Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Has Alex Jones Turned?

What is up with Alex Jones?

I listen to the man regularly,  but lately a weird change seems to have overtaken Alex.

The shift came when Alex started PUSHING that the Vegas Massacre REALLY DID HAPPEN - disregard whatever you think you saw (or didn’t see) - no emergency vehicles, no emergency lights, no sirens, no crime scene tape, instant clean-up, no bullet holes, no (real) corpses, etc, etc, etc. Alex Jones said it really happened!

Now Alex is seems to be totally involved in pushing two things: 1) the factoid that the Vegas Massacre really DID happen and 2) a convoluted conspiracy theory (based on the fact that it really did happen)

The rest of his show is based on propaganda proposing that the New World Order is on the run, and collapsing as it runs scared and clueless.

I  have already written an article on how this is patently false, but Alex is the sudden proponent of this fantasy.

One one can’t proceed without noticing a tumultuous change in Alex’s private life: a divorce, followed by a re-marriage, followed by more children.

Weirdly (and exepectedly enough) Alex Jones’ new wife is AGAIN Jewish, just like 80% of the guests on the Alex Jones Show.

She also has a shady past as a Yoga Instructor/Masseuse/Escort/suspected prostitute...
...with her mother being a bureaucrat within the Kansas Federal Reserve.

This might sound surprising, but the system likes to use its very own as as its tools.

More likely, Alex’s new ‘wife’ is a mind-controlled keeper of Alex, whose relatives work directly for the Federal Reserve (talk about having a short leash).

And I must admit...

...I followed Alex for a long time, analyzing his actions carefully, and was unable to find anything suspicious in his behavioue (unlike his background).

Now, after his baseless assertion that the Las Vegas shooting really did happen and his tying it to a complex conspiracy involving the shooter as an ISIS agent, the Sheriff being threatened by the FBI, SWAT teams and shoot outs across Vegas, multiple shooters, dead witnesses...all without ONE grain of fact to back his assertion - in fact Alex refuses to say WHY he believes that the Vegas massacre really happened saying that it’s ‘too painful’ and that one can’t fake ‘the light fading from people’s eyes’ (I guess he was watching extreme facial close ups of these 'dying' people).

But whatever...

...for the first time I found myself SWITCHING OFF the Alex Jones Show.

Too much blather, too much propaganda, too much falsehood, too many assertions about the Globalists being on the run, too many government agents.

And I don’t know about you, but I find trying to expand and  convolute a falsehood extremely boring.

And Vegas is a falsehood.

But its not like they didn’t do it before.

Remember US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson putting on the show that something really bad economically had happened behind the scenes  while pretend-trying to make it seem like everything was alright.


So when the shit eventually hit the fan (like it did) he would use the surprise of the American public as reason to make executive decisions on the ‘emergency bailouts’ without any complaints.

This Vegas operation is very much the same.

A badly executed and barely believable drill is put in the face of the American public...but wait! There is a convoluted conspiracy within a conspiracy to back it up!

And conspiracy guru Alex Jones is backing it up too!

Just because the scenario builders decide to make the scenario complex doesn’t mean it’s real.

But here they are making the automatic appeal of complex conspiracy theories to the conspiracy community to make the Vegas story ‘believable.’

And to back this up a mob of Federal Government mis-informers!

You can't deny the Vegas Shooting happened because if it really didn’t why would this complex conspiracy be attached to it?

Because they are trying to decorate bullshit perhaps?

I won’t even try to un-convince the convinced about Vegas.

After all, once you have cast aside your own experience (i.e the actual footage) and decided to believe simply what a conspiracy pundit is pushing simply because he is pushing it, there is no helping you.

It is my Jones Alex Jones has been turned.

Don’t ask me how, but it probably involves his bankruptcy, followed by his divorce, followed by his new marriage to a mind-controlled agent.

Alex has turned, and to me, he has become un-listenable in the way phony government propaganda sites have become un-listenable.

Too much repetition, too many false facts, too many commercials.

Alex thinks he has lucked out and rescued himself, but they are going to do him in, as they always do...right after they get you to bow down to them.

Alex is playing the fool, by marrying a mind-controlled prostituted...and having a child with her.

Don’t you know what a honey trap is, Alex?

The sad truth is Alex has somehow fallen, and is now to be looked at with a lot of suspicion and a very big magnifying glass.

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