Saturday, March 8, 2014

Nations Marching in Perfect Step

There are about 200 nations on this planet.

Based on this division we are expected to believe that the world is divided into 200 separate, independent and sovereign patches of self-interest.

Dismissed is the fact that most of these nations are the product of European Imperialism and colonization which basically divided the world up like a cake between 1560 and 1960.

And that they continue to be controlled by the agents of old European Imperialism - secret societies, secret spy agencies and international associations.

Large swathes of the world, from the Americas to India are run by the members of Freemasonry and the internationalist Round Table Groups (our own branch being the Council on Foreign Relations, which dominates Washington D.C.).

It is no secret that Nigeria is dominated by the Obgone secret society, with its intimate ties to European Freemasonry. As it is no secret that Freemasonry reigns supreme in places like Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Israel, not to mention India.

Having established this very important fact, we are then ready to see how the nations of the world, while claiming to be sovereign...continue to act in conjunction with a universal policy.


Why are the nations of the world  together mongering after a currency of international exchange?

It started with the Dollar after WW-II, has continued with the Euro and is now coming to a close with something called the SDR (Special Drawing Rights).

It is understood that an international means of exchange is needed for commerce.

But such an international means of exchange has existed since the time of Babylon - silver and gold.

It would be no problem to physically tie the production of currency to gold by inserting gold threading into each bill of currency equivalent to the value the paper bill is supposed to have, thus making it as exchangeable as any gold coin was since the ancient days.

But the nations of the world continue to insist on a paper....and now electronic...means of international exchange - a method that puts power over money squarely in the hands of the money masters.


Why are the nations of the world together and in perfect harmony now turning themselves into dictatorships?

The US under Obama and Japan under its new ‘warime’ leader Abe are falling to tyranny in perfect synchronization.

The European is turning into a second Soviet and England is, ironically enough, turning into the physical reality of Orwell’s 1984.

China is going back to its Communist police state origins and Russia is becoming centralized under a Stalinist Mafioso Spy Chief dictator called Vladimir Putin.

All this as the entirety of the Third World votes itself under Marxist Socialist leadership who consolidate their power by taking over the voting process, the police and the army.


Why doesn’t any nation call out the fact that we are NOT running out of oil and that natural process creates MORE oil in time?

And not only is this true, but the fact remains that we can make oil out of coal and that mankind has been able to do so since WW-II.

Or how about the fact that nations can run their cars on water through hydrolisis?

And Iran, if you are a truly independent and sovereign nation, why doesn’t your government open up a single oil refinery? Why is Iran forced to import refined oil from the outside?


All nations are on the same sheet of music when it comes to energy resources, who should mine them and who should own them, and including the fact that we should go to WAR over them.


In a world rich in native medicine, some of it thousands of years old, why do the nations of the world together officially back, support and practice only Western Allopathic medicine?

Why do they together accept the practice of chemo, radiation and cut-and-burn surgery as viable treatments for cancer?

Why do they together suppress and prosecute real cures for cancer?

Why do none of them back their own rich and viable medicinal cultures or even homeopathic and natural medicine?

Why do they TOGHETHER back and support the practice of vaccination which leads to the autoimmune diseases of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, MS, etc?

Why can’t ONE of them recognize the fact  that autoimmune disease is caused SOLELY by the act of vaccination?

Why indeed?


Why do the nations of the world in perfect conjunction serve to persecute and suppress the inventors of cutting edge technology?

Remember Cold Fusion?

Persecuted and repressed internationally.

Remember Anti-Gravity?

Persecuted and repressed internationally.

Remember Vitamin B-17?

Presecuted and repressed internationally.

Remember all those Cars That Run On Water?

Persectued and repressed internationally.

Remember all those Cures for Cancer?

Persecuted and repressed internationally.

Remember Rife Technology?

Persecuted and repressed internationally..



Why are the nations of the world getting together in perfect harmony to try to start a war?

Iran is mongering for war against America.

Europe is mongering for war in the Middle East and Africa.

America is mongering for war against just about anybody.

China and Russia are mongering for war against America.


What perfect synchronicity all these supposed free, independent and sovereign nations have when it comes to mongering for the international Illuminati policy of war.

Why are all these nations of different cultures, languages, religions and races all mongering at this very second for the same thing?

Why do they always?


Why are the nations of the world together thirsting for international government?

Whether it be the European Union, the North American Union, the Shanghai Cooperation Treaty or the African Union, why are you all hankering at surrendering your sovereignty to some power block?

Is because all your leaders are not true national, but instead,internationalist agents of the New World Order?

Why indeed.


This is the point.

In a world of 200 supposedly independent nation states, the nations of the world sure do march in close cadence to an obscure and universal policy.

They are operating more like states, departments or regions of a world government than sovereign institutions, and have been since the beginning of the 20th Century.


Because the world government has been in existence for some time already., run through a web of Masonic, Round Table, Spy Agency and Luciferian agglutinations.

The nations of the world are run through Freemasons, Round Table Members, Spy Agency assets and outright Luciferians, not the people of the nation they supposedly represent.

What we have seen happening until now are simply the ongoing steps towards an ever more obvious and crystalized and officially declared World Government of Planet Earth.

This does not mean one does not already exist in practice, and has existed for nearly 100 years.

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