Thursday, March 6, 2014

Age of the Commissar

It seems that the socialist world system also comes with a refreshing attachment - a commissar.

The commissar was made famous by accounts of life inside the Soviet Union, where a direct representative of the party - called a commissar - was ever present inside every school, office building and army platoon (Nazi Germany had a similar system - as do all ‘socialist’ countries).

And now that marxist-socialism has made its inroads inside the United States as well as Western Europe, it is no surprise that the ‘commissar’ is making his appearance in all aspects of society.

In Scotland, a government ‘minder’ is now assigned to every child from birth to keep an eye on the tyke, and who, of course, has authority above that of the parents when it comes to their own children.

Don’t worry, the commissar-of-child-welfare WILL have 24-hour access to the family’s home and is likely to show up with the complete authority of the state with pen and notepad in hand to take ‘notes’ on the conditions under which the child is housed.

In similar manner, the commissar is now making an appearance in American society.

The FCC has announced that it intends to put a commissar at every TV and Radio station, newspaper, magazine and mainstream Internet site to prevent ‘hate speech’ and make sure all information is ‘balanced’ and ‘complete.’

Meanwhile my connections in the teaching field tell me that they now have classroom commissars. That’s right, somebody who can barge into the classroom at any time to decide whether the teacher is teaching the right material the right way using the right method at the right time, and who tells the teacher what to teach and how to teach it - just like the Sith Lords, these commissars are called ‘master mentors.’

But the private business sector is also being invaded.

Any type of productive establishment dedicated to any type of production has a commissar regularly visit the place to check for a safe, hygienic and standard-compliant work environment. Even the employees are now being interviewed to see how they are treated and whether they are happy or not.

The visit from the EPA inspector commissar is a time of fear and dread at any factory or production plant.

A surprise visit from the Health Inspector commissar is (rightfully so) a cause of absolute terror at any mom and pop dining establishment, because it could result in outright closing.

A visit from the building inspector commissar could result in flat out condemnation of the entire property, its immediate vacancy and condemnation (meaning its destruction).

In other words, the commissar is an inquisitor, whose acts, authority and very presence are designed to elicit fear and subjection from the subjects of the state.

This is why I get very upset when I hear that new laws are being considered that will permit new sorts of commissars to enter our private living and working spaces with arbitrary powers.

And the more the ‘New World Order’ advances, the more commissars will become apparent in every aspect of our lives.

Sustainability commissars will inspect our homes for energy efficiency.

Child Welfare commissars will inspect our homes for child welfare violations.

Auto commissars will inspect our vehicles for pollution.

Teaching commissars will watch our teachers.

Media commissars will inhabit every TV station, Radio station and newspaper...permanently.

Tax commissars will surprise-visit our businesses to check our records at random.

Mental Health commissars will interview you on the slightest suspicion of non-standard behavior.

Anti-Hate Speech commissars will question you on your speech habits and ‘what you meant by that.’

Home Welfare commissars will regularly inspect your home for health and standard of living violations.

Census commissars will visit every few years and demand the most intimate and private questions about your household.

And don’t forget the secret army of busy-bodies who will report any ‘suspicious’ or non-standard activity on your part to the local commissar...who will then come to visit you in person (probably with and armed police escort).

So as you can see, letting the commissar camel nose inside the tent leads to letting in a very huge talent.

The solution to all this?

Very simple.

Reject outright all commissar authority NOW!

That’s right.

Don’t open the door to the commissar.

Its amazing how simply not opening the door and not returning any calls (Americas are pretty good at this already)will stop the commissar phenomenon in its tracks.

That’s right, don’t open the door, don’t respond, don’t return calls, in other words, totally ignore them.

If they want to come in with a SWAT team and bust down your door, let them...greet them with your hands in the air and full of smiles.

Let them keep busting down doors and encountering cooperative smiling citizens at the other side...let them keep doing this to EVERY DOOR IN AMERICA.

Guaranteed, their steam will run out and their scheme unravel after the 40th door.

Outrightly reject these scum, along with the practice of the commissariat.

Stop the practice in its tracks.

We are not Europeans....or Russians...or Chinese...we have never known subjection to any monarch or any government of any sort.

The act of subjection to bureaucrats is unnatural and repulsive to our very soul.

America...reach in deep inside your nature and tell all these commissar bureaucrats to go straight to hell!!!

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