Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Warning to Police: They will Come for Your Guns

It seems ironic that this warning is dedicated not to the American patriot, militia or homeowner...but to the police.

And it is not double entendre or a play on words, it is a simply stated and direct fact...

...and it comes by way a warning:

Police...they will be come for your guns.

True, you are still more or less at the top of the heap, but things change....

...sometimes they change overnight...

...and in more radical ways than you can or might want to imagine.

The police are presently being trained to earn the hatred of the public through radical “shoot first” training, which gives the police an all too noticeable and itchy trigger finger...which they use to kill increasing number of Americans, both innocent and guilty...and even unarmed.

The training which is being carried out by CIA fronts under contract to the Federal Government and enforced by Police Chiefs, Mayors and Sheriffs who are also shills for the CIA or cooperative gofers who will do anything for money...including enforce self-destructive and deadly police training.

“The important thing is that you go home that night to your family” as the training instructors like to say.

Right, and screw anybody you have to kill either justified or unjustified, legally or illegally in order to get there.

Why this lethal training is already being used as a justification to excuse officers who have KILLED people by mistake under the provision that they followed the training.

In other words, this irresponsible, lethal and deadly training, which causes needless civilian deaths is used as the excuse for causing needless civilian deaths.


Well...uh...because the officers were ‘trained.’
Yet no politician calls for a change in the training curriculum because the training is just too deadly and appeals mostly to sociopath who WANT to kill.

I say politicians, because plenty of police, police chiefs and sheriffs HAVE, only to be DISMISSED and or FIRED from their positions for daring to criticize such training.

In other words, the kill training comes from the Federal top, is paid for by Federal grants and is pushed by traitors who want to bring down American society and facilitated by corrupt stooges who see no further than their own corrupt noses and the dollars they receive.

You can glorify the police all you want, while the truth is the police area becoming more FEARED and HATED with each passing day as they kill and mutilate more Americans than ever before.

Meanwhile the rampant corruption inside the police departments is becoming more an more obvious, all the way from corrupt Border Patrol agents who collaborate in bringing in the drugs and the human traffic to metropolitan police revel in torturing innocent people to death.

Ever hear of the Chicago’s  Homan Square TORTURE building where human rights are regularly abused by corrupt Chicago police?

Ever hear of the New York police officer who anally RAPED an innocent black immigrant to death with a baton?

How about the out-of-control Police rapes carried out by those who swore ' serve and protect’?

The Judges are equally a part of this abuse as they excuse one case after another of a cop letting some unfortunate ‘have it’ for little or no apparent reason at all...except their lust to kill...and the all important training which encourages and provokes it.

Going along with this is a twisted police culture of “them vs us” which closes the ranks and protect police villains across the board as they commit more crimes than a Caribbean pirate.

In fact, Police blood lust is so apparent that unprovoked (and lethal) police brutality seems to be the order of the day...

...while the police regularly exhibit provocative behavior and gesturing, looking before the public like retarded blood thirsty punks

Not that the police brutality is cleaning up anything because there are more and more POLICE NO GO AREAS...where the police no longer respond to calls.

And, of course, some invisible hand always seems to MAKE SURE the urban gangs are always BETTER ARMED than the police themselves.

Is anyone paying any attention to the testimony of these kids, who swear boxes of weapons are being left in dark alleys and abandoned train wagons and other places for the gangsters to help themselves?

See, coppers, you can’t just enjoy the militaristic police training (and killing) without being forced to acknoledge that the same people who are giving you all that deadly training are also preparing the gangsters who will KILL you.
Even the chain-of-command has been affected, where City Council Chairs, City Managers and Police Unions really APPOINT the police chief...not the Mayor or the People.

Police Unions have indeed become corrupt replacements for the process of law.

The first thing that an officer does after killing somebody is calling..not the police department...nor any type of government....

...the first thing they call following the the local police union.

What sort of corrupt SHIT is this?

And not only are the police totally corrupt, totally brutal and totally over confident of their RIGHT to abuse the American public, but they area also, more scared, more insecure, more unbalanced and more hysterical.

Just look at how an officer below psychs himself and his fellow ’officers’ out for the kill as he forces a frightened, crying man, already begging for his life to play a lethal game of “Simon-says” with ever increasing hysteria in his voice which simultaneously causes increasing amounts of mental imbalance in officers present (until one goes ballistic and finally kills the man).


There is a true streak of madness and mania in these (badly) trained police officers (one of whom (the killer) had “you’re fucked” engraved into his military rifle).

So, this message goes to the police.

Don’t glory so much into your new found power of life and death over the American public.

The public is in fact being trained to hate and despise you...

...and ultimately to turn against you.

And the Federal Government you trust so much is, in fact, paving the way for your own demise.

Believe it or not, dear officers, the day will come when you will be disarmed and left to ‘the people’ (or the terrorist assassins who say they are acting in their name).

It happened the Russian Revolution (led by the Federal Reserve and Bank of England).

In February, 1917, the Government of Russia abolished itself and the Czar abdicated, ultimately placing a traitor called Alexander Kerensky as chief of the new ‘Russian Republic.’

Kerensky was a COMMUNIST who pretended to be a Nationalist as the Russian Government continued to abolish itself.

He did some very un-nationalistic things like continuing an very unpopular war (WW-I) dis-empowering the officers of the Army, giving power to Communist officers committees in the Army and DISSOLVING the Czarist Police
See that?

The police, who had already gained a BAD reputation amongst the Russian people through all their abuses and brutality just prior to the Revolution...had become hated and despised.

Kerensky, the new unelected appointed head of the Russian Government now saw it fit to DISARM and DISSOLVE the police force!

The police were just stupid enough to go along with the suggestion of this COMMUNIST in sheep’s clothing.

They turned in their guns and took off their uniforms in the middle of an atmosphere full of rampaging mobs, rebellious soldiers and revolutionaries.

The police were, in effect, thrown to the wolves.

They were killed and their naked bodies dragged through the streets of Petrograd (St. Petersburg).

Here is a picture of the end result:

So you think it can’t happen here?


 Let me just give you guys a vision of what a collapsing government looks like:

Your pensions start to evaporate.

You can’t take your money out of the bank.

People with headbands and shoulder wear suddenly start saying THEY are in charge.

There’s a food shortage.

‘Government’ officials start mumbling about a ‘new start’ and ‘starting over.’

It  is on and about this time (when you are needed the most) that you will be DISARMED.

Don’t believe me?

Keep a close eye on that popularity thermometer.

Have you started to started to hear all the cheering every time a cop is shot dead by Black Lives Matter or Antifa?

Hey people are starting to actually CHEER your deaths.

Do you think it’s all happened by accident?

Perhaps the time is not yet...

...but the time will come when some “Liberal” left-leaning politician (a crypto Communist) who supposedly represents the people will react to police brutality by DISARMING the police.

Once this happens, watch out!

Your days will from then on be numbered.

But also understand.

For society to be re-made under the revolution, you will have to go.

And why not

Haven’t you already been corrupted to the level of a thug?

Have all your veterans been retired or left in disgust to be replaced by young punk cowards?

When the higher ups (traitors) decide that the time has come to disarm the Police, it is night time for the overthrow of American society, of which you, dear police officers are the last remaining element.

So keep smirking and making jokes about every American you kill and keep feeling like you are at the top of dung hill.

It is really a lot better than seeing your present lot: a bunch of trusting corrupt cowards who have been misled into becoming a separate and predatory part of the society you should have safeguarded.

Unless this changes and the Police somehow come back to their senses, there will soon be no place found for you in the new ‘revolutionary’ (Communist environment) which is spreading from coast to coast in America.

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