Thursday, September 1, 2011

NATO: No Account Terrorist Organization

The recent unprovoked bombing of Libya was NATO’s latest chest-thumping accomplishment carried out in conjunction with the UN.

Other fiascos like the bombing of Serbia or Afghanistan feature amongst its famous military failures.

In Serbia (just like in Libya) NATO ran out of bombs and ammunition in the middle of the campaign, and the co-combatants couldn’t even decide who would do what, while some of the others decided to ‘withdraw’ from operations.

NATO doesn’t seem to have any type of centralized command, and all its members act like NATO is some sort of optional volunteer service they can choose to obey or not.

In short, NATO is useless.

In addition to its uselessness, it has now shown itself to be an inhuman, brutal and bloodthirsty organization.

Its unprovoked aggressive assault on Libya is a case in point.

Ghadaffi had actually become a friend of the West and a bastion against Al Quaeda when the assault happened. He had mended his ways by giving up his nuclear program, his chemical program and his funding of terrorist organizations.

Libya was repaid with total destruction.

In its endeavor to ‘help out Libya’s rebel forces’ NATO bombed out Tripoli’s infrastructure into the stone age simply because Ghadaffi’s forces were present there.

In this case, the operation resembles the US bombing of Iraq’s infrastructure during the First Gulf War, the 11-year post-Gulf War and the 2003 Invasion of Iraq.

Quite literally, NATO has the blood of millions of sick, weak, infirm, invalids, infant, and elderly people on its hands because it made the inhuman policy decision to bomb into oblivion the water, electric, sewer, communication and transportation infrastructure of Iraq during that conflict.

In other words, it adopted the murder of innocent civilians instead of the enemy as a policy of war.

You can imagine what an electrical and water cut-off means to cities in the middle of the DESERT.

No cooling and no water.

Which means the weaker members of society DIE.

And the stronger members must try to survive the agonies of deprivation.

Add to this all the bridges being blown and you’ve got no food or medicine coming in either.

This is not paltry stuff.

I am referring to dying of thirst, starving to death or dying due to absence of medical attention because there is no electricity, no food and no water.

The USAF and NATO have shown they are willing to murder masses of innocent civilians if they don’t have their way.

As such, they are cowardly hypocritical murderers.

NATO quickly played the murder card when it destroyed Tripoli’s infrastructure and destroyed its water supply in the interests of helping the rebels.

I guess that’s what all that pin-point smart bombing was really about – hitting water reservoirs, power plants and bridges with pin-point accuracy so that you can kill people with thirst and starvation.

After all, the target of NATO is Ghadaffi and his army, not the people of Libya, right?

In doing so, NATO has shown itself once more to be a No Account Terror Organization.

Just like it always has been:

A no account, weak, useless terror organization whose tactic is to win wars through terror.

I am not just saying that either.

Let me back up my case.

During the Cold War, it was a pathetically weak and under-equipped NATO which promised to unleash nuclear hell should the Soviet Union ever attack.

See how that works?

It was NATO that was threatening the end of the world, not Russia.

Basically NATO was terrorizing the Soviet Union by promising to unleash all-out nuclear annihilation should the USSR ever penetrate NATO’s front lines with a conventional attack.

Now that’s quite a threat.

But it didn’t end there.

NATO also promised to immediately launch nuclear strikes if the USSR ever used chemical weapons.

In short, if the USSR went chemical, NATO would go nuclear!

Too bad that keeping it meant the death and destruction every nation NATO was meant to protect in the first place.

NATO didn’t care.

The threat stood:

You attack, we unleash nuclear hell.

See what I mean by calling it a ‘No Account Terror Organization’?

NATO was basically using TERROR against Russia to keep it from ever attacking.

Just like it is now using the TERROR against Ghadaffi by threatening to croak off the population of the desert capital of Tripoli by cutting it off from water, electricity and all highways until everybody in there DIES.

Whatever happens now, Tripoli will suffer terribly because NATO has already blasted the city’s water-supplying infrastructure into oblivion.

What awaits Tripoli now (whichever way the war goes) is a humanitarian disaster (which the media, of course, will barely cover).

After all, did you see the media cover Iraq’s humanitarian disaster - which resulted in the death of 1 million people?

Of course not.

NATO is all about terror.

And all about covering up the fact that it used terror in the first place.

NATO Will Ultimately Betray Us

The sad part we, the United States of America, are part and parcel of NATO, in fact, we helped put it together.

Now, I distrust any organization that has a ‘secretary general’ in charge.

This is because the only other institution to have a "secretary general" is the Communist Party.

The UN and NATO have such a ‘secretary general’ and in so doing, they are imitating the political structure of the Communist Party.


It is NATO who will be in charge of defending Europe against an attack by Russia – an attack that WILL OCCUR sooner or later.

And looking at NATO’s lack luster operations in Serbia and Libya...

...and seeing that its infrastructure starts falling apart at the seams when it just tries to bomb a Third World country...

...I am afraid to even imagine what is going to happen when NATO has to stand up to the Russian juggernaut.

In Serbia, NATO started suffering a bomb and ammunition shortages while it was seemingly unable to destroy little or nothing of the Serbian Army.

It wasn’t much of a surprises to see the same bomb-shortage thing happen in Libya.

Would it surprise you to hear that the same thing also started happening in both the first and second Iraq wars?

What the hell type of resistance is NATO expected to be able to put up against a Russian attack if it already starts running out of ammunition after a week of dirt-kicking in the Third World?

Let me be clear.

NATO is an odious organization not only because it likes spilling blood...

…not only because it has turned into a tool for Europe’s elite...

…not only because it is a weak no account institution that depends excessively on the United States for its continued mal-contrived existence…


You heard me right.

When the attack happens, NATO will fold like a deck of cards.

NATO is a treacherous organization at the service of the Marxist New World Order.

Presently, NATO is implementing such military 'reforms' like eliminating all landmines and cluster bombs from Europe and terminating all military service and draft requirements within all European countries.

Please note that China and Russia are not terminating THEIR military service requirements, nor getting rid of any of THEIR weapons.

On the contrary, they are ARMING TO THE TEETH!

So it’s going to be NATO, this two-bit, over-stretched, treacherous pseudo-military organization led by a comrade “Secretary General” which will be assigned to face the next Russian tsunami on Europe.

And who the hell are they trying to kid anyway?


So NATO will always do its duty alright…for the New World Order, that is.

When the time comes, it will dutifully collapse like France did in 1940.

And I’m not just talking a slow military collapse…

…but a total, over-before-it-began, what-the-hell-just-happened, surrender-monkey type of collapse.

(You can get a good idea of what its going to look like by studying NATO-trained Georgia's performance before a Russian attack).

So, besides being a no good murderous organization, NATO is also the key to the fall of Europe to the concealed Marxism and the New World Order.

In all honesty, the armies of the Europe would have been stronger, more capable and of much greater morale if NATO had never existed at all.


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  2. Only total idiot could argue that the New World Order is a marxist. I recommend to this idiot to read about Novus ordo seclorum.

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