Monday, May 28, 2018

They WILL Shut Down the Grid...but NOT with an EMP

An increasing alarm in the media has surfaced about  what an EMP attack could do to the United State...and it has reached manic proportions.

Suddenly the word ‘EMP’ is in everybody’s mouth, complete with the dreaded consequences of having our electricity cut off and our society abolished along with our descent into a dark stone age existence caused by either a nuclear atmospheric EMP...or a Solar Flare (called a “Coronal Mass Ejection”)

There is just one problem.

NEITHER a nuclear or Coronal Mass Ejection EMP has ever been proven to be real, probable...or even possible.

An EMP mass event....

...has never been proven

...has never happened

...and finally...

...any evidence ‘proving’ that it can happen is NONEXISTENT.

EMP is just one of those terms, like ‘Global Warming’ that has just become just too popular and chic to pass up and too widespread to be false.

Well, guess what.

It’s never been proven to even be possible.

Now an electronic device which is close enough to an Nuclear Explosion (including cars, radios, fans, etc) will be temporarily be shut down.

I still remember that chilling scene on “The Day After” in which a highway full of automobiles have their engines turned off by an atomic blast in the distance.

Now the EMP propaganda pundits (and I suspect they are ARE propaganda pundits) are quick to state that the damage is PERMANENT, that is, your car will never start again and your I-Phone will never again turn on.

Reality is more like, leave your car sit a while, and it WILL probably start again and your I-Phone might or might not be affected.

But the EMP terror crowd want us to believe that setting off a one megaton  nuclear bomb just above the Stratosphere will plunge our entire civilization directly into the stone age.

The whole fable gathers fairy-tale like magical qualities when it is stressed “nobody will feel a thing”. You’ll just wake up one morning and find out NOTHING works...nil...nada...bupkiss...including your radio, TV, lights, car and water faucets

All would have been wiped out by this terrible and magical EMP.

The “experts” on this type of unproven, inexistent phenomenon seem to base all their logic on two much ballyhooed events in which nothing much is proven to have happened:

    1) the Carrington Event of 1859


    2) the Starfish Prime atmospheric nuclear test detonation of 1962

In the Carrington event a Solar Flare (of all things) was said to have wiped out the earth’s electrical grid in 1859.

There is just one problem with this theory.

There was NO ELECTRICAL POWER GRID in 1859...or even much of an electrical anything.

Remember, this was era in which steam power was just beginning to be used...and the first bulky photographic device (a camera) had been invented just ten years prior.

So there was no grid or infrastructure...or much of anything to say was affected.

Yet the so-called experts and know-it-alls seemed take the Carrington Event as proof positive that a big solar flare could one day wipe out civilization.

Too little proof...too much alarm...too little logic.

So the experts having scared everyone with the theory that a single atomic bomb set off 300 miles above the Earth have now begun squawking that a solar flare (of which the Sun has many)...could do the same thing!

The troubling part is the atomic-bomb-in-the-Stratosphere experiment HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE...and, provable phenomenon ever happened.

In 1962 an atmospheric nuclear test took place above the Hawaiian Islands (to test the effects of a nuclear detonation in the Stratosphere).

In the event, a 1.4 Megaton nuclear warhead was detonated  250 miles above Hawaii (just above the the Thermosphere proper)

Now let me put this in perspective:  the Thermosphere is orbital altitude, meaning, satellites actually orbit the earth here.

The Starfish Prime detonation took place at the MOST EFFECTIVE  ALTITUDE for CAUSING an EMP effect (250 miles).

The results?


A mere 300 streetlights and ONE microwave radio transmitter antenna were just about the ONLY things that were shut down by this EMP burst.

Now remember, this was 1962,

By this time there were TV sets, Electrical Power Grids, Computers, Telephones, Water Pumps, Street Lights, Traffic Lights, Radio Stations, Radios, Record Players, Air Conditioning, Appliances, etc.

Plenty of electronic gear to be affected by an EMP.

Little or none of it was...and nobody noticed much of anything.

Now Starfish Prime was purposefully developed to test the theory that an atmospheric nuclear blast could shut down the Power Grid.

But it didn’t work.

The one and a half Megaton nuclear EMP...


The paranoia and possibility of an EMP then quickly dropped off as the US went back to drilling and preparing for the physical effects of flat out actual nuclear strikes.

The over-the-top theories that an atmospheric detonation could either shut down the power grid or “set the sky on fire” was laid to rest and forgotten.

Yet recently (yes, recently), the effects of a possible EMP have been again pushed to absurd levels (despite the proof of it not being possible).

Suddenly, masses of the population have been led to accept that America might be demolished by an EMP...

...and everybody is believing it without very much research to back it up.

hy are people believing this?

There is no proof of a widespread EMP effect whatsoever!

Now you might think that such a weapon would hold so much promise that sooner or later they would TEST thing on some distant (yet infrastructured) South Pacific Island) and carefully catalog what happened.

But after Starfish Prime, the results were so convincingly underwhelming that our interest in atmospheric nuclear testing fell off rather quickly.

No further tests were carried out.

Less known is that Russia was also doing atmospheric nuclear test, with similar results and that its interest also fell off.

In 1963, both sides signed a treaty to end all atmospheric nuclear testing, not because EMP  ever worked...but because the only thing these useless tests were doing is simply destroying the ozone layer and the Stratosphere.

So there you have it.

The EMP effect has never been proven to exist outside a  close proximity to a nuclear detonation (a proximity that would have the affected targets destroyed by heat, blast and radiation anyway).

In fact, Starfish Prime definitely showed that the collateral EMP effect was underwhelming and even incidental and near non-existent.

So why is there all this propaganda about the dangers of an EMP effect that has been proven NOT to exist?

Below is a link to a previous article on the EMP / Solar Flare myth they wants us all to believe:

The Solar Flare / Nuclear EMP Lie! brace yourself...because a surprise twist is coming.

Would you believe, that in spite of the EMP theory being a LIE, there actually IS a plan to turn off the Power Grid...and BLAME it on an EMP?

Yes...they are going to shut down the power other means...and then blame it on an EMP strike (perhaps complete with a useless atmospheric nuclear detonation)...or wait for the next CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) from the Sun to blame it on that.

In actuality all they are going to do is  infest the computers that now run, yes run, our Power Grid and make them destroy it for them.

The evidence is there.

Our power grid IS vulnerable.

It is really vulnerable to being taken down...tragically and for long period of time... methods OTHER than a EMP...

...and they plan on doing it.

The myth of an EMP taking out the power grid is what they need to cover the operation.

Remember how they used aircraft to make people believe the World Trade Center was taken down by planes...while it was really demolished by other means?

These people don’t want to be blamed for a general take down of the grid.

Mobs of angry people, police and military would seek them out and hang them from the highest rafters should they bring down the Grid and kill tens of millions of Americans.

Ergo the need for the resuscitated EMP myth.

The truth is our Power Grid (like the World Trade Center) has already been carefully prepared to be sabotaged and compromised...from the inside.

The EMP effect will simply be a COVER for this operation.

The people who will carryout the power blackout will be responsible for the deaths of MILLIONS of Americans...and they need some cover for themselves.

Let me re-sate the effect of an actual universal, long-term Grid failure.

No Water
    -the pumps which keep our water running are electric

No Computers
    -and you know nowadays EVERYTHING is dependent on computers

No Food
    -trucking delivery is dependent on computers

No Money
    -banking and the business model is totally dependent on computers (which rely on the power grid)

No Police
    -police coordination is dependent on computers and radios (which will also be out due to failure of the power grid)

No Communication (TVs and radios won’t work, not because of EMP, but because of failure of the power grid)

No Traffic Control (street lights will be out when the electric grid collapses)

No Schools (see all the above)

No Work Place (see all the above)

...all due simply and directly to there NOT being anymore electricity.

Yes indeed, we are so totally dependent on the Power Grid that its collapse could turn America into a gigantic DEATH CAMP.

Now...forget all this EMP nonsense.

What follows is a list of the REAL reason for our coming Grid Collapse.

    Our grid has become dependent on Communist Chinese Software to run it (software that is KNOWN to have back doors, viruses and spy ware) (this is a MAJOR national security failure)

    Our Grid has become dependent on made-in-China hardware (generators and transformers) to keep it running (another MAJOR national security failure).

    You read it correctly. The Large Power Transformers (LPT) of the power grid are difficult to replace, cost millions apiece and must be specially and specifically ordered (with plenty of government red tape), and custom-made (OUTSIDE America, in far off overseas places like China, South Korea and Japan), and take a long time to manufacture.

Don’t believe me?

(Why do you think it is TAKING so long to fix Puerto Rico’s power grid?)

Check out segments from this very technical website below ( from to get the FACTS about fixing our Power Grid should it get taken out.

The important parts from the above technical site have been put in bold print below:

”Although prices vary by manufacturer and by size, an LPT (Large Power Transformer) can cost millions of dollars and weigh between approximately 100 and 400 tons. The procurement and manufacturing of LPTs is a complex process that includes pre-qualification of manufacturers, a competitive bidding process, the purchase of raw materials, and special modes of transportation due to its size and weight.”

“The result is the possibility of an extended lead time for production could stretch beyond 20 months and up to five years in extreme cases if the manufacturer has difficulty obtaining any key inputs, such as bushings and other key raw materials, or if considerable new engineering is needed.”

“An LPT (Large Power Transformer) is a large, custom-built piece of equipment that is a critical component of the bulk transmission grid. Because LPTs are very expensive and tailored to customers’ specifications, they are usually neither interchangeable with each other nor produced for extensive spare inventories. According to an industry source, approximately 1.3 transformers are produced for each transformer design.”

"LPTs are custom-designed equipment that entails a significant capital expenditure and a long lead time due to an intricate procurement and manufacturing process. (1) Request for proposal (2 months), (2) Submit Bid (1-2 months), (3) contract negotiation/technical specification (1-2 months), (4) Design (2-4 months), (5) purchase materials (2-4 months), (6) production (2-4 months), (7) Testing (days to weeks), (8) Transportation & Site Set-up (weeks to months).”

    When it comes to Large Power Transformers (LPTs), there simply IS NO PRODUCTION line because they are custom designed, custom built and custom installed...only when there is a particular need to replace a particular transformer. The industry has operated in this hand-to-mouth manner for decades, making no allowance for a massive Grid failure. As a result there IS NO mass production facility for such transformers in the event of  catastrophe. It normally takes MORE than two years (and up to 5 years) to build ONE transformer when it is special ordered.

Can you imagine how long it would take to replace EVERY Large Transformer in the ENTIRE Power Grid of the United States?

    This will make it all the easier for the grid to fall. Most of our transformers are about to kick the bucket anyway, with the average age of the average Large Power Transformer being 40 YEARS OLD...with many being 70 years or older(!) and STILL OPERATING THE GRID.(again, see When the time comes, all these old transformers will burn up easily, especially when assisted by the sabotage of the New World Order.

    There are NO TRANSFORMER LINES standing by for use in the event of an emergency (this might be another national security boner)

Think that’s bad enough?’s about to get worse.

Let me re-state the above very important fact because it IS important and because it is the key to a long-term Grid collapse.

The Large Power Transformers (LPTs) on which the Grid is depends...
    ...cost hundreds of  millions of dollars apiece
    ...weigh up to 400 tons
    ...are individually custom-designed, custom-made and custom installed on demand
    ...are not mass produced

    ...cannot be mass produced
    ...can take up to 5 years to produce one
    ...are not interchangeable with any other Large Power Transformers.

I have repeated the above information because this transformer situation is so very critical the the length of a Grid shut down.

I short, what do we do if we lose ALL our transformers?

Or more realistically...

What do we do if all our Large Power Transformers (LPTs) burn up?

Well, as you will see shortly, with NERC, this has become a real possibility!

And one more thing.

Our Power Grid has an incredibly LOW amount of redundancy, which has WORSENED under NERC.

Our Power Grid is notorious having been comfortably designed so it could be operated easily, fluidly and conveniently, more often from a nice air conditioned office over a cup of coffee than on the spot and in person.

This is another reason it is so vulnerable.

Any other thing has a redundancy.

What is a redundancy?

In engineering, it is a simple measure which duplicates and already existing mechanism which is only there to be used as a last resort and in case of an hand.

Needless to be said, redundancies are boring.

They just sit there doing nothing, are never used and...

...they cost money, thus increasing the cost of whatever has them.

Society is (or at least used to be) filled with redundancies.

The fire escape in a building...the hand brake in a car...a parachute in a hot air balloon...lifesavers in a boat...the hand crank on a tractor...home fire sprinkler systems...two engines on a extra battery and tire in the trunk of a car...are all examples of redundancies.

Recently, however, redundancies have become, well, redundant and are no longer built.

Fukushima happened because there were no HAND OPERATED redundancies to operate the nuclear power plant in case of flooding and power failure...which is strange...because it was located right by the sea!

Well, our Power Grid shares in this “to-hell-with-redundancies” attitude.

For starters, there are simply no mechanisms to, say, shut down a transformer by hand should it start heating up and threaten to catching fire.


Control the Grid through a push-button control panel if the Grid Controlling Computer stops working.

Just some examples of redundancies which WE DON’T HAVE.

So you see, our grid is actually more like a line of dominoes or a house of cards ready to fall than a robust infrastructure...and it has been made so through more than 40 years of neglect...and sinister sabotage


That’s only the beginning.

When they take down our grid (in the largest terrorist attack in history) they are going to need A LOT of preparation...such preparation is what we are speaking of...and there has been A LOT of it.

Most of the Grid collapse is already being set up by a Government-Corporate entity called NERC.

The collapse is being given a DRY RUN and PREPARED through a series of exercises called GridEx.

In 1968, the NERC (National Electric Reliability Council) was created by the American electric power industry to promote the adequacy and reliability of the North American power grid.

In 1981, with the later inclusion of Canada, meaning of the acronym ‘NERC’ was changed to “North American Electric Council” to delineate its multinational character,

In 2000 NERC established the Electricity Sector Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ES-ISAC), which provides industry with immediate responses and alerts on cyber and physical security threats.

Between 2000 and 2003 California experienced sequentially occurring “brown outs” and “black outs,” leading Governor Davis to declare a state of emergency

In August, 2003, North America itself experienced the worst blackout to date, as 50 million people lost power in the Northeastern and Midwestern United States and Ontario, Canada.

In 2006, the NERC was granted the title of being an “Energy Reliability Organization” by Federal Regulatory Energy Commission.

In 2007, the NERC changed the meaning of its acronym from North American Electric Council to North American Electric Corporation...I guess out of self- respect for its new capacity for contributing to CATASTROPHIC POWER GRID FAILURE on the North American continent...and perhaps to celebrate its new existence as a non-profit CORPORATION...operating for the good of humanity, of course.

That same year, the US government approved 83 NERC Reliability Standards, making them the first legally enforceable standards for the U.S. bulk power system...although significant occasional disturbances CONTINUED to occur.

Given its doubtful performance in the past, which has included instances of ever-increasing unreliability of the power grid...NERC has seen it fit to press its own Federally Enforced” NERC Reliability Standards” nationwide since 2008.

NERC Reliability Standards define the requirements for planning and operating the North American bulk power system.

NERC’s standards are mandatory and enforceable throughout the United States, several provinces of Canada and parts of Mexico. (can everyone spell W-o-r-l-d G-o-v-e-r-n-m-e-n-t?)

In 2011 NERC carried out the first GridEx excercise which simulated a physical and and cyber attack on the Grid and involving local, state and Federal well as law enforcement, local police, emergency workers...and the Intelligence Community (meaning the CIA and the NSA).

The GridEx exercise continue to be held every two years, recently realizing GridEx IV in 2017.


...the RUSSIANS AND Communist CHINESE governments have been INVITED to OBSERVE and record NERC’s and America’s response to a simulated physical and cyber attack on its Power Grid.

Why is that, pray tell?

Could it be due to Russia and China having plans for one day attacking the American power grid?

Or Is it really these nations’ stalwart history as close allies of the United States?

How about their inbred Communist culture?

Have I scored yet?

Could it be instead and actually...


Could anything be more in your face telling you that our Power Grid is marked for destruction by TRAITORS from a non-elected globalist bureaucracy?

Think you’ve had enough bad news?

I hate to tell you this...

...but there’s more.

It takes a whole lot of bad news to bring down the world’s largest Power Grid.

And they (the CIA, NSA, along with the Chinese and Russian Intelligence services as well as the Globalists...have created it)

So, having said...

...that the EMP phenomenon does not exist...

...but that they STILL PLAN on knocking out our power grid...

How will they do it?

The answer could be in a carefully coordinated and prepared cyber-attack...masquerading as an EMP strike...or a Solar Flare.

By “carefully coordinated” I mean, their people and technicians are already in positions of power while their Hard and Software are already installed and ready to unleash this second 9/11...while the media is ready to cover it up and the emergency government is ready to take over... once it has been unleashed...and it starts destroying our country.

It doesn’t matter that their explanation for the coming Grid Collapse makes no sense, has no proof...and sounds like a fairy tale.

I think 9/11 just about proved the American public needs no hard facts, no  common sense, or even a logical explanations to march in step with a non-democratic government hostile to their Constitution.

How about the 1898 sabotage and sinking of the USS Maine as an excuse to launch the “popular” Spanish-American War?

Or how about the prepared 1929 Collapse of the Stock Market (which is blamed for starting a 10-year Great Depression)?

How about the phony 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident, which started the Vietnam War?

How about the prepared, coordinated and allowed Pear Harbor attack which left America WANTING war in 1941?

What about the silly 1963 story explaining away John F. Kennedy’s assassination?

How about the billions spent on a moon walk which never happened and “proven” to us by some badly filmed “footage” in 1969?

How about Reagan’s unimaginably expensive Strategic Defense Initiative in 1984 (whose cost has is still being kept secret) but is presented to us as the “cause” of the Soviet Union’s Collapse?

The non-existent weapons of mass -destruction which launched our  war in Iraq?

What about Hillary Gate....and her explained-away yet illogical reason to not only walk away unscathed for her act of treachery...but to RUN FOR THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES?

So you see, you don’t need a master story teller to fool these turkeys known as the American Public.

Why, they’ll jump right in the boat if you include some cheap emotion in your story to go for some heart strings.

The question of the moment is, how will the cause and explain away the collapse of our Power Grid?

After all, we were stupid enough to believe their explanations for the collapse of the World Trade Center.

Why wouldn’t “the turkeys” believe that an EMP or a (suppressed laughter) Solar Flare has knocked out the power grid?

And who will supposedly cause it?


North Korea?



A Solar Flare?

Let’s get down to facts for once.

Our Grid has been handed over to a corporate NGO (non-governmental organization) which calls itself NERC, and which has been handed over regulatory powers by the government to now STANDARDIZE and regulate the Grid.

Multiple failures have happened under its jurisdiction.

The result of the NERC grid reform is, in fact, a standing disaster imitating a house of cards!

And since 2011 the NERC has begun holding “drills” (sound familiar?) called GridEx detailing the collapse of the North American Power Grid...and SHARING THE RESULTS WITH THE RUSSIANS AND CHINESE!

EMP and Solar Flares my ass!

In case it hasn’t become familiar to you, GridEx practices over and over the collapse of our grid due to CYBER-ATTACK.

Could THAT be the real and eventual cause?

They certainly seem to be training for it.

Didn’t the military have a drill about planes crashing into buildings just before 9/11?

Are they drilling for the big “lights out” with these consecutive GridEx drills....which routinely let the Russian and Chinese participate?

What NERC has been doing for the last four years is lining up the dominoes and carefully standing the cards for this house of cards called the US Power Grid.

Remember, NERC mandates have the power of Government law, so all the utilities have to follow them to the letter.

And what have they been doing?

Connecting and unifying the grid, up to the point that NERC has the ability to check up on EVERY power plant and station at the push of a button...and (more importantly) is cyber-connected to every single power plant in the country.

The problem with NERC’s system is that it exacerbates a problem that already exists: too much Cyberspace in the Power Grid; too much outside access to the innards of our power plants.

Yes. Therein lies the secret KEY to bringing down our Power grid.

Of course, it has all been done in the name of SAFETY.

By the year 2000, NERC had established the Electricity Sector Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ES-ISAC), which provides  immediate responses and alerts on “cyber and physical security threats” to the Power Grid.


Starting to see the picture?

For the first time, EVERY single station is now directly connected (and accessible) by this ONE power authority.

This “network” has been established through Government MANDATE during the last ten years.

And This government agency - ES-ISAC (now called E-ISAC) (with plenty of private corporate connections) carries out regular drills in which it ACCESSES all these stations, substations and "access" the and give us these “real time” alerts and warnings.

Oh yeah, the Power Grid is in rock-solid hands,  ladies and gentlemen, you can sleep well at night, because E-ISAC here is keeping a 24 hour watch on it all  for your safety and security.

My take on it?

Who knows during which Power Grid “exercise” E-ISAC will or has already introduced the TROJAN viruses to shut down the power grid at a specific point in time.

After all, don’t they already have a 24-hour real time cyber access TO ALL POWER GRID COMMAND COMPUTERS?

Incredibly irresponsible and provocative statement to make?

Not really.

These Trojan viruses ALREADY EXIST and have been USED...and they CAN shut down the power grid.

The only question left is:  will they actually proceed to do something like this? (remember we are talking about tens of millions of dead Americans...if not hundreds of millions).

The infrastructure from which to launch this false flag terrorist attack has already been established

Of course, when it happens the blame will be put on an Atmospheric EMP...a Solar Flare (which have never been proven to work)...or on an "enemy" cyber-attack,

And there is no argument as for the results: total agonizing decimation of the American people...and the loss of our democratic form of other words...tyranny.

But back to the computer viruses and Trojans.

They already exist and, in fact, have already been produced, tested and deployed.

We were just too stupid to notice.

Let’s start with item #1-  Stuxnet.

THE STUXNET: the Transformer BURNER

The Stuxnet computer worm is the result of a joint CIA-MOSSAD collaboration.

(A Worm is a computer virus that replicates itself in order to spread to other computers using a computer network to spread itself, relying on security failures on the target computer to access it.)

Stuxnet uses Microsoft Windows as its platform and seeks out the Siemens Step7 PLC controller which operates within the Windows platform - The same software platforms which control our Power Grid!

(PLCs (“Programmable Logic Controllers”) are the computers  which automatize industrial production process(like the transmission and control of electricity)).

According to Wikipedia, “Stuxnet’s design could be tailored to attack modern supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and PLC systems (e.g., in factory assembly lines or POWER PLANTS), the majority of which reside in Europe, Japan and the US”

(Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) are “control systems that use computers, networked data communications and  graphic user interfaces for high-level process supervisory management, but uses other peripheral devices such as programmable Logic Controllers” (PLCs) to interface to the process plant or machinery.)

Stuxnet contains, among other things, code for a “man-in-the-middle” attack that fakes industrial process control sensor signals so an infected system does NOT shut down due to abnormal behavior but continues to operate.

The worm propagates across the network, scanning for Siemens Step7 software on computers controlling the PLC. In the absence of either criterion, Stuxnet becomes dormant but stays inside the computer.

In 2010, STUXNET was used by the CIA and Mossad to burn out and destroy Iran’s Uranium-enriching centrifuges, by causing their Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) to overheat and tear themselves apart, basically destroying Iran’s entire nuclear program.

Can you imagine what Stuxnet will do if it is unleashed on our Power Grid (which is now interconnected and centralized through NERC’s E-ISAC agency?)

According to expert Eugene Kaspersky, the STUXNET worm has also infected a nuclear power plant in Russia (which was never admitted by the Russian government) but which could have been the Mayak Nuclear power plant in the Ural Mountains which is suspected of having released massive amounts of radiation into the air in 2017.

The probability that STUXNET can also affect nuclear power plants and cause them to release massive amounts of radiation into the air is just one more additional troubling factoid.

And you can already see the Israeli-Jewish hand in the coming power-grid collapse through Stuxnet being produced and deployed by the state of Israel on Iran (Stuxnet’s first victim)...with full collaboration from our treacherous CIA, of course.

But the main point is this:

Stuxnet works by messing up the computerized automatic control systems which run say, uranium centrifuges, which heated up, burned and tore themselves apart in Iran.

Is it a stretch of the imagination that Stuxnet might also affect the computerized “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) control systems that use computers, networked data communications and  graphic user interfaces for high level supervisory management as well as its programmable Logic Controllers” (PLCs) to, say...

...overheat and burn up EVERY SINGLE LARGE POWER TRANSFORMER in our Power Grid?

Unbelievable, you say?

Didn’t it take a simple flash drive inserted into the Iranian control grid to insert Stuxnet into the works?

Well, what would you say if I told you a spy with a Flash Drive is no longer needed.

NERC has real time access to the computers of EVERY Power Plant and Power Station in the American Power Grid by way of the Internet!

Is it unimaginable to have the private, corporate-created (and Federally adopted) NERC introduce Stuxnet (a concealed virus which works secretly) into EVERY computer on the American Power Grid through its ES-ISAC (Electricity Sector Information Sharing and Analysis Center)now E-ISAC  (Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center) (as of 2015) into EVERY command computer network on the Grid?

It would be very easy.

Remember, NERC, through E-ISAC, is cyber-connected to EVERY computer on the American Power Grid in real time.

If you ask me, the House of Cards is set for demolition.


If Stuxnet can be called the saboteur of the Power Grid (through its overheating and burning of the Large Power Transformers - LPTs...

...WannCry will be the destroyer of the Power Grid computers themselves.

WannaCry is a Trojan virus which appered in May of 2017 simultaneously across Europe and the United States.

As a ‘Trojan’ it belongs to a family of computer viruses which misleads the user as to its true intent, masquerading as doing something...while actually doing something else.

WannaCry was actually a very sophisticated virus unleashed across Europe and America by the American NSA.

It actually spread automatically from computer to computer on the Internet, without anyone having to ‘open’ any file.

Everyone was flabbergasted at how WannaCry 1) took over computers,  2) encrypted all computer files and 3) presented a ransom note to be paid for in order to decrypt the files.

While underlining this phenomenon, the media all but ignored the most important part: ...what happens if the ransom was not paid.

What happened is that Wannacry then metamorphed into a ‘killer’ virus which basically wiped out the entire computer.

WannaCry did this by ordering the computer to erase ALL its files, including the Operating System (DOS, Windows ) which makes the computer itself run at all.

To the unlucky user, this represented a complete loss,with everything in the computer being destroyed, leaving an empty, dead, empty husk.

In other words, WannaCry ordered the Computer to ‘eat’ itself, much like a  Madcow disease eats out the brains of a cow.

How close this resembles the EMP effect of the fabled Stratospheric Detonation or Solar Flare.

For some reason, this shocking and terminal effect of the virus was not emphasized in the Media.

But shocking and terminal it was.

This characteristic alone made Wannacry a doomsday virus, which could spread and lobotomize the computers of the world as if their hard drive never even existed.

But, lo and behold, a ‘hero’ appeared at the last minute and stopped WannaCry in its tracks by some lucky coincidence.

Another fairy tale was constructed about how CISCO and one of its technicians put a stop to the dastardly virus, in what was most probably an end to the controlled test-run on society at the NSA itself

The entire shocking and unbelievable story can be read at the Link below

WannaCry Virus Test Run

The truth is WannaCry’s most scary characteristic was that it could wipe out the ‘brain’ of a computer as if an EMP hit and destroyed it completely.

Does that sound like a candidate for the upcoming False Flag take down of the American power grid?

You bet it does.

But the Media quickly dismissed the crisis, assured everything was under control...and changed the subject.

In reality, WannaCry represents THE computer-destroying virus which could be used to demolish the computers of the Power Grid...once Stuxnet is done burning out the transformers...thus creating the perfect EMP simulation False Flag.   

Meanwhile what the Media has done is turned the EMP / Solar Flares Theory into an unquestionable quasi-religious belief of inevitable reality. The only problem is there is no and never was any PROOF of it ever being an actual event or even mathematically provable possibility!

They have us all waiting for the doom THEY will actually produce!

I would like at this point to dedicate some space at the side-effects (the establishment calls it “collateral damage”) which could result as a side effect of this upcoming EMP False Flag Attack on America.

I am referring to the Nuclear destruction which would rain down on the “enemy” nation should the power shut down be blamed on an Atmospheric Nuclear EMP or simply an Internet Cyber-Attack on our Grid.

You see, the United States has already made it clear as a matter of policy that either a Cyber-Strike or an Atmospheric EMP on the United States WILL trigger an immediate NUCLEAR attack upon the offending nation.

So that leaves the nation holding the bag for the Power Grid failure...a nuclear wasteland...whether they did it or not.

And here I am talking about nations like North Korea or Iran.

Listen, I consider myself an honorable person and I resent America’s nuclear fury being unleashed upon the citizens of an innocent nation which HAS NOT attacked our Power Grid.

If indeed a Nuclear EMP false flag is being prepared, I Pray we are not again bamboozled by TRAITORS into attacking a country, like we were at Pearl Harbor (where our own Illuminati traitors LET the enemy in).

So take your pick.

Will it be a Cyber-Attack, a Solar Flare...or an Stratospheric Nuclear Detonation that will be said to provoke the Power Grid shutdown?

From all appearances, Homeland Security and the GridEx exercises all seem to emphasize a Cyber-Strike.

And the  truth about Cyber-Attacks is that it is actually very difficult to actually find out who did it.

Seldom are the responsible countries the actual Internet origin of the virus (which can be launched or transmitted from second or third locations which have nothing to do with the attack).

Recently, there is a strong desire by Israel (home of the Stuxnet) to use us to terminate Iran.

On the other hand, North Korea is plainly on the warmongers’ sights, whose targeting could trigger an even bigger war with China.

So either one is a possibility.

Meanwhile there is another Power Grid exercise brewing - a communications interoperability exercise scheduled for November 4 - 6, 2018.

This exercise will simulate the supposed effects of “Coronal Mass Ejection” (i.e. massive Solar Flare) and its impact on the Power Grid  through the  Army’s M.A.R.S (Military Auxiliary Radio System) network during its Comex 17-4 drill.

And it just so happens that the beginning of this exercise happens to coincide with Antifa’s ‘Day of Rage’ protests which will begin November 4, 2018.

As you know, Antifa’s protests tend to be very violent, and I KNOW from inside sources that Antifa TRAINS for SABOTAGE.

Does this training include the sabotage of the electrical Power Grid?

The cherry on top of all this is, of course, the Deagle, the CIA-connected statistical website predicts a 2/3 reduction of the US population...and a virtual disappearance of the North Korean population by 2025.

Is this a prediction of a catastrophic Power Grid "EMP-caused" false flag failure of the US Power Grid followed by an American nuclear reaction to a perceived North Korean EMP attack on our Grid? Check it out below:

Deagel 2025 Prediction Statistics

So all in all, from the information I have gathered, they might just decide to carry out a false flag cyber-attack on the Grid from an "enemy" state, instead of the traitors within our very own Government.

With concentration and centralization of the Grid under NERC and its E-ISAC system, they certainly have it all set up, centralized and connected for such a thing to succeed.

NERC and E-ISAC themselves will transmit the viruses, trojans and worms (if they haven’t already) directly to the Power Plants and Power Stations to which they are already connected through the Internet.

What happens next will be tricky to execute, but you have to remember...these are the people who carried out 9/11 without any planes and convinced the world that not only were there real planes, but that they actually brought down the World Trade Center.

How much easier will it be to convince the world that America is the victim of a massive and well-orchestrated cyber-attack which brings down the entire Grid...or, for that matter a foreign EMP...which does the same thing?

My point is America is already physically set up to have its grid taken down.

We have gone hook line and sinker with suicidal NERC infrastructure plan...even inviting RUSSIA and CHINA to join in regularly to see how it all works!

America is begging for a grid failure, and the only thing that might prevent one is a common-sense safety approach (which does NOT follow NERC’s stupid Grid safety advice or procedure).

Redundant manually-operated transformer cut-off switches, for example.

The  Large Transformer starts to burn, have a manual switch to cut off electricity from the transformer. It’ll provoke a blackout, but better to have that than a permanently disabled Grid.

And the start-up will have to be done manually as well.

In other words, once the grid begins to be taken out by Stuxnet and WannaCry-type worm and trojan viruses...SHUT DOWN THE GRID...

...then and start bringing it back up again...BY HAND...not with the compromised computers which will by then be running the entire Grid.

The whole back ups redundancy system in action might resemble the internal operation of a large battleship, with on the spot technicians glued to the behavior of gages and operating manual switches to control the flow of electricity and keep the Grid from overheating (like the Iranian centrifuges did under Stuxnet)

But for the above to happen, we would have to have some sort of redundant manual system already installed in the first place.

Unfortunately, manual redundancy back-up systems are exactly what NERC has focused on ELIMINATING from the Grid! 

We can still do something about it if we acknowledge the cyber-attack immediately (instead of daydreaming about solar flares and stratospheric nuclear explosions) and take IMMEDIATE action...

...but we at present seem too deluded and too resigned to do a damn thing about the take down of the net when it catches us by surprise.

What to do under these conditions of physical and mental atrophy as to the Grid?

Just shut it down immediately...make some quick adjustments (manual hand operated switches) and turn it back on carefully in a step-by-step process.

If we can’t do that, then get ready for a FIVE-YEAR blackout across the United States...and the accompanying TENS OF MILLIONS of American dead before we can turn the power back on.


If you can imagine a sequence of simultaneous Plant and Station fires across the Grid, combined with widespread blackouts over entire areas of the United States, you are beginning to have a pretty good idea.

It will be those irreplaceable Large Power Transformers (LPTs) which will be burning up one after another, with the media giving one excuse or another (perhaps even a atmospheric EMP).

But you guessed wil actually  be these pre-installed or Grid-Net-transmitted Trojans and Worm type viruses like Stuxnet and Wannacry which will be doing the damage.

And chances are “terrorist” attacks by Antifa,ISIS, North Korean or even Iranian commandoes could be launched as a distraction - to make us believe the Gird is being taken down by saboteurs...and it will be, just not of the Rambo variety...

....because the traitors who will be doing the actual  cyber-destruction are already in the system and already helping to operate the Grid.

What’s going to happen at the beginning of November?

One can’t be sure, but it won’t be the first time (9/11 was one example) in which a military style drill overlaps an actual false flag event in order to provide cover...while an event happens for real.

Will the November Drill give way to the real thing?

We simply can’t let down our guard.

Our Large Power Transformers must be protected at all costs...

...but continuing to depend on NERC its GridEx drill exercises to protect a damn foolish thing to do.


  1. What brought me hear?One of the illuminati beliefs is that they warn people before they do what they're going to do.The Volvo commercial where the woman sings queen of the night from Mozart's"the Magic flute"just gave me a creepy feeling.It's crazy I know but if I can't tell you people who can I tell?My friends and family sure wouldn't listen.

  2. Homeland security Chief Janet Napolitano DID warn us when she said it was "not a matter of if but when" the Grid will shut down.