Thursday, April 26, 2018

Teacher Strike

There are people in my life I carefully keep within reach, mostly because of the information they have to offer.

One of them is a teacher.

He is not a young guy, and, in fact, he has only recently
returned to teaching back from retirement.

I never thought I would have any interest in talking to a teacher, but this guy is consistently an inside source on some unexpected information.

Like this teacher "walkout" they are having here in Arizona.

He does not hesitate in mentioning flat out, "It's the NEA in disguise" (meaning the National Education Association - a national teachers union which is gaining control of all the teachers of the entire country).

But there is a problem: Arizona does not cater to unions, has no union, and in fact, squashes any attempt to create any unions...

...because it's what's called a "right to work" state.

So I am getting all this inside information from this very experienced pedagogue, and it comes as no surprise when he (and the local channel) have described the people in charge of this strike as "Communists."

Another word for Communists is "political operatives" and most of them seem to be Democrats.

So, Yes - it is a communist-led "color" revolution and the color is, of course, RED.

Red was the same color everybody was wearing while celebrating 'heart month" or whatever, a while ago - and note it is always RED, the color of Communismt which they adopt for all these protests.

The NEA leaders disguised as the AEA (Arizona Education Association) are instigating this strike and putting out their demands...and basically taking charge of the whole shebank without any elections or mandate whatsoever.

They just seem to show up, take charge, and then start "making demands".

This teacher says they "showed up out of nowhere and took over everything."

Doubtlessly, the 'Communists' directing this whole fiasco are well funded, just like Krysten Sinema, the local Crypto-Communist who is looking to replace the outgoing John McCain...with unending political ads.

Noah Karvelis, the 23-year-old leader of the RedForEd Movement is a young, freshly installed music teacher and a Communist "community organizer" who seems to have come out of nowhere to LEAD the strike.

In other words, another Communist nobody with no career who has been put in charge (memories of Obama).

 And it is amazing how all these teachers are responding to the Communist instigations of this NEA-directed movement.

It was curious how the NEA (calling itself the AEA) keeps pushing the envelope, starting out with more pay for the teachers...then expanding to more pay for ALL school staff (janitors, plumbers, bus drivers, etc)...and an "indefinite" strike until "demands" are satisfied.

Power-projecting imagery is a Communist specialty and they're doing a great job, filming multituteds of "protestors" all wearing the trademark RedForEd RED t-shirt marching downtown Phoenix (actually only a minority of these "protestors" are teachers at all - in fact, the majority are simply people getting PAID to wear the red t-shirt and march down central Phoenix.

Rumor has it (according to my friend) that they will march right up to the Capitol Building.

Which is another favorite tactic of the Communists: Intrusion.

They like to enter official government buildings and "takeover" the premises and intimidate bureaucrats and politicians.

In a further LIE, they did promise everyone (read parents) that what was coming was a one-day "walkout" of teachers, but as of this writing there is already talk of the "strike" being carried out INDEFINITELY "until the demands are met."

Talk about a mid-stride jujitsu turnaround!

Surprisingly, my friend is most worried about the protesting teachers, who he believes, stand to lose their jobs (with the loud teachers "union" doing nothing about it).

What catches me is the Communist mode and how easily my fellow Americans fall into it.

Chant these very familiar Communist  chants (they do)

Put on these red Communist shirts (they cooperate).

Accept us (an unestablished and unaccepted (in Arizona) union. (they accept them).

Accept these unknown Communist "community organizers" as your leaders (they accept them).

Walk into the capital building and the State Congress and create chaos (they do).

But what can you do when you have an American population who almost voted a BONAFIDE COMMUNIST (Bernie Sanders) as the future President of United States?

I am sure the Teachers's Strike here in Arizona is just a practice run for all the other strikes the Communists will use to collapse American society, like Port Worker Strikes, Public Transportation Strikes, Truck Driver Strikes, Garbage Man get the idea.

The result, at least here in Arizona will be a FORCEFULLY ESTABLISHED TEACHER'S UNION (which presently does not exist), but hey, one thing the Communists have plenty of is unlimited amounts of money to keep on going...once the society they have targeted collapses.


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  1. I’m in Arizona and very surprised so many parents have supported the teachers walking out. One thing I have heard from red for ed is the rich need to pay their fair share and only the rich will be taxed. I think parents are starting to get upset kids are still out of school.