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Uncle Putin Reactivates Russian Death Signal

Well, it’s happened.

Vladimir Putin, the COMMUNIST (...Orthodox Christian?) ex-KGB (I mean...ex-FSB) Head of the Soviet Union (excuse me, Russian Federation!) has reverted back to his old tricks and has gone out and REACTIVATED the old Communist Cold War Woodpecker death Signal.

In fact this warning is a sort of a repeat of past warnings.

See Another good article here:

You see, Putin re-activated the Woodpecker Signal three and a half years ago... on 2014, in the midst of US intervention against Russia in the Ukraine and the Crimea.

Scant warning from anyone on this important Scalar signal matter.

But...better late than never.

At least you got SOME warning from somewhere, which is better than what the US government is giving you...which is nothing.

Fry and die in ignorance, sucker, they seem to be saying!

But is this really surprising from an institution which has committed itself to building an irradiation forest by promising to fund the entire 5G infrastructure WITH YOUR TAX MONEY AND OUR PUBLIC DEBT?

In case you don’t know the story of Soviet Union’s Woodpecker signal which was inflicted on America in 1976...and through 1990.

Let me mention this phenomenon...AGAIN.

My main previous article on the Woodpecker can be found here:
(this article was sabotaged, destroyed and made impossible to re-post in its original form on Blogger)

In addition, after my re-publishing of it, the unknown trolls came out of the forest to trash it in total conjunction with each other (some of them fresh out of high school, but equipped with enough bullshit to sink the Bismark,

But yes indeed, the Soviet Woodpecker signal became famous during the second half of the 1970‘s when it suddenly appeared on the scene.

It’s strength was  increased to such an extent that it started interfering with HAM radio (and even TV) signals to such an extent that American companies began producing gadgets to block off the signal (at least off the audio electronic spectrum).

Simultaneously, rates of cancer, leukemia, lupus and other autoimmune disease along with outright insanity began skyrocketing across the United States (at which the signal seemed to be exclusively beamed) (see graph incluede here:

It was also seen to affect the human mind (or better said the targeted American mind) as Public sex at discos, suicides as well as murderous violence in incidents like the Son of Sam, the Golden Dragon Massacre, the Hillside Strangler, the Atlanta Killings, and John Wayne Gayce, and outright insanity also seemed to be scourge of the moment...which included the sudden explosion of “streaking” (appearing in public totally naked).

In other words, the American population in general started going insane, even as disease and death  skyrocketed started lowering its health and life expectancy.

The Woodpecker signal scourge afflicted America for a total of 15 years - from 1976 to 1991 (after which the Soviet Union collapsed and the Cold War ended).

There is no doubt the signal originated in the Soviet Union and was broadcast at “human” frequency (frequencies which interfered with human mental and physical health)...and was a literal ‘attack’ on the American population, and could be supposedly traced partially (but not exclusively) to the area of the ‘DUGA’ “air defense” “radar” in the Soviet Union (is this a false site?). You can walk the wreckage of the Duga site today, and it does not seem to be at all operational. So where is the present Woodpecker signal coming from?

The frequency  became so strong in the late 70's that it became a bothersome ‘jamming’ signal on the sets of Ham Radio operators, to the extent that it started a whole separate market of devices which quieted the signal and made Ham communication continue to be possible.

The American government went out of its way to try to ignore the phenomenon and  pretend like it wasn’t happening.

But the population was not completely clueless, and the signal became a well known open-secret amongst North Americans. The most any government officials admitted to was that the signal was possibly a microwave effort to influence public opinion.

The skyrocketing rates of cancer and insanity were totally ignored.

Which seems to have set a precedence of how the American government will treat all covert attacks on the American population - pretend like its not happening!

All this in addition to permitting technology which seems to DESTROY America.

As mentioned, the Soviet Union (Russia) cut off the signal in 1991 (the year the Cold War officially ended).

But now old uncle Putin has seen it fit to re-activate the signal and hit America AGAIN.

Just one more reason why it is increasingly ironic how many Americans see Putin as a sort of good guy and savior instead of a crypto-Jewish and crypto-communist grim reaper that he really is.

Here is a video about the Woodpecker coming back online:

Russian Woodpecker Signa Returns Now

And to read about the REAL Vladmir Putin read this:

Putin: Devil Not Hero

*and please forgive the appearance of the above article, because it was sabotaged and destroyed...and had to be reconstituted and re-published with being Blogger unable to re-publish it correctly.

Now that you have ‘learned’ who the real Vladimir Putin is...and that he has REACTIVATED the Russian Woodpecker signal (with accompanying skyrocketing rates of  cancer, autoimmune disease...and insanity...I hope you know where to stand.

Please understand that Putin turned it back on in 2014, right at the moment, the Cold War got ‘re-started’ by America’s involvement in the Ukrainian Crisis and Russia’s ‘re-taking’ of the Caucasus.

Apparently, Putin seemed to have judged that this type of US ‘involvement’ deserved a re-activation of the deadly Russian Woodpecker death signal.

And why not?

Hasn’t the US Government so far kept its mouth shut on the whole affair?

And its not only that, but it has become increasingly apparent that the Woodpecker signal has been expandeded by communists within our own government through ubiquitousness of Wi-Fi.

GET THIS NOW...Wi-Fi is already transmitting the deadly Russian Woodpecker Death Signal!

Please do note how the Russian Wookpecker sounds EXACTLY like WiFi:

Russian Woodpecker Signal:

Wi-Fi Signal

Does the return of the Woodpecker announce the beginning of secret attacks on world populations by microwave weapons...kept BOTH sides?

Didn’t the two sided formally agree to the mutual destruction of both their populations during a nuclear exchange?

You might remember it as M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction).

It was a real thing and they really accorded on this.

How far of a leap is it to believe both sides have agreed to keep quiet on the destruction of people through these secret radio-wave weapons?

Also, are you aware that massive 5G infrastructure will be supplied (cheaply) by hardware from COMMUNIST CHINA?

Welcome to WW-III, everyone.

Perhaps by now you have started (at the very least) realizing that Uncle Putin is not a very nice man.

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