Monday, March 10, 2014

Our Major Problem: Infiltration

The main reason societies fall to monstrous tyrannical Illuminati dictatorships is that they have been infiltrated prior to the fall by agents who are not who they say they are.

This is why France fell to the Jacobins in 1792 during the French Revolution.

This is why Russia fell to the Bolsheviks in 1918.

This is why Germany fell to the Nazis in 1933.

Look at the example of France.

By the time of the revolution, many of the nobles themselves were not who they said they were - a nobility loyal to France and its King. the Duke of Orleans, and many other nobles, they were members of the Masonic Lodge and loyal to Masonic Grandmasters.

By the time things really began collapsing, the King himself was said to be a Freemason.

This, combined with the French Secret Service, who recruited local officers and public servants and put them in positions of importance...

....and the central bankers who put their agents in positions throughout the government bureaucracy and French society itself....

...made it possible to overturn France and submerge it into tyranny....

...a socialist tyranny which has ruled France ever since.

Or what about Russia?

Same thing...why re-describe the whole process?

The Tsar, along with most of the Russian nobility were Freemasons.

The Russian Secret Service - called the Okhrana - was out of control and had its agents everywhere.

The banking agents had moved in and established their servants throughout Russian society.

In other words, Russian society was pretty much screwed before the Revolution even began.

The nobles, the bureaucrats, the public servants, the officers and the police identified themselves as what they really were:

....Freemason....Okhrana agent....agent of the international banks....legitimate official bribed by the international banks...legitimate official blackmailed by the Okhrana.

A real and legitimate government would have machinegunned the ‘sealed train’ and all its occupants  as it pulled into St. Petersburg.

And of Nazi Germany?

Why repeat the description of the entire process?

German military intelligence - the Abwehr - was out of control.

Its agents were everywhere and its operations ubiquitous.

HItler himself was an Abwehr agent.

Many members of the Reichstag were either agents of the Abwehr or agents of the banks or blackmailed or bribed victims of both.

So messed up was the situation that when Hitler basically asked to abolish the 2nd Reich and install him as dictator...hardly anyone demurred.

Before they fall, societies are infiltrated by agents of the local spy agencies, Freemasons and banking agents who are complimented by a coterie of bribed, blackmailed and threatened public officials.

These ‘people’ all act in unison to fulfill the master plan of collapse, revolution and change.

Germany ‘fell’ to the socialists and has remained a socialist welfare state ever since.

This is why its so puzzling that no Constitution or law has ever included an article dealing with the illegality of ‘ agents of double loyalties, conflict of interest, false representation and false pretense.’

In other words, no agent or member of any obedience based system can serve in the capacity of public servant.

This law also extending to present or future employees of institutions with vested interest in the field of public service the person occupies.

To makes things even more clear, lets see what some of these constitutional articles would look like:

No Freemason can occupy public office on account of the loyalty oaths sworn to Freemasonry.

No agent or asset, past or present, of an intelligence agency can occupy any public office on account of being an employee of a secretive institution which makes use of false pretenses, identity and facades.

No agent or asset of any banking institution may occupy public office on account of a bank’s ability to create money and use money to influence.

And to top it all guilty party violating these constitutional mandates shall receive a sentence of less than 10 years in prison!

I can tell you one thing, under such laws, no French, Russian or Nazi revolution would ever have taken place.

Unfortunately, the problem is society’s  own widespread acceptance that a Freemason...can be an Intelligence Agent...can be a public servant...can be a banker...can be a businessman.

This ‘acceptance’ is suicidal and opens up a society to Illuminati control and destruction.

Unfortunately, the latest victim of this type of infiltration is America.

Most insidious is America’s infiltration by assets of the CIA, NSA,  FBI, DIA and its alphabet soup enforcement agencies - BATF, DEA, DHS, etc into positions of public office and public service.

That’s right.

We have intelligence and police agency assets in positions of power in this country, serving as Legislators, Bureaucrats,  Judges, Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, and business community leaders.

We have corporate employees acting as committee chairmen in Congress.

We have Bankers in positions of public office.

This is very serious business.

When a society’s representatives and public servants represent something else other than their constituents and their government, the nation is open to control and collapse.

Whose control and collapse?

The international money powers whose agents occupy the high seats of banking, business and intelligence and DICTATE the direction a society takes through all its double-faced agents.


We have been infiltrated by assets who are other than what they say they are.

They are NOT fellow Americans.

They are NOT loyal Americans.

They are NOT loyal or impartial members of whatever institution they are part of, whether it be a Court, a Legislature, or Police or Government Agency.

They are the followers of the money powers - the occult nobility who are in charge of our central banks, who produce money out of nothing....and control society through its infiltrated agents.


Infiltration is fatally dangerous.

A society that is about to fall is infiltrated by agents other than its legitimate representatives and government employees.

It is not surprising that most conspiracy pundits DO NOT emphasize this aspect of the conspiracy, merely mentioning separate incidents in passing.

But it is not only important enough to mention, but to act and legislate upon it.

When that happens, the users of this infiltration system will cry out ‘national security.’

National security be damned.

Presently we have Congressmen, Judges, Law Enforcement leadership....and even a President who are not who they say they are.

National security has been used as a lame excuse for placing their people in place of our legitimate representatives and bureaucrats.

What they really consist of are agents of Freemasonry, Banking, Corporatism and Intelligence who follow the orders of their masters to the letter.

Through these agents, the Intelligence agencies have paved the way for their surveillance and blackmailing of the remainder.

Our Congress is totally blackmailed by NSA surveillance and infiltrated by intelligence and enforcement agencies.

Our Political Parties are completely penetrated by Corporatism and Freemasonry.

Our President is a CIA asset.

Banking and corporate employees dominate the bureaucracy of our government.

Our government is basically now a creature of the Freemasonic-Banking-Corporate-Intelligence  quad.

We should not be surprised if it takes the country in new and strange directions completely alien to America or the American people.

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  1. "We should not be surprised if it takes the country in new and strange directions completely alien to America or the American people."

    It already has been taken in an alien direction. I certainly don't recognize it.