Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Murderous Medical Establishment

I write this today with a heavy heart, after suffering another loss of a dear relative or friend to the medical establishment, something I always warn people against because its corruption and its murderousness have become endemic.

This man, a relative who I had grown close to fell and hit his head.

The fall, according to his doctors, had produced internal bleeding in the brain and had to be operated on.

One doctor even advised against it...the other wanted to operate.

The son of the man, a member of the system, agreed to operate and made his father sign for the operation (a document, which, by the way exempts the medical establishment from any responsibility or liability whatsoever).

Unfortunately I had no say in the matter, since he was not a close relative.

They operated.

The day after the operation  I am talking to relatives and I hear 'he can't swallow' and then ' can move his head a little' and later 'he can open his eyes'.

This did not sound good.

Later, upon inquiring, I am told 'he's dead.'

But how?

Wasn't he recovering?

Wasn't he getting better?

How did he die?

'He started vomiting blood.'

So the guy goes in to treat internal bleeding and he dies vomiting blood? 

Later rumors surfaced that a feeding tube was so forcefullly forced into the man that they did some (fatal) internal damage.

So this guy goes in for peripheral operation to stop internal bleeding under his skull and dies vomiting blood?

How MURDEROUSLY INCOMPETENT does one have to be to accomplish that?

Like I said later I heard he was getting better before his sudden 'relapse'...following which the doctor was very quick in insisting he should be 'disconnected' (from his breathing tub) probably to keep him from talking about the botched up procedure they did on him (the man was actually a prominent lawyer).

In the end he died right on cue, without saying a word to endanger anyone's medical reputation.

How can things be so corrupt?

Well, its not hard in the medical field.

This man had actually previously insisted that his wife get her bladder removed, leaving her with a catheter...which led to an infection...which KILLED HER.

It also reminds me of the parents of a twenty-something woman who had sent their daughter all the way from Ohio to Arizona to treat her drug addiction.

After all, it WAS Arizona a holiday resort sort of place.

Just three days after arriving for her much ballyhooed visit to the sunshine state...

...they found her dead in her room at the 'treatment' center.

Also reminds me of the medical 'attack' on my uncle...whom they ambushed after a fall, put him into an ambulance and made him sign papers for IMMEDIATE operation on his hip.

The operation was botched form here to next August and lift him a cripple in constant pain.

And the thing is he probably DID NOT NEED THE OPERATION AT ALL!

That's right.

There was nothing wrong with his hip in the first place!

But let blind faith in doctors override any common sense every time!

Reminds me also of a neighbor who was 'talked' into a hip replacement by a doctor because her 'lower back was bothering her.'

She could not walk without a stroller for the rest of her life which continued with constant pain.

Reminds me also of one of the Bee Gees who died on the operating table during an effort to untangle his intestines.

Reminds me of George Orwell's wife, who also died on the operating table over some minor nonsense.

Reminds me of Jeff Rense who (luckily) woke up after an accident and refused to get his brain operated on over internal bleeding (he is alive an well today).

Reminds me of the actress, Lisa Robin Kelly, who played Foreman's sister on 'That 70's Show' who checked into a drug rehab center  and DIED there right in the middle of the season.

Drug rehab centers are NOTORIOUS for having people suddenly die there...and the explanations of their deaths are always kept totally secret!

Pretty weird for an ultra-secure environment staffed by medical experts!

The truth is that doctors are irresponsible murderous bastards by way of having been totally inured to human death by their extensive passage through 'residence.'

Put simply, they don't care about your life.

Sometimes, if you observe them closely, you can catch them being the insensitive, unfeeling reptiles that they really are.

A relative's husband, who is presently going through residency keeps coming home with horror stories about the hospital, and he is having trouble sleeping at night.

'A pregnant woman came in to have a baby (halfway through the (Caesarian) procedure she 'stopped breating'...the baby was saved.

No explanation or investigation needed.

A healthy older man comes in for his heart operation and 'dies suddenly' on the operating table.'

All the staff just start leaving the operating room..

...leaving the residency husband (who was observing and assisting in the procedure) there alone, crying.

THIS is what residency is!

It is a heardening of the heart and the psyche against the KILLING of human beings under the medical establishment.

And there is A LOT of killing because the medical establishment is so corrupt, so incompetent and so greedy.

Believe me, it is after residency that many doctors opt out of the standard medical field by getting into some peripheral field, like naturopathy,  homeopathy, chiropractice or medical bureaucracy.

It's because they suddenly realize they can't possibly be a direct part of a profession this MURDEROUS!

You've got to understand.

The typical 'resident' doctor has seen, heard or been informed about the deaths of HUNDRED of people KILLED within the hospital through malpractice, either through bad operating procedure, mis-application of anesthesia, prescription errors, wrongful application of drugs, negative reactions to medicine, etc.

If they're lucky they'll never get to see the poor abandoned souls left to DEHYDRATE to death BEGGING for some water as they are left to die because their relatives have chosen to 'disconnect' them from life support.

Of the premature babies being forcefully submitted to dangerous vaccination which kills many of them and leaves the rest going into convulsions... a procedure and results so commonly known to the  nurses ordered to carry it our, that they prepare the infant defillibrators before they even start injecting!

Or all the babies with their brains destroyed following vaccinations.

All the incidents officially denied by the doctors and the institution.

All of them covered up.

So you can bet that those who make it through residency and choose to enter the medical field can and do commit murder on a regular basis without batting an eyelid.

I can still remember a doctor surgeon I knew joking at cocktail parties joking with fellow doctors during a New Years Party about HOW MANY PEOPLE THEY HAD KILLED.

It was just a FUNNY JOKE to them!

THIS is what you're getting into when you leave yourself to the claws of the medical establishment.

And this is why I tell people to stay away!

You are actually putting your life in danger based on a set of blatant LIES fed to you by your doctor to induce BLIND FEAR and compliance with what they will do to you for MONEY!

And believe me, if something goes wrong, or even if you die, the bill will  remain and be forcefully collected.

If you asked me, I think it would be a good idea to have EVERY medical procedure money-guaranteed, so that if it goes wrong, you can AT LEAST get your money back.

It would sort of supply a 'financial incentive' for doctors to NOT to keep killing, crippling and fucking people up while guaranteeing their pay!

But as thing stand, doctors regularly become more 'active' in doing medical procedures to people (even if they don't need them) when it gets close to the Holiday season. You know, getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas and all those expensive gifts and lifestyles they are used to.

So beware the Holiday Season.

The doctor is getting ready for it by DOING things to you for money...regardless whether you get better...or worse.

In fact, doctors FUCK UP more people than at any other time close or during the holiday season because they are getting ready for all those holiday bills.

Are doctors that rotten?

You bet they are!

So beware of surgery forcefully prescribed by a doctor during November and December!

Its no secret that the opioid epidemic was partially triggered by all the ogoing pain and discomfort caused by widespread and badly done medical surgery which leave the patient (victim) in pain FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES!

So skip on that next medical recommendation or prescription, and leave your God-given body to heal itself.

You are not as vulnerable or endangered as your doctor will make you believe.

They create fear in you so you will agree to whatever money-making procedure they want to perform on you at a greatly exaggerated cost.

This is especially ironic considering how many millions of lives the medical establishment itself is ruining or snuffing out every day.

So relax, have a fruit juice and say to yourself:

" I am going to relax, enjoy myself and leave the rest in God's hands"

GUARANTEED you'll have better results!

PS: you know what this article requires a follow up: death traps and minefields of the medical establishment and how to avoid them (coming here soon)


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