Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Charlottesville Provocateur Propaganda

What happened in Charlottesville, Va was nothing more than a staged piece of provocateuring false flag propaganda.

Sometimes I wonder how smart the Illuminati really are, to be staging shit like this and expecting us to follow along in a monkey-see-monkey-do manner.

Then I saw the follow up ‘march’ in Boston and I thought “yeah, we really ARE this stupid.’

The Boston ‘protest’ was again a reaction against a gathering of racists and ‘nazis’...that didn’t prevent the demonstrators holding up signs calling Trump a racist and calling for his impeachment.

Oh, I get it now, it was an ANTI-TRUMP protest...disguised as an anti-Nazi rally (other sources were saying it was an anti-racist rally...whatever).

But get the message?

It was an anti-racist rally in reaction to a Nazi rally (which in the end attracted a mere 50 Nazi provocateurs).

This dwarfed the other sided "protesting racism" which numbered THOUSANDS.

But the massive anti-racist demonstration in Boston was advertised in the media as being held against the ‘conservatives’ who were rallying.

But the nation got the message.

The Bostonian provocateurs and their stooges who had rallied against the Nazis ultimately came out against...you guessed it:Trump...because (get it)..Trump is a racist Nazi, along with all his supporters.

That makes as perfect sense...as does the bait and switch mid rally reality in which the media irresponsibly depicts Trump and his supporters as Nazis.

Now the prior Charlottsville rally was advertised to the public as a patriotic rally to save Southern war memorials and monuments.

When gullible patriotic Americans showed up to support not destroying their monuments,  they were met by gaggles of helmeted and armed agent provocateurs dressed up as Nazis and Klu Klux Klanners and posing as allies.

The smarter patriotic Americans turned right around and went home.

The ones who wanted to defend their monuments shrugged and stayed.

Boy was THAT  a mistake.

For soon, coming right around the corner were masses and masses of Antifa counter-protesters as well armed as the Nazis....

...while the police seemed aloof and distant from it all.

The gullible Americans who stayed had just made themselves part of a phony provocateuring false flag operation using BOTH sides as its pawns.

The were subject to the brutal threats and attacks of the Antifa, especially when the police FORCED the far-right protesters to run the gauntlet right through the Antifa protesters.

Needless to say A LOT of media was present to film the proceedings.

Actually BOTH sides belonged to the New World Order.

The pro-monument rally was put together by an ex-Obamamite and Occupy Wall Streeter who was now posing as a conservative.

And, of course, the whole thing was designed to happen a mere 100 miles southwest of ‘The Swamp’ of Washington D.C.

The conservative boobs and real liberals who stuck around were the true cannon fodder of this event who got torn apart by well trained and well conditioned Antifa fighters one side and well equipped and trained Nazis on the other.

The Nazis and Klanners were too well protected by helmets and bullet proof vests to even get scratched.

The Media did the rest.

The pro-monument conservatives who showed up were labeled as ‘Trump supporters, Nazis and racists’ and if you didn’t believe that, they unfurled a giant Nazi flag, made Heil Hitler gestures and marched in full Klan regalia.


‘Trump is a racist!’

‘His supporters  are all Nazis and Klanners!’

‘But don’t worry, ANTIFA is coming to the rescue!’

I think somebody has to have brain damage to believe such infantile nonsense, but there it is.

‘Trump and his followers are Nazis!’

‘Antifa is rescuing America!’

A sacrifical boob form the left was also rendered when a car ran over and killed her as it plowed into a crowd.

Was the car remote controlled, was the lunatic driving the car mind-controlled?

It was all meant to be.

As for me, the minute a protest I am attending starts unfurling Nazi flags and people start putting on their Klu Klux Klan outfits, and they are not told to leave the protest, I am outta there!

No way I’ll be part of that.


Because it is a false flag, and it wants to make you part of it!

Why don’t you just dress me up as a Nazi-Klanner Clown, put a red nose on me, and beat me bloody with a baseball bat?

It is also propaganda, wanting to make America believe American conservatives are Nazis, Klanners and racists!

Get yourself the hell out of there!!!!

Because they’re going keep doing it.

Soros, ADL and FBI organisms assembled BOTH sides of the protests...catching a lot of innocent Americans as boobs and cannon fodder for blood with which to consecrate the protests.

The Boston protest was an even bigger LIE when the media got together to state that Boston was protesting the Conservatives and Trump (they were actually protesting the Klan and Nazis - of which not more than 50 showed up.

What a humungus fucking lie!

‘So to arms, fellow Americans!’ the Media crowed.

‘Boston is rising up against Trump!’

What a complete lie!

But don’t worry, it’s not going to end soon.

There are going to be MORE and MORE staged protests, covered by MORE and MORE lying media and victimizing MORE and MORE innocent Americans.

These insider people are good at this and they have been falsely provocateuring for centuries.

But remember, it’s all staged (and paid for) to add texture and a false narrative to what they are doing - collapsing the United States of America.

The Nazis, Klanners and Anarchists are going to keep showing up. It doesn’t matter that most of them are ADL, FBI, CIA provocateurs.

If the protest organizers are too stupid to tell these people to leave, the YOU should leave.

The government will continue to infiltrate bring down conservative rallies.

Do not participate side-by-side with these provocateurs, especially when there are A LOT of them (because that rally has been well financed).

They have seeded their agents amongst us.

They are out to label patriotic Americans as racists...and then subject them to the brutality of street justice, police action and arrest.


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