Friday, May 11, 2018

China Trade War SInks Ford F-150

The new culture of the American government seems to be the cover up.

What is being covered up just recently is a result of the TRADE WAR Trump has just declared against China.

But before it starts, let's get it straight: a trade war is pretty much like  a war - people get are demolished...workers become unemployed...businesses lose money...and colapse...the economy tanks.

What intrigues me most recently is the new propensity of the American government of LYING about reality.

In this case trying to sugar-coat the destruction of a major American auto brand...due to the ongoing Trade War with China.

Quite simply put, the American auto industry has suddenly canceled the production of the Ford F-150. 

  Some very lame and unbelievable excuses followed.

A crucial auto parts factory in Michigan burned down in May, which made the critical parts for the Ford F-150.

With this ONE factory gone, Ford has supposedly suddenly become unable to continue production of the Ford F-150.

No mention whatsoever of the Trade War with China...or of the massive number of vehicles China has stopped importing... of of the massive number of parts China has stopped shipping to the US.

The other unfortunate unmentionable is the extent to which the American Car industry has become TOTALLY DEPENDENT on Chinese parts in order to BUILD its automobiles.

That's right.

A majority of the parts which make up the insides of our cars...are made in China.

We only ASSEMBLE the cars here in America and employ American workers in the process.

In other words, our car industry is a FRAUD (one more reason to keep the proceedings secret).

So the Ford F-150 is finished...

...a victim of the ongoing Trade War with China.

Read it and weep, Americans.  An automotive icon is gone.

But ignore the fact that this is just the beginning of the economic blood-letting of this trade war.

A lot more people and industries will get hurt.

What more do you expect?

We actually RELY on China for our manufactured goods and in doing so, provide China with an industrial economy.

In short, BOTH sides have something to lose here.

We stand to lose manufactured goods and China stands to lose massive amounts of jobs.

Unfortunately, our industries are not owned by the military, like they are in China.

And if you know anything about the military mind, you know they are willing to take casualties in order to accomplish an objective.

In other words, the Chinese are willing to take "casualties" (jobs). 

While we are not.

The truth is the weak-kneed American public starts screaming the minute employment rates start declining and shortages begin.

Sorry folks...that's all just part of what a trade war case you haven't heard.

You can just feel the collective GROAN in America over the loss of one of its legendary vehicles.

But it doesn't end there.

You see, the Trade War continues.

The American branches of Fiat Chrysler and BMW are also suspending production of certain vehicle models, as is General Motors!

GM has STOPPED producing its full-size vans, and cut back production of its Savanna and Chevy vans while Chrysler's "Pacifica" minivan has been curtailed and BMW's production of its SUVs has been interrupted.

Meanwhile Jeep is Jeep is about to reduce production of the Jeep Wrangler SUV.

The American auto industry has been hit hard.

Yet the trade war continues.

And I am sorry, but that's what you get when you declare a trade war on somebody you have handed all your industry to, and on whose production you DEPEND on in order to keep the wheels of your own "service" economy turning.

Yes, fellow Americans, it's all partially our own fault.

You exporting our industries to China...and actually becoming dependent on Chinese industry...we have developed only a slim chance of winning a trade war against China.













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