Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Agenda-21: The Plan to Stockpile Humanity

Agenda-21 is a plan to concentrate the population in urban areas while depopulating the outlying rural areas and leaving them ‘pristine wilderness preserves.’

The plan is being presented to the public as something consisting of parks, bike trails, clean public transport and modern apartments.

Closer to the truth is the fact of Agenda-21 being the plan to stockpile humanity in ghettos.

Pushing the Agenda-21 bandwagon is an apparently limitless amount of money financing lobbies, community organizers and government subsidies who go out to city councils, buy them out...then organize make-believe community gatherings where the inhabitants are asked to contribute to the project....and with which they always end up ‘concurring.’

The whole thing is a scam.

Any honest inquiry into the nature of these ‘community meetings’ makes it clear that whatever the outcome, it is up to the city council to decide, not the attendees of the meetings.

In spite of this, the well-funded Agenda-21 propagandists are present at these meetings in force, providing the facade of ‘members of the community’ shouting down the opposition, cheering the ‘community leaders’ and supporting the agenda.

Rosa Koire in her book, ‘Behind the Green Mask,’ details the action of these community organizers, who basically bribe the city councils and then bring in artificial support for their plan to the public meetings they themselves organize.

In actuality, the technique is very much Communistic unionism in the way ‘the people’ are brought together, express their complaints and then have the complaints ‘addressed’  by the leadership, the entire meeting ending in applause.

This is a communist technique of make-believe - a theater - designed create the impression that the people are making decisions, when the only people making all the decisions are the Party leadership.

The amount of money being spent on all these make-believe meetings is unimaginable....and apparently limitless...considering that almost EVERY medium-sized town in America and up is being targeted.

The Agenda-21 core model is always the same:

-a street lined with 5-story housing, bike trails and a trolley running down the main street.

The core area for Agenda-21 is always a prominent city street which has been denuded of small, practical mom and pop stores which have been replaced by 5-story tenement buildings connected a trolley running down the main avenue.

This is the flagship, store window model street for Agenda-21, which is presently being installed in every town across America to one extent or another.

It is the core demonstration area, from which Agenda-21 will, at some future time, branch out across the urban areas of the country.

But what does the Agenda-21 model consist of?

No cars.

Automobiles create too much traffic, too much pollution and take up too much space.

You will get by on foot, on a bicycle or by using public transport.

No individual housing or privacy.

You will live in cramped five-story tenement buildings.

High prices.

To facilitate access to shopping, consumables will be sold in the lobby at exorbitant prices. All prices will reflect the new emphasis on conservation and sustainability by being sky-high.

All this would sound very familiar to the inhabitant of any ghetto.

But even more important to the equation is Agenda-21‘s viability.

Herein lies a very important question...so let’s be honest about it.

Agenda-21 is the plan to concentrate the entire population of the country in  delineated urban areas, leaving the outlying rural areas totally depopulated.

This in and of itself is disturbing because large urban areas require large swathes of rural areas...to feed them.

To put things into perspective, imagine that ONE acre of cropland is required to feed ONE person for ONE year.

Therefore a town of only 100,000 would require 100,000 acres of FARMLAND surrounding it to survive...not pristine wilderness.

In other words, the concept of Agenda-21 of giant urban areas surrounded by pristine wilderness is NOT VIABLE.

More disturbing is Agenda-21‘s answer to feeding the population: self-sufficiency.

That’s right.

The gigantic urban population centers are expected to be self-sufficient in food production - they are expected to produce their own food within their limited urban territory.

All types of schemes are put forth by the Agenda-21 protagonists as to how this will happen, from roof-top gardens to buildings growing floor after floor of crops under ultraviolet lamps to rooftop chicken coups.

Meat is, of course, off the table. Judged too destructive and too polluting for the environment, it has been judged impossible to produce within the limited urban environment.

So the diet of Agenda-21 is strictly vegetarian.

But the most disturbing aspect of Agenda-21: concentrated ‘self-sustaining’ urban areas surrounded by pristine wilderness is something that can only lead to one thing: STARVATION.

That’s right.

The Agenda-21 population will be severely calorie challenged.

In other words, SCARCITY will become the watchword of the day...all accompanied by sky high prices for food...when there is any.

Won’t ever be able to grow nearly enough food with all that off-limits ‘pristine wilderness’ surrounding us!


Even more disturbing is the historical similarity of Agenda-21 to the creation of the mob of Rome.

Rome had a problem at or about the year zero BC / AD.

It was at this time that abundant territory and abundant slaves made the Roman upper class all powerful...and the Roman middle and lower classes untenable.

This was because the slaves were producing everything from food to clothing to shoes and providing every service from accountancy to architecture to construction.

This left the original population of Rome with little to do...save live off government welfare...get distracted with government sponsored entertainment...and be housed in government housing.

That’s right: bread and circuses...and welfare.

The only use the Roman population had left was as the political backers of Roman politicians - alternately rioting and protesting to either bring up or bring down Roman politicians, all accompanied by the necessary bribery - free entertainment, food and trinkets - in exchange for their backing.

Other than that, the ‘mob of Rome’ as it was called, were wards of the state, housed, fed and entertained by the state, and housed in particular public tenements called Insulae.

Amazingly enough, the standard building structure used to stockpile the mob of Rome was identical to the ‘sustainable’ building structure put forth by Agenda-21: five stories, with the first story consisting of stores selling consumables and supplies.

The insulae were basically tenement ghetto buildings which housed the welfare class of Rome.

Is this the true purpose of Agenda-21?

Look at the present dilemma of the United States:

Its industries exported to China.

Its food imported from abroad.

Its workers imported from Mexico.

Its professionals imported from India.

Its jobs exported to foreign Third World countries.

Its business sector dominated by chain store corporations.

This doesn’t leave much for the American middle and working class to do except draw welfare, live in public housing and exist as wards of the state.

Is Agenda-21 the method by which this new purposeless population will be stockpiled in ghettos?

If you look underneath all the glitz and high sounding images of Agenda-21, you see the structure for ghettoizing of America into cities of five story tenement buildings.

Agenda-21 is simply the plan to stockpile the unemployed welfare-dependent government warded population of the United States into giant ghettos in which it will most probably starve.

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  1. You deserve a medal! The research is heavy and on point, you connect the dots, and you lay it out simply and clearly. Thank you for your work!! Forewarned is forearmed...