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Parkland: Another One

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018 a ‘lone’ 19-year-old lunatic supposedly attacked Stoneman Douglas High School in  Parkland, Florida inside Broward County, killing 17 staff and students... or at least that is what the official record says.

The devil, however, is in the details.

For beginners, Parkland is an affluent suburb of a very Democratic County

The Sheriff of Broward County is a dedicated Democrat Jewish zealot with deep roots into liberalism and gun control...he is also a pro-Muslim, pro refugee fanatic who speaks Arabic (where do they get these people?).

The stage was indeed set.

The shocker was, that for whatever reason, there had been actual (presumably accidental) cyber posts from bonafide news sources on Feb 12 and Feb 13 (one to two days BEFORE the actual event happened) at CBS News,, and detailing the shooting as it actually came to occur...again, two days before it happened!

Holy chronological mess ups, Batman!

None of the mass media has questioned the more than prophetic announcements coming from these news sites!

But there’s more.

Nikolas Cruz was a 19 year old who had been expelled from the school the previous year. For good reason, perhaps among them was thretening classmates with DEATH.

He also had a long history of being on the police records as an unstable troublemaker.

Nikolas soon became an ARMED and unstable trouble maker, which was when his foster parents took away his guns and HE called the police to get them back (all this in addition to all the calls the police had already received about HIM).

The police ignored all the facts, including multiple calls and visits to his home, including one from a person warning them he was about to initiate a school massacre...which they proceeded to disregard.

Nikolas was a psycotropically medicated and apparently superficially more or less likable borderline retard and autistic person (which puts him right in line with a gallery of mental deficients who are traditionally blamed for assassinations and mass murder).

Nikolas’  trick of endearment was to carry out all ‘dares’ he got from the his fellow classmates, much to the entertainment of all involved, which in Nikolas’ little mind, made him a likable and popular with his peers.

In other words, Nikolas was a borderline barely functional off kilter retard with a servile personality and passive-aggressive issues, who worked at a Dollar Tree (a well known shelter for mentally-challenged borderlines).

Before Nikolas Cruz’s grand entrance (or should I say, re-entrance) the school had already carried out a series of “active shooter” drills , with ANOTHER active shooter drill programmed for that very same week (some reports say that very SAME DAY) (which satisfies the false flag requirement for an on-drill -day-event), which seems to be the tradition with government-created false-flag events.

It seems  the very Secret Service itself showed up the previous week to “redo” school policy in reaction to shooters (is this where the ‘stand and wait’ policy was substituted for the close and engage reaction of the police?)

Then a ‘surprise’ active shooter drill was announced at the beginning of that semester.

Attacks happening on Drill Day always help cover-up and justify assets who might be caught, detained or exposed before the attack takes place.

Unfortunately, the ‘coincidence’ factor is always just too much to believe that the attacks keep happening coincidentally RIGHT ON THE DAY OF THE DRILL...every time! 
As record would have it, the school, the staff and the students were all expecting an active shooter drill that semester and perhaps that same day.

You know, nothing protects our kids like drill and preparedness!

Nikolas Cruz arrived in an Uber at 2:20 pm, near the end of the school day.

No footage of Nikolas Cruz arriving at the school HEAVILY ARMED in an environment well-equipped with video surveillance cameras and armed police.

The first question here is ‘how did a heavily armed Nikolas Cruz (a non-student outsider) enter school grounds, especially when the school was surrounded by a locked gate and with the buildings themselves being locked?

And...yes, there WAS a School Resource Officer (or SRO) on school grounds, but from here things the got initially very foggy.

Official sources say the SRO had left school grounds right before the shooting started, either being called off school grounds or leaving on his own account.

Initially neither the Broward County Sheriff’s Office nor the Broward County School  District responded to any requests on information as to WHERE the SRO was at the time of the shooting.

This long-winded DELAY in answering a very critical and basic question (as well as the neglect by the mass media) is IMPORTANT.

A while later, Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie said he was told by Brovard Sheriff Office officials that an officer WAS at the school...but on a different part of campus (no report on what happened after he heard the shots)

Later it was determined (as America waited for the most anticipated question since “who shot JR?”) that the SRO was NOT at the building, but eventually arrived at the building (while the shooting was taking place) and “called for help...but did NOT enter the building”).

Please note the evolution and concealment of the very important factoid of “where was the SRO at the time of the shooting?”

From the outside, it was starting to look like he might have arrived within minutes, but then left (like what happened at Columbine!)

But eventually, time clarifies everything, right?

It was later clarified that when Cruz entered Stoneman Douglas High School, the lone SRO, Scott Petersen, was indeed elsewhere on the campus...but could not be reached for comment.

Not to worry, School officials and the County Sheriff beset by curious reporters REFUSED to respond on what the SRO did once the shooting started.

A further tidbit of information was later clarified by the Sheriff of Broward County himself, Scott Israel, when he stated officially that “an armed security guard never got the chance to stop Nikolas Cruz” and confirmed that “Nikolas Cruz managed to shoot up the Parkland high school without ever encountering the school resource deputy” who refused to expand on the matter.

How’s that for open communication?

Later still, perhaps starting to feel a little bit bothered by how much attention was being focused on him, Sheriff Scott Israel admitted that “training and policies are clear that in an active shooter situation in a school, law enforcement are supposed to 'push towards the shooter' and 'contain the threat”...but refused to say what the Stoneman Douglas SRO did at the time.

Thank you for the further self-butt-covering and useless information, Sheriff... especially since Broward County received nearly $6 million that academic year from the Safe Schools Program...which was supposed to guarantee effective police protection for these students.

Later, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel admitted that the school resource officer WAS on campus but did not run into Mr. Cruz. The gunman arrived during dismissal, when the campus was “fairly open” but DECLINED to expand on what exactly happened at the time.

Again...thanks...for nothing.

But back to the shooting:

Once Cruz entered the school Freshman building, he supposedly set off smoke grenades and pulled the fire alarm.

The devious plan by the suddenly very tactically astute Nikolas Cruz seemed to have been to trick the staff and students into thinking there was indeed a real fire and have them file out of the classrooms and into the corridors.

(if anyone knows where I can buy tactical SMOKE GRENADES please let me know)

The fire drill itself was strange to both students and staff because a fire drill had already been done earlier THAT SAME DAY.

Whatever the case may be,  the School Principal made it  official by verbally ORDERING all students and staff to “evacuate the building” over the classroom loud speakers...and in this way he actually ASSISTED in the massacre that was to follow.

While the Principal (supposedly inadvertently assisted in carrying out the massacre), the borderline retarded Cruz must again be admired for his detailed tactical thinking in knowing that a fire alarm would not permit the automatic locking of all classroom doors.

With the situation set up par excellence for a massacre, Cruz went into action:

He supposedly proceeded to shoot people in the hallways and inside five classrooms on the first AND second floors of the freshman building, eventually discarding the rifle, a vest, a gas mask and ammunition in a stairwell, and then smoothly blending in with fleeing students to get away.

The panicked staff and students were apparently clueless, and perhaps for good reason.

Cruz might really not have done any of the shooting.

This was especially apparent to teacher, Stacey Lippel, who WITNESSED a fully equipped figure in black helmet helmet, bullet proof vest and helmet emptying his rifle down the hallway only 20 feet from her...and (before seeing this figure empty his magazine at students and getting nicked by one of the bullet herself). The account stated “Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School teacher Stacy Lippel was grazed by a hot bullet which left the chamber of the shooter’s gun as she closed the door to her classroom after letting a number of students file into what would presumably be safety. However, nothing could have prepared the teacher for what she was to witness next. The brave teacher said she told fellow Stoneman Douglas H.S. teacher Scott Beigel, 35, to get back in his room just before the shooter fired a number of rounds into his room killing him and other students.“ I’m staring at him thinking why are the police here,this is strange because he’s in full metal garb, helmet, face mask, bulletproof armor, shooting this rifle that I’ve never seen before,” Lippel told Good Morning America (!!!) last Wednesday."

Lippel said the shooter fired four to five rounds into her classroom which shattered the classroom door window before the heavily-claded assassin continued his diabolic shooting spree down the hallway. (this woman's life is now probably in danger: keep an eye open for her premature DEATH in the near future.)

And it was also not apparent to student Alexa Miednik who says she WALKED OUT WITH AND CONVERSED WITH NIKOLAS CRUZ on her way out of the building (WHILE THE SHOOTING CONTINUED form other parts of the building).

In fact, a total of at least three students have said on video there was more than one shooter present - located at opposite sides of the school!

One student has stated on video that “there were THREE shooters”

All these testimonies were FORMERLY available on YouTube and Vimeo, who have not apparently joined hands in making SURE no contradictory footage of the Parkland Shooting makes it onto the Internet.

And don’t look for any help from Broward Country Sheriff Scott Israel, who said that footage about SRO Deputy Scott Peterson’s actions at the scene would probably NOT be release and that "We're not going to disclose the video at this time and we may NEVER disclose the video.”

Gee, that would leave a total of...not one...not two...not three...but FOUR armed officers under investigation who were AT THE SCENE for “failing to enter the school.”

And as for SRO (school resource officer) Scott Peterson, it has been finally been made clear that he got to the scene within minutes...stood outside the school...took a defensive position...and waited...while the shooting continued.

Presumably, the other two or three deputies also present, apparently joined him...and did the same.

The big question then becomes, did these deputies do this on their own to protect their own lives, or were they ORDERED to do it?

It’s getting harder and harder to find out, because, you see, they have all been given gag orders.

Me personally, I find it difficult to believe that four armed men trained in law enforcement will not respond to a school shooting.

Good ol’ Sheriff Israel sure ain’t talkin’... and neither are these other cops...

...aside from the announcement by Sheriff Scott Israel that SRO Sheriff Deputy Scott Peterson has resigned (and presumably is now out of the picture - no more questions, no trial, no investigation, no nothing).

What a great way to get out of a jam - just resign!

No problem!

And it isn’t clear whether Peterson has resigned as SRO or as Sheriff’s deputy or whether he has even left law enforcement!

Anyway, everyone is expected to forgive, and, I guess, FORGET about Deputy Scott’s Peterson’s role in the death of 17 students and staff at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida, who has ‘resigned’ apparently without consequence to his career and any sort of court questioning.

But In a grand, gung ho gesture (to make up for his uselessness before, during and after the fact) Sheriff Scott Israel has now proclaimed that Broward County school SRO’s will now carry AUTOMATIC RIFLES...forgetting that automatic rifles rounds could easily penetrate the cinder block walls making up most schools and endanger any bystanders beyond.

Meanwhile all in school footage of the event (of which, considering the number of cameras the school had, must have been voluminous) including footage of Cruz and the useless deputies has been confiscated by the FBI and put under lock and key (any word on that 9/11 Pentagon footage yet?)

As far as can be ascertained, the police (complete with armored cars, helmets, vests, facemasks and machine guns) did show up almost immediately after the shooting...but again (just like the Sheriff deputies) only deployed outside and waited for opportunity to bully around the scared students as they exited the building...instead of say, entering the building and securing all the classrooms immediately.

To be seen during this segment of the events were casual bystanders (or was it event organizers and observers?) standing by casually in the open while the police took defensive firing positions behind their own vehicles.

The “caring” police “army people” who arrived took special pains to loudly order the students to NOT look at the bodies (which they had supposedly tried to hide under covers) as the students were force-marched out of the school.

Indeed, the neat orderly and obedient walkout by students indicates a drilled and practiced student body who knew EXACTLY what to do and how to behave - they had indeed been drilled repeatedly on exactly how to do this.

Shortly afterwards, four officers were seen walking together and carrying a very heavy bag, containing something so heavy it took two of them to carry the bag to the white pick up a white pick-up truck that was waiting for them.

Suspiciously enough, the FBI was seen to be present right as the students were marched out of the school.

What a lightning quick deployment of the FBI!

Sort of like them being the first at Senator Wellstone’s crashed plane when it hit the ground in Minnesota in 2002.

And the FBI gents at Douglas High seemed to be the infamous “agents in charge” who quickly takeover everything the Feds need covered up and sanitized.

And the incredible thing throughout all this police presence was the fact that Nikolas Cruz did not only supposedly kill 17 people, but dropped the gun, vest, ammo and gas mask...and mixed in with the exiting students, escaping the post-event ID check  the police did on all students exiting the building...left the school...walked to a Walmart, and then bought a drink at a Subway...and stopped by at a McDonald’s.

He was only arrested a bit later when he walked down a residential street at 3:41 p.m. and was detained by officer in a squad car,  Michael Leonard, on a “hunch.”

To add the appropriate ‘gravitas’ to the situation, a gigantic candle-light vigil with thousands in attendance was announced for that very same night.

How did the word get out so fast?

Any event of this magnitude requires organization and preparation.

Was the event organized and prepared ahead of time?

As an epilogue, it was announced by the Federal authorities that the AR-15 rifle used in the attack was purchased legally by Cruz, at Sunrise Tactical Supply in Florida that same month, according to a federal law enforcement officials.

“No laws were violated in the procurement of this weapon,” said Peter J. Forcelli, the special agent in charge for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Miami.

Get it?

That’s right.

The Law was followed to the letter...

...and it led to the deaths of 17 students and staff at Douglas High School. get outraged!!!!

The whole law needs to be changed!

Write your local Congressmen!

Get out and riot!

The law is no good and it isn’t protecting our kids!

(and neither, presumably, are the cops charged with and paid for their protection)

In yet another shade of the Vegas Shooting, the absence of emergency vehicles at this shooting site, where supposedly 17 people were killed and wounded 50 - for a grand total of nearly 70 students needing transport to the hospital (or morgue) attracted scant attention as far emergency vehicles were concerned (I believe my grand search of photos on the Internet turn up...two), and even emergency crews complained that the call never went out to them or their vehicles telling them their presence was needed.

The crime scene investigation which followed was a joke, reminiscent of the quick job following the Las Vegas massacre...

...which translates to hardly any crime tape, hardly any detectives for a ‘crime scene’ hardly quarantined for any amount of time.

In fact, I don’t remember seeing any crime scene tape at Stoneman Douglas High all!

To get the gist of the matter, one has to imagine it this way:

One person being killed provokes the crime scene tape and the area being sealed off for an entire day by police.

Yet the murder of 17 people at Douglas High provokes hardly any crime scene tape and no sealing off of the area.

One can imagine how many bullet holes, blood prints and ammunition cartridges and other evidence is there to be recorded.

But it doesn’t end there.

And just like at Sandy Hook, the schools superintendent has now led the way in pushing for the tearing down of the school building where the shooting took place (thus permanently erasing any lingering evidence).

 In the post-event, the opportunity wasn’t missed by the mass media to make Nikolas Cruz look like a far-right, home-grown terrorist.

An instagram photo was mentioned of Cruz with his face covered in a large bandanna wearing a “Make America Great Again” Trump hat.

Although this was later not proven to be Cruz.

And the leader of a white nationalist group, Republic of Florida, said that Cruz had also participated in their paramilitary drills.

Although this information was later proven to be false.

But the dig at the right of center conservatives had been established!    

Meanwhile, many investigators using FOIA requests have been unable to prove that many of the Douglas High School victims even existed...considering that many of their birth certificates themselves can't be located!   

On another aside, the ‘interviews’ with some of the ‘victims’ and their parents seem to be suspicious.

One ‘mom’  confessed to also being at the Pulse  Gay Orlando Night Club Shooting in 2016 during the videotaped interview while her ‘son’ supposedly (smirking in the background)

Meanwhile you might notice the “victims” have an unnerving habit of smiling awkardly while  “narrating” the events of the incident. Is it because of all the lying phony things they are to pretend about as ongoing “crisis actors”?

Several crisis actors, present at other false flag events, (like the above “mom”) have been recorded being present again at the Stoneman Douglas High School event in Parkland, Florida. 

And the acting continues...

“Lori Alhadeff”, whose daughter, “Alyssa, was supposedly one of the killed made an emotional “plea” for “action” in one of the goofiest voices ever heard on the Internet, which went along with one can only surmise to be incredibly bad acting.

Shortly thereafter, Stoneman-Douglas High School senior and school rotcs member, Colton Haab, sought to participate in a CNN “townhall meeting” broadcast on February 21, 2018, admitted the network provided him with a list of “scripted questions”

Haab explained to local ABC affiliate, WPLG-TV that "CNN had originally asked me to write a speech and questions, and it ended up being all scripted."

Shortly thereafter Haab stated on FoxNews that based on his experience he believed ALL of the questions asked by Stoneman Douglas students and community members at the CNN TownHall were SCRIPTED.

So the playacting according to script continues.

Students or anyone else with eyewitness versions differing from the “official” version transmitted by mass media and are thoroughly marginalized, their accounts disregarded and eventually forgotten.

All unexplainables relating to the Stoneman-Douglas High School shooting, from Cruz’s unexplained entry into the highly-secured school, to the School Officer’s unexplained absence, to the absence of emergency vehicles, to the involvement of the Secret Service in school protocol, to the presence of the FBI, etc, are also totally disregarded and, they hope, forgotten.

Meanwhile, I am sorry to admit, I honestly don’t know with complete assurance just what exactly went going on at Stoneman-Douglas High School.

There is just too much falsehood, too much lying, too many agendas and too much dishonesty, from a media that seems TOTALLY controlled and directed by an invisible shadow group.

In other words, I don’t know exactly what happened at Stoneman-Douglas.

The perceptual environment is just too skewed.

It’s like trying to read a detailed diagram through a kaleidoscope.

All the indications are there, however...for a false flag.

Did the students really die at Stoneman-Douglas, some of them, all of them, none at all?

It’s becoming harder and harder to tell.

Along the same vein, it is becoming clearer and clearer that whether the students died or not, Stoneman-Douglas WAS a false flag - a carefully prepared event that was triggered and guided by the obscure powers behind the throne, from beginning to end...and they continue to guide the spin of what actually happened there.

If other false flags are any guide, the people who are offering the eyewitness accounts differing from the official version  are now in danger.

Did you hear about the FIFTY or so people dying mysteriously after the Kennedy assassination?

How about the  half dozen dying mysteriously after the Columbine massacre?

Yes indeed, the clean-up process is very extensive and goes on beyond the false flag event itself.

When are the American people begin to wake up to the reality that THEIR reality is being manufactured and guided by the mass media?

A partial list of the dead at Stoneman-Douglas follows:

    -Alyssa Alhadeff
    -Scott Beigel (teacher)
    -Martin Duque
    -Nicholas  Dworet
    -Aaron Feis
    -Jaime Guttenberg
    -Chris Hixon
    -Luke Hoyer
    -Gina Montalto
    -Joaquin Oliver
    -Alaina Petty
    -Meadow Pollack
    -Alex Schachter
    -Peter Wang

...currently FOIA requests are going out from many investigators regarding the birth certificates of these people...and they are already running into many problems concerning these identities.

Meanwhile the total purge and control of the Internet has entered a new stage with Youtube automatically deleting accounts of people DARING to question the events that took place at Stoneman-Douglas which differ from the official version.

What happened at Columbine (and continues to happen) shows all the marks of artificially created and controlled operations which are quickly covered up by the Media and the FBI.

What else is new?


...especially when it come to their one-sided mania for confiscating the weapons from the private hands of individual law-abiding Americans...

...a multi-billion dollar anti-gun campaign has now been launched using students from Stoneman-Douglas and other students from other high schools across Ameria to get Congress and the President to pass anti-gun legislation...funded by George Soros.

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