can do a mini-marriage so they can legally have sex and then get a quickie divorce when they get bored of it.

How’s that for fundamentalist?

Iran’s male youth, especially the rich upper crust openly act like rowdy punks, riding their motorcycles up and down the street, popping wheelies and creating mayhem.

In Iran, pornography is available on demand and satellite tv corruption is available to everybody.

Most Iranian women wear tight jeans under their phony chastity dresses (which they take off the moment they enter a home). Some women don’t even bother convering up their tight jeans with their fundamentalist coveralls.

Alcohol consumption is common.

Drug addiction is out of control in Iran, which is rather strange for a fundamentalist culture with zero drug tolerance.

The black market and the black market for drugs is blossoming in Iran.

In fact, in spirit and character, Iran is one of the least Islamic fundamentalist. The Iranians take the entire Shia fundamentalist society with a grain of salt, as do the supposedly ‘religious’ leaders.

Iranian society is a huge fundamentalist fraud, and the people know it.

Anyone scratching the surface of Iran’s Fundamentalist Revolution can see that its all a farce, facilitated by the United States itself and its intelligence branches everywhere.

Its originator, Ruhollah Khomeini spent the later half of his career sipping lattes in Paris (just like Lenin, Trotsky, Ho Chi Minh and all the other great 'revolutionists').

Yes indeed, France is sort of a revolution-central warehouse when it comes to sheltering ‘extremist’ revolutionaries for the entire world.

So the West facilitated, encouraged and probably financed the radicalization of Iran.

Iran was followed by Afghanistan.

The Russians invaded Afghanistan in 1979.

The Afghan government was already a friend of the Russians, so what the Russians did was a needless betrayal.

Russian atrocities turned the population against European civilization.

Now let me tell you something about the Afghans.

They are a tough and practical mountain people.

They practice Islam, with about the same fervor Americans practice their Lutheranism...which isn't much.

Their main loyalties are to their respective tribes.

Islam is just there, but it is no big deal.

The majority of the Afghan people are not very religious, and much less fanatical fundamentalists.

They are and have always been an agglomerate tribal group of independent, self-oriented, head-strong survivors.

Their culture has never included Islam fundamentalism or any type of fundamentalismat all.

They are about as Islamic as an Appalachian Hillbilly is Christian.

But the fix was in.

The CIA, in conjunction with its branch office, Pakistan’s ISI, made it a point to fund and support the ‘mujahedeen’ who represented the extreme fundamentalist ultra-minority in Afghanistan.

The CIA/ISI support for Muslim Fundamentalism radicalized the entire ‘mujahedeen’ movement.

After the Russians left, Pakistan’s ISI continued to support the Muslim radicals (in spite of the resistance movement consisting of a majority of non-sectarian groups).

Following the Russian exit, Afghanistan erupted into civil war as the competing tribes and war lords fought the Pakistani-backed fundamentalists.

Now the modern government of Pakistan has no business supporting Muslim fundamentalist movement on its own border, but intelligence agencies don’t have a habit of doing what’s beneficial for their own country.

In the civil war which followed, the CIA-ISI axis made sure the radical Taliban came out on top to become the virtual controllers of Afghanistan.

So Afghanistan became radical nation number-2...again, courtesy of the CIA.

Its from this period that we get Bin Laden and Al Qaeda – all instituted and funded by the CIA in conjunction with Saudi Arabia.

Since then, Saudi money (which helped fund the radicalization of Afghanistan) has funded the radicalization of the entire Middle East through its Madrassas schooling system, which starts radicalizing young people from the first grade through a franchise of free Saudi-funded religious schools throughout the Middle East.

In like manner, the totally secular nation of Lebanon was also radicalized with abundantly funded radical organizations like Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah.

Through Hezbollah occupation, Lebanon has become radical nation number-3.

Since 1979, provocative incidents have been sparked to create increasing hostility between the Muslim World and the West to

1) Fundamentalizing the Middle East


2) Bring the Middle East into conflict with the West

Here is the list:

1979: CIA causes the fall of the Pro-Western Shah of Iran

1981: CIA assists in assassination of Pro-Western Egyptian President Sadat (1981)

1982: US pilots captured and paraded by Muslim fundamentalists in Lebanon

1983: Mossad kills 300 US Marines in Lebanon (blamed on Muslims)

1985: American TWA Flight 847 hijacked by Muslim fundamentalists

-Americans victimized aboard hijacked cruise Ship Achille Lauro by Muslim Fundamentalists
-US soldiers in Germany killed by bomb
-US blames bombs secular non-fundamentalist Libya

-Iran mines Persian Gulf

-US attacks Iran
-US shoots down Iranian passenger jet
-Terrorists blow up Pan Am Flight-103 over Scotland

1991: US attacks secular Iraq

1992: USAF blockades secular Iraq
-Iran uses chaos caused by American blockade to fundamentalize Iraq

-FBI bombs World Trade Center (blamed on Muslim fundamentalists)
-US peace-keeping forces ordered to their doom in Somalia

1994: Mossad bombs Jewish community center in Argentina (blamed on Muslims)

-CIA bombs US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya (blamed on Al Qaeda)
-USAF bombs Sudan and Afghanistan
-USAF degrades and destroys secular Iraq by maintaining air & sea blockade (1994-1999)

2000: CIA/Mossad bombs USS Cole off Yemen (blamed on Muslims)

2001: CIA/Mossad carries out 9/11 Attacks by (blamed on Muslims)
-US invades Afghanistan (2001)

2002: KGB stages Moscow Theater takeover by Muslim fundamentalists

2003: US deposes secular Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein (2003)

2004-2008: US occupation of Iraq causes rise of Shia Muslim Fundamentalists

2009-2010: US “Surges” in Afghanistan increases recruitment for Muslim Fundamentalists

-Turkish government taken over by Muslim Fundamentalists
-CIA directs removal of Pro-Western Egyptian President Mubarak
-CIA directs removal of Pro-Western Yemeni President
-Pro-Western Bahrain government hit by planned uprisings
-CIA removes Pro-Western Libyan leader Moammar Ghadaffi
-CIA/KGB organize removal of Pro-Russian Syrian leader Asaad
-Fundamentalist-controlled Turkey breaks ties with Israel
-Secular Algerian government rumored to be in danger of falling

Since 1979, all of the above adds up to a steadily escalating series of provocations to designed to produce eventual confrontation between the West and the Middle East.

A purposeful radicalization of the Middle East through the treacherous Middle Eastern intelligence agencies (all created and trained by England or the US) has been steadily carried out since 1980.

The betrayal and attack upon Saddam Hussein by the West weakened his regime and allowed Iran to begin fundamentalizing Iraq’s Shia population

Hatred and hostility has been provoked between the US and the Islamic nations much like two roosters are provoked into hostility by their masters shoving them against each other.

After 9/11, the Taliban were ‘deposed’ in Afghanistan, but they came back stronger than ever with Pakistan’s ISI financing and now are re-established there.

The radicalization of Iraq began after the 2003 demolition of the isolated Saddam Hussein regime, leading to a surge of Iranian-financed radicalization of the Shias (Iraq’s majority population).

Ever notice that Iraq’s majority Shiite population did not become radicalized until WE moved into that place?

And now we are now having the ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings – basically a coordinated betrayal of secular Arab governments by their own US-controlled intelligence agencies to (intelligence) agents of fundamentalist extremists.

The entire Muslim world – from Morocco to Pakistan – is being betrayed by the Western-controlled intelligence agencies with Saudi money and assistance.

Yes, Saudi Arabia, the most fundamentalist Islamic nation in the world, whose sheiks party till the break of dawn, while the population lives under medieval fundamentalist oppression.

The Saudis are not only major Western tools, they are absolute frauds.

The House of Saud is a crypto-Jewish dynasty put in place by Saudi Arabia’s former colonial master, England.

Complete frauds, and total degenerates, it is the House of Saud which has financed and directed the social fundamentalization of the Middle East and are now bankrolling the new “Spring Revolutions.”

The House of Saud’s Saudi Arabia is the core of the radicalization of the Middle East, and in spreading their money, they cooperate completely with the major Western intelligence agencies like the CIA and MI6.

Now you’ve got pro-Western Libya collapsed, with Egypt on the brink, along with Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Algeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and even Turkey.

And the brink could be reached quite suddenly.

You see, Muslim fundamentalism happens at the top, which means that nothing more than a set of riots, combined with a series of coups (all directed by the Islamic nations’ own treacherous intelligence services in coordination with our own) could turn the Middle East into a seething radical fundamentalist confederation totally set against the West.

Add to this the fundamentalized masses of Europe (all brainwashed with Saudi money) and you’ve got a real powder keg.

And it’s no coincidence that the majority of the ‘Spring Revolutions’ are all happening in countries FRIENDLY to the West (Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen).

This is because those countries’ Western-trained and directed intelligence agencies are turning against their own nations on cue under the direct orders from Euro-American intelligence.

Meanwhile, the West is stabbing all its Middle Eastern allies in the back and telling their governments to ‘step down’ to allow the Muslim Fundamentalists to take charge.

A Muslim Fundamentalism represented at an international level by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood is an international Saudi-financed confederation of Muslim fanatics who are spread throughout the Muslim world, from Morocco to Pakistan, and ready to take control.

The intelligence services of the Muslim world (like Pakistan’s ISI) can’t keep themselves from dishing out help and money to these radicals, even against their own government’s orders.

This is because the Middle Eastern nations’ own spy agencies are part of the problem, not the solution.

And the whole fundamentalist movement is a fraud.

It’s always funny to see footage of ‘Taliban’ fighters marching along the mountains of Afghanistan in pristine white basketball shoes…or to see their clean, soft, shaven faces.

Its obvious these people have not spent much time in the mountains at all.

Some of their ‘commanders’ seem to be on drugs as they do interviews and some look not only soft and effeminate, but plain flat out gay!

A favorite tactic of theirs seems to be to fool children to immolate themselves with bombs near the enemy.

Again, the entire fundamentalist movement is a fraud, led by cynical people who have no real convictions or beliefs whatsoever, except when it comes to murder and decapitation.

So the Muslim World is being radicalized.

The real question is why.

The answer is that the Establishment wants conflict between the Muslim world and the West.

And there is no better provocation to a Muslim-Western conflict than a Middle East united under a fanatical Muslim fundamentalist confederation to start the ball rolling
along with Europe’s exploding Muslim population.

Put it all together and you’ve got a hot war in the Middle East combined with a Terror War at home.

Such a conflict will be a perfect excuse to keep passing ever more repressive laws and measures against the populations of the US and Europe, and until they are turned into virtual police states.

Such a war will also destroy much of the Middle East, and leave the haughty Muslim countries flattened.

And let’s not forget the Middle East will be an ideal nuclear battleground in which all those tactical and strategic nukes can be used without jeopardizing the European industrial sector.

But the fight could by no accounts be an easy one, with Russia and China arming the radical Middle Eastern states (as they are now doing).

Sadly, but truly, the formation of the New World Order seems to include a gigantic war fought in the Middle East by powers of the Western World and the Radical Islamic factions of the Muslim World.

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