Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mexico: Prepares for Civil War

Unnoticed by the mainline media is the preparation of Mexico for insurgency and civil war.

The appearance of 'auto-defensa' units in Mexico's heavily indigenous and forested southern departments are the cadre for nationwide insurgency.

Appearing at first as 'local' self-protection units against the Cartels ,the Auto-Defensa units have blossomed into paid, trained, well armed military the service of infiltrated Marxist leadership.

It all started with the abuse of the Cartels reaching a peak against a disarmed Mexican population, especially in southern Mexico.

The corrupt Mexican government tried to disarm the Auto-Defensa unsuccessfully, and eventually gave up and proceeded to 'register' them as auxiliary law enforcement.

In other words, the Mexican population has one more armed paramilitary group ready to push them around.

The Auto-Defensa franchise has spread to all of southern Mexico.

They regularly conduct road blocks, detention and assassination...all while Mexican law enforcement washes its hands of the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Marxist Che Guevara and Castro shirts are sprouting amongst the Auto-Defensa as are the brand new M-16s and AK47s.

Already the original local leadership is being assassinated and replaced by hard core Marxist guerrilla leadership.

Southern Mexico is ripe for insurgency and has been a Communist project since the Chiapas insurgency and 'Comandante Marcos.'

The Mexican Government seems clueless and helpless before the entire phenomenon as the entire portion of southern Mexico becomes quickly controlled by the Auto-Defensa concept...which is today intimidating the Mexican police and forcing them to basically stay within urbanized areas.

In typical guerrilla fashion, the Auto-Defensa are taking charge of the rural areas...pretty soon the Army will also become hesitant in entering these.

Just as perturbing is the shadow funding of the Auto-Defensa, which supplies enough money to hire cooks, guards and accountants, along with the rent of buildings and headquarters structures.

The standard line is that the Auto-Defensas are there to defend against the Cartels...reality is they are building up for guerrilla war against a corrupt and weak Mexican government...and are being taken over by Marxist Communist guerrillas.

Just where all the funding for the Auto-Defensa infrastructure remains a mystery, although there is indication it is coming from China and the Cartels themselves.

If this is true, Mexico is readying itself for a Colombian type FARC narco-insurgency against the Mexican Government.

Heavily forested and populated by  alienated, underfed peasants and natives, southern Mexico is the ideal place for guerilla war.

While the US Media and the Mexican Government sleep...Mexico is being prepared for large scale Marxist insurgency.

And please remember...the United States has a border with this country.

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  1. It is about time the poor get enough to live on!