Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Illuminati Conspiracy Blog: Down but Not Out

The Illuminati Conspiracy Blog - the blog ‘nobody reads’ - is back after a massive and destructive hack by the establishment (whether from here or abroad is unclear, since the hack accompanied tampering and counter-tampering involving my critical article on Vladimir Putin).

So are the paid trolls (one or more of which are Fed-rented cops) who have returned with empty insults and insistence that the writer is insane (in the interest of clarity and higher intelligence, their moronic insults are now being deleted).

Message to the Establishment:

The more you hack and the more you insult, the more I know my words have hurt you and the happier I become...and the more I write.

As to to the wise.

Linux will not protect you.

Or at least, it will not protect you completely.

True, it will keep you safe from common criminal hackers and viruses, it will NOT protect you from the insistent, maniacal control-freak government agencies (both here and abroad) which will insert spyware on your computer which will transmit every key stroke every time you connect it to the Internet to the point that THAT IS ALL YOUR COMPUTER WILL DO THE INSTANCE YOU TURN IT ON.

My computer was basically destroyed by this hack.

But the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog is back, spreading the uncomfortable and ugly truth both here and abroad for the duration of the Free Internet.

Chaos, confusion, unravelling and impotence to the New World Order and the Great Undertaking of the Ages, may it all sink into the muck of history.


  1. Thank you for caring for this country enough to keep up your good work. It's comforting to know someone besides myself is awake.

    1. We - all of us - have no choice - we must resist and fight back or these people will end up killing us.

      It really is a do or die situation, and the sooner the majority wake up to this the better chance we have of surviving.

      Thank you for your kind words.