Saturday, August 27, 2011

America's Satanic Committee of 13

The centralization of the United States government has happened.

A powerful 'committee' has been set up to start running the country.

How quickly we forget that blood-drenched Revolutionary France was run by a ‘Committee of Public Safety.’

How quickly we also forget the tyrannical Soviet Union was run by a committee of ‘party leaders’ called the Politburo.

And now our government has created a committee - a “politburo” - to run the United States of America.

During the Cold War, it was such a “politburo” (a committee of 9 men) who actually ran Russia (and still runs communist China).

That’s right - government by committee.

And yes, the government-by-committee system IS an established COMMUNIST practice.

Sounds nice, tight and efficient, doesn’t it?

The results were never nice, nor tight, nor very efficient in practice.

The Politburo committee system produced unending food shortages in Russia and is now producing gross inefficiency and apocalyptic pollution in China.

Too bad the United States of America has seen fit to adopt this politburo-type committee system as our new form of government.

And that is exactly what the ‘Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction’ is – a Communist style politburo.

Of course, they had to create a crisis in order to get it:

“Oh no, we’re not able to raise the debt-limit!” they said.

(Oh yeah, like they’ve been doing for the last 50 years until we reached $14 trillion in unpayable debt?)

A debt limit is simply a limit on the amount of money the US can continue to borrow and increase its debt by.


If there was one, the ‘debt limit’ should have been activated when Ronald Reagan whoppered us with our first trillion dollars in debt.

The debt limit (if it ever really existed at all) exists only as a meaningless formality, like the Senate asking permission from the Pro Tem to ‘begin the session.’

But suddenly, our Illuminati congressional leadership decided to make a big pretend stink about not being unable to raise the debt limit.

Gee willikers, what do we do now?

(Pure theatrics)

The President walks out in the middle of a meeting.

The Majority Leader confronts the President and the Democratic Leaders.

Neither side will budge or compromise?

Are you kidding me?

Politicians not compromising?

Isn’t that what they do every day of their stinking existence?

OF COURSE it was all an ACT.

Much ado about nothing, really.

The irony is that the main actors (and they were actors) behind all this drama - the President and the Congressional leaders – are the same ones who are now scheduled to take their seats in the new ‘Super Committee.’


After all the theatrics came to a head, suddenly somebody just pulls an entire law - “The Budget Control Act of 2011” - out of from nowhere, and puts it before Congress.

(Uh yeah, like it hadn't already been written)

And this act gives America permission to increase its debt only by another $2.4 trillion and only $2.4 trillion (which just leaves the way open for another ‘act’).

Not that America ever needed any sort of 'act' to borrow money.

But now Congress suddenly says we do!

And, this ‘Budget Control Act’ is the ONLY thing the two sides CAN compromise on.

Come on Congress, please pass this thing before the moment passes and the two sides go back to bickering and non-compromising…and America goes bankrupt!

...And the ‘act’ passed.

So now we have an ‘act’ that will help us ‘control the budget’ with the help of a special congressional committee.

(Funny that Congress never admitted the budget was ever ‘out of control’ in the first place - that would have been too honest)

Sounds nice though – bringing the budget under control - it says nothing about a balanced budget, however.

‘Its about time,’ many say.

But wait...closer inspection of the law reveals that…

Suddenly we find out that the ‘act’ actually creates a new joint committee called “The Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction” (composed exclusively of Congressional leaders) to ‘recommend’ to Congress what cuts need to be carried out.

(“Well, alright…Congress has always used committees to recommend things. Besides, the Committee IS composed of Congressmen. No problem, right?”)

But wait, closer inspection reveals of the law reveals…


The new committee can pass its own ‘ budget-cutting recommendations’ by default over the heads of Congress if Congress fails to agree to any of them.

Excuse me?

The Committee has arbitrary powers?

If so, then Congress has, by passing this ‘act,’ SURRENDERED A LARGE PORTION OF ITS CONSTITUTIONAL POWERS to this committee.

(“Ok, that IS sort of arbitrary, but the powers of the committee only involve budget cuts, so this arbitrary power is very limited, right?”)


But wait...closer inspection of the details reveals…


The Committee has the capacity to ‘expand its jurisdiction’ to other areas.


This means it can somehow expand the use of its extraordinary powers over things beyond just the budget.

Like the War on Drugs?

Like the War on Terror?

Like Swine Flu Vaccination perhaps?

Members of the Committee are now falling over themselves stressing to the American people how ‘unlikely’ this is and how they ‘hope that is ever necessary’ though ‘its probably never going to happen’ and ‘not that it could ever happen anyway.’

Uh yeah…

…just like the income tax was never supposed to go over 5%?

...just like Social Security deposits were an untouchable 'lock box?'

…just like the Social Security Number was never supposed to be used as a national ID?

…just like the Patriot Act was supposed to ‘ adhere to the constitution?’

(“Yeah, haw, haw, here just have another hot dog and some root bear, my friends, every thing’s going to be alright.”)

Oh wait!

There is already talk of expanding the Committee's 'jurisdiction' to include tax reform.

How quickly the dominoes fall!

Incredible, huh?

“The Joint Select Committee on DEFICIT REDUCTION” will now have the power to reform our entire tax system.

And from there the sky, I guess, is the limit.

(“Well, at least the committee is composed of elected Congressmen, so we have a say over what they do, right?”)


The committee is composed of Congressional Leaders – those Congressmen who have been put in those positions of power because they are obedient Illuminati pawns and belong to such institutions as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bildebergers. The same 'Congressional Leaders' have been in power for decades!

What you really have in this committee is a concentration of poison.

And it’s no surprise because it’s true that the so called ‘congressional leadership’ has been accustomed to pushing their weight around in Congress for decades.



…lording themselves over freshmen congressmen (i.e. real representatives)

…deciding which bills shall or shall not be presented before congress

…appointing fellow Illuminati stooges to the heads of congressional committees and...

…arranging party cut-offs for ‘non-cooperating’ congressmen.

What do you think ‘Congressional Whips’ do?

Here’s a hint: Think about what a whip is used for.

‘Whip’, the very word is so anti-American, yet it’s is used regularly in political science to refer to the official party bullies in charge of threatening and cajoling the new congressmen into ‘getting in line with the program.’

Yes indeed, the ‘congressional leaders’ have been virtually RUNNING Congress for decades through their precious ‘committees.’

So it comes as no surprise that they might one day come up with the idea of a ‘super-committee’ to run the entire freaking country.

(“Ok, it’s a concentration of power, but the members of the Committee are beholden to the American public because they are elected officials, right?”)

Not Really.

Incumbents have an 80% chance of reelection.

Scam electronic voting machines have made that percentage even higher.

Besides, they won’t get appointed to the Committee until AFTER they’ve won. The Committee itself would be a revolving door of Illuminati pawns.

I knew the minute I saw Rep. Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) leering, crazy, laughing face on the footage from the ‘bi-partisan meeting’ that something was up.

After all, what could anyone have to smile about?

The entire nation was in a budgetary existential crisis, wasn't it?

But this guy just couldn’t contain himself!

You know how Emperor Palpantine’s face looked in Star Wars when he shouted “POWER, ABSOLUTE, UNLIMITED POWER!!!”

That was McConnell’s face!

This guy looked just like a freaking Emperor Palpatine.

I guess that’s what the Masons call their ‘seething energies.’

This guy was seething alright, but it wasn’t a seething of a good kind.

Talk about a major freak.

Sort of like George Bush Senior’s ‘cat that just ate the canary’ look when Jr’s run for the presidency in 2000 seemed in trouble. George Sr knew the truth - the election was in the bag - the polls meant nothing.

Just like Bush Sr., Re. McConnell knew something we didn’t…and he could hardly contain himself.

Well the truth is…he DIDN’T contain himself!

It looked like the guy was having a gigantic orgasm.

His ecstatic joy was there for all America to see.

And what about the number of members on the committee?

Six from the House...and six from the Senate.

They keep calling it a 12-member committee.

But the truth is the President is officially its 13th member!

Are you kidding me?

A witches coven?


And we all know the Freemasons like to place their landmark number ‘13’ on any project they bring to a successful fruition.

What an ungodly coincidence that they forgot to see that the total number on their new committee is 13 – a number most American regard with fear and dread and consider unlucky.

But you know, the number also happens to be a powerful number in Witchcraft, Satanism, Freemasonry and the Illuminati, forces all which were probably behind this Committee in the first place.

What more blatant warning can we all have that this Witches Coven Committee is up to no good?

Look for this Coven to become the new Politburo of the United States.

Don’t worry, one manufactured emergency or other will be used to justify the expansion of its powers into ‘other jurisdictions.’

Too complicated a tax system? Let the committee rewrite it.

War on Drugs?

Let the Committee introduce a quick-fix.

The Border?

The Committee’s can ram through vital legislation that would take care of that in a jiffy.

War on Terror?

Boy, just put that in the hands of the Committee, and we’ll have it wrapped up by next week.

Yep, the Committee will finally bring us what we’ve always wanted: a smooth, quick and effective government.

Certainly beats that slow argumentative, filibustering, ineffective Congress we had, which could never agree or decide on even on what day it was.

Yes America, you can bet this Committee is going to be all about ACTION!

It’s gonna be efficient and dynamic.

And by the way…

…look out protestors, terrorists, foreign dictators, troublemakers and evil doers everywhere.

We’ve got the Devil's Own Committee of 13 directing this Country now, and by Beelzebub we are done fooling around!


  1. Billy 'the truth' SteelJuly 21, 2013 at 10:15 AM

    The U.S. will eventually pass religious laws and cause all '... to worship the beast (papacy) and his image (apostate protestant churches) and receive a mark (sunday worship) in their hand and their forehead.' The country (U.S.) will eventually repudiate all the laws of the constitution and require its citizens to obey or be branded a terrorist! The 'war on terror' is a war against the freedom of the american people and is intended to terrorize us into obedience - THEIR brand of obedience! Their form of worship - witchcraft - The three unclean frogs that proceed out of the mouth of the dragon (Satan) are: Roman Catholicism, Apostate protestantism and spiritualism (witchcraft) and through these three world religions the WHOLE WORLD will be brought under their sway!

  2. See 2:05:00 SOLDIERS, PRISONERS IN TEXAS given EXPERIMENTAL DRUGS , then come down with GULF WAR SYNDROME, Plus they were Exosed to Chemical Weapons they had 44,000 Alerts and the Army Said the Equipment MAL-FUNCTIONED, they Found Weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION that America Sold to SADAM ...