Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hitler: The Agent Who Betrayed and Destroyed Germany

I can’t believe I’m writing this...but feel forced to due to the ongoing historical revisionistic view that HITLER was somehow not that bad, perhaps even a good guy who really had Germany and Europe’s best interest at heart, yet has been totally and unfairly trashed by history.

Hitler is now being promoted as some sort of hero by several groups.

In fact, saying Hitler wasn’t all that bad is becoming fashionable

The view seems to somehow be mixed with the view that Israel is bad and the Jews have unwarranted power. did all this get mixed up with the idea that ‘Hitler was a good guy’?

This new found admiration for Hitler is somewhat incredible, considering that this Austrian vagrant basically destroyed Germany and had enough Jewish, Zionist and homosexual connections to float the Titanic...and was basically financed by Jewish money from New York and London.

The people that are pushing the ‘Hitler was not that bad’ idea seem to me to be either shills or hopelessly naive.

Hitler was a mechanism of destruction.

He was simply the agent for continuing the World War that had

1) failed to create a new international order

2) failed to introduce Communism into Eastern Europe

3) failed to divide the world into two spheres of influence

4) failed to establish the nation of Israel

With Hitler, all these international goals and more would be finally ACCOMPLISHED.


Hitler was an Austrian from the homeland of the crypto-Jewish Hapsburgs.

Hitler’s father was the illegitimate offspring of an Austrian maid and a Rothschild master (history refuses to confirm who Hitler’s real grandfather was), making Hitler eligible for the long lineage of Rothschild bastards and their descendants who are appointed to positions of power in this world.

The surname ‘Hitler’ did not exist, but was entered erroneously in the certificate of Hitler’s (Rothschild bastard) father, Alois, when the man his single mother married attempted to change the child’s name to his own surname of Hiedler.

The ‘authorities’ entered the name as ‘Hitler’ and, incredibly enough, both his parents and Alois himself accepted this name-changing irregularity.

In typical Illuminati fashion, a new revolutionary name was born - Hitler - just like the phony revolutionary names of Lenin, Stalin or Kerensky.



Like all accepted Illuminati lineages, Hitler soon found himself within the clutches of the intelligence agencies (intelligence agencies and occult lineages go hand in hand).

At the start of WW-I, Hitler was an Austrian - a foreigner - who somehow got accepted within the ranks of the German Army.

Not only was this foreigner accepted, but given the choice job of ‘military postman’ - a runner who ran messages from the rear echelon of the front lines to the rear echelon proper on a motorcycle.

Much is made of Hitler’s burning desire to fight for the German it is peculiar that once he got to the front, he chose to ‘fight’ transporting messages back and forth and AWAY from the front lines...especially when there was such a high demand for soldiers in the trenches.

In other words, what Hitler got was a plum job which he was LUCKY to get, which kept him AWAY from the danger of the front line battlefield.

Lucky Hitler.

Or was he?

Not only did this foreigner get a safe plumb job, but he had a Jewish officer over him who wrote him up one award after another.

It was probably at this point that this foreigner somehow entered the ranks of German intelligence and was backed up by some invisible force which not only protected him, but promoted him throughout his career.

As military postman, Hitler was in the ideal position to spy on the morale of the German soldiers and report them directly to military intelligence.

More disturbingly, this foreigner, serving in the German armed forces and working for German intelligence, was in a position to spy for a foreign power...Britain.

There is a reason why foreign citizens are not accepted into the ranks of public service.

Hitler was an Austrian - a foreigner accepted within the ranks of the Army and accepted (inexplicably) within the ranks of German intelligence.

But in actuality this might not have been so inexplicable.

The job of intelligence is to spy on and betray its own citizens - a naturalized foreigner would probably have less qualms about doing this than a natural citizen.

The question is whether Hitler was a foreign intelligence asset prior to him even joining the German Army and, later, joining German Intelligence.

Researchers investigating Hitler’s past have come up with the strong suspicion that Hitler was an asset of British intelligence before even joining the German Army during WW-I.

The value of having a British SPY within the German Army during wartime is obvious.

It become even more valuable when the runner, Hitler, had, as a military messenger, access to tactical plans and information on the German Army.


Most of the types that end up joining spy agencies as stool pigeons and fakers are themselves otherwise careerless, useless individuals in real life.

Hitler fit that profile to a tee.

As an Austrian citizen, Hitler was a disreputable vagrant, an oaf and a derelict.

If you can imagine this reject roaming the streets of Vienna, visiting museums, hanging around cafes, attending operas, living in tenements, hawking mediocre art and socializing with homosexuals, you have a pretty good idea how Hitler spent his time.

As of yet unexplained, however, are the details of  where all of Adolf’s income came from during these carefree days in Vienna, considering he never held any type of gainful employment.

Was his money coming from the purse of British intelligence?

It was a trend that would continue throughout his life.

During WW-I his fellow motorcycle dispatch riders disparaged him as a buffoon who tried being funny and charming, but who withdrew into quiet dejection when he was not found to be amusing by his comrades.

Another one of abnormality Hitler’s was his apparent disinterest in women...accompanied by his abundant acquaintances with homosexuals...and his enthusiasm for manly war heroes.

Would it have come as a surprise to anyone that Hitler (like many of the Nazis) was a homosexual who associated with homosexuals.

Scott Lively does a good job of detailing the obvious homosexuality within the Nazi Party in his (banned) book, ‘The Pink Swastika.’

Somehow, mainland historians join ranks with pro-Nazi historians...and homosexuals and the establishment in denying this obvious fact - Hitler, along with most of the Nazi hierarchy (was either bisexual or gay).

As such, this would fit right in with the Illuminati characteristic of bisexuality and homosexuality within the ranks of its agents.

Another obvious fact is just how much Hitler (the supposed anti-semite) associated with Jews and crypto-Jews.


After the war, this shadowy wanderer stayed within Germany and, surprisingly enough...joined the Communist Party.

By this time Hitler was working for the new reconstructed German military intelligence called the Abwehr...which would eventually be headed by a homosexual (no surprise) British intelligence asset Admiral Canaris.

As such, the Abwehr itself becomes suspect as a British Intelligence-infiltrated agency, considering that it began WW-II with a British agent at its head!

So the British-infiltrated Abwehr goes on to hire probable British agent Hitler to spy on ex-German a Communist.

Some researchers have accused Hitler of being a Communist on account of his membership, but the truth was the Communist Party was an up and coming political power in Weimar Germany, which had already attempted an armed military insurgency at the end of WW-I.

So the Abwehr had a legitimate interest in infiltrating the Communist Party...and Hitler was their infiltrator.

In spite of all this ‘spying’ on the Communists by the Abwehr (and later the Gestapo), it becomes surprising just how many Communists not only escaped the ‘net’ but remained secretly within high levels the Nazi Party during WW-II (the Nazi ambassador in Moscow was a Communist agent who spilled the beans on Barbarossa, as was Mark Bormann who regulary passed real time updates to Stalin as was Heinrich Muller, chief of the Gestapo....believe it or not).

With British and Communist infiltration of this level, it becomes unsurprising that Germany would eventually lose WW-II in a catastrophic defeat.


So as an infiltrator for the Abwehr and possible double agent for British Intelligence, it becomes unsurprising when Hitler dropped his communist facade and stated attending the meetings of the German Worker’s Party as a spy for the Abwehr under the guise of a far right nationalist.

The German Worker’s Party was started in Bremen in 1919 by Anton Drexler and infiltrated that same year by Abwehr agent Adolf Hitler as its 55th member (sticking to the intelligence principle of infiltrating political movements right at the start).

Hitler’s tactic was to attend the Party meetings, give out a well-prepared and rehearsed harangue, and then withdraw to silent brooding and refrain from further comment or discussion.

His other job was to report the activities of all its members to the Abwehr.

Within two years this intelligence agency upstart had not only removed the Party’s founder, Anton Drexler, but had placed himself at the head of the Party and switched its base of operations from Bremen to Munich in Rothschild’s backyard, southern Germany.

The reason was probably the same reason all intelligence infiltrators always get a warm reception - access to funds and backing from fellow infiltrators within the group.

So right from the beginning you see the Nazi Party as being an instrument of German Intelligence and (through MI6 infiltration) British intelligence.


It has already been established that Hitler avoided front line combat duty by serving as a messenger during WW-I at a time when he could very easily have ended up in the trenches.

Hitler again demonstrated his cowardice at the n1923 Munich Beer Hall Putsch, where, with Ludendorff at the head of 2000 Nazis, he ran like a rabbit at the first sound of police gun fire, while Goering was wounded and Ludendorff marched unflinchingly right up to the barrels of the guns.


The act of cowardice did not matter.

At his trial for having participated in the Munich Beer Hall Putsch, even the prosecutor was praising Hitler and the sympathetic judge gave Hitler only 5 years in prison...of which he ended up serving only 9 very comfortable villa-like conditions!

Hitler used this time of luxury and ease at a minimum security prison (more like a hostel than a jail) to have his book ‘Mein Kampf’ either ghosted by Hess or handed to him ready made by someone else.

Amazingly enough, this supposedly and thoroughly anti-Semitic book fails to mention the ROTHSCHILDS even once!

Rhyming right along with the pattern of appointing foreigners as the destructive dictators of nations (the Italian Napoleon,  the Georgian Stalin...or Kenyan Obama), it was this Austrian Hitler who became the Leader of all the Germans in 1933.

The same mysterious finances that supported this bon vivant bohemian in his Vienna days blossomed into gigantic (and shadowy) support for Hitler’s National Socialist Worker’s Party.

There was no lack of funds to uniform, feed, clothe, pay and house a new paramilitary army called the S.A or Brown Shirts, along abundant charity for the needy and all the Nazi paraphernalia used in parades and discourses.

Later it was found out a lot of these funds originated from New York and London banks as detailed in the book, ‘Who Financed Hitler?’ and ‘Hitlers Financiers’

Hitler’s Nazi Party just got ahead because it got more money than any other party...from sources that remain shadowy to this day.

And you’ve got to figure, with the German Abwehr pulling all the strings, along with most of the police chiefs being Abwehr assets (and Nazis) themselves, Hitler had the elections all sewn up.

But despite all the propaganda, the parades, the favorably installed Abwehr agents, Hitler got only  33% OF THE GERMAN VOTE in the 1933 elections.

It was obvious that the majority of the Germans did not want this sleazy Austrian immigrant as their ‘leader.’

Matters would have to be decided otherwise.


What followed was a classic coup carried out by the Abwehr in close collaboration with Rothschild money.

Through the time tried method of spying, filing, bribery and blackmail (now recently having been used right here in America to successfully cow the US Congress), the Abwehr and the banks subjected the entire German political establishment to such an extent that when the Abwehr (in collaboration with the Nazis) burnt down the Reichstag (the German parliament building), the police were quick to confirm the Communists had done it...and that the whole of Germany was in mortal danger of further Communist terror.

This was Germany’s 9/11 - a self-inflicted terrorist act carried out by the local intelligence agencies after which the people are asked to surrender their rights and privileges to the executive.

As it was, the German representatives were moved to the Kroll Opera house (a fitting place for the political theater which was to follow).

At the Kroll Opera House, Hitler asked that the legislature pass an Enabling Act which would basically make him dictator of all Germany to deal with the supposed Communist terror threat.

To make things perfectly clear, the S.A. Brown Shirts thugs were allowed by the police to march right in and surrounded the legislators at their seats (while more S.A. demonstrated loudly outside).

In an astounding act of cowardice, the ‘representatives’ the German people  (now bribed,  blackmailed, threatened into uselessness) passed the Enabling Act by a vote of 444 to 84.

Adolf Hitler, the careerless Austrian vagrant of dubious origin and history (a background much like our own Barak Obama) became dictator of all the Germans.


By time Hitler assumed power the Germans were already resentful against the way things were.

Deep inside they knew they had been shafted in WW-I.

In 1914 they had been fooled into going to war.... and after wards kept in that war by force despite horrible casualties...until finally FORCED to surrender to the enemy (officially called an armistice)...even though the enemy had yet to set foot on German soil and while Germany held thousands of square miles of enemy territory in Belgium and Russia (which included the Ukrainian ‘bread basket’).

After this the Germans were forced to exist in deprivation and hunger as their industries (along with their economy) were disassembled and exported to the enemy while their currency was destroyed by enemy bankers...all at the boot and whim of an enemy that had never set foot on German soil.

The Germans were resentful...and many saw Hitler as a ‘tough guy’ answer to that resentment, both economically and politically.

Many an old German has admitted to me in confidence that ‘Hitler was not that bad’ or, in fact, that ‘Hitler was good.’

At the beginning perhaps he was.

As the secret arks of money were flung open, Hitler inundated the Reich with state-supplied employment, welfare, and even vacations.

The German people loved it.

What the history books don’t tell is that by 1938 the whole state-sponsored-welfare-state paradise had begun to fall the funds dried up and the reality of true economics took hold.

What to do?

Hitler’s solution was to begin to create one crisis after another in order to distract the attention of the German people away from the economy...towards war and military crisis.

It’s a method used throughout recorded history since the days of Rome.

More recently, the Argentine generals used it when they attacked the Falkland Islands for no other reason than to distract national attention from a disintegrating Argentine economy.

After all, when the economy and your popularity is falling apart, what have you got to lose?

Hitler provoked the Austrian crisis in 1938 by seizing Austria.

Hitler then provoked the Sudeten Crisis later that same year by seizing part of Czechoslovakia.

In this instance, France and Britain helped Hitler out by threatening  Czechoslovakia into surrender by promising they would not support her against Germany.

Hitler then provoked the Occupation Crisis in March of 1939 by physically occupying all of Czechoslovakia with no opposition.

The crisis-happy Fuehrer had seemingly come up with a fool-proof plan in which he would provoke one crisis after another in order to keep the Germans distracted from his collapsing socialist welfare state...while simultaneously nibbling up parts of Europe and its resources.

He carefully crafted out another ‘acquisition’ by secretly teaming up with the Soviets for the dismemberment of Poland.

In September 1939 he jointly invaded Poland with his new ‘ally,’ the Soviets.

But this time his crisis of distraction blew up in his face.

Britain and France declared war on Germany...while ignoring the Soviet role in the attack.

Doubtlessly, Hitler must have thought the Polish venture as another master stroke.

 After all, hadn’t he, once more, turned the whole situation into fait accompli by bringing in the Soviet Union?

Britain and France didn’t care - a declaration of war against Germany alone was issued (the Soviet role in Poland’s was ignored).

Hitler’s reaction to this new state of WAR is telling.

He went into shock...totally blindsided by the joint allied war declaration.

Witnesses describe him as ‘white as a sheet’ and speechless...unable to utter any proclamations or orders.

Following the war declaration Hitler retired himself from public view after which (perhaps following Abwehr briefings, reassurances, and psych-out sessions with Hess) he reappeared as a solemn war leader.

The war against the western allies was on.


Hitler was simply the instrument of Germany’s destruction.

As such he was NOT a victorious leader, but a saboteur, someone sure not only to begin the war, but to mess it up beyond all recognition.


His first act as ‘war leader’ was NOT to declare total mobilization for war.

That’s right, while France and England immediately mobilized for total war, Hitler refused!

Some how, it was supposed to make sense that while Germans were asked to sacrifice their sons at the front, they could still enjoy their vacations along with their peacetime employment and shopping.

So Germany went to war without the total mobilization necessary to carry it out.

It was obvious that a war to the bitter end against France and Britain would require a huge amount of materiel and production, yet Hitler somehow put forth the plan that Germany would simply muddle through with partial mobilization.

The early part of 1940 saw the German Army overrun Denmark and attack Norway.

The Norway decision was a particularly ‘bold’ plan in which the Kriegsmarine ended up losing a lot of  ships and men against the Allies as it attempted landings along the upper coast instead of just crossing over from Denmark.

The gains were dubious.

Meanwhile the Allies who had so successfully bullied Czechoslovakia, continued to assist Hitler by refusing to attack Germany in 1939 in support of Poland and then refusing to attack Germany at all during the first half of 1940.

The Phony War, as it was called, gave Hitler’s generals not only enough time to re-deploy forces from Poland, but to also put in some extra training, drill and re-equipping for the attack on France.


The German general staff had put forth a pretty straightforward plan of overrunning France from the north, through Holland and Belgium, across good tank country.

Hitler interfered, forcing the generals to switch the main attack from northern Belgium  all the way down to the Ardennes Forest, a thickly wooded area unsuitable for armored divisions.

As it was...with Allied help and cooperation...the plan worked.

The German panzer divisions slow marched through the constricted roadways of the Ardennes to emerge at the Meuse River and cross that too, without much of a problem.

Gone from all historical accounts are the many ways on how the Ardennes attack could have failed.

The supply lines winding through the Ardennes and stretching all the way back to the Ruhr could have been spotted easily from the air (as they indeed were) and bombed (as they inexplicably were not).

The Ardennes could have been set ablaze, choking and burning the closely packed German columns in place.

French tank and anti-tank forces could have used the restrictive terrain to cause heavy casualties on the compacted German columns.

As it was, none of this happened, because the Allies, inexplicably, continued to cooperate with the ‘bold’ Ardennes plan.

Aerial reconnaissance reports of massive German columns moving through the Ardennes were disregarded!

The Allies then proceeded with their automatic plan to cross over into Belgium the minute that country was attacked (even though there was no alliance, cooperation or planning with Belgians to do so).

Once the Germans emerged at the Meuse, the French command seemed unable to launch simple counter-attacks...or even artillery strikes which would have caused havoc with massing German columns.

French armored forces were not only held back, but disbanded and distributed throughout the entire front - essentially destroyed in place through bureaucratic action by commanders like French General Huntziger

Most of the French Air Force was not even deployed (and, in fact had MORE planes at the end of the conflict than at the beginning!).

Even the attack in the north through Holland and Belgium went ahead with as few problems as the ‘master stroke’ through the Ardennes, proving that, given the circumstances, the German Army would have advanced no matter what plan was used.

In other words, it seems that the right-leaning French military had somehow been bought off with promises of a far-right government once the elected French government had been overthrown by the Nazis.

Meanwhile Hitler continued his interference in military affairs by issuing a ‘stop order’ to the German Panzer divisions when it came to bottling up the British at Dunkirk...which he then let escape.

As it turned out, the French were soon asking the Germans for an armistice...

...and the men selected as representatives of France to sign that armistice...were the very same French officials who were responsible for France’s defeat in the first place:

- General Huntziger, commander of French Second Army which not only gave way before the Blitzkrieg, but refused to counter-attack along the lengthy German flank.

-General Bergeret, chief of staff of the French Air Force, who made sure to keep most of his planes out of the battle and ended the campaign with more planes than what he started out with!

-Vice Admiral Leluc, who kept the French Navy out of the war, especially at places where it could have made a difference, like Norway and Dunkirk

-Leon Noel, French Ambassador to Poland, who falsely re-assured the Poles that French help was on its way.

In summary,

After going for a ‘bold’ plan to seize Norway, which cost him a lot of ships...Hitler went for a ‘bold’ plan to attack France through the Ardennes, which could have - but didn’t - cost him a lot of tank...topped off with a ‘halt order’ to let the British escape at Dunkirk.

And he wasn’t done interfering either.


With Britain on the ropes, Hitler ordered with a straight face that the Wehrmacht and the Kriegsmarine prepare to invade Britain proper.

Meanwhile he launched the Luftwaffe on a campaign to soften up Britain in preparation for the cross-channel invasion.

This in and of itself was a tall order for the Luftwaffe, which was a tactical air force, designed to support to advancing troops, not carry out strategic bombing campaigns, but the German Air Force was making good time in destroying the RAF on the ground and in the air in preparation for Sea Lion...when Hitler interfered again.

At this point Hitler meddled back into the proceedings by ordering the Luftwaffe to CEASE tactical attacks on the RAF and Liverpool... and begin a useless strategic bombing campaign on the city of London itself.

This strategic campaign bled the Luftwaffe white, as it was forced to carry out a long-range  strategic bombing campaign for which its bombers had not the payload nor its fighters the range to accomplish.

The Battle of Britain was a veritable bludgeoning of the Luftwaffe, which suffered devastating losses as its light tactical bombers were forced to uselessly bomb far off cities unescorted by the short-ranged fighters.

The Luftwaffe commanders tried to give some tactical sense to this ‘strategic’ campaign by advising to concentrate on the vital port of Liverpool.

But Hitler would have none of it.

Instead he ordered the terror bombing of British cities...for which Winston Churchill expressed gratitude and relief...because the Luftwaffe was right on the cusp of eliminating the RAF and causing some serious economic havoc.

Hitler’s decision to terror bomb London, known as ‘The Blitz,’ not only took the pressure of the RAF and spared the vulnerable British ports, but also increased support for Churchill as the British people became outraged at the bombing of British civilians inside their cities.

Finally, exhausted by this strategic circus, the Luftwaffe turned to the ground forces and inquired when ‘Sea Lion’ would begin.

‘It would not,’ said the Fuehrer. The whole invasion of England was off!!!

Leaving the Luftwaffe in shambles and the assembled invasion forces sitting in their ports, the Fuehrer took his private train back to Germany for a vacation.


Meanwhile the Battle of the Atlantic was being lost by Hitler’s pathetic little submarine force - 30 U-Boats.

This translated which into 10 U-Boats being refitted, ten making their way either back or to the Atlantic and TEN U-Boats actually on patrol.

That, in turn, translated into the Kriegsmarine trying to blockade Britain with ten measly submarines!

Doenitz had asked Hitler for 300 U-Boats prior to the war into order to stand a realistic chance of strangling Britain.

But instead of filling the order, Adolf had contented himself with ordering the building of expensive prestige battle wagons like Bismark, Tirpitz, Scharhorst, etc....which had no chance of taking on the Royal Navy, were sunk when they dared ventured out of port and which ended up staying locked up in port for most of the war.

By shifting naval production to these floating castles instead of a viable U-Boat force, Hitler lost the Battle of the Atlantic even before it began.

Instead of the 300 U-Boats Doenitz requested...he got 30...only ten of these on patrol off the British Islands at any one time!


Back home, supposedly satisfied with his failed bombing campaign on Britain, his failed submarine campaign off England and the ongoing unresolved war, the Fuehrer let his top commanders in on a devious secret: Germany would soon be attacking the Soviet Union!

Red flags went up immediately.

Germany was still at war with England - an attack on the Soviet Union would open another front - a two front war.

Furthermore, the Soviet Union - by treaty, Germany’s ally - was supplying German war industry with all the fuel, natural resources and materiel it needed to continue fighting England.

Finally, huge distances would have to be covered in Russia, while fighting an enemy the German generals knew little about.

Generals like Guderian, who had actually spent time in the Soviet Union warned Hitler that its production potential was gigantic.

It was at this appropriate time that the Abwehr stepped in with ITS projections on Soviet production and military potential - all of it ‘pathetic,’ of course.

Considering that the Abwehr was headed by a British intelligence asset called Admiral Canaris, these calculations were suspect, to say the least.

So Hitler, the Abwehr agent, presented the Abwehr data to his generals showing that the USSR was actually a pushover and should be attacked as soon as possible.

In other words, the attack on Russia was based on false premises, a false view of reality and false misinformation about the enemy’s capabilities.


The German military leadership were too professional and experienced to simply swallow the Fuehrer’s calculations and rest at ease. The got to preparing for the greatest war in Germany’s history - hopefully the moment it got warm and dry enough to attack - in March of 1941.

But on the eve of Armageddon, Hitler came up with another project altogether...

..instead of getting right to the point of invading Russia, he decided to invade the Balkans instead...putting the entire invasion of Russia on hold!

Shades of Sea Lion, the German generals thought, perhaps the invasion of Russia was as much a pipe dream as the invasion of England was.

The preparations for Barbarossa (and its March start date) were thrown out the window as the Wehrmacht was re-deployed to carry out the latest whim of the Fuehrer down south: invade the Balkans in April of 1941...followed up by a last minute decision to send of a contingent of German forces to North Africa.

Once the sideshow and distraction of the Balkans Campaign was over, the Fuehrer told the general..."get back to re-organizing for Barbarossa!”

The Fuehrer had not forgotten. It turned out he was going to invade Russia that same year after all.

So following the re-re-deployment from this distraction the German Army was once more re-deployed to begin Barbarossa in late June.

One can only speculate about where Barbarossa would have gone if German forces had been allowed to invaded the Soviet Union in March, as originally envisioned - that would have given them three more months of campaigning weather in order to head off the paralyzing ‘rasputista’ mud that would paralyze the German Army in October.

Simply put, had Barbarossa been launched in March instead of June, the Germans would have had SEVEN months of campaign weather  instead of the measly four months allowed by the Barbarossa start date.

But the Barbarossa was itself not yet complete.

Minor details still had to be decided at the Fuehrer’s main objectives of the entire invasion.

These latter points were never really decided upon by the Fuehrer himself, so they were mostly left...undecided!

That’s right. The biggest invasion in human history had NO FIXED OBJECTIVES! It would simply be decided later...the Fuehrer would cross that bridge when he came to it.

The German generals assumed it would be Moscow, but one is prone to make mistakes when trying to predict the whims of the Fuehrer.

Finally...having put everything in place (once again) in order for the great invasion of Russia, the generals and experts eagerly awaited for the plan to mobilize Germany for total war (just like Britain had already done back in 1940).

But no such plan came down the drain pipe.

Nothing of the sort would happen.

The Fuehrer decided that Germany could take on the Russian behemoth with only a partial need to upset the German people and the economy with such a small matter.

They would be in Moscow in two months, according to the good people in the Abwehr.

So Barbarossa was launched in late June of 1941.

It made steady progress, even as it came across hordes of Russian tanks and troops which began to exceed, by several magnitudes, the total amount the Russians were supposed  to have in the first place...according to the Abwehr calculations.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

If you could compare WW-II to the Vietnam War, Hitler was playing the perfect McNamara to the Abwehr’s CIA...totally messing up the entire campaign in the process.

By this stage of the game, the German Panzer experts knew they had scored a Sunday punch on a gigantic behemoth...and that they had to keep the advance going in order to keep it off balance.

But the Fuehrer again interfered in the campaign, demanding that Russian forces be annihilated in detail before allowing the German panzers to advance, instead of leaving the surrounded Russians to rot on the vine.

As a result, the panzer divisions were sent on time-wasting operations to the north and south of surrounded Russian forces to ‘cut them off’ -  and were even ordered to wait as German infantry finished off the entrapped enemy -  instead continuing the headlong advance towards the objective, as they had done in France.

In spite of all this, the German Panzer Armies were, by August of 1941, poised a mere 200 miles from Moscow and ready to deliver the final blow.

But it was not to be.

Interfering Adolf had to stick his hands in the batter again.


What did the Fuehrer do at this critical junction?

He split up the central forces that were about to begin the final advance on Moscow!

One part was ordered to move north to participate in the siege of Leningrad.

The second half was ordered to rush south in order to assist in siege of Kiev.

The southern effort became even more useless when it became clear that the additional forces were not needed to take Kiev in the first place!

The German generals were literally tearing at their hair, in fact,  the chief of the German General Staff - General Franz Halder - had a complete mental breakdown.

Asinine Adolf was just too much for the all too professional and serious German general staff.

The German generals, it seems, had only, after all, ASSUMED Moscow was the main objective - now the Fuehrer had just added two more out of thin air!

Or did he?

By September he changed his mind again, ordering the hapless and confused generals they were now to take Moscow after all!

More reshuffling, more re-deployment, more re-organizing took place under the now quickly dropping temperatures to try to accomplish the Fuehrer’s new whim.

It took until the end of September to re-deploy all the German forces back from their northern and southern dispersal.

All this after giving the Russians an entire MONTH to prepare the defenses around Moscow.

By the time the German Army had been re-deployed to continue the advance on Moscow, it was the last day of September...and the beginning of the October ‘rasputista’ mud season...which began as the first snows started melting in the fall weather.

That’s right, the masterful re-deployment of the German Army had re-launched the offensive right into a sea of impassable mud!

The hard put German generals turned to Hitler and suggested that it might simply be wiser to dig in and consolidate given the hopeless reality of a mud offensive.

NEIN! said the Fuehrer, the offensive would continue right through the mud and through the freezing weather beyond!

The pathetic offensive continued through mud that reached right up to the thighs of a marching soldier.

The pathetic agony did not end until  mid November, when the quickly dropping temperatures turned the mud to ice.

The single-minded nonsense continued even than as exhausted and freezing German soldiers pushed on against the Russian defenses that were not there two months prior, when they should have attacked.

It continued through the freezing cold...the snow...the ice...the waist deep snow...and the dwindling supplies.

It seemed almost like a campaign directed by General Don Quixote!

By its end the German Army was freezing outside of Moscow.


It was freezing because the Fuehrer had decided NOT to deliver any winter clothing...preferring to increase the amount of fuel and ammunition for his useless offensive instead of diverting any of his supply effort for a one time delivery of winter clothing!

General Wagner, the quartermaster general collaborating in this treachery WAS later shot as a traitor in 1944.


As the Moscow offensive - the final swan song of Barbarossa - was coming to a grinding and freezing halt - the latest of his failures since 1940,  the Fuehrer had another novel idea.

He would decalre war on the United States!

Now this military genius not only faced an inconclusive war against England, not only faced an unending war against Russia...but decided at this critical juncture to also declare war on the United States - opening a THIRD front!

What a Christmas present for the hopeless freezing Germans outside of Moscow.

Shocked, the German industrial experts and generals again asked the Fuehrer if NOW would not be a good time to carry out a total mobilization of the German economy in order carry out a three front war.

NEIN! said the Fuehrer.

There would be no total mobilization!

In fact, Germany would not be permitted to even begin to mobilize totally for war by the Fuehrer...until 1943!

To make things worse, it seems that faulty Abwehr intelligence had neglected to inform the Germans that Moscow would be launching a massive counter-offensive just as the attacking German forces collapsed into freezing exhaustion before Moscow.

The ‘surprise’ Russian offensive caught the miserable German troops with their pants down

It was to be only the first of a total of FOUR surprise Soviet offensives the Germans would be hit with throughout the entire war thanks to the useless intelligence of the Abwehr.


A new attack on Moscow the following year was totally discarded by Hitler, which was a pity because Moscow made up THE road and rail communication hub through which most Russian supplies had to travel.

Instead, the new Napoleon ordered a new offensive way south on Stalingrad...and to the far off Caucasus Mountains if that worked out.

One wonders if all these ideas are that of a blossoming military mind or the meanderings of some mediocre artist imagining what to put on canvas next.

This time the obedient German Army inserted its head squarely in the noose that turned out to be Stalingrad on the Volga.

The result, was, of course, a disaster, as...the northern German flank was left in the hands of the Rumanian Army....and signs of an upcoming Russian offensive on the Rumanians were totally ignored...and once it happened...the German forces in Stalingrad received the order to stay put!

Not only was German 6th Army surrounded, but the Fuehrer forbade it to even attempt to break out and save itself!

Even the famous General Manstein disobeyed orders and attempted to reach the cut-off defenders on his own, but the truth was the Fuehrer had already ordered the troops at Stalingrad to stay in place, freeze and die!

Another freezing hell visited the German Army, accompanied by another unpredicted Russian counter-offensive that swept over the area and pushed the Germans out of the general area.


So far the German Army had launched two offensives right into the mouth of unforeseen ‘surprise’ Russian counter-offensives.

Why not launch a third?

This time at the ‘pocket’ at and around Kursk, which the German generals had been wanting to sew up in April, but which the Fuehrer had been keeping them from doing so until July...while letting the Soviets turn the area into a giant fortified killing zone.

By the time the Fuehrer ordered the generals to go in, they had already, in fact, given up on the idea - in fact, the heavily fortified Kursk salient now looked like a pretty good area NOT to attack.
But logic and the obvious was not to take hold...when did it ever under the Fuehrer?

‘Now you will attack!’ said the Fuehrer.

And the German generals, like the docile mules that they were, did so...right into a nightmare of minefields, trenches, tank traps, guns, machine guns and reserve armored forces.

The German forces lost so heavily at Kursk that the entire attack ground itself to a halt within three days.

The suprisingly harrowing and costly attack on a prepared position was topped off by another surprise - another Soviet counter-offensive!

That’s right, at the conclusion of the Battle of Kursk, the Soviets launched another massive unforseen (by the Abwehr) counter-offensive which pushed the German Army back with massive casualties across large swathes of territory.

All the German tanks sacrificed in the suicidal and useless Kursk attack might have been able to stop the new Soviet offensive, but after Kursk this was no longer the case - the German armored force had been bled white by this battle, conveniently, just prior to the Russian offensive!

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the Fuehrer announced to all concerned (as the front collapsed into hellish chaos) that he was sending a large number of German troops away from the collapsing front...all the way back to Italy!

At this moment in time, it must have become clear to the German generals that this was not a war...but a three ring circus, complete with a lunatic (traitor) at the top.

It was probably at around this time that many of the German generals began to think it was perhaps a good idea to blow the crazy twit to kingdom come!

The only good news that year of 1943 was that the Fuehrer had finally acquiesced that Germany could finally begin to mobilize for total war (something England, Russia and the US had done right at the beginning).


Hitler’s destructive interference continue right into 1944, when he declared the new groundbreaking Me-262 jet fighter...a bomber....and delayed its deployment by ordering that it be redesigned as one.


The Fuehrer’s decisions also helped the Allies at D-Day.

Once the invasion happened in Normandy, the Fuehrer purposely hampered an immediate counter-attack stating that the real invasion would come farther north.

He continued keeping the reserves from the German general in charge during the entire first week of the invasion.

If he had simply let Rommel take charge, D-Day would have found at least one entire panzer division right at the Normandy beaches.


When the V1 flying bombs became available, instead of letting the the Luftwaffe use them to bomb the invasion docks, Hitler again interfered...saying they would be used as a terror weapon on London.

When  the V2 ballistic missile was made available in September, Hitler continued to insist that it be used as a useless terror weapon against London again..instead of the invasion docks where it would have become a devastating weapon.


Once the Allies started breaking out of Normandy, it was Hitler again who insisted that the German formations would  stay and die in place.

The result?

Large numbers of Germans were trapped and annihilated in the Falaise Pocket by artillery and air bombing when they had every chance to escape.

The only reason the Germans stayed...were trapped...and died at Falaise was because Hitler had ordered them to do so...for no gain or reason.

Eisenhower would later describe Calais as an endless carpet of German corpses and the wreckage of war spanning from horizon to horizon.

The slaughter of German forces at Falaise would facilitate the Allied advance to the German frontier, since so few German forces were left to oppose them.


As always, the 1944 Russian offensive, called Operation Bagration, came as a complete surprise to the Germans.

The Russian offensive became even more devastating under Hitler’s ‘no retreat’ orders which doomed bypassed German units to annihilation.

Bagration could be said to have been the unofficial end of the German Army in the East.


The twisted imagination of the Fuehrer was able to pull off one more crazy plan before the war ended called the Ardennes Offensive.

After allowing the vital Port of Antwerp to fall into Allied hands with little struggle and more or less intact, Hitler then turned the location into an obsession.

To take back the vital port, Hitler came up with another day dream.

His armies would strike by surprise in December and advance under winter fog all the way up to Antwerp through the old convoluted terrain of the Ardennes they had advanced so successfully through in 1940.

Back then the Allied air forces did not attack the German columns and let them advance unmolested through the forest. Why wouldn’t the same thing not happen now?

As is well known, the offensive fell apart, of course, as soon as the fog lifted and the Allied fighter bombers bomb the German columns into the mud.

A novel effect of this fantastic offensive were hordes of German tanks being abandoned to the enemy as they ran out of gas.

In the event, Hitler had sacrificed the last of the only remaining reserves in the West which could have possibly delayed the Allied advance into Germany proper.

The Battle of the Bulge was another Hitlerian gift to the allies by way of throwing away his forces and to facilitate future allied attacks into Germany itself.


Did he die?

In typical cover-up fashion, the corpse which was supposed to have been Hitler was totally incinerated following his supposed suicide.

Any cover up artist knows it’s easier to pass up a corpse as someone else when it is completely burned up.

The teeth can be modified to fit the subjects dental records, as the Gestapo was rumored to have done with some unfortunate that was to fill in for the Fuehrer’s corpse.

Along with Hitler a lot of other double agents like Borman and Muller also disappeared into thin air (some speculate they went running back home to Communist Russia).

Lately new research depicts Hitler as having retired to Argentina (along with many other Nazis) following his very efficient destruction of the Third Reich.


The reason for WW-II was to finish what WW-I left unaccomplished.

As you remember, the resulting League of Nations had not worked after WW-I...the postwar United Nations took care of that.

As you remember, the resulting Communist attacks after WW-I in Eastern Europe were decisively repelled by the Eastern Europeans...the wartime Soviet offensives took care of that.

As you remember, the Communist uprisings which were supposed to divide up Germany after WW-I were squasherd...the Soviet entry into East Germany took care of that.

As you remember, the new nation of Israel did not exactly take off after WW-I because the Jews were very happy where they were and Britain was dragging here boots...the Nazi persecution of the Jews and shared universal guilt took care of that.

As you remember a new staring war between Communism and Capitalism did not take place after WW-I because the Soviet Union had basically collapsed into a neglected backwater state...the resulting Cold War took care of that.

As you remember, the new united Europe never happened after WW-I...the postwar European Union took care of that.

So you see, Hitler WAS the useful catalyst of a whole lot of New World Order accomplishments.

He was the part-II needed to wrap up the initial goals of the First World War.

As such, he was not an instrument of revival or victory for the Germans, but an intelligence agent tasked with setting in motion the game change that would put Europe - through creative destruction - on the road to molding itself a step closer towards the Illuminati concept of a New World Order.


  1. Ok, but you are telling a lot of stupid things now. Hitler definitaly was not gay or bisexual. He was promoting a typical family model that means father,mother and children. He dispised gays and hated all multi culti stuffs. He wanted Germany to be paradise ONLY for german people. He wanted everyone to have family and good job. So totally he didn't want to destroy Germany. Eva Brown actualy was happy with him. It's false media wanted to make of him some kind of monster who was pedophile, junkie, alcoholic, occultist etc... No. He was just full of himself with big ego politician. I'm german so i know the REAL story not shit that american media are spreading around the world.

    PS. I'm not fan of Hitler just saying historical truth so please don't say that i'm nazi or something like that. European Union, and puppet Angela Merkel are humilating german nation for too long.

    1. Supposing Hitler was not gay or bisexual or even an occultist. One can't deny that it was Hitler's decisions from beginning to end which lost Germany the war and led to the destruction of Germany.

      He is not an admirable figure by any means.

    2. You're correct. No real evidence for Hitler being gay, exists.

  2. Another Anonymous.
    We must know gayness and homosexuality are actually the rule among leaders of this world and I don't think Hitler was an exception in this field either (such books as "The Pink Swastika" have not been written out of thin air). This, of course, doesn't preclude these leaders from being married or cavorting with the other gender.
    As to this would-be Hitler's will to create a paradise for Germans, I think what has been emphasied upon in this excellent blog should be well enough to invalidate completely such nonsense. He was an accomplish actor who did really well in masquerading as a saviour for Germany, a portrait he was presented with in the early 1930s. This incredible sleight of hand, coming from a very probably personnality-divided man, is typically Jewish sadism. Of course, this bad picture of the Führer is necessary in the media if the Elect People are sure to achieve their NWO goals with the Holocaust stuff being force-fed in the gullible masses' stomach. And the fact you're German should not convince you you know the truth about what really happened. Quite the opposite in fact. Everything's been put in place in Germany so as to lure German people into believing they're somehow guilty of everything bad that occurred in WWII. And Angela Merkel Hitler is here to continue exactly what her own father was for : destroying Germany from within.
    It is time for the German people to recover their pride and get rid of all this shame and guilt for good which has been mangling their identity for so long.
    Anyway there also exists a prophesy claiming such greatness will come true one day. Hopefully.

  3. Just one thing.You say that General Wagner was shot as traitor whereas he's given by most sources to have killed himself. Could you simply add more comments ?
    Thank you. Article is great reading.

    1. could say he shot himself as a traitor.

      (just kidding)

      He shot himself after he was discovered.

      You are correct, of course.

  4. It's me again (art. of Feb.8th and May 7).
    I'm all the more pleased with your article because most of the time either one of these two conclusions are drawn :
    - either Hitler is considered evil because of what he's supposed to have done to the Jews ;
    - either Hitler is considered great because of what he's supposed to have done to the Germans.
    The overwhelming mass of people are to fall into one of these two traps and so, remain thoroughly off-track. And, in such cases, only powerful biases prevent these stubborn ewes from getting away from the sheephold even for a very short while.
    Anyway, the ironic and spicy tone you use at times as to how expose the true nature of the Master of the Reich dovetails so nicely with the actual context (to my opinion of course)that a good part of your dossier will be quoted in my book (a special book that will revolve around 4 themes linked to WW2, Holohoax, German holocaust, crypto-Jew Adolf and secret German crypto-force.
    And of course, a few additional notes about the Führer's daughter...
    Thanx for your work.

    1. Books like yours need to be written. The true history of the Second World War has yet to be told. Britain has sealed her records regarding the war for 100 years.The ultimate truth might be that the Abwehr itself was controlled by British intelligence. (Pink Swastika, The Secretary, Hitler's War, A Man Called Intrepid, The Search for Gestapo Muller,Hitler's Traitor,Inside the Third Reich, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, and Hitler and His Secret Partners are books dealing with the duplicity within the Third Reich).

  5. Very good analysis! I am impressed. I wonder how many among the top Nazi's were traitors. I have suspicions regarding Goering as well. The whole history of Third Reich needs to be re-written

    1. Infiltration within the Third Reich was endemic. The German ambassador in Moscow revealed to Stalin the day of Barbarossa. Admiral Canaris (head of the Abwehr) was an MI-6 agent. Doenitz was a war prisoner and possible British who fumbled the U-Boat war. General Wagner failed to supply German forces with winter clothing. The Gestapo's Heinrich Muller failed to track down traitors and is rumored to have fled to Russia after the war, as did Bormann, who is rumored to have been the main leaker of Reich secrets. Reinhard Heidrich (second in command of the SS) is said have started praying in Yiddish on his death bed.

    2. Right. Now, here is a pattern:

      "Hitler probably had Jewish ancestors":

      Hitler's personal bodyguard and chauffeur, Emil Maurice was jewish. Hitler's niece supposedly committed suicide following a relationship with this man but Hitler promoted Maurice to be the number two man in SS:

      "Eva Braun had Jewish ancestors":

      Hermann Goering's godfather was a wealthy jewish doctor, Dr. Hermann Epenstein, who also worked in the Imperial German Army. This Dr. Epenstein was the godfather of all Goering siblings, had a 15-year relationship with Goering's mother, probably fathered Hermann Goering's younger brother while Goering's father was still around. Goering's lived in a chateau provided for free by Dr. Epenstein. Hermann Goering greatly admired this jewish doctor and he was sponsored by him during military school years and beyond.'s%20godfather%20was%20jewish&f=false

      Goering also had a life-long jewish friend, Erhard Milch, who became the second in command at Luftwaffe:

      Rudolf Hess' jewish geography professor, who was his mentor and life-long adviser, formed the main nazi foreign policy as outlined in My Kampf:

      With less than 1% of the total population in Germany, Jews seem to be able to find so many top positions in the only Anti-semitic party in Germany...Just a coincidence?

    3. And it only gets better the more we dig in. Here is Max Warburg, from the world-famous jewish banker dynasty, getting a job from the Nazi's and serving on the Reichsbank Board of Directors from 1933 till 1938. His bank was not confiscated. It continued to operate under the ownership of Warburgs until at least 1938. Although Wikipedia article on Max Warburg claims he sold his bank in 1938, the article on M.M.Warburg bank claims Warburg's never left the ownership of the bank. It became part of UBS in 1998:

      Max Warburg was one of seven children born to Moritz Warburg, the director of the family's Hamburg bank, and his wife Charlotte Oppenheim of the Oppenheim family, another prominent German-Jewish banking family.

      His siblings were the art historian and cultural theorist, Abraham Warburg; the chief architect of the Federal Reserve Board of the United States Paul Warburg; Felix; Olga; Fritz; and Louisa.

      He apprenticed in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, and London. From 1910 until 1938, he was director of M. M. Warburg & Co. in Hamburg, Germany. As head of that firm, he advised Kaiser Wilhelm II prior to World War I.

      In the 1930s, despite the rise of the Nazi Party, Warburg felt there was hope for the future in Germany and tried to wait out the Nazi crisis. Beginning in 1933 he served on the board of the German Reichsbank under governor Hjalmar Schacht. He sold the bank because the 1935 Nuremberg laws set the framework and campaign of “Aryanization”. He then emigrated to the United States in 1938.

      M.M.Warburg & CO (AG & Co.) KGaA is a German independent private bank, based in Hamburg. A family-owned bank, it was founded in 1798 by brothers Moses Marcus Warburg and Gerson Warburg, two members of the Warburg family. The Warburg family still owns the bank, continuing a more than 200-year legacy of private ownership.

    4. You and the one other respondent have added valuable information to this blog entry on WW-II.

      The same group always seems to be in control behind the scenes, regardless of location, date or politics.

      Thank you...and keep putting that information out there.

  6. I decided ultimately to choose a name after the 3 previous posts Anyway, I come here again to present a really stange and mostly rare movie not without any bearing with the subject matter developed in this blog dealing with the so-called Führer's blunders Ths Columbia pictures production (1951)stars the Jewish actor Luther Adler playing Janus the Great/Adolf Hitler.Here's the synopsis of this intriguing movie :
    "Having previously portrayed Adolf Hitler in 1951's The Desert Fox, Luther Adler once more dons the postage-stamp moustache of Der Fuhrer in The Magic Face. This time, however, Adler essays a dual role, playing both Hitler and a famed theatrical impersonator known as Janus the Great. While performing in Vienna, Janus attracts the attention of Hitler, who makes a play for Janus' wife Vera (Patricia Knight). When Janus protests, he is beaten and thrown into prison by the gestapo. Janus escapes and vows to destroy Hitler and to that end poses as the German leader, the better to bollix up the Nazi war plans. Predicated on a story than many people would like to believe is true, The Magic Face is given credence via the opening narration by Third Reich chronicler William L. Shirer. The film was lensed on location in Austria and distributed by Hollywood's Columbia Pictures
    Read more at,,1839697,00.html#6pMYjYMorOHpTBg0.99

    For those interested in watching it, here's a link below (be advised a 10' footage has been suppressed including the impersonation of Neville Chamberlain) :

    It'd be of interest to find out how the movie could come into being...


    1. It is a remarkable coincidence that mostly it is Jewish actors who are tasked to play Nazis in the movies.

  7. Sometimes things get really ironical. Indeed, if you take a peek at the the Jewish Virtual Library online having some fun while consulting the Biography section (4th icon from left at the homepage's bottom), you'll notice all the Nazi bigwigs are included, which means they were Jews.
    Oddly enough, the Jewish butchers and executioners of the Bolshevik era (Yagoda, Frenkel, Zemlyachka,...) are not !
    On the other hand Superman is listed !!!


  8. So as to further a better grasp of the topic at hand and to complement this excellent blog, it could be also of interest to take a peek at a so-called Jewish dissident's work on the subject. His name : Chris(topher) Jon Bjerknes (from Chicago). His book : "The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein".
    In this monumental work (over 2,820 pages !), the author deals most notably (chapters 5 through 8) of the Hitlerian and Zionist question with a wealth of details and quotes.
    Fascinating reading on many regards.
    For those interested, the book is available in a pdf format whose a link is as follows :

    And, of course, it'll be a good opportunity to learn more about the would-be greatest mathematical genius of all time, the main subject of this incredible book.
    Good reading...


  9. Since my post on 2016-05-16 dealing with this strange 1951 movie, "The Magic Face",here is something else that could bear upon this subject matter: an equally strange book published in 1939 and written by an anonymous. Its title : "The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler".
    Having come across it very recently I didn't read it but it says Hitler was assasinated on Sept. 1938 and could explain maybe the two different personas at stake in the story of the 3rd Reich even if such a probability is doubtful given the particular skills of the Fuhrer for comedy (another Jew, Charlie Chaplin, said Hitler was the most impressive actor he's ever seen).
    In the meantime, here is a link where you can freely upload the book in question:

    It's possible this special book website will not last forever so make the most ot the time left for browsing on the many pages available (offering books in English and French).

    Happy browsing...


    1. Thank You, a thing worth reading (and downloading!) from the Internet. Unfortunately, Hitler is not the only world leader rumored to have been killed and replaced. One reads about things in perspective, from sources of the time and the conspiracy angle is always DEEP on all of it, even going back to the time of Justinian (only later is it all cleaned up by the 'historians.')

  10. As to the book spoken of in my post of May 9th, 2016, the first tome is available in French on the site mentioned above (March 29,2017). This first tome deals primarily with the Holohoax and the German people holocaust.
    Thus far it exists only in French but we'll see if an opportunity arises to translate it into English.
    Anyway, the book is heavily illustrated and can be thumbed through, for a start, to have an idea of what it looks like.
    Be advised this kinda contents (800 pages)is not politically correct as you can guess.
    Anyway, here are 2 links where to download it (its title is Malo Lilak):

    And the 2nd :


  11. We are delighted that your life's journey has led you to discover our
    organization. Maybe you have met one of our members in the flesh. Or
    perhaps not; we value anonymity. We see and know all just as a
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    masses to identify any threat. We are the bringers of new dawns, the
    guardians of the human species. We are the pyramid, the eye, the
    eternal. We are the Illuminati.
    The Illuminati is a collective of prominent figures throughout the
    world who have united to lead and stay at the very top of the world
    order. The Illuminati is open to all men from all works and classes of
    life. For centuries, our organization has separated individuals of
    outstanding political, financial, or cultural influence from the
    ordinary world. We've also elevated ordinary men into men of
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    1. You say that you've "just one cause and that is the elevation of the human species". In this case, how can we explain the present condition of humankind which is in total degeneracy? If the Illuminati have been painstakingly separating the wheat from the chaff for centuries in a so-called impetus to "elevate" humans, how come such mayhem and chaos? The thing is everything today is topsy-turvy where the social scum and lees are "elevated" and not the other way around. The situation was already the same at the time of the French Revolution, the very first one Albert Pike was undoubtedly refering to when he spoke of 3 Revolutions and 3 World Wars en route to the NWO. What really happened to the very few who, as heads of state, kings or men of influence, have justly tried to elevate the human species? How come brilliant men in the days of yore were, when the Church was reigning supreme, forced or strongly driven to join the priesthood where, celibacy being the rule, they were thus compelled to leave this world without any offspring to whom they could have conveyed part of their superiority?
      It's a certainty in my mind the same corroding force acting today is the same one that illustrated itself in these former empires which, all of them, ended up caving in on themselves. Thus, Babylon, the Graecian empire, the Persian empire, the antique Rome were no more...
      This cryptic ring at work just can't stand seeing a healthy, strong and very organised people as were for instance the German nation not so long ago and, once the"spine" has been spotted, all the Illuministic machiavelian mechanics is swung into motion so as to remove the obstruction for good. 
      As for this "dedication" of mine likely to give hope "for the future of humanity", what color do you give to this future? As far as I'm concerned, I have primarily relied (in the book's 4th and final part - this 2nd volume has been ultimately uploaded but with some illustrations missing and without pagination) on this Afrikaner's visions and we'll be able to see, perhaps even in a very near future, if the rest of these prophecies will turn true.
      The Hindu cosmogony speaks about Life proceeding by Cycles (the Yugas), this one being the Kali Yuga, age of degeneracy and extreme worldly-mindedness. So maybe things had to be this way so as to make room for the next cycle ?
      The French esoteric doctor Serge Hutin was explaining in one of his books that some rulers of the world were prone to speed up the downfall of this civilization so as to accelerate in the process the next cycle's arrival. Who knows ?...


    2. I know this is a response to the Illuminati ad above (which I don’t condone) but I (the author of this blog) feel compelled to comment on some of your points

      “What really happened to the very few who, as heads of state, kings or men of influence, have justly tried to elevate the human species?”

      ---Indeed, what happens to the great men who try to elevate the human species like Gaius Gracchus, Tibrerius Gracchus, Socrates, Savonarola, President Garfield, President Kennedy, Saint Stephen, Galileo, Moishe Tshombe, Princess Diana, President Chen Shi Bian, etc? The answer is obvious.

      ""It's a certainty in my mind the same corroding force acting today is the same one that illustrated itself in these former empires which, all of them, ended up caving in on themselves”“

      ---So true, just look at how they began sabotaging the American ‘empire’ as soon as WW-II was over, causing defeats in Korea and Vietnam and starting up self-destructive welfare programs and finally exporting all our industry to China. Look at Britain’s fall at the peak of its wealth and power following WW-I. Look at Spain’s depravity at the peak of its Empire, when the galleons carrying gold from the America’s went directly to the Jewish bankers to whom she was hopelessly in debt. The Armada itself was purposefully sent to its destruction on a suicide mission because Spain could no longer pay for its sustenance.

      "This cryptic ring at work just can't stand seeing a healthy, strong and very organised people as were for instance the German nation not so long ago and, once the"spine" has been spotted, all the Illuministic machiavelian mechanics is swung into motion”

      --this statement really struck me. Did you ever notice vaccines always attack the most beautiful children...and make them autistic? It is always the most beautiful children who become autistic. Or how the most beautiful people on Earth are the most afflicted? - the Germans, Ukrainians, Somalians, Afghans, Russians, Vienamese, the Kurds, Chinese and Armenians?

      “"The Hindu cosmogony speaks about Life proceeding by Cycles (the Yugas), this one being the Kali Yuga, age of degeneracy and extreme worldly-mindedness. So maybe things had to be this way so as to make room for the next cycle ?

      ---The Greek and Maya, amongst others, say there were several prior ages, and they were all superior and more beautiful than the present one.
      What could possibly make us think the next stage will be more beautiful than the present one - it will be worse!
      What part of Wahabi Islamic Fundamentalism, Communism and growing Satanism matched with diminishing human IQ and illiteracy combined with increased brutality and sadism can make anyone believe we are heading towards a new golden age instead of a new dark age?

      “”Serge Hutin explained in one of his books that some rulers of the world were prone to speed up the downfall of this civilization so as to accelerate in the process the next cycle”“

      ---Accelerated indeed. Like I said, have you noted how QUICKLY the empires begin their demise at the very instance they establish themselves?
      Rome really fell in 121 BC - twp decades after the wars which established Rome’s power with the Senate’s assassination of the last of the Gracchus brothers and entered a Dark Age called “ The Roman Empire" which lasted for 600 years.
      In history everything indeed seems to lead to rot all too quickly. Just look at our own 80 year old Pax Americana - gone to dust.
      Look at the Persian or Greek Empires, gone to dust shortly after they began.
      It IS as if something is in a hurry to get on to the next stage and bring in the next cycle, which in our case seems to be Fundamentalist Islam and Communism - a very dark age indeed.

    3. This is a reply to this blog's author End of the Western World.
      As for the vaccination stuff, a fellow of mine at work happens to have an autistic son who's gonna turn 18 soon. So when I asked her what he looks like, she just said that many people had told her her son is very handsome. I can confirm this given that she showed me a recent picture of him. In the field of human beauty related to our discussion, here follows an excerpt from Jüri Lina's book Architects of Deception (p. 318) where he quotes a passage from another book, Alekseï Shiropayev 's The Prison of the People (Moskow, 2001, p.75) (the underlining is mine): 
      « How then did the masonic communists perform their ritual sacrifices to Molok? A room at the Cheka headquarters in Kiev in 1920 contains a basin, which formerly held goldfish. It was filled with the blood of sacrificed human beings. Along the walls hooks were placed, where several human corpses were hung. On the shoulders of the officers, shoulder straps had been carved, and the chests of the Christians were carved with crosses. Some had been flayed, leaving bloody carcases on the hooks. On a table was a jar containing a chopped off head in alcohol. The head had belonged to a strikingly handsome man in his thirties.»
      And it is also weird indeed that autism affects mostly boys when we know the fact the biggest stumbling block to the erection of the NWO is represented by WHITE MEN (see for instance Barbara Lerner Spectre, the "American" academic lecturer and founding director of the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden named Paideia, and her mouth-watering hashtag #killwhiteman). 
      And what can we say of JFK ? Dealing with this topic of vaccines, we have now his nephew Robert F. Kennedy Jr and his controversial book Deadly Immunity. Did you know such a tricky topic had already been dealt with by Chas M. Higgins in 1920 with his book Horrors or Vaccinations which was at the time a petition written to the President of the United States to make stop the vaccinations in the military ? 

      So, thanks to such "wonderful" and dogged people as Mrs Spectre, this Aryan/Nordic country that is Sweden and its beautiful population is getting ready for the big plunge in the NWO with, on one hand, miscegenation of their females with all these migrants and refugees and, on the other hand, destruction of their males via transgenderism or other subversive means. See for example this Breitbart article:

      As to what is called fundamentalist Islam in your very last sentence, we must know it's just another tool like Communism to destroy the civilization and once their action for what they were intended to is over, they'll just vanish. If such a picture is pretty and understandably difficult to feel here in the Western world in face of the multiple destructive acts of Islam against the White people giving all these natives the feeling Islam will rule the world, we must know that in Saudi Arabia, the country which saw the birth of this religion as everybody knows, sacred places and holy shrines of Islam have been and still are progressively destroyed so as to make room for the one world religion (see the House of One in Berlin for that matter).
      Everything indeed is in order to make us convince the Dark Age will reign supreme once the NWO is established (with a one-world government, currency, ..., and most of all with the microchip mandatory for everyone, the "Mark of the Beast"). Even though my take on this has been the same, I came to wonder if such a world could last a long time, which is impossible. And I therefore developed in the book a full part based on an Afrikaaner's visions I had stumbled upon where order and peace are restored to the world thanks to a German secret order.   


    4. My reply to the above:

      ---absolutely right. More proof that we live in a reservation rather than a sovereign planet,where the best are targeted and destroyed. Just look at your above example, and then you can expand it to CPS (child protective services) in which they purposefully legally kidnap the most handsome children from their own parents. Also, look at all the child-geniuses who end up mental cases because their minds have been destroyed. These entities have no interest in perfecting the human species, only subjugating it and keeping it under control---

      ---true, so true, communism is awash in ritualistic human sacrifice, which becomes abundantly apparent in how they treat their defeated enemies. Just look at at the excesses after the revolution is complete. They can hardly be described!(testicles cut off and shoved inside mouthes - forced sodomy between priest and priests and nuns, body mutilations - decapitations - the pulling out of the intestines - de-skinning- forced insanity through deprivation - the pulling out of all hair by the roots). It is obvious there is a SATANIC presence DEMANDING these acts, preferably upon Christians. I am convinced the Commuists are inhabited by Devils who urge all these perversions on.

      ----the person you mention is simply one more demon-infested Illuminati Jew who sees the white race as the enemy---

      ---yes vaccinations - the key sacrament in degenerating, shortening the lifespan and modifying the genetics of the human race. I myself am a victim of all their military vaccinations, have seen their effects with my own eyes and am a victim of them. Proof positive that the armed forces in this country are no friends of the American people The 1920's book "Horrors of Vaccination" is a good resource of absolute truth.---

      Breitbart article:”

      ---Yes, Europe is being destroyed - without a doubt Europe is being destroyed and its destruction is a peek into the future of the United States. socially, genetically, nationally, psychologically, Europe is being completely destroyed - all by the so-called “friends of the people” - who are really crypto-communists all (God judge them!)---

      “As to what is called fundamentalist Islam in your very last sentence, we must know it's just another tool like Communism to destroy the civilization and once their action for what they were intended to is over, they'll just vanish.”

      ---I have my doubts they will just vanish, instead, what I see is the perfect assembly of the government of the Beast and Anti-Christ - a world that will accept and celebrate the Anti-Christ as the religious figurehead leader of hte entire world - an Islamic world.---

      “White people giving all these natives the feeling Islam will rule the world, we must know that in Saudi Arabia, the country which saw the birth of this religion as everybody knows, sacred places and holy shrines of Islam have been and still are progressively destroyed so as to make room for the one world religion (see the House of One in Berlin for that matter).
      Everything indeed is in order to make us convince the Dark Age will reign supreme once the NWO is established (with a one-world government, currency, ..., and most of all with the microchip mandatory for everyone, the "Mark of the Beast"). “

      ---Wahabi Fundamentalist Islam - a Saudi invention - is indeed being installed as a replacement of Western Civilization. The Anti-Christ will enter a “religious” world of this type of Islam, and the establishment is presently using vast amounts of money and resources to make it a reality.----

      “I came to wonder if such a world could last a long time, which is impossible”

      ---Absolutely...the Bible gives the New World Order (the government of the Beast) only three and a half years . Many wisemen have told to me in person their opinion about a New World Order: “It’s just too big, it won’t last very long"----

    5. Before continuing on my impetus, be it noticed first this very short-lived post on July 31 by a self-styled "Temple of Illuminati" with a development of the one of July 2, with its promises of incredible wealth when subscribing to their organisation(s).
      Anyway, communism's abominations have been well elaborated on in this Estonian author's writings such as "Architects of Deception" or "Under the Sign of the Scorpion" (these books can be consulted for instance on And once again, it'll be maybe no wonder to discover the Jewish roots in fundamentalist Islam's originator Abdul  Wahab and the Saudi royal family. Many sites on the Web today deal with this topic (see, among others,
      Don't forget also to peek at the Jewish Virtual Library online for the Saudis, for ex. the first monarch of Saudi Arabia Ibn Saoud, listed in the biography section under "Ibn Faisal Al Saud (Ibn Saud), Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman". 

      The Great Cabal has thus been painstakingly weaving a global web which will not be considered complete until the wiping out of a few remaining obstructions the main of which is, for sure, the white race. Check out for ex. this link where we can easily feel the Great Sanhedrin comfortably hidden behind this degenerate black rapper:

      Fortunately, not all the black people are like that. Here follows a free pdf dealing with slavery in North America:

      To conclude and to go back to the main subject of this blog, i.e. Hitler's behaviour, I said already in my post of July 4, the 2nd tome of Malo Lilak's release went through some hardships probably because, as I was explaining, the editor and his team seem to belong to this category of Hitler's worshippers, thinking, as said at the top of this blog, he was kinda hero, an aspect I completely demolish in the 3rd part of the book, hence their reluctance. We can also judge this take by all documents linked to Hitler published on their sites, most notably all his speeches. And, for good measure, these people are also followers of this new craze on the Web, the Flat Earth theory, launched by this moronic yoga teacher. Anyway, one of them had started the page layout but after a very short time, no news anymore. This silence lasted a couple of weeks until some pressure from me to try to know more about it. It turns out, quite by happenstance, everybody had fallen sick in the same time! And, after the praise following the 1st book, it was the contrary this time for the 2nd. I think it's thanks to my insisting that the 2nd part has been published but with, as we can easily guess, a botched work (no pagination, some illustrations missing).
      Indeed, as soon as we leave these 2 sign-posted ways that are exterminationism and Hitler-worship (some "negationists" even follow this latter track), finding out-of-the-way editors is quite another kettle of fish! 


  12. It would be nice to know who the previous comment is intended to.
    Anyway, concerning this book described above, Malo Lilak, there has been a problem with this online editor as to the second volume. Indeed, this 2nd tome was comprised of the last parts which are crypto-hitlerism and prophecy and the seemingly tricky part for the editor corresponds exactly with the subject matter dealt with on this blog, i.e. Hitler's real motives. I said in a previous comment that some excerpts from this excellent article would be quoted in the book spoken of here and these are included in the 3rd part titled "crypto-hitlerism", the book's longest development (over 500 pages). All that confirms methinks the multiples views of the Third Reich history in that either the Nazi boss is to be abhorred for what he was supposed to do to the Jews, either he's to be venered for what he was supposed to do or wanted to do to the German people. If, perchance, a writer dares going off these two beaten tracks, he'll be likely to face strong resistance.
    Be recalled the book is thus far in French and a translation in English will have to wait a suitable horizon.
    To conclude, there is still an opportunity for it to be uploaded on these e-books sites but under a pdf format devoid of any pagination contrary to the 1st tome which appeared to suit way better the editor's views.

    Just to ask End of the Western World his opinion about the July 2, 2017 comment. Thanx.


  13. A new (German) book that could be of interest for us here has just hit the shelves, its title: Wie Deutschland entstand - und Hitler es zerstörte: Deutsche Geschichte von 1871 bis 1949 für jugendliche Leser. Released on last June, its author is Ludger Grevelhörster, a German historian, bon in 1958, who had been, from 1991 to 1997, a research assistant at the Chair of Modern History and the Westphalian History at the University of Paderborn. He had also written a book on the bishop and cardinal Clemens August Graf von Galen. We still do not know thus far when the first translation into English is published but the title on its own should tell us this historian was able to see beyond the veil of dogmatism and ready-to-think history records, the latter serving only in covering real events with a filter so as the masses as well as historians and self-proclaimed specialists can see only what the hidden powers want them to see. As the Protocols say: Goyim see only through the glasses we put on their noses...
    Anyway the following link gives a rough presentation of the subject at hand:

    I'm taking also the opportunity here to make you meet, in case you don't know him already, a strange man who's depicted as a polymath. Indeed, this American citizen, born around 1963, excells in maths, calculus, physics, astronomy, photography, arts, sports, music, history of course and whatnot. His name: Miles Williams Mathis. When we discover his, to say the least, very extensive work in these different fields, the first impression felt is awe. Not only the quantity of material written on so many topics is sheerly mind-boggling but mostly the fact this person debunks absolutely EVERYTHING takes the cake. As I have discovered him just a week ago, I can't pretend to make a thorough assessment both of the man and his work but some elements are way over-the-top such as the Kennnedy assassination where he says it was all faked and the Kennedys are underground rulers of the country. Other files sound yet much more palatable.
    As to this blog's main topic, MM has written for example a pdf about the faked Beer Hall putsch and Hitler's genealogy (here are the free pdfs):

    Talk you soon.


    1. What you say is interesting and there remains a lot to excavate in regards to history, considering British records on WW-II are sealed for 100 YEARS!!!
      These records will probably end up exposing that Hitler was a British agent and that the British were reading Axis code (enigma) from day one and that the Third Reich was totally infiltrated.
      I will look into this man you mention
      thank you agian,

      The Illuminati Conspiracy Blog

  14. Following my post on March 29th, 2017 wich introduced this strange book, The Strange Death Of Adolf Hitler, published in 1939 by The Macaulay Company (NY) and written by "Anonymous", I'm returning here to add a few notes.
    We can learn Hitler was assasinated on Sept. 29th, 1938 at 2:13 AM, the night before the consumation of the Munich Agreement and "an opportunist double is ruling in his stead". This opportunist, named Maximilian Bauer, killed also SA chief Ernst Roehm (p.197). It is finally at the very end of Chap.24, that Hitler's murder occurs. The scene takes place in the Continental Hotel's royal suite in Munich at the time of dinner with 9 persons present: Hitler, Göring, Goebbels, von Ribbentrop, von Arnheim, Rudolf Hess, "Little Adolf" (i.e. M. Bauer), Captain von Wulle (von Arnheim's new aide) and Brückner (Hitler's devoted Adjutant). Bauer tells us Hitler died on account of a poisoned omelet.
    So "Little Adolf" came to replace the Leader and start his new life in the service of Germany flanked with real patriots...
    But when we know what happened during the war, notably the Hitler's so-called blunders, it is pretty hard to give much credence to such a story in which the doppelganger had only one thing in mind: Germany'greatness.

    See also Henry Maków's review.

    And last but not the least, Bauer is the same name carried by the Rothschild dynasty's ancestor. Strange...

    Be it said a movie (adaptation of the book) of the same title released in 1943 gives us about the same storyline:
    "A clerk in 1942 Vienna who has a gift for mimicry, is arrested for doing a Hitler impression. The Gestapo decide to give him plastic surgery to look like Hitler so he can take his place in public, acting as a decoy for assassination attempts."
    Interestingly enough once again (see "The Magic face" in 1951)his movie stars the Jewish actor Ludwig Donath playing Hitler / Franz Huber (i.e. M. Bauer in the book).

    To conclude, see also this article "British Saved Hitler from german Army Coup in 1938" by H. Maków (available for ex. on quoting from Richard Bassett's book "Hitler's Spy Chief - The Wilhelm Canaris Betrayal" where we learn the conspiracy to overthrow Hitler was as follows (p.156):
    "Several generals commanding troops were prepared to enter the conspiracy. By 14 Sept. General Von Witzleben, commander of the Berlin area, had made arrangements with Gen. Franz Halder (New Chief of Staff) and others to arrest Hitler as he returned from from Berchtesgaden to the capital. Count Helldorf, the Berlin Police Chief, would arrest the other party leaders while General Hoeppner, in command of the Third Panzer Division, would march on Berlin at the signal from Witzleben. Count Brockdorff-Ahlefeld, in command of the Potsdam garrison, would support Witzleben while Count Fritz von der Schulenburg, son of the German Crown Prince's former chief of staff, would secure the government sector of Berlin...."
    Indeed, as Maków said:
    "n May 1938, when Hitler announced his intention to invade Czechoslovakia, the German General Staff were alarmed. They were afraid world war would destroy Germany. They decided to place Hitler in a mental asylum.
    All they needed was confirmation from England that it would assist Czechoslovakia. The British dithered. Instead of taking a stand, they sabotaged Germany's resistance to the Nazi plague.
    Ludwig Beck, the Chief of the German General Staff observed: "Through yielding to Hitler, the British government will lose its two main allies here.
    the General Staff and the German people."
    The simplest and best opportunity to avoid calamity was lost. The Illuminati wanted world war to increase their power and wealth, and to destroy Germany in advance of their satanist One World Government. The Illuminati were not going to allow their creation, Adolf Hitler, to be overthrown."

    And the fix was in...


    1. It would be interesting to compare photos of Adolph Hitler both before and after 1938. It it is true he was replaced, the change in the imposter's photos should be evident.

      ( By the way, other world leaders who are said to have been replaced are Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Joseph Tito and Vladimir Putin.)

  15. When we examine these Generals'efforts before the war in trying to rid the country of Adolf Hitler having seen or felt the danger he represented for Germany, and how the Führer behaved from sept. 1938 onwards by supposing he was replaced at that date by a doppelganger, we have therefore no reason to suspect any replacement by a doppelganger given the fact Hitler would have been nothing more than a Trojan horse throughout, a description this great blog has tried to expand upon in this lengthy article.
    To go back to the very beginning of this article about the revisionist view Hitler's been ultimately a "good man" with "Germany's best interests at heart", it is all the more stunning to find in this category such great researchers as the late Ernst Zundel, Udo Walendy or Vincent Reynouard.
    For the record, a fellow of mine knows an old German (100 yrs this year!) who was a music conductor and a young soldier at this time. One year, when he and his regiment men were standing to attention for a review by Hitler, he said to my colleague when the Führer looked at him he got the goosebumps. So I said to my fellow: "When a head of state's speeches toward his people are really heartfelt, does he really need hypnosis to convince them to come to his ends?"


    1. I once read an entire book which state that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was killed early on in his Presidency and replanced by a doppleganger (double). It has some good pictures in the book seeking to prove the Roosevelt 'double' was discernible by the difference in his ears (a police method used in taking passport and ID pictures).

  16. Well, to be honest I don't buy into all these would-be doppelgangers' aspect of history. The thing is if such events can of course occur once in a while it's not to be inferred it's a general practice. I think for instance to Josip Broz Tito, the famous Yougoslav communist revolutionary leader who has certainly been killed and replaced by a Jewish look-alike but as to the countless other examples of such replacement my take is that it doesn't make any sense.
    And to go back to the main topic here, i.e. A. Hitler, I think this very insightful blog should suffice to dissipate any idea that the Master of the Reich wouldn't have needed a replacement to carry his task to the bitter end.

    By the way I wanted also to emphasize a singular attitude met with many Holocaust deniers, such bright individuals the likes of Vincent Reynouard or the great and late Ernst Zundel in that these revisionists seem(ed) to worship Adolf Hitler for what he's supposed to have done to the Germans (Zundel for ex. says in one video that Hitler sacrified the best of Germany in his fight against communism and yet venerates him); we can therefore see the Führer portrayed as a "hero" or a "Genius" even a "god" in some cases.

    Well, I'm totally dumbfounded with that. Maybe I'm wrong but one thing is sure is the power of propaganda's efficiency and what is so ironical here is that if we have a chance to come across the truth or a parcel of it dealing with this subject matter in history books it is often in the Jewish works themselves, i.e. books written by people who know better than Goys what lurks in the dark corridors of scheming and wheeler-dealings...

    1. I hear what you say. I have also encounter the same attitude amongst amongst older Germans. But they always refer to the "good things" Hitler did before the war, while ignoring the war itself. It almost seems like a salute to a what-could-have-been rather than a what was. But having said that, I understand the German attitude. Germany had been kicked in the teeth repeatedly between 1914 to 1933 by a coterie of traitors and internationalists - Hitler spoke for first time about German pride, patriotism, and revived the economy. If he had indeed passed in 1938 he would have been a hero. Which triggers the possibility in my mind that he was perhaps indeed 'replaced' at that time. The Hitler of wartime was a cold-blooded person who oversaw the purposeful gratuitous death of Germans and in the war said in the end that they weren't worth saving.

  17. I understand this German behaviour when it comes to rely on would-be "good things" Hitler supposedly did to the fatherland but all that is just propaganda and was done purposely so as the masses come to worship the very forces created to destroy them. As to the pre-war period for instance, if we take a closer look at some of Hitler's deeds such as the creation of this paid holiday in Germany that was the 1st of May, the Labour Day (incidentally the very same day European countries adopted everywhere at different times which is by happenstance the very day the Bavarian Illuminatis chose for founding their order), this was already on 1933 (he lose no time!), we can realise he suppressed on the following day, that is May 2nd 1933, all the labour and professional unions that were REALLY protecting the workers so as to rally their support. In so doing he replaced them by the DAF, the Deutsche Arbeitfront or German Labour Front, a body that will operate according to the Führer's rules only. And pursuant to Goebbels'order given on April 21st, the SS and SA assaulted throughout the country all the union buildings on May 2nd at 10 am! And this "saviour" of Germany had nothing else in his mind but the welfare of his people right? Why, if such a thing had been really the case, didn't he rely on such labour unions instead of wiping all of them out? Unions that were really prone to the German workers' welfare?
    It could be thus of interest to peruse a book to that effect, the one released in 1975 by Robin Blick and entitled "Fascism in Germany: How Hitler Destroyed the World's Most Powerful Labour Movement", an over 800-page book available in pdf format on the Web.

    It is also possible indeed this story about the so-called murder of the Führer at the end of Sept. 1938 was written so as to make many believe he was really a Messiah for the German nation and venered as such. Hence this strange book referred to above reportedly written a look-alike named Maximilian Bauer, oddly enough the very surname of the Rothschild's dynasty's ancestor.
    Coincidentally, the suspect of the Tree Of Life Synagogue's killing in Pittsburg on Oct. 27th, Robert Bowers, has a family name matching phonetically almost to a tee the one of the Rothschild's ancestor, Bauer. Another false flag op?...


    1. Good info on Hitler's actions. But in truth I do believe ALL unions are always powerful socialist entities, acting on behalf of the socialists and doing their part to help realize "the revolution"...being absorbed into the state as soon as the socialists take power (like they did under Communism in Russia). This is true today in Europe and America with their unions.